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I 并列句与定从
1. I tried two different methods, but neither of___ seemed to work very well. (2011 河北) A) which B) them C) whom D) whose 2. Mr Green bought a box of apples, ______were bad. A) half of them B) but half of which C) half of what D) but half of them 3. She brought with her three friends, none of ___I had ever met before. (09 全国卷) A) them B) who C) whom D) these 4. I have many friends, _____ some are business. (2006 全国卷) A) of them B) of which C) who of D) of whom 5. There are two buildings, ______ stands nearly a hundred feet high. (04 湖北) A) the larger B) the larger of them C) the larger one that D) the larger of which

II 关系词的使用
1. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ____was very reasonable. (2002 上海) A) which price B) the price of which C) its price D) the price of whose 2. Look out! Don’t get too close to the house ____the roof is under repair. (06 福建). A) whose B) which C) of which D) what 3. Is this the museum ___ you visited the other day? Is this museum ___some German friends visited last week? A) that B) where C) in which D) the one 4. The boy saved his classmates in the Wenchuan earthquake, ____we admired a lot. A) who B) whom C) that D) him The boy ____we admire a lot saved his classmates in the Wenchuan earthquake. A) who B) whom C) that D) all the above 5. In one hour, we can travel to places _____would have taken our ancestors days to reach. (2006 上海高考) A) where B) when C) which D) what 6. It’s really hard to find a nice place ____we can have a picnic in this city. (2009 唐山一模) A) which B) that C) where D) when 7. We want to buy the same computers ____ are being used in your office. (2010 东北四市模拟) A) which B) as C) that they D) as they 8. ----What does the notice say? ----All the storytellers should meet at the same hall ___won the first three prizes. (2011 甘肃) A) what B) as C) who D) which

9. Do you have any idea of how many gold medals China won in the 16th Asian Games, ___ was hosted in Guangzhou? (2011 安徽) A) as B) whose C)that D) which 10. The government has taken measures to deal with the unemployment, ___ will benefit those out of work. A) which B) that C) it D) as 11. The award-winning book was written by a teenager, ___was, indeed, beyond all expectations. (2011 吉林高考检测) A) as B) which C) what D) that 12. ____ is put in the report, the new machine will work twice as fast, thus reducing the costs. (2010 东北三校) A) As B) Which C) That D) What 13. ____was expected, he broke his promise once more, ____left his friends down.(2010 长春) A) It, that B) As, which C) It, as D) Which, as 14. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ___is often the case in other countries. A) what B) as C) so D) that

III 介词的使用
1. I saw a woman running towards me in the dark. Before I could recognized who she was, she had run back in the direction_____ she had come. (2006 天津) A) of which B) by which C) in which D) from which 2. Eric received training in computer for one year, ____he found a job in a big company. (2007 辽宁) A) after that B) after which C) after it D) after this 3. By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangms, ____appeared a rare rainbow soon.(2008 重庆) A) of which B) on which C) from which D) above which 4. Gun control is a subject ____ Americans have argued for a long time. (2009 陕西高考) A) of which B) with which C) about which D) into which



1. ----Where did you find your deskmate Tom? ----It was in the library ___he studied. (2010 浙江) A) that B) where C) which D) if 2. ----Where did you get to know her? (07 山东) ----It was on the farm ___ we worked. A) which B) where C) that D) there 3. It is on the festival occasions____ the family get together ___he misses his late father. (2009 东北三校) A) which, that B) when, when C) when, that D) that, when 4. It was the training ___he had at school ___made him a good jumper. (2011 湖南三校联考) A) that, that B) what, what C)what, that D) that, had

V 定从与名从
1. The fact ___he lost the game surprised me. A) which B) that C)/ D) what 2. The fact ___he referred to surprised me. A) which B) that C) / D) all the above 3. ____ is reported in the newspaper, talks between the two countries are making progress. 04 北京 ____ is reported in the newspaper that talks between the two countries are making progress. A) It B) As C) That D) what

VI 定从与状从
1. I’ll put the book ___you placed it and make a mark at the place ___I put it. A) where, at which B) at which, at which C) where, which D) at which, where 2. ----Did you find your cell phone? ----Yes. It still lay ___I left it when I hurried to the playground. A) the place B) in which C) where D) the place where 3. The new teacher was so well-organized that she began ___we stopped yesterday so that no point was left out. (2010 东北三校联考) A) when B) in which C) how D) where 4. Tom is such a kind-hearted boy__ we all admire. Tom is such a kind-hearted boy__ we all admire him. A) as B) that C) which D) who 5. These houses were sold at such a low price ____people expected. (00 上海春招) A) like B) as C) that D) which 6.Pop music is such an important part of society ___it has even influenced our language.(07 上海) A ) as B) that C) which D) where

VII 定从中的主谓一致问题
1. He is the only one of the students that ___got full mark. He is one of the students that ___got full mark. A) is B) are C) has D) have 2. Babara is easy to recognize as she is the only one of the women who ___evening dress. (2010 全国卷 II) A) wear B) wears C) has worn D) have worn

VIII 含有特殊先行词的定语从句
1. I think we‘d better create a situation ______kids can apply this idiom correctly to their spoken language. (2011 长沙模拟) A) where B) to which C) in that D) for which 2.Today, we’ll discuss a number of cases ___ beginners of English fail to us the language properly. (07 陕西) A) which B) as C) why D) where 3. I have reached a point in my life_____I am supposed to make decisions of my own.(2009 浙江)

A) which B) where C) how D) why 4. Remember that there is still one point ____we must make clear at the conference tomorrow. (2010 龙岩模拟) A) where B) why C) when D) that 5. In sports team each player has a clear role, and there are few occasions _____members are confused or uncertain of their roles. A) when B) whose C) why D) which 6. The reason___ the SanLu milk company was closed down was that the food quality control was overlooked. A) which B) why C) of which D) / 7. Is this the reason ____she explained in the report for her success in the job?(2009 石家庄) A) what B) that C) how D) why 8. The way ___he solved the problem is simple and effective. A) in which B) on which C) with which D) in that 9. He was ill, ______he couldn’t join us in the spring outing. A)in case B) in that case C) in which case D) in such a case 10. Mark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ____he studied very hard and was made chairman of the Students’ Union. (2005 重庆) A) during which time B) for which time C) during whose time D) by that time



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