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必修 2 第 4 单元
Unit 4 单词 1.Almost all the animals have their special ways to p_______ themselves from their e_________. 2.As is to all, a cow has four s________. 3.If you want to set up a company, first you must a_______ to the g________ for p__________. 4.What he said s________ that he wasn’t satisfied with what we had done. 5. The hotel bill c_________ every fee, i__________ the broken glass. 6. M___________ are the kind of i______ which can be easily found in summer. 7. He was a_______ by the story of the hero. 8. While reading, please pay much a__________ to your pronunciation. 9. Like bees, b________ also like beautiful fresh flowers. 10. In a way, knowledge is a kind of p_________ arm. 11. The medicine has a great e_______ on that disease. 12. Many rare animals are in d________, because they are being hunting for. II. 请根据中文意思完成下列句子 1. Do you know how did the world _______ ______ __________ ? 你知道宇宙如何形成的吗? 2.In winter, you should cover something to _________ the plants ______ the cold. 在冬天你应该盖上东西保护那些植物不要冻坏。 3. He is _____ great ______. 他处于极度危险中。 4. He didn’t work hard. ____ ___ ______, he failed in the exam. 他没有努力学习,因此他就在考试中失败了。 5.You should ____ _______ ________ the signs when you are driving. 当你驾驶的时候你应该注意标志。 6. Dinosaurs ______ ______ millions of years ago. 恐龙在几万年前就灭绝了。 7.He wrote a letter to _____ _______ the job. 他写信申请那份工作。

Multiple choice
1.----When did the Asian Games_____________? ----I remember that people held the first Asian Games in 1951. A.come into power B.come into being C.come true D.come out 2.-----Are you really going to tel, you the media of accident? ----Yes.It may cause me trouble. _______, I shall do it. A.Anyhow B.Anytime C.Therefore D.Otherwise 3.He had lost the key to the house, and _______,he had to wait outside till his wife came back from work. A. as a result B.as a matter of fact C. in a way D.by the way 4.----What are you worried about? ----Tom did not ______ to any of my e—mails. Sth must have happened to him.


A.admit B.adjust C.devote D.respond 5.David caught a bad cold last Tuesday.Luckily, the cold did not ______his examination in physics. A.destroy B.prevent C.affect D.threaten 6._______ speaking,I think the program will be a great success. A.personally B.Exactly C.Secretly D.Privately 7.------Have you _______what a holiday in France will cost? -----2000 dollars is enough. A.found B.calculated C.guessed D.predicted 8.The lauguage of the text is rather difficult for me to understand; would you please ______it a little? A.simplify B. translate C.change D.follow 9.----I have told her the news, Johnny. ----You are really kind.But _______,what you did is wrong. A.by the way B. on the way C.in a way D.in the way 10.The office _______allows people to share information.and to use a centre printer. A.schedule B.insurance C.program D.network 11. He was at a _________ what to say to the teacher’s question---obviously, he was _______in thought just now. A.loss;lost B.losing;lost C.loss;losing D.lost;lost 12.All the drugs must be ______from rain and sunlight or they might be out of use. A.protected B.stopped C.prevented D. kept 13.In our country,low-income families are able to ______ for financial assistance from the government. A.expect B.apply C.supply D.receive 14.Now some creatures are in danger of ________. A.dying out B.dying off C.dying of D.dying from 15.None of us appreciate ________ in our daily life. A.making fun of B. to making fun of C.to be made fun of D.being made fun of 16.As is well known, the materias expand and contract with the increase and ______ of temperature. A.reduce B.increase C.drop D.decrease 17.Tom suggested the problem worth paying attention ______at the meeting. A.to be discussed B.to been discussed C.being discussed D.be discussed 18.Don’t make any noise.Her mother ______ by a doctor. A.examined B.is being examined C.has been examined D.is examined 19.Don’t worry.The cause of the accident ________into. A.is being looked B.has looked C.is looking D.looks 20.There are only 10 minutes _______, but there are still 10 passengers _____ to check in. A. remaining;waited B.remained;waiting C.left;waiting D.leaving;waited 21.The way _______ he thought of to solve the problem is a clever one. A. how B.that C.in which D.in that 22.What is tomorrow’s weather going to be like_______ the weather report? A.according to the view of B.according to the opinion of


C.in the opinion of D.according to 23.No one knows when exactly the lake _________. A.took its place B.came into being C.happened D.came over 24.Can you _______ the differences between British English and American English? A.say B.tell C.speak D.talk 25.Losts of people set out to ______ the lost boy in the mountain. A. hunt for B.search C. hunt D. search for 26.When ________different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing many similarities. A.compared B.being compared C.comparing D. having compared 27.It was the boy’s laziness that _____ his failure in the exams. A.resulted from B.brought in C.resulted in D.led into 28.Does _____ matter if he can not finish the job on time? A.this B.that C.it D.he 29.The environmental pollution and illegal hunting threaten animals ande plants. ______, may of them have ________. A.As a result;died away ; B.As a matter of fact ;died away C.As a result;died out D.As result;died out 30.----Is it ________that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games in Beijing? --- Yes, that for ______. A.sure;certain B.certain;sure C.made sure;certain D.made certain;sure

II.Complete the sentences
1. He woke up with a start the moment he _______________________(梦见被抓住)by a stranger.(catch) 2. If you ____________________(致力于)the task,you will soon finish it.(apply) 3. When I looked into the sky, I noticed a ballon ___________________(缓缓地升起)the air.(rise) 4. He was unable to work the second day ______________________(因为)the serious injury in the accident.(result) 5. He spreads sun lotion on his body ____________ (以防皮肤被晒伤).(protect) 6. When did the world _________________(开始存在)?(being) 7. We _________________(吃惊地听说)that our team had failed in the finals.(hear) 8. He wore a pair of glasses to ____________________(保护眼睛免受阳光伤害)(protect) 9. In relief , Tom __________________(大笑起来)(burst) 10. He __________________________(渴望保护濒危物种)of wildlife.(long) 11. At present, many trees _________________________(正在被种植)(plant) 12. At present, of food, lots water, tents, medicine_____________ (正在运往)from all over and over China and other parts of the world to the earthquake—stricken areas.(transport)

21.— It’s already 6 o’clock. I wonder if it is too late to go to that bookstore.? —Not really. It A. stays B. starts open until 8 on weekends.? C. becomes D. turns

22.The news that Malin won a gold medal in the Olympic Games this year our country very quickly.? A. spread ? A. feeling birthday?? A. struck B. beat C. knocked D. attacked 25.— What do you mean by saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?”? —I mean we should follow the A. action 26. He A. made out A. trick A. care 29.Pollution A. brings 30. I wonder what A. measures B. forces B. behavior B. picked up B. instrument B. share B. efforts of the foreign country when there.? C. customs C. gave up C. record C. need C. affects C. cases D. habits D. took in .? B. performance C. characteristic D. character B. got C. flew D. carried


23.It can’t be denied that the real beauty doesn’t lie in one’s appearance but in one’s

24.On the way home, a good idea suddenly ?

me-why not buy Mom a gift for her

some French while he was in Paris.? .?

27. Don’t believe him. He didn’t really lose his wallet—— that’s just a(n) D. exhibition 28.Computers can help those who don’t

a common language talk to each other.? D. tidy D. effects D. positions

more people living in today's society than it did in previous years.? she has taken to improve her English so quickly.?

71. To be honest, some parents 72.It was the second time that he 73. New ideas (bring) 74. The injured workers are now 75.I

(不重视) their children’ character training. (attach) s (参观这个博物馆).(visit)

(已经被引进) since China was opened to the outside world.

(受到良好的照顾) in the hospital. (care)?

(正准备去购物,这时)one of my old friends came to visit me. (go) (结果很坏). (turn) (被别人开玩

76. We had expected it to be fine, but it

77. He is an easy-going person, and he will not get mad even when 笑). (trick) 78. You can’t imagine years.(change) 79. His suggestion on how to carry it out 80. The film, (很值得考虑). (worth)

(发生了多大的变化) in the rural areas in the past few

(以一首歌开始), attracted the audience at once. (start)




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