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句子成分练习题( 一 ) (一). 指出下列句中主语的中心词 ① The teacher with two of his students is walking into the classroom. ② There is an old man coming here. ③ The useful dictionary was given by my mother last year. ④ To do today's homework without the teacher's help is very difficult.

(二) 选出句中谓语的中心词 ① I don't like the picture on the wall. A. don't B. like C. picture D. wall

② The days get longer and longer when summer comes. A. get B. longer C. days D. summer

③ Do you usually go to school by bus? A. Do B. usually C.go D. bus

④ There will be a meeting at the library this afternoon. A. will be B. meeting C. the library D. afternoon

⑤ Did the twins have porridge for their breakfast? A.Did B. twins C. have D. breakfast

⑥ Tom didn't do his homework yesterday. A. Tom B. didn't C. do D. his homework

⑦ What I want to tell you is this. A. want B. to tell C. you D. is

⑧ We had better send for a doctor. A. We B. had C. send D. doctor

⑨ He is interested in music. A. is B. interested C. in D. music

⑩ Whom did you give my book to? A. give B.did C. whom D. book


(三) 挑出下列句中的宾语 ① My brother hasn't done his homework. ② People all over the world speak English. ③ You must pay good attention to your pronunciation. ④ How many new words did you learn last class? ⑤ Some of the students in the school want to go swimming, how about you? ⑥ The old man sitting at the gate said he was ill. ⑦ They made him monitor of the class. ⑧ Go across the bridge and you will find the museum on the left. ⑨ You will find it useful after you leave school. ⑩ They didn't know who "Father Christmas" really is.

(四) 挑出下列句中的表语 ① The old man was feeling very tired. ② Why is he worried about Jim? ③ The leaves have turned yellow. ④ Soon They all became interested in the subject. ⑤ She was the first to learn about it.

(五) 挑出下列句中的定语 ① They use Mr, Mrs with the family name. ② What is your given name? ③ On the third lap are Class 1 and Class 3. ④ I am afraid some people forgot to sweep the floor. ⑤ The man downstairs was trying to sleep. ⑥ I am waiting for the sound of the other shoe!

(六) 挑出下列句中的宾语补足语 ① She likes the children to read newspapers and books in the reading-room. ② He asked her to take the boy out of school.

③ She found it difficult to do the work. ④ They call me Lily sometimes. ⑤ I saw Mr Wang get on the bus. ⑥ Did you see Li Ming playing football on the playground just now?

(七) 挑出下列句中的状语 ① There was a big smile on her face. ② Every night he heard the noise upstairs. ③ He began to learn English when he was eleven. ④ The man on the motorbike was travelling too fast. ⑤ With the medicine box under her arm, Miss Li hurried off. ⑥ She loves the library because she loves books. ⑦ I am afraid that if you've lost it, you must pay for it. ⑧ The students followed Uncle Wang to see the other machine.

(八) 划出句中的直接宾语和间接宾语 ① Please tell us a story. ② My father bought a new bike for me last week. ③ Mr Li is going to teach us history next term. ④ Here is a pen.Give it to Tom. ⑤ Did he leave any message for me?

句子成分练习题( 二 ) 指出下列句子中划线部分的句子成分: 1.Whether we’ll go depend on the weather . 2. People’s standards of living are going up steadily . 3. That was how they were defeated. 4.The nursery takes good care of our children . 5.I’ll return the book to you tomorrow . 6.We are sure that we shall succeed .

7.The woman with a baby in her arms is his other . 8.There are many film that I’d like to see. 9.Have you met the person about whom he was speaking ? 10.I have a lot of work to do . 11. Anyway I won’t stop you from doing it . 12. I said it in fun . 13. We can send a car over to fetch you . 14. She had to work standing up . 15. Seeing this ,some comrades became very worried . 16. Much interested , he agreed to give it a try . 17. The bus arrived ten minutes late . 18. We should serve the people heart and soul. 19. Spring coming on , the tree turned green . 20. Some farmers saw something strange in the sky . 21. We think it necessary that everyone should attend the meeting . 22. It’s strange that she doesn’t come today . 23. It was in the library that I come today . 24. He likes drawing at times when he isn’t working . 25. We left in such a hurry that we forgot to lock the door.

句子成分练习题( 三 ) A 1、 ___ six years since I began to study English. A. It is B. I have been C. There are D. It was 2 、___ in the room at that time. A. Nobody was B. Someone were C. Who is D. He are 3 、IT'S very noisy outside. ___ is going on? A. Who B. What C. Which D. Where 4、 ___ in English in class every day is important. A. Speak B. Talking C. Saying D. To tell

5 、There must be____ near the factory. A. a book store B. book store C. books store D. books stores 6 、Although it's raining hard, ___ are still working in the fields. A. but they B. and they C. they D. since they B 1、 The doctor as well as the nurses ___ great concern for the patients. A. show B. shows C. have shown D. are showing 2、 Your son must be a clever boy, ___ he? A. is B. isn't C. must D. mustn't 3、 The computer center, ___ last year, is very popular among students in school. A. open B. opening C. opened D. being opened this

4 、I ___ go to the shop today, for there is a lot of food at home. A. mustn't B. had to C. can't D. needn't 5 、Don't ___ excited. A. get B. is C. seem D. look 6 This room ___ every morning. A. is cleaning B. is cleaned C. cleans D. cleaning C 1、 Glad to meet you! ___ is your full name? A. What B. Where C. How D. Who 2、 He is ___ to lift the heavy box. A. too weak B. weak too C. enough weak D. weak enough 3、 The days are ___ warmer and warmer in spring. A. getting B. looking C. seeming D. going 4 、His job is____English. A. teach B. to teach C. taught D. teaches 5 、Two balls are___. A. under the desk B. in the wall C. to here D. at desks D

1 、We should get ready___ others. A. helping B. to help C. help D. help with 2、 ___interesting work we are doing? A. What a B. How C. What D. What an 3、 I want___ a teacher when I grow up. A. to be B. to C. be D. being 4、 -Would you like to go on a picnic with me today? -I don't think so. To be honest, I really don't feel like___on a picnic. A. going B. to go C. go D. went 5 Do you know___? A. where does he live B. where he lives

C. where he live D. if where he lives 6 Let ____ do it again. A. I B. me C. he D. she 7 I don't know___. A. how to do B. what to do C. where to do D. when to do E 1、 I saw him ___ basketball with Jack an hour ago. A. plays B. to play C. played D. play o 2、 Sorry, we've kept you___ for a long time. A. waited B. sing C. stand D. waiting 3 、The teacher told us ____ late again. A. aren't be B. don't be C. not to be D. not be 4 、We find the room very___. A. warm B. warmly C. terribly D. hardly F 1 、I found ___ difficult to work together with him. A. it B. its C. that D. those


2 、We all know ___ our duty to clean our classroom after school every day. A. that B. this C. which D. it 3、 He found ___ very interesting to play with the little dog. A. what B. it C. / D. that G 1 Tom said he ___ a good dream yesterday evening. A. dream B. dreamed C. have D. has 2 Children ___ a happy life in China. A. lead B. living C. has D. leading H 1 America, Japan and Canada are___countries. A. developing B. developed C. less developed D. develop 2 -___ skirt is that on the chair? -Let me see. Oh, no, it's not mine. A. Whose B. What C. Who's D. Which 3 Do you have anything ___? A. saying B. to say C. said D. say 4 Look, there is an___tree by the wall. A. apple B. apple's C. apples' D. apples 5 Where is____seat? A. yours B. your C. you D. yourselves I 1 The box is ___ heavy for her ___ carry. A. very; to B. too; not to C. too; to D. very too; to 2 -___ did you buy the new bag? -Last Monday. A. Where B. How C. When D. Who 3 You can see these signs in a hospital. ___ can you see them? A. Where else B. Where place else

C. Where else place D. Else where 4 They went out ___ their old friends. A. visit B. visiting C. to visit D. visited 5 There is a wide river____ our village. A. outside B. over C. from D. below J 1 The young man, ___ works in the office. A. me brother B. my brother C. my brothers D. me 2 Our English teacher, ___ often helps us with study. A. Mrs Wang B. Mrs5 Wang C. Mrs Wang's . D. of him 3 ___, some railway workers are busy repairing the train. A. Them B. He C. They D. Theirs




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