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学习目标: 对一些常用的日常用语的应用 学习的重点难点: 总结高考题,做到举一反三 考题例析 1.—Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? — ,but I promised Nancy to go out with her. (08 全国Ⅰ21) A.I’d like to B.I like it C.I don’t D.I will 答案 A 解析 考查 I’d like to do sth.这一结构。简略答语中省略动词, 只保留动词不定式符号。 2.—Sorry,I made a mistake again. — .Practice more and you’ll succeed. (08 全国Ⅰ35) A.Never mind B.Certainly not C.Not at all D.Don’t mention it 答案 A 解析 Never mind.意为“不要紧,没关系。” 3. —Do you know Anna’s telephone number? (08 全国Ⅱ6) — .As a matter of fact,I don’t know any Anna,either. A.I think so B.I’m afraid not C.I hope so D.I’d rather not 答案 B 解析 本题考查情景交际。句意为:——您知道安娜的电话号码吗? ——恐怕不知道。事实上我也不认识什么安娜。根据 As a matter of fact,I don’t know any Anna,either,可知回答时应用否定形式故排除 A、C 两项; I’d rather not 宁愿不……,不符合题意。I’m afraid not 恐怕不,符合题 意。 4. —Could I ask you a rather personal question? —Sure, . (08 全国Ⅱ10) A.pardon me B.go ahead C.good idea D.forget it 答案 B 解析 本题考查情景交际。句意为:——我能问你一个私人问题吗? ——当然,问吧。go ahead 强调鼓励、允许别人去做某事。 5. — I just can’t stop worrying about the result of the job interview. —_____. There’s nothing you can do now but wait. (08 天津 3) A. Relax B. Go ahead C. Go for it D. Good luck 答案 A 解析 由句意可知是在安慰对方,故用 relax 放松。 6. —How much do I owe you for lunch? —______. It’s nothing. (08 天津 9) A. You’re welcome B. Forget it C. With pleasure D. That’s right 答案 B 解析 由下句 It’s nothing.可知,应为“不要把它放在心上”,即 Forget it.。 7. —Good evening. Huangshan Hotel. —Good evening.___? (08 安徽 34) A.Do you still have a room for tonight B.What would you like,please C.Is there anything I can do for you D.Who is that speaking,please 答案 A 解析 根据语境,此处应是客人给宾馆打电话,询问房间的有关事宜。 8. —I think you’d better type this letter again before Mr.Smith sees it. —Oh, dear! (08 江西 21)
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A.Who cares? B.No problem. C.I don’t mind at all. D.Is it as bad as that? 答案 D 解析 句意为:——我认为你最好在史密斯先生看到这封信之前把它 再打一遍。 ——噢, 天哪! 有那么糟糕吗?此题一定要注意上句的语境 Oh, dear! 9. —The floor is dirty. Can anyone clean it? — I do it all the time. (08 陕西 18) A. Don’t mention it. B. Why you? C. Not sure. D. Not me again. 答案 D 解析 由答语中的 I do it all the time.可知此时说话人应当提出异 议,故应用 D 项,表示“不能再是我了”。 10. —Let’s go for a walk in the garden. — ,but I need to do the washing up. (08 四川 5) A.No,thank you B.That’s right C.Good idea D.Not at all 答案 C 解析 句意为:——我们去花园散步吧。——好主意。但我需要洗餐 具。由上句“Let’s…”可知某人提出建议做某事,那么下句应为顺应关于建 议的答语。No,thank you 属“谢意”表达; That’s right.在交际表达中用 于回答对别人观点的认同,相当于 Yes.;Not at all 用于回答感谢。 11. —Can you show me Mr.Jaffer’s office,please? — .But I don ’t know if he is in at the moment. (08 四川 13) A.Thanks B.Go on C.Sure D.You are welcome 答案 C 解析 句意为:——你能给我指一下杰弗先生的办公室吗?——当然。 但我不知道他现在是否在里面。选 Sure 当然(=Certainly=Of course) ,最符 合交际场景。Thanks 表“谢意”;Go on 继续;You are welcome 用以回答“感 谢”。 12. —May I ask a question after class,Sir? — ,but not during my lunch break. (08 重庆 28) A.I’m sorry B.Anytime C.Certainly D.Go ahead 答案 C 解析 应先对 May I ask...?进行作答,然后又有限制,因此应用 Certainly。 13. —I am afraid I can’t return the book to you before Friday. — . (08 重庆 34) A.Don’t be afraid B.Be careful C.Not at all D.Take your time 答案 D 解析 take one’s time 不用急,慢慢来。 14. —Are you all right? (08 浙江 1) — ______. A.That’s OK B.I think so C.Take it easy D.It’s very kind of you 答案 B 解析 That’s OK 用来回答 Thank you.; Take it easy 指别紧张; It’s very kind of you 指你真是太好了。句意为:——你好吗?——还行吧。 15. —Shall we go out for dinner tonight? —______.(08 浙江 20) A.You are right B.It must be funny C.That sounds great D.Have a nice time 答案 C 解析问句为提出建议,答语为同意,用 That sounds great.或 It’s a good idea。
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16. —Would you like to join us in the game? (08 福建 35) — ,for I have something important to attend to. A.I will B.I’d love to C.I won’t D.I’m afraid not 答案 D 解析 后半句 I have something important to attend to 暗示了前 半句要委婉拒绝。I won’t 所表示的拒绝太直白,不符合英美人说话的习惯。 17. —Did you have a good time in Thailand last week? — ______, it was too hot. (08 辽宁 21) A. Not really B. Yeah, why not C. Oh, great D. You’re right 答案 A 解析 句意为:——你上周在泰国玩得开心吗?——不是很开心,天 气太热了。 根据上下文的逻辑关系, 应选 Not really 不是, 不完全是。 Yeah,why not 是的,为什么不呢?;Oh,great 噢,太伟大了;You’re right 你说对了, 显然 B、C、D 三项与下文不符。 18. —My name is Jonathan. Shall I spell it for you? —______.(08 辽宁 34) A.If you don’t mind B.Not at all C.Take it easy D.Nice to meet you 答案 A 解析 句意为:——我叫 Jonathan。要我拼读一下吗?——如果你不 介意的话。If you don’t mind 符合语境。Not at all 一点也不;Take it easy 慢慢来;Nice to meet you 见到你很高兴,都不正确。 19. —Do you mind if I record your lecture? — .Go ahead. (08 江苏 22) A.Never mind B.No way C.Not at all D.No.You’d better not 答案 C 解析 由答语 Go ahead.可知,表示“一点也不介意”,故用 Not at all.。 20. —I can’t repair these until tomorrow,I’m afraid. —That’s OK,there’s . (08 江苏 25) A.no problem B.no wonder C.no doubt D.no hurry 答案 D 解析 由句意“恐怕我得到明天才能修好这些东西。”“没关系,不 着急。”可知,应选 no hurry。 21.—It shouldn’t take long to clear up after the party if we all volunteer to help. (08 江苏 26) —That’s right. . A.Many hands make light work B.Something is better than nothing C.The more the merrier D.The sooner begun,the sooner done 答案 A 解析 句意为:——晚会后如果我们都主动帮忙的话,那就不会花很 长时间来打扫干净。——是的,人多好办事。Many hands make light work 符 合句意;Something is better than nothing 意为:有比没有好;聊胜于无; The more the merrier 意为:人越多越乱;The sooner begun,the sooner done 意为:开始越早, 完成得越早。 22. —Say,Jane,will you come with me to the game Friday? — ,Bob,but I promised Mary I’d go with her. (08 山东 30) A.My pleasure B.Thanks C.Take it easy D.Forget it 答案 B 解析 句意为:——Jane,星期五你能和我一起去看比赛吗?——谢 谢,Bob,但是我已答应 Mary 和她一起去了。My pleasure 不用谢;Thanks 别
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着急;Forget it 不要放在心 23. —Thank you for your MP4 player. I’ll get Mary to take it to you soon. —___________. I’ve bought a new one. (09 江西 21) A. No sense B. No hurry C. No way D. No use 答案 B 解析 考查交际用语。由“我已经买了一个”,便知是 No hurry, 不 着急。 24. —May I open the window to let in some fresh air? —___________(09 四川 1) A. Come on B. Take care C. Go ahead! D. Hold on! 答案 C 解析 根据语境可以知道:去开吧,去做吧。所以答案为:C。容易误 选 A。come on 的意思是“算了吧!加油!” 25. -It looks heavy. Can I give you a hand? - . (09 海南 21) A. No, thanks B. Yes, my pleasure C. No, never mind D. Yes, I do 答案 A 解析 情景交际。 从对话上文可知是回答对方的请求帮助。 thanks No, 与上文呼应。 26. —Poor Steve! I could hardly recognize him just now! —_______________, He has changed so much. (09 山东 30) A. Never mind B. No problem C. Not at all D. Me neither 答案 D 解析 交际用语,Me neither,在这儿相当于 Neither could me.我也没 认出来。 27.—My mother is preparing my favorite dishes. Go with me and have a taste, okay? — . And I’ll be glad to meet your parents. (09 陕西 14) A. I think so B. I’d love to C. I’m sure D. I hope so 答案 B 解析 情景对话。前文问句表示提出建议,根据应答句的后一分句可 知应答句选 B,意思是:我乐意。 28. —Have you finished your first paper? — . Just half of it. How about you? (09 陕西 19) A. Not at all B. Not likely C. Not a bit D. Not yet 答案 D 解析 交际用语。Not at all:一点也不,根本不;not likely:不 可能;not a bit:非常,很,极其;not yet:还没有。根据应答句中的 just half of it 可知此处 D。 29. —Would you please help me with the box? —_________(09 四川 9) A. Yes, please B. No, please don’t C. With pleasure D. My pleasure 答案 C 解析 情景交际,在英语中对于别人提出的帮助请求,通常用 with pleasure(非常乐意)回答,my pleasure 用来表示你帮对方做了某事后,别 人向你表示感谢的用语,意思是“这是我乐意做的”。
考生在解题时要注意一些几点:1.注意中西文化及思维方式的差异;2.注重礼貌和合 作优先原则;3. 利用有效的语境因素;4.注意语言的衔接;5. 注意言语含义;6.防止上词 下用,上词下用指的是答句部分延用了题干句子的重点词、信息词,按表层意思似乎合情合 理,但往往为错误的“虚像”,需经进一步分析后才能确定正确选项;7.防止中文思维,与 上词下用比较,这一误区更具迷惑力,因为无论按题目内容或是按思维方式来考虑,都非常 符合中国学生的习惯。显然,掌握英汉两种语言和文化之间的相同和相异之处,对于准确解 题至关重要。学生解题失误之一是按汉语的表达方式和结构去套英语,去选答案,这属于语 言知识的“负迁移”, 这主要是指在对方要求得到帮助, 提出请求或邀请时, 回答过于直接, 不够委婉,尽管从语义角度分析是没毛病的,但不符合英语国家的交际习惯。8.防止直接回 绝,这主要是指在对方要求得到帮助,提出请求或邀请时,回答过于直接,不够委婉,尽管 从语义角度分析是没毛病的,但不符合英语国家的交际习惯;9.防止答非所问,应该说答非
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所问的错误比较容易察觉,如果问话与答话的内容风马牛不相及的话,学生可以迅速排除。 但有时双方会话内容有所关联,但仔细推敲发现其实答语并不切题。最典型的例子是 With pleasure 和 It’s a pleasure。前者一般在事前回答 ,表示“非常愿意”。后者一般在事 后回答,表示“不用客气”。

1.—It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now. —OK. _______ A. Take it easy. B. Go slowly. C. Stay longer. D. See you.

2.— Oh dear! I’ve just broken a window. — __________. It can’t be helped. A. Never mind B. All right C. That’s fine D. Not at all

3.— Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? — Thank you. _________. A. It couldn’t be better C. If you like B. Of course you can D. It’s up to you

4. —Do you think I could borrow your bicycle? — __________ A. How come? help yourself. 5.— Can I speak to Mr. Wang, please? — ______ A. Who are you? John? 6.— I’m thinking of the test tomorrow. I’m afraid I can’t pass this time. — __________! I’m sure you’ll make it. A. Go ahead B. Good luck C. No problem D. Cheer up B. I’m Wang. C. Speaking. D. Are you B. Take your time. C. Yes, go on. D. Yes,

7.—Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest bank is, please? —______ Oh yes! It’s past the office, next to a big market. A. Mm, let me think. C. You’re welcome. 8.— Would you like some more soup? B. Oh, I beg your pardon? D. What do you mean?

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— _______. It is delicious, but I’ve had enough. A. Yes, please some 9.—We have booked a room for today and tomorrow. —____, sir. A. I’m sure check 10.—Have you been wasting time on computer games again? — ________ . I’ve been studying a lot and I need a break. A.No way C.I don’t agree B.Not really D.I couldn’t agree more B. My pleasure C. It’s all right D. I’ll B. No, thank you C. Nothing more D. I’d like

11.—I apologize for not being able to join you for dinner. —________. We’ll get together later. A. Go ahead C. That’s right B. Not to worry D. Don’t mention it

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学习目标: 对三种从句的巩固 学习的重点难点: 总结高考对三种从句的考查 山东高考英语从 2005 年自主命题以来已经有 5 个年头, 每年对从句的考查 都是热点,现就这五年来对定语从句,名词性从句,状语从句的考查加以分析, 定语从句的考查 考题例析 1. He was educated at a local grammar school, _________ he went on to Cambridge. (05 山东卷,30) A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this 2. We’ just trying to teach a point ____ both sides will sit down together re
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and talk. (06 山东卷,26) A. where B. that C. when

D. which

3.The book was written in 1946,______the education system has witnessed great changes. (07 山东卷,30) A. when B. during when C. since then D. since when 4.Occasions are quite rare ______ I have the time to spend a day with my kids.(08 山东卷,26) A. who B. which C. why D. when 5. Whenever I met her, _________ was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile.(09 山东卷 24) 从 近 5 年 的 高 考 题 __________________________________________________ 来 看 ,

___________________________________________________________高考的热点 名词性从句的考查 1. The shopkeeper did not want to sell for ________ he thought was not enough.(05 山东卷,26) A. where B. how C. what D. which 2. ____ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships. (06 山东卷,27) A. No matter what B. No matter which C Whatever D. whichever 3.Could I speak to (07 山东卷,22) A.anyone B.someone is in charge of International Sales ,please? C.whoever D.no matter who

4. ______ was most important to her, she told me, was her family.(08 山东卷) A. It B. This C. What D. As 5. The little girl who got lost decided to remain _________ she was and wait for her mother. (09 山东卷,28) A. where B. what C. how D. who 从 近 5 年 的 高 考 题 来 看 , __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________高考的热点 状语从句的考查 考题例析
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1.It was some time _______ we realized the truth. (05 山东卷,26) A. when B. until C. since D. before 2. How can you expect to learn anything ____ you never listen? (06 山 东卷) A. in case B. even if C. unless D. when 3.______ I really don’t like art, I find his work impressive. (2007 山东卷) A. As B. Since C. If D. While 4. You’d better not leave the medicine ______ kids can get at it. (2008) A. even if B. which C. where D. so that 5.–Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? (09 山东 ) –_________ it doesn’t rain. A. Until B. While C. Once D. If 从 近 5 年 的 高 考 题 __________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________ 高 考 的 热 点.

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