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2007——2017 短文改错课标真题 18 篇 In the summer holiday following my eighteen birthday, I took driving lessons. I still remember how hard first day was. Before getting into the car, I thought I had learned the instructor’s orders, so once I started the car, my mind goes blank. I forgot what he had said to me altogether. The instructor kept repeating the word, “Speed up!” “Slow down!” “Turning left!” I was so much nervous that I could hardly tell which direction was left. A few minutes late, the instructor asked me to stop the car. It was a relief and I came to a suddenly stop just in the middle on the road.(2017 全国 1)

Mr. and Mrs.Zhang all work in our school.They live far from the school, and it takes them about a hour and a half to go to work every day. In their spare time, they are interesting in planting vegetables in their garden, that is on the rooftop of their house. They often get up earlier and water the vegetables together. They have also bought for some gardening tools. Beside, they often get some useful informations from the internet. When summer came, they will invite their students pick the vegetables!(2017 全国 2)

When I look at this picture of myself. I realize of how fast time flies. I had grown not only physically.and also mentally in the past few years. About one month after this photo was took, I entered my second year of high school and become a new member of the school music club. Around me in picture are the things they were very important in my life at that time,car magazines and musical instruments.I enjoyed studying difference kinds of cars and planes,playing pop music,and collecting the late music albums.This picture often brings back to me many happy memories of your high school days.(2017 全国 3)

My uncle is the owner of a restaurant close to that I live. Though not very big,but the restaurant is popular in our area. It is always crowded with customers at meal times. Some people even had to wait outside. My uncle tells me that the key to his success is honest. Every day he makes sure that fresh vegetables or high quality oil are using for cooking. My uncle says that he never dreams becoming rich in the short period of time. Instead,he hopes that our business will grow steady. (2016 全国乙)

The summer holiday is coming. My classmates and I are talking about how to do during the holiday. We can chose between staying at home and take a trip. If we stay at home, it is comfortable but there is no need to spend money. But in that case, we will learn little about world. If we go on a trip abroad, we can broaden your view and gain knowledges we cannot get from books. Some classmates suggest we can go to places of interest nearby. I thought that it is a good idea. It does not cost many, yet we can still learn a lot.(2016 全国甲)


The teenage year from 13to 19 were the most difficult time for me. They were also the best and worse years in my life. At the first,I thought I knew everything and could make decisions by yourself. However,my parents didn’t seem to think such.They always tell me what to do and how to do it.At one time,I even felt my parents couldn’t understand me so I hoped I could be freely from them.I showed them I was independent by wear strange clothes.Now Iam leaving home to college.At last,I will be on my own,but I still want to have my parents to turn to whenever need help. (2016 全国丙)

When I was a child, I hoped to live in the city. I think I would be happy there. Now I am living in a city ,but I miss my home in countryside. There the air is clean or the mountains are green. Unfortunately, on the development of industrialization, the environment has been polluted. Lots of studies have been shown that global warming has already become a very seriously problem. The airs we breathe in is getting dirtier and dirtier. Much rare animals are dying out . We must found ways to protect your environment. If we fail to do so ,we’ll live to regret it . (2015 全国 I)

One day,little Tony went to a shopping center with his parent.It was very crowded.Tony saw a toy on a shop window.He liked it so very much that he quickly walked into the shop.After looks at the toy for some time,he turned around and found where his parents were missing.Tony was scared and begun to cry.A woman saw him crying and telling him to wait outside a shop.Five minutes later.Tony saw parents.Mom said,”How nice to see you again!Dad and I were terrible worried.”Tony promised her that this would never happen again.(2015 全国Ⅱ)

Nearly five years before, and with the help by our father, my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes (圣女果) in our back garden. Since then --- for all these year --- we had been allowing tomatoes to self-seed where they please. As result, the plants are growing somewhere. The fruits are small in size, but juicy and taste. There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors. Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year, but we have never had any disease or insect attack problems. We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at no cost!(2014 全国 I)

My dream school starts at 8:30 a.m and ends at 3:30 p.m. They are three lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. We didn’t need to do so many homework. Therefore , we have more time with after-school activities. For example, we can do reading for one and a half hour and play sports for one hour every day. My dream school look like a big garden. There are all kinds of the flowers and trees around the classroom, buildings. We can lie on the grass for a rest, sat by the lake listening music. The teachers here are kind and helpfully. They are not only our teachers but also our friends.(2014 全国Ⅱ)


I hardly remember my grandmother. She used to holding me on her knees and sing old songs. I was only four when she passes away. She is just a distant memory for me now. I remember my grandfather very much. He was tall, with broad shoulder and a beard that turned from black toward gray over the years. He had a deep voice, which set himself apart from others in our small town, he was strong and powerful. In a fact, he even scared my classmates away during they came over to play or do homework with me. However, he was the gentlest man I have never known.(2013 全国 I)

The book I’m reading of talks about afternoon tea in Britain. It is said to have started in the early 1800’s. Have tea in the late agternoon provides a bridge between lunch and dinner, that might not be served until 8 o’clock at night. This custom soon becomes another meal of day. Interesting, it had a connection by the British porcelain(瓷器) industry. Tea in China was traditionally drank from cupswithout handles. When tea got popular in Britain, there was a crying need for good cup with handles to suit British habits. This made for the grow in the porcelain industry.(2013 全国Ⅱ)

I learned early in life that I had to be more patient and little aggressive. From the time I was about four until I was about six, I destroyed each of my toy. I was happy when the toys worked, but when things did wrong, I got angry and broke it. For a while parents bought me new toys. But before long they began to see which was happening. When I tear apart my fifth birthday toy train, my father said, "That's it. No more toys to you." My punishment lasted a year. Meanwhile, I found out that with more patience I must make my toys to last. My attitude changed from then on.(2012 全国)

My summer travel started terribly. I was at the Shanghai Railway Station buy a Ticket to Hangzhou. I was going to visit a friend here and after that I would go to Xiamen for long holiday. I bought my ticket but turned around to pick up my bag from the floor and then I realized that someone had stolen it. Luckily I had all my Money on my pocket, but the only clothes I had was those I had on. It felt very strange to travel without any luggages. When I finally arrived at my friend he lent to me lots of clothes. I feel very happy that I could change my clothes at last.(2011 全国)

My friend Nick told me story about his experience back in the US, which was very interested. One day he was having a yard sale and the old man living next door come by to help. As the old man looked over the things on the yard that were to be sold, he stopped at a box of golden ball for Christmas trees. On the box was a card say, “25 cents each.” “You will never sell these for that much.” he told Nick. Convinced, Nick has brought the price up to 10 cents a piece. Without a moment’s delay, my neighbor picked up the box but announced, “I’ll take them.” (2010 课标卷)


Dear Mrs Winthorp, So my first week at college is over! No lectures this morning so I think I’d email you and let you know what things are going. I’ m glad to say that anything has worked out fine in the dorm. I remember asking for a room as far away from the lifts as possible and they find me a comfortable onsecond floor. There are two girls from my course here and I plan to make friend with them so that we can help each other on the course work. Everyone else seems very nice and warmly here. Well, I had better to stop now. I’m going to attend mine first lesson this aftemoon, for I’ve got some preparation to make, Keep in touch. Best, Carol(2009 课标卷)

Dear Ms Smith, I am secretary of the City Student Union (CSU). We were organizing an artexhibition for high school students in city. This will be held on the 9th of Julyin the Exhibition Hall of Beihai. More than 1000 painting will be on show, buthigh school students and teachers from all the eight districts will come to the event.As you are very popularly with us Chinese high school students, we'd like to inviteFor you to the exhibition. We would be grateful when you could join them that day. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Yours, Li Ming(2008 课标卷)

I first met Li Ming at a friend birthday party five years ago. Then I invited Li Ming over in my place. We listen to my CDs together and soon became best friends. Three years ago, Li Ming’s parents invited I to spend two wonderful week in Qingdao with them during the summer holiday. Li Ming and I loved walking along the beautifully beaches there. Last year I was ill but had to stay in hospital for a week. Li Ming came see me every day. Then his father has changed jobs and they moved to another city. Since then we haven’t see each other much. But we’ve kept writing to each other.(2007 课标卷)




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