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吉林省吉林市第一中学2015-2016学年高一下学期开学验收 英语试题 (word版)

吉林一中 2015-2016 届高一年级下学期开学验收英语试卷

一、单项选择(注释) 1、I ______ ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the new year.( A. will play B. have played C. played D. play


2、They won’t buy any new clothes because they _____ money to buy a new car. A. save B. were saving C. have saved D. are saving 3、Why don’t you arrange your trip _____ you did last summer? A. in the way which B. the way which C. the way

D. by the way that

4、The general manager can't use his office at the moment, which ______.( ) A. is being redecorated B. has been redecorated C. is redecorated D. was redecorated 5、 As is recorded in history, silkworms (蚕) were first raised by a woman in ______ is today Hebei Province. A. where B. the place C. which D. what 6、Mum, I was wondering if you could lend me a few dollars until I on Friday. A. get paid B. got p aid C. have paid D. had been paid 7、You boys and girls, remember to write your composition ______ you are told. A. what B. that C. as D. like 8、 was reported in the paper, people in mainland China sent disaster relief materials to help the flooded area in Taiwan Island. ( ) A.It B.That C.As D.What 9、A new factory ______ on this site next year. A. is to locate B. is to be located

C. is located

D. is locating

10、The writer for ________ life used to be poor does not care about making money even when he is quite famous now. ( ) A. whose B. whom C. who D. That
二、完形填空(注释) 11、Professor Bumble is an old man, thin and short. He is 1 absent-minded but seriously shortsighted. His mind is always busy 2 thought, plan, new ideas, and so on, and he hardly notices 3 around him. One fine day he went out for a walk in the countryside, and, as always, he had 4 in his hand. As soon as he 5 his walk, he began reading attentively. He 6 far when he knocked 7 a big cow and fell
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down. He had lost his 8 in the fall, and he 9 he had stumbled over a fat lady. “ 10 , madam,” he said 11 with a low bow before searching for his glasses. When he 12 , he realized his mistake. Now Professor Bumble went on 13 on the country road. Soon he was concentrating on his book again and paying no attention to 14 . He had hardly been walking for five minutes 15 he fel l over again, losing 16 . This time he became very angry. He beat the “cow” angrily 17 his umbrella until he could not reach it. Then, after 18 his glasses, he realized that he had made 19 mistake. A large fat 20 was running away from him as fast as she could, crying for help with horror. 1. A. not B. not also C. not only D. only 2. A. with B. in C. have D. doing 3. A. what is happened B. what is going on C. that is taken place D. that is happening 4. A. a glass B. a pair of glasses C. a black bag D. a book 5. A. set off B. began to set off C. set out D. acted off for 6. A didn’t go B. hadn’t gone C. hasn’t gone D. wasn’t gone 7. A. into B. at C. down D. over 8. A. book B. bag C. glasses D. umbrella 9. A. realized B. saw C. thought D. noticed 10. A. Make an apology to me B. Thanks C. I show sorry to you D. I beg your pardon 11. A. happily B. angrily C. rudely D. politely 12. A. had put on them B. had put them on C. had put it on D. had worn them 13. A. with his walk B. for a walk C. to walk D. walking away 14. A. something else B. other something C. else anything D. anything else 15. A. when B. than C. before D. after 16. A. all his book and his glasses B. either his book or his glasses C. both his book and his glasses D. neither his glasses nor his book 17. A. to use B. with C. by D. in 18. A. searching for B. looking for C. finding for D. finding 19. A. the second B. a second C. again D. other 20. A. cow B. man C. woman D. bear 12、It was in the past two years that Aaron Segura was always sinking at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 16-year-old student was __1__ in golf, but his __2__ was another matter. Aaron was ―just walking through the chapters hard‖ in courses like chemistry, his grades were low, and he
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was __3__ to dropping out. It was not that Aaron didn't have __4__; it simply didn't exist in his large, impersonal public high school. Then his mother heard about Albuquerque's Charter Vocational High School(特立职业高中), a place where students __5__ plenty of one-on-one attention. Something else __6__ Aaron even more. His one strong goal was to go into __7__ , and Charter Vocational had just the thing for him: an architectural CAD(computer-aided drafting) program. Aaron __8__ the school at the beginning of his junior year. For the first time, he __9__ himself excited about learning. By the following summer, he had got a(n) __10__ as a draftsman for an architectural firm. His plan was to __11__ drafting professionally after he graduated. If Aaron has anyone to thank for his __12__ of the fortune, it was Danny Moon, a long-time industrial arts teacher. Moon __13__ a vocational apprenticeship(学徒) program in the mid-1990s, __14__ the Albuquerque school district couldn't pay for any longer. But two years later, in 2000, Moon's phone rang. The state had recently __15__ a charter school law, and a district official wondered if Moon might be __16__ in opening a vocational charter school. An easy __17__. With this sort of instruction, Moon knew he could __18__ students like Aaron,who might have a __19__ time in traditional high schools. He'd also be filling an increasing __20__ across New Mexico for skilled labor. 1.A.average B.excellent C.curious D.different 2.A.ability B.ideal C.study D.mission 3.A.certain B.close C.cautious D.eager 4.A.ambition B.energy C.courage D.experience 5.A.pay B.gain C.draw D.bring 6.A.appealed B.attracted C.employed D.comforted 7.A.firm B.golf C.chemistry D.architecture 8.A.applied B.attended C.qualified D.admitted 9.A.recognized B.enjoyed C.found D.devoted 10.A.job B.condition C.situation D.occasion 11.A.pick up B.make up C.take up D.set up 12.A.change B.progress C.effort D.achievement 13.A.realized B.ran C.discovered D.offered 14.A.since B.until C.though D.after 15.A.passed B.made C.proved D.appeared 16.A.crazy B.fond C.interested D.aware 17.A.direction B.answer C.promise D.success 18.A.create B.worry C.regret D.target 19.A.royal B.tough C.free D.short 20.A.demand B.form C.order D.satisfaction

13、 Last spring, Michelle fell in love with kite-boarding, an adventure sport that combines surfing and sailing. So she got a kite-board, took some 21 and a few months later drove out to the Banana River. There she met John, who offered to help her 22 her skills. One day, John 23 Michelle while his wife, Na ncy, stayed behind on a Jet Ski (摩托艇). In that way, there would be 24 to bring back Michelle if she got into trouble. After John gave her a few 25 , he took off. He’d sailed about three quarters of a mile down the river when he felt the wind 26 . He knew that the stronger the wind grew, the more 27 it would be for Michelle to control her board.
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28 , he turned and started sailing back toward the two women. Michelle had 29 decided to head for shore. The wind was too strong for her to handle the kite. She prepared to land her 30 by releasing one of the four lines that kept the sail in the air. 31 she didn’t have a chance. She was thrown over the water, still 32 to the kite. Seconds later, a huge wind sent the kite upward. Even more dangerous, the sail’s lines started to twist together, round and round. Michelle 33 to free from the kite. But she failed. Nancy was several hundred feet away on the Jet Ski and couldn’t get to her 34 enough to help. By then, John had closed in and Michelle felt John 35 her out of the water. As she held his arm, he tried to pull the handle but couldn’t 36 it. Then suddenly, John let go. At that point, Michelle was sure she would die without him holding 37 her. But John had seen Nancy approaching and 38 that he’d have a better chance of helping Michelle. He jumped onto the Jet Ski. As the kite dived down, with all his 39 , he jumped from the Jet Ski onto the kite and dragged it to the water. Finally Michelle was saved. This experience hasn’t kept Michelle from loving kite-boarding. ―Life is fragile (脆弱的), but it’s meant to be 40 ,‖ she says. 21. A. lectures B. lessons C. skills D. measures 22. A. show B. teach C. require D. improve 23. A. expected B. controlled C. instructed D. saved 24. A. anyone B. everyone C. none D. someone 25. A. sails B. chances C. tips D. handles 26. A. get up B. slow down C. die down D. pick up 27. A. challenging B. exciting C. interesting D. frightening 28. A. Amazed B. Worried C. Frustrated D. Surprised 29. A. always B. still C. already D. even 30. A. board B. line C. boat D. kite 31. A. So B. And C. Or D. But 32. A. attached B. appealed C. applied D. added 33. A. managed B. attempted C. demanded D. advised 34. A. bravely B. nearly C. slowly D. quickly 35. A. fetch B. bring C. lift D. put 36. A. reach B. sense C. remember D. feel 37. A. down B. onto C. back D. out 38. A. doubted B. insisted C. figured D. pretended 39. A. heart B. strength C. care D. consideration 40. A. enjoyed B. pleased C. pushed D. spent 14、People always say that the earlier one learns a language, the ___1___ it is to do so, in theory it is that, ___2___, in my opinion, that refers to spoken language. Capability to practise some essential ___3___ of a language and read between the lines can only be trained through proper reading ways and hard work ___4___. So spending money to help ___5___ learn English may ___6___ with disappointment. It is likely that the more you ___7___, the more you are let down. The daughter of one of my friends ___8___ English in primary school, ___9___ her foreign teacher’s blindness ___10___ psychology. She did not want to go on ___11___ English until middle school, ___12___ a college student studying in English slowly ___13___ her interest in the language. It is better to have the child learn Chinese, than to have some difficulty ___14___ learning English for several years. Having been engaged in English education, ___15___ find that despite their excellent ___16___, many students have ___17___ command of English words and phrases. So I suggest that children
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___18___ classical Chinese prose, rather than ___19___ them to learn English hurriedly. Otherwise, they may ___20___ the best time to improve the language ability of their mother tongue.(www.yygrammar.com) 1.A.easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult 2.A.but B. however C. though D. yet 3. A. opinions B. regards C. requests D. expressions 4.A.directly B. orally C. properly D. indirectly 5.A.people B. girls C. children D. boys 6.A.begin B. start C. finish D. end 7.A.pay B. get C. buy D. take 8.A.loved B. liked C. disliked D. learned 9.A.because of B. because C. instead of D. instead 10.A.of B. atC. in D. to 11.A.learning B. to learn C. with learning D. for learning 12.A.while B. where C. when D. as 13.A.introduced B. practised C. explained D. developed 14.A.in B. to C. atD. of 15.A.He B.I C. She D. They 16.A.pronuncia tion B. phrase C. language D. writing 17.A.few B. less C. little D. fewer 18.A.write B. do C. remember D. memorize 19.A.have B. let C. cause D. make 20.A.get back B. let go C. bring in D. go away 15、I close my eyes and can still hear her—the little girl with a ___1___ so strong and powerful we could hear her halfway down the block. She was a(n) ___2___ peasant who asked for money and ___3___ gave the only thing she had——her voice. I paused outside a small shop and listened. She brought to my mind the ___4___ of Little Orphan Annie. I could not understand the words she ___5___, but her voice begged for ___6___. It stood out from the noises of Arbat Street, pure and impressive, like the chime of a bell. She sang ___7___ an old-style lamp post in the shadow of a building, her arms extended and ___8___ thrown back. She was small and of unremarkable looks. Her brown hair ___9___ the bun(发髻) it had been pulled into, and she occasionally reached up to ___10___ a stray piece from her face. Her clothing I can’t recall. Her voice, on the other hand, is ___11___ imprinted in my mind. I asked one of the translators about the girl. Elaina told me that she and hundreds of others like her throughout the ___12___ Soviet Union add to their families’ income by working on the streets. The children are unable to ___13___ school, and th eir parents work fulltime. These children know that the consequence of an ___14___ day is no food for the table. Similar situations occurred during the Depression( 萧条) in the United States, but those American children were ___15___ shoeshine boys of the ___16___. This girl was real to me. When we walked past her I gave her money. It was not out of pity ___17___ rather admiration. Her smile of ___18___ did not interrupt her singing. The girl watched us as we walked down the street. I know this because when I looked back she smiled again. We ___19___ that smile, and I knew I could never forget her courage and ___20___ strength. 1. A. will B. strength C. voice D. determination 2. A. American B. Chinese C. Japanese D. Russian 3. A. in return B. in turn C. by hand D. in silence 4. A. voice B. image C. story D. looks
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5. A. said B. murmured C. used D. sang 6. A. attention B. love C. help D. mercy 7. A. across B. from C. under D. from underneath 8. A. hands B. feet C. head D. face 9. A. fell out B. escaped C. did up D. tied to 10. A. remove B. tear C. cut off D. dress 11. A. never B. permanently C. occasionally D. sometimes 12. A. latter B. rich C. former D. great 13. A. attend B. finish C. leave D. enjoy 14. A. unhappy B. unsatisfied C. unusual D. unsuccessful 15. A. faced B. real C. faceless D. visible 16. A. twenties B. thirties C. forties D. teens 17. A. and B. while C. but D. or 18. A. contempt B. pity C. bitterness D. thanks 19. A. stopped B. shared C. won D. exchanged 20. A. full B. inner C. brave D. fighting 16、The half-empty coffee cups, still standing next to their plates, tell of a morning like any other. And yet, that grey covering of dust that everything 1 tells a different story: it tells of screams, tears, terror and 2 . Now the restaurant in the World Trade Center will 3 again serve breakfast. And never again will all those people go there to eat or 4 . So many people whose faces we associate with life and liveliness are gone 5 . So many words remain 6 , and so much happiness has been destroyed. In their places are tear-stained(泪水沾湿的) faces. My generation has seen this. On Monday, a fight with my sister, a bad grade and homework 7 to be the biggest problems in the world. Tonight, so many across the country know that America’s pain is at its 8 ever. We have 9 World WarⅡ. But to most of us students, that’s an event on a textbook 10 that would never happen today. After all, this was a time of 11 and wealth—the United States was powerful and successful. There would be no more wars, and we were 12 to live in such a time. But when those planes 13 ; when firefighters with 14 on their faces ran among the parts of the building that had fallen; when people 15 for their family members; when history was unfolding before our eyes, in full, clear color—then we knew the world had been changed. 16 how many human beings turned to ashes in a second, and seeing some jump from the buildings, I know that my generation is growing up in a world where 17 can still be evil. But seeing those heroes risk their lives among the castle-like ruins, and seeing the 18 blood donors at the hospitals, my generation has learned that tears are allowed, that mankind can also be 19 , and that the ghost of evil never 20 the spirit of good. 1. A. dresses B. gets C. wears D. covers 2. A. blood B. surprise C. laugh D. cry 3. A. still B. never C. hardly D. seldom 4. A. work B. drive C. play D. swim 5. A. yesterday B. tonight C. last night D. this morning 6. A. unknown B. untold C. unchanged D. unsaid 7. A. turned B. had C. got D. seemed 8. A. least B. worst C. best D. most
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9. A. experienced B. known C. read about D. seen 10. A. text B. lesson C. copy D. page 11. A. tears B. terror C. peace D. health 12. A. unlucky B. promising C. convenient D. lucky 13. A. fell B. landed C. hit D. exploded 14. A. terror B. surprise C. joy D. smile 15. A. called B. screamed C. died D. reached 16. A. Knowing B. Telling C. Hearing D. Remembering 17. A. everyone B. nobody C. mankind D. our country 18. A. unwilling B. eager C. happy D. curious 19. A. beautiful B. terrible C. terrified D. hopeful 20. A. hurt B. beat C. wins D. defeats
三、阅读理解(注释) 17、Body language is a very powerful tool of a communication, not only between people but in the animal world as well. In many instances, we produce idioms which are all understandable by borrowing examples from animal communication. For example, we know that a frightened cat will arch(拱型). From this starting-point we might hear the expression. ―He gets my back up!‖ meaning ―He makes me angry.‖ In the same manner, we know that many animals, if challenged(挑战)by attackers, will not turn and run away because this will encourage the attackers to attack them more forcefully. Instead, they will move backwards slowly to get out of harm’s way, always facing their attacker. We call this action ―backing off‖ and it can be used as well with humans as with animals. In the case of humans, however, the back-off may not be physical but oral, as in using a kinder tone of voice and gentle words instead of fighting against the attackers. 1. When a cat arches its back high in a rigid curve, it shows that it is . A. angry B. pleased C. frightened D. defeated 2. In the article ―back off‖ means . A. to escape from the attackers B. to get away quickly C. to keep out the attackers D. to avoid the attackers in words 3. Which of the following is wrong according to the article? A. To learn knowledge, humans must learn from animals. B. Both humans and animals have the body language. C. Both humans and animals have ways of getting out of harm. D. ―Face your attackers‖ means to encourage yourself. 4. What is mentioned(提到)in this article belongs to study of English . A. grammar B. idioms C. expression D. communication

18、Frank Smithson woke up and leaned over to turn off the alarm clock. ―Oh no!‖ he thought to himself.‖ Another day at that office; a boss who shouts at me all the time.‖ As Frank went downstairs his eyes fell on a large brown envelope by the door. He was overjoyed when he opened it and read the letter inside.‖ Bigwoods Football Pool s(足球赌博公司) would like to congratulate you. You have won half a million pounds.‖
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Frank suddenly came to life. The cigarette(香烟) fell from his lips as he let out a shout that could be heard halfway down the street. At 11: 30 Frank arrived at work. ―Please explain why you’re so late,‖ his boss said. ―Go and jump in the lake,‖ replied Frank. ―I’ve just come into a little money so this is good-bye. Find yourself someone else to shout at.‖ That evening Frank was smoking a very expensive Havana cigar(雪茄) when a knock was heard on the door. He rushed to the door. Outside were two men, neatly dressed in grey suits. ―Mr Smithson,‖ one of them said, ―we’re from Bigwoods Pools. I’m afraid there’s been a terrible mistake…‖ 1. What do we know about Frank? A. He was a lazy man. B. He was a lucky person. C. He didn’t make a lot of money. D. He didn’t get on well with his boss. 2. When he heard the knock at the door, Frank probably thought _______. A. someone had come to make an apology B. someone had come to give him the money C. his friends had come to ask about the football pools D. his friends had come to congratulate him on his luck 3. On hearing ―…there’s been a terrible mistake…‖ Frank was most likely to be _______. A. disappointed B. worried C. nervous D. curious 19、 They like using the Internet. They have lots of pocket money to spend. And they spend a higher proportion of it online than the rest of us. Teenagers are just the sort of people an online seller is interested in, and the thing they want to buy ---games, CDs and clothing--- are easily sold on the Web. But paying online is a tricky business for consumers who are too young to own credit(信用) cards. Most have to use a parent’s card.They want a facility that allows them to spend money. That may come sooner than they think: new ways to take pocket money into cyber (网络的) space are coming out rapidly on both sides of the Atlantic.If successful, these products can stimulate(刺激) online sales. In general, teenagers spend huge amounts: $153bn (billion) in the US last year and £20bn annually in the UK.Most teenagers have access to the Internet at home or at school-88 percent in the US, 69 percent in the UK.According to the Jupiter Research, one in eight of those with Internet access has bought something online-mainly CDs and books. In most cases, parents pay for these purchases with credit cards, an arrangement that is often unsatisfactory for them and their children.Pressing parents to spend online is less productive than pressing on the high street.They are more likely to ask ―Why?‖ if you ask to spend some money online. One way to help teenagers change notes and coins into cyber cash is through prepaid cards such as Internet Cash in the US and Smart cards in the UK.Similar to those for pay-as-you –go mobile telephones, they are sold on amounts such as £20 or £50 with a hidden 14-digit number can be used to load the cash into online account. 1.What does the word ―They‖ in paragraph 1 refer to? A.Sellers. B.Buyers. C.Teenagers. D.Parents. 2.According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A.More than half of the teenagers in the US and the UK have Internet access.
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B.Teenagers pay for goods online with their own credit cards. C.Most teenagers in the US and the UK have bought something online. D.Teenagers found it easier to persuade parents to buy online than in a shop. 3.A new way to help teenagers shop online is to use ______. A.a new machine B.prepaid cards C.special coins and notes D.pay-as-you-go mobile phones 4.What is the passage mainly about? A.Online shopping traps. B.Internet users in the US and the UK. C.New credit cards for parents. D.The arrival of cyber pocket money. 20、 Oliver Radtke believes Chinglish mistranslations may be fun, but are not to be made fun of. ―My message on Chinglish is: It should be conserved (保存). It shouldn’t be treated as a cheap joke for foreign tourists to laugh at but as a cultural treasure,‖ said the 32-year-old multimedia designer, who frequently visited China for almost a decade before moving to Beijing in 2007. ―I’m trying to challenge the idea that there is only one type of standard English — the English that’s spoken in America or in the British Isles — which is shortsighted, because Chinglish is already being used by millions of people to communicate with one another.‖ So, since 2005, he has collected more than 5,000 examples of ―the wonderful results of an English dictionary meeting Chinese grammar‖ on his website www.chinglish.de and has published two books on the subject. ―The two books are unique in that they talk about the academic value of Chinglish, the creative combination of English and Chinese, and why we should keep it,‖ Radtke said. Patricia Schetelig, who works for the German Embassy in Beijing and regularly contributes to www.chinglish.de, said she appreciates Radtke’s approach to Chinglish. ―What’s important to me is that he’s not making fun of the way things are translated,‖ said she. ―There are other websites doing similar things, but they’re making fun of Chinglish or saying it shouldn’t be done this way.‖ Part of his mission, Radtke said, is to conserve rapidly disappearing Chinglish examples. He was disappointed while watching the government replace Chinglish signs with standard English ones in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. ―That was a sad day for me and a sad day for Chinglish,‖ Radtke said. But American David Tool, who has been closely involved in cleaning up Chinglish in Beijing since 2001, disagreed. ―Chinglish takes away from the aesthetic (美学的), educational and cultural value we want these signs to provide,‖ said Tool, ―We get distracted when we’re trying to explain something. It’s not dealing with the issues with respect.‖ 1. Which of the following statements does Radtke agree with? A. Chinglish will gradually disappear as years go by. B. Chinglish is invented to amuse foreign tourists. C. Chinglish will be treated as a cultural treasure. D. Chinglish is actually a variety of English. 2. Radtke set up his website to ________. A. sell his books B. conserve Chinglish C. earn a reputation D. start a discussion 3. The two books are unique because it involves the following EXCEPT ________. A. the academic value of Chinglish B. the creativity of the Chinese people C. the meaning of keeping Chinglish D. the creative combination of English and Chinese 4. It can be inferred that David Tool and Radtke ________.
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A. disagree on Chinglish signs B. have both lived in China for nine years C. once argued face to face about Chinglish D. both have much knowledge of Chinese culture

四、语法和词汇(注释)21、Dear Bob, Hello. I learn about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang. I’d like to your penfriend, and get to know 2. ______ more about your country. First, let me tell you something more about myself 3. ______ My name is Li Hua. I live in Beijing, where is the 4. ______ capital of China. I go to Hongqi Middle School. 5. ______ We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese, 6. ______ English and physics. I use to play ping-pong a lot 7. ______ in my spare time, but now I am interesting in 8. ______ football. Do you play any ball games? What your favourite 9. ______ sport? I look forward to hear from you soon. 10. ______ Yours, Li Hua 五、短文改错(注释)22、One day, while my friend and I was traveling through Germany, we were not very hungry but we only had a little 2_______ money. We decided stop at a village market to buy 3_______ something to eat. We choose the cheapest biscuits and 4_______ ate it under a tree. We thought the biscuits were great. 5_______ ―Let’s got some more,‖ I said, ―They’re cheap and they 6_______ really taste well.‖ My friend could read some German, but 7_______ I couldn’t, and I gave her the biscuit bag to find the name. 8_______ She looked at it and started to laugh, ―How are you laughing?‖ 9________ I asked. ―Because they’re dog biscuits!‖ She said. 10________

1. ______


23、There were great advances in medicine in the last ten years. 24、Behind my apartment, there is used to be a dirty and 1.___________ messy comer. Bits of plastic bags hanged on the trees. 2.___________ Broken bottles were left laying here and there. There was 3.___________ a damaging car in the center. The whole comer gave off an 4.___________ unpleasant smell. One year ago, we decided to turn it in a 5.___________ beautiful park. Since then, great changes have been taken place 6.___________ in that comer. All the rubbish have been cleared away. Flowers 7.___________ and young trees have planted all over. Now birds come 8.___________ here to sing, children come here to play, and adults come here 9.___________ to enjoy our peaceful life. It has taken on a new look. 10.___________ 25、短文改错 文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有 两处。每处错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加: 在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧), 并在其下写出该加的词。
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删除: 把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改: 在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处, 多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Yesterday I bought a new coat in a shop, and I found it so big for me. This morning I went to the shop to change the coat I bought it yesterday. But the salesgirl treated me bad. Firstly, she didn’t admit that I bought the coat in his shop. Then she said I made it dirtier. So I got very angry and quarrel with her, pointing to the rules in the wall. Just then, manager turned up. He said sorry to me. At last they changed other one for me. With satisfaction, I said good-bye to them but took the new coat home happily. 26、People used to laughing or smiling when they are happy. But the people of the certain tribe in Greenland show his joy by running down tears. When someone, for example, win a prize in a race, he cries instead smiling. Though things have changed Greatly in their way of life, they even weep to show their delight. If one day when you have a chance to visit their village and see many people crying together, don’t take them for granted that they feel very sadly. Most probably you would be invited to join the villagers and share tear with them happily.

六、补全短文(7 选 5) (注释)27、Why Cats Scratch Tings In has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws (爪子) that they are sharpening their claws. 1 Research on cat behavior suggests that the major reason for this behavior is communication. By scratching up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favorite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to. Cats tend to pick a small number of noticeable objects in their environments to scratch such as trees, fence posts repeatedly. 2 The scratched surface leaves a highly visible mark that can be easily seen by other cats. In addition, cats have special glands (腺)in their paws so that when they make scratching movements they leave scent(气味)that the cats can smell. The fact that cats leave scent marks by making scratching movements may be the reason that cats will continue to scratch objects even after they have been declawed. 3 We don’t know exactly what cats are communicating with their scratching. Both males and females do it. It is done inside and outside the home and even by cats living with no other cats around. 4 Cats don’t scratch up your furniture to bother you or just to be destructive, but for specific reasons, one of which is communicating. Cats also scratch to extend their bodies, during play, and possibly as a greeting or to relieve dissatisfaction when prevented from doing other things they want to do. 5 It is easier to prevent problem scratching rather than trying to change your cat’s preference for the arm of your sofa after it has become a built up habit. Thus, the goal is to establish acceptable scratching habits by getting your cat to prefer a scratching post rather than the arm of your sofa. A.It turns out that this is only a secondary reason. B.This is why the tree next door looks so scratched up. C.Cats use other parts of their bodies to communicate as well. D.Small pieces of bark have accumulated on the ground underneath. E.Scratching can result in considerable damage, owner dissatisfaction. F.Declawed cats may still be leaving scent marks on objects they scratch. G.It could be a defensive warning or just a marker that announces its existence.

28、补全对话 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。
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A: Good morning. My name is Peter. I’m the general manager of the personnel department. I’ll be interviewing you. Please sit down. B: 1 My name’s Jon, Jon Smash. A: Well, Jon, it’s a pleasure to meet you. 2 B: I’ve been a manager at Nike for over three years. I won manager of the year award two years ago, and I got promoted last August. A: OK. Tell me about yourself and your personality. B: 3 I think before I act, and if something goes wrong in our company I always remain calm. I never scream at my employees. And I’ve never lost my temper. A: 4 B: I think I am good at solving problems. 5 I also love challenges. I work well under pressure. When my boss pushes me to finish a project early, I always get it down and never complain. A: Jon, you seem like a very good manager. I like your ambition. You’re very confident and motivated. We like that here at Microsoft. Well, our interview is over.
A.I am glad it’s you who will offer me the opportunity to get the job. B.I enjoy approaching problems directly. C.Nice to meet you. D.What are your strengths? E.I owe my success to my employees. F.Tell me about your work experience. G.I think I am very level-headed.

29、阅读下面短文,根据以下要求:1)汉语提示;2)首字母提示;3)语境提示,在每个空格内填 入一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼写正 确。 Mr. Li, Last Sunday I went to do some reading in your library. Over the time I was there, I found something unpleasant. 1T , I’d like to 2v my opinions, which, I hope, would be of help for you to 3_______ (创造) a more comfortable place for readers. First, there are few new books on the shelf, and most books are not4s in proper order, making it difficult for readers to find 5_______ they want quickly. Third, the 6l didn’t offer good service. Instead, they were chatting. In 7_______, they took no notice of the fact that a light wasn’t 8_______. Leave this state of affairs to stay the same, and I’m 9_______(恐怕) there will be fewer and fewer readers. So, I suggest your 10_______ (改变) all these as soon as possible for the sake of readers. 30、阅读下面短文,根据以下要求:1)汉语提示;2)首字母提示;3)语境提示,在每个空格内填 入一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼写正 确。 It is difficult for parents to teach their children to be 1 (有责任的) for housework, but with one of the 2 (以下的)suggestions, you really can get your children to help you at home. I 3 you give your children the impression that they can 4n do anything quite right, then they will regard themselves 5 unfit or unable persons. Unless they believe they can succeed, they will never become
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totally 6 (独立) . Don’t always scold and give lots of praise 7i Talk about what they’ve done right, 8b not about what they haven’t done. If your children 9c a difficult task, reward (酬 劳) them 10 a Sunday trip or a ball game of Dad. 31、Dear Nicolaus Copernicus, I am a s______ studying astronomy and I would very much like to read your new theory about the solar s_____ I hope you will p______it for several reasons. I understand the problems with the present theory. The way the plants move is not what you would expect if the earth was the center of the u_______. It is also odd that the brightness of some s____seems to change. So I agree with you that we need a new theory. I know your observations have been very carefully c_____out over many years. Now you must have the courage to publish them. S______ can never advance unless people have the courage of their beliefs. I know you worry about what will h_____ if you publish your new theory. No m_______ how people oppose it, time will show w_____your ideas are right or wrong. So I hope you will feel you can publish your new theory. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 32、Daniel:If we 1 (visit) Hawaii this summer,we 2 (be) able to enjoy sunshine and beautiful views.? Kitty:If I 3 (be) you,I 4 (not go)there.We visited it last year.Remember?? Daniel:Oh,yes,last year.Then do you have a better idea?? Kitty:What about New Zealand?If we 5 (go) there,we 6 (see)unique Kiwi birds and other amazing things.? Daniel:No,I don’t like it.It is all things of western style.I 7 (travel) much farther if I 8 (have) lots of money.? Kitty:I come up with a wonderful idea!China!It 9 (not cost) much if we 10 (plan) a tour to China.And it’s an old mysterious eastern country.I am always interested in it.? Daniel:It sounds good.OK,now,let’s find some information about the trip.? 33、At 16, I left home to do part-time jobs, _______ made me understand 1. _________ ―East or west, home is the best‖ b_______ than before. At that time I 2. _________ thought _____ (呆) at home was boring because my parents were always 3. ________ t_______ me what to do and what not to. So when the chance came, 4. _________ I left home and washed d_________ at a restaurant. Things were not so 5. _________ easy for me. My hands became frozen because of cold. B________, 6. _________ some _______ (顾客) were quite particular. They always scolded me. 7. __________ I f_______I had dropped from heaven. When I talked with my parents 8. _________ on the phone, tears rolled down my cheeks. Since _________ I have 9. __________ _________ (意识) that home is my shelter and parents are great. 10. ________ 34、As the saying , ―Two heads are better than one.‖ 35、Recently our class have a heated discussion about whether the Beijing Zoo should be moved out of the city. Opinions are d into two on the question. Some students are in f of moving it. For ________ thing, natural environment in the suburb is more suitable to animals. For ________, in the city center, there are traffic
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1__________ 2__________ 3__________ 4__________

jams every week ______ to quantities of visitors to the zoo. On the 5__________ contrary, others are a the ideas above. They are afraid that 6__________ the move may ______ to the death of some animals. And it will surely 7__________ need a lot of money to b a new zoo. Above all, founded in 8__________ 1906, the zoo has a worldwide _________(声誉) for its long history. 9__________ We hope the government will make a satisfactory _________(决定). 10 _________ 36、M:It’s hard to believe it’s become so (1) c___________ and expensive to buy a pair of glasses. W: I know. Not that long ago, buying eyeglasses was about as simple as buying a pair of socks. Do you really need new (2) g___________? M:Yes. I’ve noticed that things are soft of unclear sometimes, but I haven’t seen an eye doctor yet. W:Oh, so you’re looking for a place to go. Have you checked around? M:Yes. I’ve just found out that designer eyeglasses can (3) c___________$200 or more just for the frame. W:And a pair of lenses could add well over $100 (4) t___________ that. M:Yes, (5) d___________ on the material and special lens coatings. W:So, (6) i___________ the cost of an eye exam, a pair of spectacles can cost as (7) m___________ as a color TV set. M:It’s incredible. It’s a good thing that I don’t need to buy anything fancy. But it sounds like you have a lot of (8) i___________ about glasses. Did you just buy some? W:I did. A few months ago. You might check the optometrist in the new mall. Maybe they’re still having a sale. M:I did. They’re having a promotion now. They’ll include a protective lens coating with new lenses, if you have your (9) e___________ exam there. W:Great. I hope you’ll find a (10) p___________ of good glasses that you really like. 37、A: Hi!Nice to you. You’re...? B: Well, the bridegroom is a friend of mine. A: So am I. So now we are friends too. B: The w 1 ceremony is splendid, isn’t it? A: Yes, look, the newly-weds are giving p 2 to the guest, let’s go and have one. B: Why, I’m p 3 . In my country, the new couple will r 4 a lot of presents from the guests. A: It’s not surprising, the bridegroom and bride are from I 5 . It is a typical example which is quite d 6 from other countries. B: You must have known a lot about c 7 and traditions of other countries. A: You know, we come from the East, we should pay attention to cultural differences to a 8 to the life abroad. B: How can I get the information? A: Surf the Internet or c 9 with your friends online. B: Don’t you think it’s a good idea to fix a date to surf the Internet together, and then you may introduce your online friends to me? A: Good idea. Besides I need to a 10 some more information for my graduation essay. Will this Sunday suit you? B: Sure.

38、阅读下面短文,根据以下提示:1)汉语提示,2)首字母提示,3)语境提示,在每个空格内填入一 个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确,拼写正确。 Dear Wendy,
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Thank you for your inviting me to go on holiday with you. I thought this would be a very good c________ to see you again. I still remember the time when we chatted the night through, ________ (讨论) our plans for the future. It seemed e________ would be OK with our arrangements for the weekend. B________ unfortunately, one of my relatives, who has been in the States ________ two years, will visit my family this ________ (星期五). My parents expect me to stay at home. As a ________, I regret to tell you that we have to ________ (改变) our plans. I think we can meet during the summer holiday. When that time c________, we will be ________ (在一起) again and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tainan. Best wishes! Sincerely yours, Mary

56.________ 57.________ 58.________ 59.________ 60.________ 61.________ 62.________ 63.________ 64.________ 65.________

39、 (福建)阅读下面短文,并根据首字母或汉语的提示,在空格处填入一个适当的词,并将答案填 写在答题卡标号为 76~85 的相应位置上。 Dear God, Now that I am no longer young, I have friends (76)w________ mothers have passed away. I have heard these sons and daughters say they never fully (77)________ (感激) their mothers until it was too late to help them. I am blessed with my dear mother who is still (78)a________. My mother does not change, but I do. As I grow older and wiser, I realize what an (79)________ (不平凡的) person she is. How sad that I am (80)u________ to speak a word in her presence, but it flows easily from my pen. How does a daughter begin to thank her mother for life itself? For the love, (81)________ ( 耐心) a nd just plain hard work that go into raising a child? How does a (82)________ ( 成年的) woman thank a mother for continuing to be a mother? I don't know how, dear God, except to ask you to bless her as richly as she (83)________ ( 值得) and to help me live up to the example she has (84)s________. I pray that I will look as good in the eyes of my children as my mother looks in (85)m________. —A daughter 40、为了迎接奥运会,某英文报社举办了校园“体育周”活动。其中一项是征文比赛,请同学们谈一 谈自己最喜欢的运动。请你根据以下提示以“My Favorite Sport‖ 为题,写一篇文章参赛。 最喜欢的运动是什么; 为什么喜欢这项运动。 注意: 必须包括以上要点,可以适当发挥,以使行文连贯。 词数:100 左右。 41、环境污染包括很多,噪音污染也是其中之一。现以 Noise pollution 为题,写一篇文章,以呼吁社 会,采取积极措施。要点如下: 问题 危害 措施 噪音随处可见,可有人认为噪音 实际上噪音对人的身心健康会 我们应该采取积极措施防治噪 不会造成严重问题 造成很大危害 音污染 要求:1. 可适当拓展所给内容,不可逐条翻译;2. 词数:100 左右 _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
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参考答案 一、单项选择 1、 【答案】D 【解析】

2、 【答案】D 【解析】 3、 【答案】C 【解析】 4、 【答案】A 【解析】考察时态和语态。句义:现在总经理的办公室不能使用,正在被重新装修。根据前半句可知 现在的办公室不能使用, 说明正在被维修,表示选择正在进行的动作。故使用现在进行时的被动语态。 故 A 正确。 5、 【答案】D 【解析】考查 what 引导的名词性从句,what=先行词+引导词在定语从句中的作用。句意:正如历史 所记载的,蚕首次在今河北省由一名妇女养殖出来。 6、 【答案】A 【解析】在时间状语从句中用一般现在时表将来,且 I 与 pay 之间是动宾关系,所以选 A。 7、 【答案】A 【解析】 8、 【答案】C 【解析】 9、 【答案】B 【解析】 10、 【答案】B 【解析】考察定语从句。本题定语从句的先行词是 the writer,在定语从句中,whom 指代先行词作为 介词 for 的宾语,定语从句的真正主语是抽象名词 life。句意:对于那位过去的生活曾经很困难的作家 现在不在乎挣钱了,因为他现在已经很有名了。本题特别容易错选 A 项,考生会认为 whose 修饰 life, 那么本句句没有主语了。故 B 正确。 二、完形填空 11、 【答案】1-20 CABDD BACCD DBADA CBDBC 12、 【答案】1-5 BCBAB 6-10 BDBCA 11-15 CABBA 16-20 CBDBA

【解析】语篇解读:Aaron Segura 进入公立高中后,学习成绩一直糟糕透顶。后来他转入了职业高中 学习建筑设计,从此他找到了自信,不再消沉。
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1.根据 but,another matter 以及后面所说的 Aaron 的学业一塌糊涂可知,他在高尔夫球方面应很优秀, 前后形成对比。C 选项后面的介词应为 about。 根据后面一句对 Aaron 功课的描述,可知他的学习是另一回事,即很差劲。 3.根据前文信息 his grades were low,可知他的学业分数很低,他几乎要放弃。be close to―接近,靠 近‖,注意 to 在此为介词。 4.Aaron 并非胸无大志,而是在这样大的、非个性化的公立高中他没有施展的空间。该空需要考生联 系全文内容,尤其是 Aaron 转校前后的变化进行判断。 5.在这所职业高中,学生可以获得许多一对一的关注。 6.根据后文信息 His one strong goal...可知,除了个性化关注还有别的事情吸引着他。若选 A,空格后 面缺介词 to。 7.根据本段后文信息 an architectural CAD(computer-aided drafting)program 和第三段的 a draftsman for an architectural firm 可知,此处指 Aaron 想从事建筑行业。 8.attend the school 上学。若选 A,空格后面缺介词 for。 9.find 后面跟复合结构。他发现自己对学习很感兴趣。与前文形成对比。 10.根据 as a draftsman for an architectural firm 可知,他得到了一份工作。 11.他的目标是毕业后专职从事这个行业。take up―从事‖。 12.第一段和第三段形成鲜明的对比,Aaron 的人生发生了巨大的转变。 13.run―提供,开设(服务、课程等)‖,符合语意。早在 20 世纪 90 年代中期,Danny Moon 就进行过 职业教育实践。 14.until―直到……‖,符合语境。 15.pass a law 通过一部法律。由上文语境可推断政府现在从立法上开始支持职业教育。后文又说―地 方官员想知道 Moon 是否有兴趣开办一所职业学校‖,使答案更为明晰。 16.根据介词 in 可知此处考查 be interested in―对……感兴趣‖。A 项后面的介词通常为 about,B、D 后常接 of。 17.地方官员询问他是否对开办职业学校感兴趣,而 Danny Moon 一下子就答应了。 18.target―面向,把……作为目标或者对象‖。 19.根据 students like Aaron 和第一段内容可知答案,因为 Aaron 在公立高中(学习)很吃力。royal―皇家 的,庄严的,高贵的‖;tough―困难的,费力的‖;free―空闲的,不忙的‖;short―短暂的‖。 20. 从而他也能满足整个新墨西哥州急剧上升的对熟练劳动力的需求。 此处暗示了职业教育的重要性。 13、 【答案】BDCDC DABCD DABDC ABCBA

14、 【答案】CBDAC DACAD ACDAB ACDCB 【解析】C。由上文暗示可预期:理论上说,一个人越早学语言,他(她)会越容易学好。―The +比较级, the+比较级‖表示―越来越……‖。C、D 为可选项,而 D 意不符,故选 C。 B。考查转折连词的使用区别。but 连接句子时其后不可用逗号;however 前后可用逗号隔开;though 常放于句末;yet 与 but 相似,故选 however。 D。根据上下文暗示可预期:练习语言的基本表达能力……,A、B、C 都不符和句意,故选 expressions 表达。 A。由上下文提示可预期:直接通过合适的阅读方法和努力,才能形成能力,而 orally 意为―口头‖; properly 意为―合适地‖,因上文已出现 proper reading ways,故有重复之嫌;indirectly 意为―间接地‖;故 选 directly(直接地)。 C。由上下文可预期,谈论的对象即是 children 孩子。 D。由上下文可预期:先是花钱去学,而后是失望收场。A、B 与句意不合,finish 不与 up with 搭配, end up with 意为―以……结束‖。 A。根据句意可预期:付(花)钱多,失望大。take 常用在结构:it takes sb some time / money to do sth 花
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某人时间或钱做某事;B、C 与句意不符。 C。 由上下文暗示可预期: 因为不喜欢才来了一位学英语的大学生, 从而开发了她的兴趣; 故选 disliked 不喜欢。其他不符。 A。因为外籍教师对心理学的盲点,才导致她厌学。because 和 because 均表示―因为‖,但前者为连词, 后者为介词;instead of 是介词;instead 是副词。故用 because of。 D。介词 to 意为―对……而言(来说)‖。 A. go on doing 指继续不停地做同一件事;go on to do 指继续去做另一件事;go on with sth 指停顿后接 着去做同一件事;D 为干扰项,故选 learning。 C when 表示―当时‖,相当于 and at that time;while 表示―在……时候‖;where 表示―在……地方‖;as 表示―因为‖、―在……时候‖。 D。introduced 意为―介绍‖;practised 意为―练习‖;explained 意为―解释‖,均不合句意,而 developed(开 发)正合语境。 A。have some difficulty / trouble (in)doing sth 意为―做某事遇到困难‖。 B。由上下文可判断 A。根据上下文可预期:发音好但词汇量不够——缺陷,故选 pronunciation。 C。根据上文可知,表否定但无比较,可知选项为 A、C;而 few 修饰可数名词,故选 little 修饰不可 数名词。 D。 根据文意, 文章显然为记散文, 可知选项为 C、 D, 相比之处, remember(追忆, 记得)不如 memorize(记 住)恰当。 C。因在四个选项中只有 cause 后接不定式的复合结构时不定式要带 to。 B。get back 意为―回来,返回‖;let go 意为―放开,错过‖;bring in 意为―引来,吸收‖;go away 意为―走 开,离开‖

【解析】C 根据下文 hear her… 可知答案应选 C。 D 根据第 2 段中 the 12 Soviet Union 的提示可知答案应选 D。 A 用仅有的歌声来回报。in turn 意为―轮流‖,by hand 意为―人工的‖,in silence 意为―安静地‖。故答 案选 A。 B 她让我想起小孤儿安妮(美国漫画人物)的―形象‖。 D 根据下文几处提到小女孩―唱歌‖。 A 从前文 who asked for money 可知她唱歌的目的是为了吸引行人的―注意‖,让别人给她钱。 D 句意为―她站在大楼下面的一盏老式路灯下,唱歌时伸着双臂仰着头‖。此处用双介词使含义更加丰 富。 C 唱歌时伸着双臂仰着头‖。 B 句意为―棕色的头发从发髻上散落下来,她不时抬手从脸上撩开散落的发丝‖。fall out 意为―(头发) 脱落‖,do up 意为―盘发‖,tie to 意为―扎‖。 B 句意为―我记不起她穿的是什么衣服,可她的声音却永远(permanently)刻在了我的脑海里‖。 C 由文章内容可知这里是指―前苏联‖。 A attend school 意为―上学‖,finish / leave school 意为―放学;毕业‖,enjoy school 意为―喜欢上学‖。 故答案选 A。 D 句意为―如果一天的乞讨没有收获,就意味着没有饭吃‖。D 项最符合句意。 C 句意为―但在我眼里,那些美国孩子是 20 年代的没有具体形象的擦鞋男童‖。faceless 意为―看不见 脸面的‖符合语境。
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A 根据常识可知,美国上个世纪 20 年代发生了经济危机。此处不表年纪,而是指年代。 C 这里是指―不是出于怜悯,而是因 为钦佩‖。 D 句意为―她表示谢意的微笑并没有影响她唱歌‖。smile of contempt 意为―轻蔑的笑‖,smile of pity 意 为―怜悯的笑‖,smile of bitterness 意为―苦笑‖。故答案选 D。 B stop that smile 意为―阻止笑‖,share that smile 意为―一起笑‖,win that smile 意为―赢得笑声‖, exchange smiles 意为―相互一笑‖。故选 B。 B inner strength 意为―内心的力量‖; full strength 意为―全力‖; fighting strength 意为―战斗力‖。 Brave 与 courage 语意重复。故答案选 B。 16、 【答案】CABAB 【解析】 DDBCD CDCAB ACBDD

三、阅读理解 17、 【答案】1—4 AAAB

【解析】$selection$ 18、 【答案】DBA 【解析】
19、 【答案】CABD 【解析】 20、 【答案】1-4 DBBA

四、语法和词汇 五、短文改错 21、 【答案】learn→learned to 后加 be 第二个 more 去掉 where→which √ subject→subjects use→used interesting→interested what→what is hear→hearing

22、 【答案】was 改为 were 去掉 not decided 后加 to choose 改为 chose it 改为 them got 改为 get well 改为 good
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and 改为 so how 改为 why 正确

【解析】 23、 【答案】were 改为 have been 【解析】
24、 【答案】1. 去掉 is 2. hanged 改为 hung 3. laying 改为 lying 4. damaging 改为 damaged 5. in 改为 into 6. 去掉 been 7. have 改为 has 8. 在 planted 前加 been 9. 此行正确 10. our 改为 their

【解析】1. 根据下文是―曾经有一位……‖,所以用 there used to be…。 2. 因为 hang 作―悬挂‖解,是不规则动词,其过去式是 hung;作―绞死‖解,才是规则动词,过去式是 hanged。 3. 此句是 leave…doing…(让……处于某种状态)的被动式;表示状态的―在、位于‖,用 lie,其现在分 词是 lying;而 laying 是及物动词 lay(放置)的现在分词。 4. 因为 car 与 damage 是被动关系,所以用过去分词作定语。 5. 因为表示―把……变成……‖是用短语 turn…into…。 6. 因为不去掉 been, 就是被动语态了,而 take place 是不及物动词,无被动语态。 7. 因为主语 rubbish 是不可数名词,所以谓主用单数。 8. 因为谓语动词 plant 与主语是动宾关系,要用被动语态。 9.此行无错。 10. 因为在此指代的是 adults。 25、 【答案】 1. so-too, 2. it 去掉, 6. quarrel-quarreled, 7. in-on, 9. other-another, 10. but-and 3. bad-badly, 4. his-her, 5. dirtier-dirty,

8. manage 前加 the,

【解析】 26、 【答案】used 前加 are the→a his joy→their win→wins instead 后加 of even→still day when 去掉 when take them →it sadly →sad tear→tears
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六、补全短文(7 选 5) 27、 【答案】ABFGE

【解析】 28、 【答案】CFGDB 【解析】 七、任务型阅读 八、阅读表达 九、单词填空 29、 【答案】1. Therefore 6. librarians 7. addition

2. voice 8. on

3. create 9. afraid

4. sorted 5. what 10. changing

【解析】 30、 【答案】1 responsible 6 independent 7 instead 【解析】 31、 【答案】student system publish universe stars carried Science happen matter whether 【解析】 32、 【答案】1.visit 2.will be 3.were 4.wouldn’t go 5.go6.will see?7.would travel 8.had 9.won’t cost 10.plan 【解析】 33、 【答案】1..which 2.better 3.staying 4.telling 5.dishes 6.Besides 7.customers 8.felt 9.then 10.realized 【解析】 34、 【答案】goes 【解析】 2 following 3 If 4 never 8 but 9 complete 10 with 5 as

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35、 【答案】1.divided 2.favour / favor 3.one 4.another 5.due 6.against 7.lead 9.fame /reputation 10.decision 【解析】 36、 【答案】(1)complicated (2)glasses (3)cost (4)to (5)depending (6)including (7)much (8)information (9)eye (10)pair 【解析】 37、 【答案】1. wedding 2. presents 3. puzzled 4. receive 5. Italy 6. different 7. customs 8. adjust 9. chat 10. accumulate 【解析】 38、 【答案】56.chance 57.discussing 58.everything 59.But 61.Friday 62.result 63.change 64.comes 65.together 【解析】
39、 【答案】76.government 77.live 78.entrances 79.in 80.enough 81.respect 82.treat 83.ignore 84.but 85.environment



十、书面表达 40、 【答案】My Favorite Sport

Sports are an important part of my life. I not only like watching the sports games, but also like playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball. Firstly, it can help me to keep healthy and happy. Secondly, I can make a lot of friends through playing basketball and we can share our successes and failures. I can also learn a lot from playing basketball with others, and it makes me understand that there is no ―I‖ in the team. And every player should cooperate with other players in the team. So, I insist on playing it with my friends and classmates every day.

【解析】 41、 【答案】With the development of modern society, the problems of noise pollution are becoming more and more serious. Noises can be heard everywhere now. But not every one has realized the damage of noise pollution. As a matter of fact, noise pollution does great harm to people’s physical and psychological health. If a person stays in a very noisy circumstance for a long time, his or her hearing will become poor, even get lost at last. Noises can make a person feel upset and become cross easily. Since noise pollution has so many bad effects on us, every one should realize the serious result of noise pollution and some effective measures must be taken to control it. In modern cities there are noises everywhere. But people seem to get used to these noises. They do not take much notice to these unpleasant sounds around them. Therefore people never believe these sounds will be a serious problem.
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However, they are wrong. In fact, noises can do great harm to people’s physical and psychological health. Staying in a noisy circumstance for too long will not only damage people’s hearing but also cause discomfort of their body, and also they will feel nervous and lose temper easily. Since noise is a serious problem, measures must be taken to control it. Laws and regulations should be passed to reduce the noises in the city. Only in this way can noise pollution be brought under control.

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