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My first day at Senior High

Prediction Work in pairs and discuss. 1. Talk about the activities in your Junior High. 2. What will Li Kang mention about his first day at Senior High? predict the topic 3. What will Li Kang’s first day be like?--use some adjectives to describe

Global Understanding
Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.

My first day at Senior High
Self Name introduc- Place tion Time New school Teachers
Description of the new Classroom school

Li Kang Shijiazhuang
My first day at Senior High Good Enthusiastic and friendly Amazing with computers and screens


Interesting, fun, not boring

The Teacher Enthusiastic with English new method class Activities Introducing, reading and spelling
Students Friendly, hard-working and in my more girls class

Second-reading Work in pairs. Find the topic sentence of each paragraph and summarize the main idea.
Paragraph 1: A introduction about the writer. Paragraph 2: My new school is very good and I can see why. Paragraph 3: The English class is really interesting. Paragraph 4: Today we introduced ourselves to each other.

Paragraph 5: We like Ms Shen very much for her helping in our spelling and handwriting. Paragraph 6: Everyone in my class is hard-working.

Detailed understanding I. True (T) or False (F) 1. Though the writer doesn’t know why, he thinks that his new school is very good. F 2. Although the writer’s English teacher considers reading comprehension important, she also lets the students practice speaking in class. T 3. Every classroom has a computer with a big cinema screen. T

4. In the writer’s class, there are more girls than boys, and all of them are hard-working. T 5. There were sixty-five students in the class when the writer was in Junior High. F

Post-reading Reorder the following jumbled sentences. A. My new school is very good and I can see why. B. The English class is really interesting C. My name is Li Kang. D. Ms Shen wants to help us improve our spelling and handwriting. E. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing.

F. There are 65 students in my class--more than my previous class in Junior High. G. The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen. H. I like her attitude very much. Answer: C-A-E-B-G-D-H-F

Language Points
1. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师们很热情友好, 教室也(好的) 令人 惊奇。 1) enthusiastic adj.热心的; 热情的; 感兴 趣的; 表示对某事热心, 感兴趣时常与 about连用

① The football star got an enthusiastic reception. 那位足球明星受到了热情的招待。 ② All teachers in our school are enthusiastic. 我们学校所有的老师都很热心。 ③ Xiao’ming is very enthusiastic about the concert. 小明对这场音乐会很感兴趣。

拓展: enthusiasm u.n.狂热; 热心; 积极性 enthusiast c.n. 狂热者;爱好者 2) friendly adj. 友好的 表示对某人友好时通常与 to或with连用 ① My classmates are all very friendly. 我的同学都很友好。 ② There was a friendly smile on her face. 她脸上挂着友好的微笑。

③ People in this city are always friendly to visitors. 这座城市的居民对游客很友好。 3) amazing adj. 令人惊奇的; 令人吃惊的; 难以相信的 ① He is an amazing player to watch. 他是一个(好的)让人惊奇的运动员。 ② Something amazing happened last night.

昨天晚上发生了一件令人惊奇的事情。 拓展: amaze vt.使惊奇 amazed adj. (人)感到惊奇的 amazingly adv. 令人惊奇地 amazement u. n. 惊讶;惊奇 ① David amazed his friends by suddenly getting married. 大卫突然结婚使他的朋友感到吃惊。

② My family was amazed at how well I could speak foreign languages. 我的家人因为我外语讲的好而感到 惊奇。 ③ Mary is amazingly clever. 玛丽惊人地聪明。 ④ He looked at me in amazement. 他吃惊的看着我。

My grandfather is as _____ as a young
man and hates sitting around doing

nothing all day.
A. enthusiastic B. energetic

C. talkative

D. sensitive

2. We’re using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High schools. 我们用的是一本新教材, 沈老师的教 方法完全不同于我初中老师的教学方


(1) nothing like 副词短语 1) 完全不像 ① It looks nothing like a horse. 它看上去根本不像一匹马。 ② Your mobile phone is nothing like mine. 你的手机和我的一点也不像。 2) 没有比(某事)更好的了

① There is nothing like music when you are tired. 当你疲劳的时候,没有什么比音乐 更好的了。 ② There is nothing like a hot bath after a day’s work. 一天工作之后,没什么比洗个热水 澡更舒服的了。

(2) that可用来代替前面提到的物体, 以避免重复。

① The climate of Beijing is quite different from that of Qingdao. 北京的气候与青岛(的气候)有很 大不同。 ② The size of my shoes is larger than that of yours. 我的鞋的号码比你的大。

注意: 当指代物为复数形式时, 用those。 The apples in the basket are bigger than those on the floor. 篮子里的苹果比地板上的大。 3. And we have fun. 我们很开心。 fun (不可数名词)乐趣; 玩笑; 娱乐 (在美语中有时可用作形容词, 表“有 趣 的”)

① We had lots of fun in the zoo today. 我们今天在动物园玩地很开心。 ② Why don’t you come with us? It’ll be great fun. 为何不和我们一起去呢?一定很好玩 的。 ③ It’s no fun to be working late at night. 晚上工作到很晚可不是什么让人开心 的事。

④ Here we are, kids. Have fun! 到地方了, 孩子们, 好好玩吧! ⑤ What fun it is to visit Suzhou gardens! 参观苏州园林是多么令人开心的事啊! 拓展: funny adj. 有趣的, 可笑的, 滑稽的 make fun of 开某人的玩笑, 取笑 (just) for fun (只是)为了好玩, 为了开心

① That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. 那是我听说过的最可笑的事。 ② They made fun of her because she wore such strange clothes. 他们嘲笑她, 因为她穿着如此奇怪的 衣服。

③ Don’t be angry with me. I did it just for fun. 不要生我的气了。我只是为了好玩 才这么做的。 —We are going to have an English salon this evening. —Oh, _______ A. I’m too busy. B. take care! C. have fun! D. with pleasure.

5. In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 也就是说,女同学的数量是男同 学的3倍。 (1) 常用的倍数表达形式

1. A + be+倍数+as +形容词原级+as +B 如: ① This tree is three times as tall as that one. 这棵树是那棵树的三倍高。 ② His father is twice as old as he. 他父亲的年纪有他两倍大。 2. A + be + 倍数 + 形容词比较级 + than + B 如:

① The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River. 长江差不多比珠江长两倍。 ② The dictionary is exactly five times more expensive than that one. 这本字典比那本恰好贵5倍。

3. A+be +倍数+the + size/weight/length

+of +B 如:
The newly broadened square is four

times the size of the previous one.

The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I had at home

and I’m paying ______ as here.
A. three times as much

B. as much three times
C. much as three times

D. as three times much

(2) in other words 换句话说 ① I don’t want you to stay here. In other words, I want you to leave with us too. 我不想让你留在这儿。换句话说, 我想 让你和我们一起离开。 ② In other words I don’t have to send it by air mail, right? 换句话说, 我不必要 把它航空邮寄了,对吗?


that is to say 也就是说
in a word 总之;总起来说

have a word with sb. 与某人说话
have words with sb.与某人吵架

Your performance in the driving test
didn’t reached the required standard

—__________, you failed.
A. in the end B. after all C. in other words D. at the same time

6. I’m looking forward to doing it. look forward to 盼望;期待 to为介词,其后接动词时需用ing形式。 ① I am looking forward to Christmas. 我盼望圣诞节的来临。

② I am looking forward to seeing you.

7. Li Kang is very impressed with the teachers and the technology in his new school. 新学校的老师们和(教学) 技术给李康留下了深刻的印象。 impress 及物动词 (1) 给予某人深刻印象; 使某人钦佩常用 搭配:impress sb. with sth.使某人对 某事留下深刻印象

① The sights of the city never fail to impress foreign tourists. 外国游客无 一不对这座城市留有深刻印象。 ② The young man impressed her girlfriend’s family with his sense of humor. 那个年轻人的幽默感给他女 朋友的家人留下了深刻印象。(他女 朋友的家人很喜欢他。)

(2) impress sth/on (upon) sb. 使某人铭记某事; 使某人深刻地意识到 ① The manager impressed on his office staff the importance of keeping records. 那位经理让办公室人员意识到做记录 的重要性。 ② His words impressed themselves in my memory. 他的话铭刻在我的记忆里。


impression u.n. & c.n. 印象 impressive adj. 给人印象深刻的 impressionable adj. 易受影响的 impressionism u.n.印象主义; 印象派 impressionist c.n. 印象派画家

You should impress the news learned from the radio this morning ________ your mind.

A. in
C. inside

B. into
D. upon

1. Your father likes to play golf; he is really enthusiastic ______ it. A. by B. about C. with D. on 2. Mr. Smith, ____ of the ____ speech, started to read a novel.

A. tired; boring
C. tired; bored

B. tiring; bored
D. tiring; boring

3. It is believed that if a book is ___, it will surely ___ the readers. A. interested; interest B. interesting; be interested C. interested; be interesting D. interesting; interest 4. We were ____ at the ______ speed. A. amazed; amazing B. amazing; amazed C. amazing; amazing D. amazed; amazed

5. The teacher _____ a very good impression on the students at the meeting. A. got B. took C. made D. did 6. Your performance in the driving test did not reach the required standard, _____, you failed. A. in the end B. after all C. in other words D. at the same time

7. He wanted the man he was looking forward ____ _____ stay with him. A. for; to B. to; with C. to; to D. with; to 8. This box is ____ that one. Which of the following is wrong? A. four times so big as B. four times the size of C. four times bigger than D. one fourth as big as

9. I don’t think he is right, ______? A. is he B. isn’t he C. do I D. don’t he 10. I try to make him understand that I’m not interested in him, but he never gets the ____. A. information B. message C. word D. news

After-school Discussion
1. Is our English classroom like Li Kang’s? 2. Is our class the same size as his? Is the number of boys and girls the same? 3. Are you looking forward to doing your English homework?



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