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高一英语必修 3 考试试题 二、单项选择 21. — Could I use your dictionary? — Sure you ____. ____ A. Can, Go ahead B. can, Use it C. could, help yourself D. could, take it. 22. She ____ the film. She knows nothing about it. A. can’t see B. can’t have seen C. must see D. mustn’t have seen 23. The teacher doesn’t permit _________ in class. A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking D. to have a smoke 24. Little Tommy was willing to tell the teacher _____ he had done before. A. which B. how C. where D. what 25.____ is known to the world that China’s Liu Xiang became the first Asian in history to win the men’s 110m hurdles at the Olympic Games. A. That B. Which C. As D. It 26. Rather than_____ on a crowded bus, he always prefers ______ a bicycle. A. ride; ride B. riding; ride C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding 27. It was rude _____ you to stare at the foreigner when he passed by just now. A. of B. for C. with D. to 28. After going into the concert hall, Tom _________ a friend and went over to greet her. A. searched B. knew C. spotted D. looked 29. Some policemen should be sent to _____ them _____ the trees. A. prevent; to cut down B. stop; cutting down C. keep; to cut down D. keep; cutting down 30. --- Can your factory really afford ____ food for the people in the flooded area? --- I believe we can because we have ____ workers. A. a number of; plenty of B. a large amount of; the number of C. plenty of; the number of D. a large amount of; a number of 31. Do you think the plan _____ into practice as soon as possible? A. should put B. ought to be put C. ought to have put D. ought to have been put 32. If you see Jack please give my __________ to him for not having written to him. A. apology B. excuse C. message D. theory 33. Great changes _____ in this city over the past five years. A. took place B. have taken place C. were taken place D. have been taken place 34. He couldn’t ______ the fact that the money was found in his house.. A. answer for B. leave for C. account for D. care for 35. The reason for his success is ____ he worked very hard. A. why B. that C. whether D. how 三、完形填空 My father often works very hard. And he 36 goes to the movies. Here I will tell you a 37 story about him. One afternoon, when he finished his work, and 38 go home, he found a film ticket under the glass on his desk. He thought he 39 to have not much work to do that day and 40 was quite wonderful to pass the evening at the cinema. So he came back home and 41 finished his supper. Then he said good-bye to us and left. But to our 42 , he came back about half an hour later. I asked him what was the matter. He smiled and told us about the funny thing that had happened at the cinema. When my father was sitting in his seat, a 43 came to father’s seat and said that the seat was hers. My father was surprised. He took out the ticket 44 looked at it carefully. It was Row 17, 45 . And then he looked at the seat. It was 46 . So he asked her to 47 her ticket. She took out the ticket at once and the seat shown in it was Row 17, Seat 3. Why? What’s the matter with all this? While they were wondering, suddenly the woman said, “The color of the tickets are different.” 48 they looked at the tickets more carefully. After a while my father said, “Oh, I am 49 , I made a mistake. My ticket is for the 50 a month ago. Take this seat, please.” With these words, he left. 36. A. always B. seldom C. often D. sometimes.

37. A. funny 38. A. was to 39. A. happened 40. A. it 41. A. early 42. A. surprise 43. A. man 44. A. and 45. A. Seat 1 46. A. different 47. A. bring 48. A. .But 49. A. sad 50. A. exhibition 四、阅读理解

B. sad B. was about to B. liked B. this B. quietly B. joy B. woman B. but B. Seat 2 B. unusual B. get B. However B. sorry B. play

C. bad C. had to C. pretended C. that C. quickly C. sorrow C. boy C. or C. Seat 3 C. the same C. see C. So C. wrong C. concert

D. strange D. ought to D. wanted D. which D. suddenly D. delight D. stranger D. so D. Seat 4 D. strange D. show D. Yet D. worried D. film

A Your body, which has close relations with the food you eat, is the most important thing you own, so it needs proper treatment and proper nourishment 营养) The old saying “An apple a day ( . keeps the doctor away” is not as silly as some people think. The body needs fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamin C. Many people take extra vitamins in pill form(丸剂), believing that these will make them healthy. But a good diet is made up of nourishing food and this gives all the vitamins you need. The body doesn’t need or use extra vitamins, so why waste money on them? In modem western world, many people are too busy to bother about eating properly. The list of illnesses caused or made worse by bad eating habits is frightening. 51. “Your body has close relations with the food you eat.” It really means that _______. A.all kinds of food you eat can be made into your body B.your body is made up of the food you eat C.what you eat has a great effect on your health D.the more you eat, the healthier you will feel 52. The old saying referred to in the passage tells us that _______. A.eating apples regularly does lots of good to our health B.the apple is the best among all kinds of fruits C.apples can take the place of doctors D.an apple is a sure cure for illness 53. In the paragraph, the writer tries to let us know _______. A.our bodies need food, or we can’t live B.often eating apples is a good habit C.a good diet is of great importance for our health D.taking extra vitamin pills is completely useless 54. From the passage we can draw a conclusion that if we want to keep healthy, we should _____. A.only eat an apple a day B.eat properly C.take as many vitamin pills as possible D.throw something into our stomachs slowly and carefully B Tourism wasn’t as important as it is today. In the past, only people with a good deal of money could travel on holidays to your countries. More people travel today than in the past because there is growing middle class in many parts of the world; that is to say, people now have more money for travel. Special plane doesn’t travel for the same reason as another. But most people enjoy seeing countries that are different from their own. They also like to meet new people and to taste new food. Tourism causes many changes in a country and in people’s lives. People build new hotels and restaurants and train native men and women as guides to show visitors interesting places. There’re new nightclubs and other amusements. International tourism is clearly a big business. 55. In the old days _______ could travel to other countries. A. boys and girls, men or women, young or old B. either kings or queens

C. both the poor and the rich D. nobody but those who had money 56. More people travel today than in the past because __________. A. people have become interested in traveling B. traveling today is easier than in the past C. people now have spare money for travel D. great changes have taken place in the world 57. What makes travel more attractive than before? A. Travel by air to other countries is much cheaper today. B. More guides are being trained to show beautiful spots. C. Modern telegraph(电报) lines make travel less expensive D. New hotels and restaurants have been built. 58. Which of the following statements is true according to the article? A. Tourism won’t bring any changes in people’s mind. B. People have some trouble in making journey. C. With the development of tourism, great changes have taken place in many parts in the world\ D. Tourism causes only some changes in clothing 五、单词拼写(共 10 小题,每题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 66.There is no doubt that the basic needs of the people should be __________(满足)first 67.As we all know, meat and eggs are of great ____________(好处)to our health. 68.Be a little __________ (耐心). I will be ready in a few minutes. 69.Water __________ (存在) in three forms, which are liquid, gas and solid. 70.It is hot. Annie is _________(浮) on her back in the pool to keep herself cool and comfortable. 71.Tom is such an e____________ boy that we often see him do sports in school. 72.He is a man of great s____________ .He can lift a huge stone. 73.It is good m___________ to give your seat to an old man on the bus. 74.There is a friendly a___________ of helping each other with difficulties in study in our class. 75.When he heard Mary speak ill of him, he was e__________ angry with her. 六、短文改错 I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our monitor and one of the excellent student in our class. Though she is clever, but she works very hard. We have a lot on common and have a lot to talk about. One evening she told me that something happened when her parents was out. She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when she smelt something burning. She stopped look out of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out of her neighbor’s house. She called 119 immediate. Ten minutes later, the firemen came and put out fire. Her neighbor was very thankful for her help. 七、书面表达(满分 10 分) 上一周星期日 月 22 日) (4 是世界地球日, 请根据下面的内容提示, 结合实际, Making 以 Every Day Earth Day 为题写一篇短文寄给 21st Century 杂志社。词数 100 左右。 提示:1. 地球的现状和存在的问题; 2. 人们在“地球日”这天用什么行动关爱地球; 3. 号召人们把每一天都当作地球日,天天关爱地球。 Making Every Day Earth Day

单选:ABCDD CACBD BABCB 完形:BABAA CABAC CDCBD 阅读:CACBD CACAB DBBCA 单词:66..satisfied 67.benefit 68.patient 69.exists 70.floating 71.energetic 72.strength 73.manners 74.atmosphere 75.extremely 改错: I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our 76. whose monitor and one of the excellent students in our class. 77. √ Though she is clever ,but she works very hard .We have a 78. but lot on common and have a lot to talk about .One evening she 79. in told me that something happened when her parents was out . 80. were She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when 81.homework she smelt something burning.Shen stopped∧ look out 82. to of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out 83. found of her neighbor’s house .She called 119 immediate .Ten 84.immediately minutes later ,the firemen came and put out ∧fire. Her neighbor 85. the was very thankful for her help. 作文: Now the earth is in bad condition. For example, in some places, the air and water pollution is so serious that it causes many deaths. At the same time, many animals and plants are in danger because of the destruction of their habitats. Luckily, we human beings have realized the problem. On April 22nd, millions of people across the world do something good for the earth. Some clean up beaches and water, some pick up rubbish, others give speeches to call on more people to take action. But can we save the earth only by one day’s work? The future of our planet depends on our efforts. What we should do is to make every day Earth Day. Only by taking good care of it every day can we hope to live in harmony with nature.



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