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高中英语新课标人教版 必修一知识点

高中新课标必修一知识点 Unit1 I---1 Friendship
一、知识点 1. be good to 对……友好 be good for 对……有益;be bad to…/be bad 有益; 友好 有益 for…I will be good to other people.我会善良的对待其他人. It would be good for you to spend a holiday in the sun. 在有阳光的地方度假会给你带 来很多好处。 The Olympics will be good for business. 奥运会的召开将有利于商业的 发展。 be good at 擅长 make good 有成就 成功 as good as 实际上;几乎等于 有成就;成功 实际上; a good deal 许多,大量 彻底的;完全的;痛快的 to have a good drink 喝个痛快 2. add up 加起来 add up to 合计,总计 add… to 把……加到 合计, 加到…… add to 增加 加到 Add up your score and see how many points you get? 把你的分数加起来,看看得多 少? Some people can add up quite easily in their heads, but not all. Good friends do not add up what they do for each other; instead they offer help when it is needed. The figures add up to 270. 这些数字加起来是 270。 You shouldn’t add fuel to the flame 你不应该火上加油 Fireworks added to the attraction of the festival night. 焰火使节日的夜晚更加生色。 The bad weather added to the shipwrecked sailors’ difficulties.恶劣的天气增加了失事船 只的船员们的困难。 Your friend can not go until he finishes cleaning his bike. 3.not…until/till 意思是 直到 才”,表示主句谓语所表示的动作直到 until 状语所表 意思是“直到 直到…才 示的时间才发生,主句的谓语动词表示的是动作的开始,动词既可以是延续性的, 也可以是非延续性的。 They did not come back until eleven. 他们会在十一点后回来。 I did not notice it until yesterday.我一直到昨天才注重到它。 4. You had to pay to get it repaired get sth done 使……完成/让某人做某事 5. You will ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down. I said hello to her, but she ignored me completely! calm …down 使平息 使平静 calm down 平息 平静下来 使平息, 平息/平静下来 The crying child soon calmed down.哭闹的小孩不多一会就安静下来。 It was a long time before he managed to calm himself down. 过了很久他才努力使自己 冷静下来。 We tried to calm him down, but he kept crying.我们试图让他平静下来, 但他仍不停地哭着。 6. Tell your friend that you are concerned about him. be concerned about 关心,挂念 关心, He was very concerned about his children's education. 他很关心他儿子的教育。 Please don’t be concerned about me.请别为我操心。

Why is she so concerned about his attitude to her work? 她为什么那么关注他对她的工作的看法? 7. Your friend has gone on holiday and asked you to take care of his dog. go on holiday 度假 be on holiday 正在休假 What fun it will be when we all go on holiday together.我们大家一起去度假那可太有意 思了. take care of 爱护,照料 take care 注意,当心 爱护, 注意, You are not (physically) strong, so you may as well take care of your health. 你的体格不壮,因此最好注意健康。 8. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose. 在遛狗的时候, 你一粗心松 开了手中的狗链。当 while, when, before, after 等引导的时间状语从句中的主语与主 句的主语一致时,可将从句中的主语和 be 动词省去。 walk sb home/ to a place: 为保证安全而陪某人去某地 It’s late ---- let me walk you home.9. take one’s end-of-term exam 参加期末考试 10. 3) Your friend, who doesn’t work hard, asks you to help him cheat in the end-of-term exam.(非限制性定语从句) cheat in the exam 考试作弊 11. look at someone else’s paper 看别人的试卷 12. make a list of reasons 列举一些原因 13. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts? 你想有一位无话不谈、能推心置腹的朋友吗? 遭遇;经历;熬过;用光(钱 ;获准, 14. go through 遭遇;经历;熬过;用光 钱);获准,通过 It can go through the test of the time. 它能经受时间的考验. She knew that she had got to go through all the difficulties with her family. He would go through fire and water for his country. 他愿为国家赴汤蹈火。 15. hide away 躲藏;隐藏 16. I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary as most 躲藏; people do,…我不愿像大多数人一样在日记中记流水账,…… Why don't you set your ideas down on paper? We have had a series of stormy days when we were on the island. The police asked him to set down what he had seen in a report. 警察让他在报告中写下 他所看见的事情。 16. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的 缘故,我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。 17. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of birds,

moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. 我记得非常清楚,曾有一 段时间,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未使我心醉神迷过。 18. I stayed awake on purpose until half past eleven one evening in order to have a good look at the moon for once by myself. 有一天晚上,我熬到 11 点半故意不睡觉,为的是独自好好看看月亮一次。 19. But as the moon gave far too much light, I didn't dare open a window.但是因为月光 太亮了,我不敢打开窗户。 She speaks French far better than I, so I don't dare talk with her in French. 20. I happened to be upstairs at dusk when the window was open. 黄昏时我碰巧在楼上, 那时窗户是开着的。 sth happen to sb 某人发生某事 What happened to him? sb happen to do sth 某人碰巧做某事 正巧 it so happened that 。。 。 It happened that he was seen by his father. = He happened to be seen by his father. 他碰巧被他父亲看见了。As I was about to go out and search for him, he happened to come in. 正当我打算出去找他时,他恰巧进来。 The street lights go on at dusk. 街上的路段在傍晚时分亮起来。 21. It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. 这是我 一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。 It is the first (second…etc) that… (从句谓语动词用现在完成时 从句谓语动词用现在完成时) 从句谓语动词用现在完成时 从句谓语动词用过去完成时 It was the first (second…etc) that… (从句谓语动词用过去完成时 从句谓语动词用过去完成时) the first time 可作从属连词用,引导时间状语从句。 The first time I saw her, my heart stopped. It was the first time that I talked with a foreigner face to face. I think we need a face-to-face talk so as to clear the misunderstanding. I have often heard of her. Actually, I've never met her face to face. 22. in one’s power 处于 处于……的控制之中 I have got him in my power. I can ask him to 的控制之中 do anything I want. 我控制了他,我可以让他为我做任何事。 23. It’s no pleasure looking through these any longer because nature is one thing that really must be experienced.观看这些已不再是乐趣, 因为大自然是你必须亲身体验的。 It’s no good/ use doing sth. 做某事时没用的。 做某事时没用的。 24. She found it difficult to settle and calm down in the hiding place. 25. suffer from 患…病; 受…苦痛 遭受 苦痛;遭受 病 苦痛 Most of the important cities of the world suffer from traffic jam. 世界上大多数大城市都交通堵塞为患。

26. It was such fun to watch it run loose in the park. 27. I’ve got tired of looking nature through dirty curtains and dusty windows. 28. I need to pack up my things in the suitcase very quickly. 29. Mum asked her if she was very hot with so many clothes on. with+名词/代词(宾格)+分词/形容词/介词短语/不定式/副词在句中常作伴随状语。动 词形式的选择取决于宾语同动词之间的逻辑关系。 The murderer was brought in, with his hands tied behind his back. 30. have some trouble with sb or sth. 在……上遇到了麻烦 上遇到了麻烦 I have some trouble with my studies. 31. get along … with sb/sth. 与某人相处怎样 某事进展如何 与某人相处怎样/某事进展如何 某事进展如何? If you have some trouble (in) getting along with your friends, you can write to the editor and ask for advice. 如果你在和朋友的相处上有问题,你可以写信给编辑向他征求建 议。 32. This has made me angry. …he made her diary her best friend… make 后接复合宾语 后接复合宾语,宾语补足语须用不带 to 的不定式、形容词、过去分词、名词 等。常见的有以下几种形式: 1)make sb. do sth.让(使)某人做某事。He was made to repeat it.(注意在被动句中,不 定式前要加 to) 2)make sb. /sth. +adj.使某人/物…We should do our best to make our country stronger and more beautiful. 3)make sb./ oneself +v-ed 让某人/自己被…When you speak, you should make yourself understood. 4) make sb.+n. 使某人成为… make it n. /adj.+(for sb.) to do sth. We made him leader of our team. (注意表示职位的名 词前不加冠词) He made it easy for us to understand the text. 33. I’m not good at communicating with people. 34. Although I tried to talk to my classmates, I still found it hard to make friends with them. 35. I do want to change this situation, but I don’t know how. 36. Mr. Jones lives alone and often feels lonely. 琼斯先生单独一人生活,常常感到孤独。 37. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 如果您给我提些建议,我会 非常感谢的。 (I would be grateful if… 委婉客气提出请求) 38. join in discussions and show interest in other people’s ideas 39. It’s a good habit for you to keep a diary. 记日记对你来说是个好习惯。 40. Why not have a try? 41.True friends are like wine; the older, the better. 42. People are told that their actions should be as gentle as the wind that blows from the

sea. 43. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Unit 2 English around the world
一、知识点 1. go to the pictures 去看电影(美) ;go to the movies 去看电影(英) 2. …list the countries that use English as an official language 列举把英语用作官方语言 的国家 3. the road to …通向……之路 4. at the end of 在……末端, 在……尽头, the by end 最后(=finally) 5. because of 因为…… (注意和 because 的区别) Many beautiful fish are fast disappearing because of the severe pollution.因为污染严重, 许多美丽的鱼类正在面临绝种。An argument was inevitable because they disliked each other so much. 争论是不可避免的,因为他们彼此非常厌恶。 6. native English speakers 以英语作为母语的人 7. even if (= even thoug)即使,用来引导一个让步状语从句,后面既可用陈述语气, 也可用虚拟语气,但是 even if/even though,引导的从句中不用将来时。如:Even though/if it rains tomorrow, we will leave for Beijing. 8. come up 走上前来,走近,发生,出现 come up with 追上,赶上,提出 9. Actually all languages change and develop when cultures meet and communicate with each other.事实上,当不同文化相互交流渗透时,所有的语言都会有所发展、有所变 化。 10. be different from… 与……不同 be different in … 在……不同 Most of my projects will be wildly different in performance from one night to the next. 我多数作品每天晚上的演奏风格都各不相同。 As we know, Britain English is a little different from American English.中所周知, 英国英 语和美国英语有点不同。11. be based on 以……为基础 The relationship between our two countries is based upon mutual respect. 两个国家的关系以相互尊重为基础。This book is based on a true story that happened in the 1930s. 这本书以发生在 20 世纪三十 年代的真实故事为基础。 The reporter asked the writer who he based his character on. 记者问作家他作品的人物是以谁为原型的。 12. at present 目前, 眼下 be present at 在 席;出席 present sth to sb / present sb with sth 把……推荐,呈现……for the present 眼 到场 13. make (great/ good/better/full)use of We have 前; 暂时 present oneself 出席; a lot of work to do, so we have to make good use of time.我们有很多工作要做,所以要 好好利用时间。 14. The latter gave a separate identity to Amerian English speaking. 后者体现了美国英

语的不同特色。 15. For example, India has a very large number of fluent English speakers because Britain ruled India from 1765 to 1947. 比如说, 印度拥有众多讲英语 流利的人,这是应为英国于 1765 到 1947 年统治过印度。(A small number of friends came to help him when he was in trouble) 16. such as 例如 for example In this paragraph there are many nouns, such as boy, girl, and book. 这一段里面有很多名词, 例如男孩、 女孩和书本。 Many great men have risen from poverty---Lincoln, for example. 许多伟人从贫困中崛起,例如林肯。You can take your research work for example. 你可以拿你的研究工作做个例子。 17. Today, the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. 目前在 中学习英语的人数正在迅速增长。 18. the largest number of 大多数的 China has the largest number of people.中国有着世 界上最多的人。 19. It is not easy for a Chinese person to speak English as fluently as a native speaker. 中国人说英语很难像以英语为母语的人说英语那么流利。 20. One reason is that English has a large vocabulary. 一个原因是英语有很大的词汇 量。 21. different English speaking countries 不同的说英语的国家 22. sing sb a song = sing a song for sb 23. turn off turn on turn up turn down 24. hold on 坚持住,握住不放;(打电话时)不挂断,等—会 hold on to vt. 拉住(抓牢) 25. believe it or not 信不信由你 26. those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English 人们期望新闻 播音员所说的英语是最好的英语 27. … you will hear the difference in the way(that/ in which) people speak. 你会听出 人们在说话时的差异。 28. play a role/ part (in) 在…中担任角色;在…中起作用;扮演一个角色;参与 play an important role/ part 在…中起重要作用 Deng Xiaoping played an important part in developing the economy in China.邓小平在中 国经济的发展过程中起着重要作用。29. from one place to another 从一个地方到另一 个地方 30. the same …as… 与……一样 31. … they still recognize and understand each other’s dialects. ……他们仍然能够辨别、理解彼此的方言。32. No problem.没问题 33. a nice fall day = a lovely autumn day 34. at the top of…在…顶上,在最高位, at the bottom of 在……底部 35. keep fit 保持健康 You need exercise and keep fit.你 需要运动和保持体形。36. build up 逐渐积聚,集结;逐步建立;增进,增强 bring up

教养,养育;提出 37. When you learn English, try to have fun with the language. 当学 英语的时候,努力找出语言的乐趣。38. Visitors are requested not to take photos in the museum. 博物馆要求参观的旅客不得在馆内拍照。 39. by candle light 借助于烛光 40. be satisfied with…对……感到满意,满足于 Never be satisfied with just a little success. 不要有一点成绩就满足。 She suggested using CDs to listen to English songs 41. and learn English expressions, watching the news and interviews on CCTV 9, and trying to listen to native speakers.她建议用 CD 来听英语歌曲和学习英语短语, 看新闻和中央 电视台 9 套访谈,努力听以英语为母语的人说话。 It is suggested that ...有人提议 I suggest that ...我觉得 认为 有人提议... 我觉得[认为 有人提议 我觉得 认为] I suggested you do what he says. 我建议你按照他说的去做。 I suggest you not go tomorrow. 我想你明天还是不要去了。 His pale face suggested that he was in bad health. 他苍白的脸色暗示了他身体不好。 42. at sea 在海上 当海员 迷惑, 茫然 by sea 乘船, 经海路 by the sea 在海边, 在海岸 边 in the sea 在海里 on the sea 在海上 beyond/over the sea 在海外 She tried to understand the instructions, but she was completely at sea. 她费尽力气想看懂那些说明文字,却全然不知所云。 43. according to … 按照…… He lives according to her means 他按他的方式生活

Unit 3 Travel journal
一、知识点 1.prefer prefer doing to talking 喜欢做而不喜欢说 Which of these two dresses do you prefer? 这两套衣服你喜欢哪一套? I prerer to go to America for my fruther study. 我更愿意选择去美国进修学习。 Anne prefers me to replace her at the meeting. 安妮更愿意我代替她去参加会议。 1. advantages and disadvantages 优劣 2. How do they make use of it in their daily life? 在日常生活中他们是如何利用它的 3.flow through 流过,流经 4.Ever since middle school, my sister Wang Wei and I have dreamed about taking a great bike trip. 从高中起,我姐姐王维和我就一直梦想做一次 伟大的自行车旅行。 连词 since 引导的时间状语从句用一般过去时,介词 since 与 表示过去某一点时间的词语连用,副词 since 后不用从句或词语。 It is/has been+一段时间+since+一般过去时(从句中的动作不能延续)自从……至今已

经多久了。 since then 自从那时至今 ever since 从那以后一直 5. persuade sb to do sth= persuade sb into doing sth 说服某人做某事 He persuaded her to go to school, even though she did not want to. 即使她不想去上学, 他还是说服她去。 6.grow up in western Yunnan 在云南西部长大 7.After graduating fro college, we finally got the chance to take a bike trip.大学毕业以 后,我们终于有了机会骑自行车旅行。 8.It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 首先想到沿湄公河从源头到终点骑车旅游的是我的 姐姐。 强调句型 It is/was…that/who 的用法归纳如下: 的用法归纳如下: 强调句型可以强调除谓语动词以外的任何句子成份。一般来说,如果被强调部分是 人时,用连词 that 或 who;如果被强调部分是物,只能用连词 that。 强调句型应避 免使用 when, where, which 等连词。 含一般疑问句和特殊疑问句的强调句句型: 含一般疑问句和特殊疑问句的强调句句型 ① 含一般疑问句的强调句型,其结构为:Is it+被强调部分+that/who+句子的其余部 特殊疑问词+is/was it that/who+句子的其 分?② 特殊疑问句的强调句型结构形式为: ② 余部分? 9.schedual for the trip 旅行计划 10.be fond of 喜欢,喜爱 Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly.尽管她对去某些地方的最佳路线并不清楚,她坚持要自己 把这次旅行安排得尽善尽美。 (注意 1:Although conj. “尽管,虽然”,引导让步状 语从句。拓展:① although 从句多在句首, though 从句可在主句前、中、后任何 ① 位置,而且 though 可以作副词用于句末,作“但是, 不过”讲, although 无此用法。 而 所以 as though(仿佛, 好像), even though(即 ② although 用来陈述事实而不用于假设, 使,尽管)中不能用 although。③ though 引导的让步状语从句可以倒装(将表语、状 ③ 语、情态动词后的动词原形前置到句首,此用法同 as),而 although 不可以。注意 2: insist 在这里的意思是“坚持要求”后面的 that 从句用虚拟语气;如果 insist 意为“强 调, 坚持认为”的时候, 从句可以用任何所需要的时态。 例如: insisted that she didn’t She tell a lie.她强调她没撒谎。 另外,还可以用 insist on doing sth/ sth. 一定要、坚持主张, She 如: insists on getting up early and playing her radio loudly 她老是一大早起来把收音 机音量开大。 )11.care about details 考虑细节 (The only thing he cares about is money. 他唯一在乎的就是金钱。 care for 喜欢, 照料, 照顾 I don’t really care for red wine. 我 其实并不喜欢红葡萄酒。Who will care for your child if you are out? 如果你外出了,

谁来照顾你的孩子?12.give me a determined look 给了我一个坚定的眼神 13.change one’s mind 改变主意 14.…she seemed to be excited about it. 似乎显得兴奋 15.an interesting experience 一次有趣的经历 16.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Finally, I had to give in.她一旦 下了决心,什么也不能使她改变。最后,我只好让步了。Once 可作为从属连词,作 “一(旦)……就……”解,连接一个表示时间的状语从句。从句中常用一般现在时,现 在完成时表将来。 Once you have begin you must continue.Once printed, book will 如: the be very popular。17.It becomes rapids as it passes through deep valleys, travelling across wetern Yunnan Province. 它穿过深谷时就变成了急流,流经云南西部。 18.It makes wide bends or meanders through low valleys to the plains where rice grows. 河水蜿蜒缓慢地穿过低谷,流向生长稻谷的平原。 19.He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything. 他太固执,没有一人 能劝动他做事。20.A determined person always tries to finish the job, no matter how hard it is. 不论工作多难,一个坚决的人总是努力地去完成它。 21.My grandapa is fond of fishing and sometimes he fishes all day in the river. 我爷爷喜 欢钓鱼,有时他整天在河边钓鱼。 22.I prefer the red dress to the green one because it fits me better.我喜欢那件红色的衣服 不喜欢那件绿色的,因为红色的更合我的身。 23.The concert went like clockwork because Li Pei organized it so well.音乐会顺利地进 行,因为李佩组织地相当好。 24.I wanted to pay the train fare, but my friend insisted. Finally I gave in.我想付火车票 费用,但我朋友坚持他付。最后我让步了。 25.She persuaded all of us to cycle to work instead of taking the bus.她说服了我们不做 公共汽车而是骑车去工作。 26.As neither of them would give in, no decision was taken that day.由于双方都不让步, 那天没有形成决议。 27.The task was difficult, but Helen’s determined expression let me know that she would not give up.虽然工作很难,但海伦的坚定神情使我知道她不会放弃。 28.How I wish I could make a journey into space and see the stars up close. 我多么希望 我能够进行太空旅行,近距离地看看星星啊。 29.The very first time that Joe saw the film “ET” directed by Steven Spieberg, he made up 他就下 his mind to become a director too.第一次看 Steven Spieberg 执导的电影“ET”时,

定决心也要当一名导演。 30.a large parcel of 一大包 31.We are taking out insurance to cover any problems.我们要投保给一切问题保险。 32.Our legs were so heavy and cold that they felt like blocks of ice.我们的腿又冷又沉, 感觉就像大冰块。 33.Along the way children dressed in long wool coats stopped to look at us.一路上,一些 身着羊毛大衣的孩子们停下来看我们。 34.However, the lakes shone like glass in the setting sun and looked wonderful.然而, 湖水 在落日的余晖下闪亮如镜,景色迷人。35.as usual 像往常一样 36.At one point we were so high that we found ourselves cycling through clouds. 在某个 时刻,我们发现自己置身高处,仿佛骑车穿越云层。 37.We saw many sheep eating green grass. 我们看到羊群在吃草。 38. make camp 宿营 39.put up our tent 搭帐篷 40.stay awake 睡不着,醒着 41.at midnight 在半夜 42.for company 做伴 43.lie beneath the stars 躺在星空下 44.We can hardly wait to see them.我们迫不及待地想要见到他们。 45.Good luck on your journey. 祝你旅途愉快 46.When you go on a journey, why not keep a travel journey? 当你出游的时候问什么不 记旅行日记呢?47.see the world through somebody else’s eyes 通过别人的眼睛看世界 48.go in the right direction 走正确的方向 49.The tortoise moves at a very slow pace.乌龟以很慢的速度行进。If you pace yourself, you will be able to work efficiently. 如果你为自己定好了速度,你就会高效地工作。 50.be similar to 类似于 51.afford to do sth 付得起,能承担 52.be tired from 因……而疲劳 be tired of 对……厌倦 53.be in high spirits 喜气洋洋,兴高采烈 54. come true 实现,成真 55.Ask them to give you some advice on improving it. 要他们就如何改进提一些建议。 56.a guide to… ……的指南 57.on a tour 在游览中,在巡演中 58.in detail 详细地

Unit 4 Earthquakes
一、知识点 1.Now imagine there has been a big earthquake. 现在,假设有一次大地震。 本身无意义, 谓语动词按照就近 “There +be +主语+其它成分”结构中 there 为引导词, 一致原则。其它相似句型还有:There happen to be 碰巧有 There seems/appears to be

好像有 There is likely to be 可能有 There may/might be 也许有 There must be 一定有 There can’t be 不可能有 There is sure/certain to be 一定有 There is said/reported to be 据说/据报道有 There used to be 曾经有 2. happen to. It (so) happened that… Did you hear what happened to David last night? 你听说大卫昨天晚上发生什么事了吗? What will happen to the children if Peter and Alice break up? 如果彼得和爱丽丝离婚孩 子们将怎么办?I happened to see Peter on the way to the bookstore yesterday. 昨天我去 书店的路上碰巧遇见了彼得。 so happened that I saw Peter on the way to the bookstore It yesterday. 昨天我去书店的路上碰巧遇见了彼得。I happened to be out when he called. 他来访时,恰巧我出去了。(= It happened that I was out when he called.)I happened on just the thing I had been looking for. 我偶然发现了我所要找的东西。 3. right away 毫不迟疑,立刻 He is ill; you should call in the doctor right away. 他病了, 你应该立即请大夫来。 4. A smelly gas came out of the cracks. 裂缝里冒出臭气。 5. In the farmyards, the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat. 农家大院里, 鸡甚至猪都紧张得不想吃食。 6. But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual that night.但是,这个城市的一百万居民都没有把这些情况当一回事,当天晚上 照常睡着了。 7. It seemed as if the world was at an end. 世界似乎到了末日。 从句表示“(在某人)看来好像;似乎” ① It seems/looks/appears as if/though…看起来好像… ② Sb./Sth. looks as if/though…(不用 seem/appear) ③ There seems/appears(to be)…(不用 look) There appears to have been a mistake. =It appears that there has been a mistake. ④ It seems so. =So it seems.看来似乎是这样。 8. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 在可怕的 15 秒钟内,一座大城市 就沦落为一片废墟之中。 9. Two-thirds of them died or injured during the earthquake. 三人之二的人在地震中死 去或受伤。 10. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. 死伤的 人数达到 40 多万。

10. Some of the rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins.有些医生和救 援人员被困在废墟下面。 11. All hope was not lost.不是所有的希望都破灭了。该句为部分否定。All, both, everyone, everybody, everything 以及 every+名词都表示全部肯定; 但当 not 在它们之 前或之后都表示部分否定。 one, none nobody, nothing, not…any, 以及 no+名词都表 no 示全部否定。如: ① Both of them haven’t read this story.并非他们二人都看过这个故事。 ② All of the boys are clever, but none of them can work out this problem. 这些男孩都 很聪明, 但没有一个人能解出这道题。 All bamboo doesn’t grow tall.=Not all bamboo ③ grows tall. 并非所有的竹子都长的高。 12. Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed. 救援人员为那 些家园被毁的幸存者盖起了避难所。 13. under the weight of 在……重压下,迫于 14. in the open air 在户外,在野外,露天 in the air 在空中,悬而未决 15. take turns to do sth 依次,轮流做某事 in turn 依次地,轮流地 It is your turn now. 现在轮到你了。 one is allowed to get his ticket out of turn. 任何人都不准不按次序买 No 票。16. be shocked at 对……感到震惊 17. be proud of 以……为自豪 18. Our office would like to have you speak to the park visitors on July 28 19. express one’s thanks to sb /for sth…对/因……表示感谢 20. without warning 毫无预兆 21. next to 紧接着, 相邻, 次于 22. get away from…避免, 摆脱,离开 23. disarster-hit areas 灾区 24. raise money 募捐,筹款 25. Listening to English is a very important skill because it is only when we understand what is said to us that we can have a conversation with somebody. 听英语是一项很重要 的技能,因为只有当我们懂得别人给我们说什么我们才能与他交谈。 26. It is believed that on the surface of the earth are a number of plates. 人们认为地球表 面是一些板块。27. hold up 举起;托住;支撑;使停滞;耽搁;提出;阻挡;列举, 推举;(理论等)经得住 Women can hold up half of the sky.妇女能顶半边天。 28. make up 弥补, 虚构, 缝制, 整理, 包装, 和解, 编辑, 化妆,补足,拼凑 Farm workers make up only a small section of the population.农民只占人口的一小部分. The boy made up a story; it was not true. 男孩编了个故事,这故事不是真的。 29. The judge gave a prize and his congratulations to the cyclist who won the competition. 裁判把奖金颁给赢得比赛的自行车选手,并向他祝贺。

30. The miners who had been trapped in the mine for two days were finally rescued.被困 在煤矿里两天的矿工们最后得到了营救。31. The reporter recognized that the girl who was so frightened was trying to avoid the question.记者意识到女孩很害怕,而且尽力地 回避问题。32. The big fire destroyed two shops which are about four blocks from here. 大火摧毁了离这儿四个街区的两个商店。33. I can’t express how I am feeling at the moment. 我无法表达我现在的感觉。34. It is said but true that people die in earthquakes from falling furniture and bricks. 据说但是真实的, 在地震中人们死于倒落的家具和砖 块。35. be fixed to…被固定到……36. be tied to … 被绑在……

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero
一、知识点 1. A great person is a someone who devotes his/her life to helping others. 伟人是把自己 的生命奉献给帮助别人的人。 (He started to study ecology and decided to devote his whole life to the science.他开始研究生态学,并决心将他的一生献身于这门科学。He devoted himself entirely to music.他将一生奉献给了音乐。 ) 2. fight against 对抗,反对,与……作斗争 We are all brothers in the same fight against injustice.在共同反对非正义行为的斗争中, 我们都是同志. People often have to fight for their liberty.人们往往不得不为自由而战。 He and his wife are always fighting about who will take after the children. 他与他妻子总 是在为由谁来照看孩子而吵架。 3. He worked selflessly in China as a doctor and saved many Chinese soldiers. 作为一个 医生他无私地在中国工作,并且拯救了很多中国战士。 4. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people’s livelihood.他主张三民主义:民主、民权、民生。5. be free from 免于,不受 A judge must be free from prejudice.法官必须不抱成见。6. in a peaceful way 以和平的 在狱中服刑 in the prison 在监狱 8. the same…as…和……一 方式 7. be in prison 入狱, 样 9. the first man to land on the moon 第一个登上月球的人 10. The time when I first met him was a very difficult period of my life. 第一次见到他的时候是在我一生中非常 艰难的时期。 (定语从句)11. He was generous with his time,for which I was grateful.他 十分慷慨地给予我时间,我为此非常感激。 (He is generous with his money.他花钱大 I Our 方。 am grateful to you for helping me.感谢你的帮助。 grateful thanks are due to you. 我们衷心感谢你。 )12. have little education 受的教育少 13. I could not read or write

well. 我既不会读也不会写。14. I worried about whether I would become out of work. 我担心我是不是会失业。15. I became more hopeful about my future. 我对自己的未来 充满了希望。 am hopeful that she will come tomorrow. 我对她明天要来抱着希望。 (I ) 16. as soon as I could 尽快, 马上 17. The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. (定语从句) 过去 30 年来所出现的大量法律剥夺我们的 权利, 阻挡我们的进步, 一直到今天, 我们还处在几乎什么权利都没有的阶段。(The 19th century saw many changes. 许多变革发生于 19 世纪。at an early stage in our history 在我们的历史早期)18. …we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. 我们被置于这样一个境地: 要么 我们被迫接受低人一等的现实,要么跟政府作斗争。 19. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. 只有到这个时候,我们才 决定用暴力反抗暴力。 (Only 位于句首,修饰副词、介词短语或状语从句时,句子 采用部分倒装的语序;修饰状语从句时,只有主句采用部分倒装的语序。 如:① Only in this way can you come up with a solution to the problem.只有这样,你才 ① 能想出解决这个问题的办法。② Only after being asked three times did he come to the ② meeting.叫了三次他才来参加会议。③ Only when he is seriously ill does he ever stay in ③ bed.病的很重时,他才卧床休息。Only then did I realize my mistake. 直到那时我才知 20. it 道我的错误.) as a matter of fact 事实上 (As a matter of fact, is health that counts. 事实上,健康才是最重要的。 As a matter of fact, parents don’t want their children to be ) in trouble. 事实上,父母都不希望子女有麻烦。 21. In 1963, I helped him blow up some government buildings. 在 1963 年,我帮助他炸 毁了一些政府大楼。 (Can you lend me a pump to blow up my bicycle tyres? 你能借给我个打气筒给车胎打打气吗?Then it turned out that some stars, like our own sun will blow up one day. 然后,事实上有些恒星,就像我们自己的太阳,有朝一日会 爆炸。 )22. …I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal. ……我知道这是为了实现我们的黑人和白人平等的梦想。 23. in trouble 处于困境 遇到麻烦 Do as you're told, otherwise you'll be in trouble.叫 你怎麽做就怎麽做, 否则有麻烦.24. be willing to do sth. 愿意,乐于 Only very few people would be willing to share with him their opinions.很少有人愿意跟他分享他们的 见解。25. What was his attitude towards the unfair situation black people faced? 他对黑 人面临的不公平处境什么态度?26. turn to 变成;求助于,借助于, 翻到,转向 She

had no one to turn to for advice.她没有一个可以商量的人。Who can I turn to in my hour of need? 在我需要的时候我能向谁求助呢?As they were out of work, Mr and Mrs Black had to turn to their relatives for help.布莱克夫妇由于失业, 不得不向亲戚求帮助。 27. … the quality of life for black people got worse. …… 黑人的生活质量更糟糕。 28….many people remember me as one of the first active black fighters for human rights 很多人认为我是为人权而战的第一批积极的黑人战士之一。 29. lose heart 灰心;泄气, 丧失勇气,失去信心 Difficulties were increasing. Even then we did not lose heart. 尽管困难在增加,但我们毫不灰心。You will succeed sooner or later while you don't lose heart.只要你不失去信心, 你迟早会成功。 you fail, you should not If lose heart but just keep on going. 如果你失败了, 你也不该灰心。 escape from 逃脱, 30. 逃离, 从……逃出 He listens to music as an escape from the pressures of work.他听音乐 以缓解一下工作的压力. He stayed in the background to escape from the public attention. 他呆在幕后为了避开公众的注意。The couple had a narrow escape from the fire.这对夫 妻从火灾中死里逃生。31. He taught us during the lunch breaks and the evenings when we should have been asleep. 在午餐的休息时间和晚上我们本应该睡觉的时候他教授 我们。should have done 本应做而未做 needn’t have done 本不应做而做了 can’t have done 过去不可能做过 32. He said they should not be stopped from studying for their degrees.他说他们不应该被剥夺通过学习获得学位的权利。 33. …but they did pass their exams. 但是他们确实通过了考试。 34. That made me feel good about myself. 这让我觉得自己还不错。35. be better educated 受到良好教育 36. I didn’t work again for twenty years until the ANC came to power in 1994. 在非国大于 1994 年执政之前,我有 20 年没有工作。 (After Mandela came to power and became president, his government did their best to change the unfair situation for black people. 曼德勒掌权成为总统后,他的政府尽力为黑人改变不平等 的状况。 37. All the terror and fear of that time came back to me.我回忆起那时的所有的 ) After the attack , her eyes filled with terror every time when she 恐怖和令人畏惧的情景。 saw a dog. 自从遭遇袭击之后,她每次看见狗,眼睛里都满是恐惧。 38. be proud to do sth. I'll be proud to be part of it 我会以成为其中一份子而自豪。 be proud of sth You should be proud of what you have achieved.你们应当为自己所取得 的成绩而自豪。39. set up 创立,建立,为…作准备;竖立,架起,建造;开业,开 始经商 The company was set up ten years ago.公司是十年前建立的。He plans to set up his own business.他决定自己做生意。He begged me to let him join the club we have just

set up. 他恳求我让他加入我们刚建立的俱乐部。40. be sentenced to … 被判处…… He suggested that the murderer referred to be sentenced to death at once.他建议所涉及到 的杀人凶手立刻被判处死刑。 Robert was sentenced to three years in prison for stealing and released a month ago. 罗伯特因偷窃被判处三年监禁,于一个月前被释放。 41. Do you have any thoughts on that? 你认为那怎么样?42. to my understanding 按我 的理解 43. He was in poor health in his youth so he had to be educated at home. 他年轻 时身体不好,所有只得在家接受教育。44. be accepted by … 被……录取、接受 45. give free medical care to people there 给那儿的人免费医疗 As far as I know, in some developed countries people enjoy free medical care.就我所知, 在一些发达国家人们享有免费医疗。46. He died from blood poisoning.他死于败血症。 47. At that time the war between China and Japan was under way.那时中日战争正在进行 之中。 Mao Zedong praised Bethune’s excellent qualities in this article. 毛泽东在这篇 48. 文章了赞扬了白求恩的优良品质。49. point of view 观察点;观点 It depends on your point of view.这将因个人观点而异。50. compete with… 与……竞争 If you want to compete with someone, compete with yourself. 如果你想同别人竞争,先同自己竞争。 51. advise v. 常用搭配 advise + n./pron. advise + doing advise sb. to do sth. advise + that 从句(从句的谓语用“should + v 原”, should 常省略) 注:1)与 advise 用法类似的动词如 forbid, ,allow,permit,admit,consider 等直接接动词 作宾语时要用动名词,但接宾补(主补)时,宾补(主补)要用不定式。 如:We forbid smoking here.(宾语,用动名词) We forbid you to smoke here.(宾补, 用动词不定式) You are forbidden to smoke here.(主补,用动词不定式) 2)区别:advise(劝说)/persuade(劝服) EX: 1)我劝过他,但未能劝服他。_______________________________ 2) We trust you: only you can _____________ him to give up smoking. A. suggest B. attract C. advise D. persuade Keys: 1)I advised him but I couldn’t persuade him. 2) D



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