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英语外研版单元测试:Book1 Module 2

Class: 1. Tom made teacher. A. a; a A. remember B. a; / B. impress . C. /; a


Module 2 单元测试题(外研版)
Name: Marks: 满分(120) result he was praised by the

一、语法和词汇知识 (共15小题; 每小题1分, 满分15分) great progress last semester and as D. /; / my lessons carefully. D. revise

2. In order to get a good grade in the coming examination, I have to C. express 3. —I take exercise for about an hour every morning. —No wonder you look A. energetic A. Completely 4. Birds can’t fly without wings. B. Likely B. enthusiastic C. patient C. Similarly D. kind D. Generally

, human beings can’t walk without legs. into the same old trap (困境) again.

5. We should learn from pas t mistakes so as to avoid A. to fall — A. Playing 7. With autumn yellow. A. have come A. telling —No. A. As usual A. even if —I’d prefer A. have; to have C. to have; to have B. come B. speaking , it’s made of glass. B. In fact B. in order to ? B. to have; having D. having; to have C. comes C. talking B. falling the piano. B. To play C. Play

C. having fallen D. being fallen

6. —What do you enjoy in your spare time, Linda? D. Having played

on, the days are getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn D. comi ng D. saying

8. All of us took turns

jokes at Jim’s birthday party. What a good time we had that day!

9. —Is your necklace made of diamond? C. In other words D. As well he is liked by everyone. C. as long as D. so that

10. Bob works very hard and is always ready to help others 11. —What would you rather

a cup of tea, if possible.

12. As we know, films play an important part in our daily life. It is fun and makes us A. feeling relaxed B. feeling relaxing C. feel relaxed D. feel relaxing


13. —Shall we go by plane or by train? — A. No way! C. Come on! 14. My first impression students. A. on; in soon. A. hearing B. on; with It’s all the same to me.


B. It’s up to you. D. Have you got that? Mr. Chen—my English teacher was that he was strict C. of; to D. of; with from you his

15. I’m interested in this job very much and hope to get it. I’d much appreciate B. to have heard C. to hear D. having heard

二、完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) A girl complained to her father about her bad life. She didn’t know what she had to do and wanted to give up. She felt 16 for fighting and fighting. One 17 had been finished but the other would come again. Her father took her into the 18 . Then he put some water into 19 pans and boiled them. After boiling, in the first pan was put with some carr ots, the second was put with some 20 and the last was put with coffee. He waited for a few minutes without any 21 . The girl was 22 by what her father did. After about 20 minutes, her father 23 off the stove, took out the carrots and put them in a bowl. He put the eggs in another bowl. After that coffee was poured into a cup. Turning back to her daughter, he asked, ―My sweetheart, what do you 24 ?‖ ―Carrots, eggs, and coffee,‖ she replied. Her father asked her to 25 the carrots. She did it and felt that the carrots were 26 . After that she was asked to take the eggs and 27 them. She got the cooked eggs and found it 28 to do that. Then, the father asked her to 29 coffee. She can’t help asking, ―What’s the 30 , Father?‖ Then the father 31 that each thing had had the same unfor tunate (不幸), the boiling water, but different 32 . The strong and hard carrots became 33 in the boiling water. The eggs became hard after cooked. Coffee was very special, because it could 34 water. ―Who are you?‖ asked her father, ―When the unfortunate 35 your door, what is your reaction (反应)? Are you carrots, eggs, or coffee?‖ 16. A. tired B. sad C. lonely D. nervous 17. A. subject B. problem C. suggestion D. project 18. A. yard B. dining-room C. kitchen D. restaurant 19. A. five B. four C. two D. three 20. A. milk B. eggs C. meat D. apples 21. A. ideas B. reasons C. excuses D. words 22. A. grateful B. regretful C. surprised D. moved 23. A. turned B. took C. put D. pulled 24. A. think B. see C. feel D. know 25. A. cook B. cut C. touch D. eat 26. A. soft B. clean C. sweet D. fresh 27. A. check B. weight C. throw D. break

28. A. important 29. A. smell 30. A. secret 31. A. realized 32. A. reasons 33. A. small 34. A. save 35. A. knocks 三、阅读理解 B. difficult B. drink B. message B. believed B. results B. delicious B. produce B. opens

D. boring D. mix D. key D. explained D. information D. bad D. change D. passes

C. easy C. serve C. meaning C. advised C. colors C. weak C. influence C. covers A

(共20小题; 每小题2分, 满分40分)

A butcher(屠夫) was really surprised when he saw a dog coming inside his shop and noticed he had a note in his mouth. He took the note and it read ―Can I have a leg of lamb, please? The dog has money in his mouth as well.‖ The butcher took the money and put the lamb in a bag, placing it in the dog’s mouth. The butcher was so impressed, and he decided to shut up the shop and follow the dog. The dog walked down the street then came to a bus stop, and started looking at the timetable, checked out the times, and then sat on one of the seats provided. Along came a bus. The dog looked at the number, noticed it was the right bus, and climbed on. The butcher, by now, open-mouthed, followed him onto the bus. After some time he stood on its back paws(爪) and pushed the button to stop the bus. Then he got off, his goods still in his mouth. The dog turned into a house. He walked up the path, and began to bark(犬叫). A big guy opened the door, and started beating the dog. The butcher ran up, and stopped the guy. ―What in heaven’s name are you doing? The dog is a genius(天才). He could be on TV!‖ The guy responded, ―You call this clever? This is the second time this week that this stupid dog’s forgotten his key!‖ 36. The dog went to the butcher’s shop in order to A. get some lamb to eat C. send a note to the butcher . B. do the shopping for its owner D. take the butcher to its home

37. Why did the butcher follow the dog? A. He was afraid that it might get lost. B. He had to send the dog to its home. C. He was too curious(好奇的) about the dog. D. He was eager to meet the dog’s owner. 38. How did the dog stop the bus? A. He barked loudly at the driver. B. He did just as the other passengers did.

C. The butcher asked the driver to stop. D. The butcher pushed the button for him. 39. The guy beat the dog because it A. came back home too late C. took a stranger back home .


B. stopped him watching TV D. didn’t open the door by itself B

It is important to learn business English if you are going to be successful in another country where English is the primary language. It will also be a great idea to practice speaking and writing in business English. If a university offers a course on business English, it will be a good idea to take the class. Reading, writing and speaking English is necessary to start a business. Business English is different from asking where to find the nearest hotel. There are classes you can take to help you but there are things that you can learn on your own. Vocabulary and grammar are a good place to start with. You need to know what words mean. Later, try to pronounce the words and then look them up in the dictionary. Try using them in a sentence and ask someone who is good at English to help you. Once you have an understanding of English, you can use it in business English. In business you will have to learn such things as taking messages, answering the phones with proper words and communicating with your co-workers. You may have to learn how to make travel plans. Business English is very different than spoken English. Grammar is the same but you have to learn things like expressing yourself in a proper manner or maybe making a report in your office. If you are working in the customer service sector (客户服务部门), you really have to learn business English. Dealing with the public is sometimes more important than asking your boss for a raise (加薪). Most businesses offer training classes and some companies offer classes on how to do the job with proper business English. 40. Why do people learn business English? A. They want successful communication. B. They want to ask the boss for a raise. C. They want to have their own company. D. They will have a chance to get a better job. 41. We can learn from the text that business English ______. A. is much more difficult than daily English B. pays more attention to the forms of expressions C. is required by most international companies D. can give you a hand when dealing with people 42. What’s the text m ainly about? A. The development of business English. B. The tips on learning business English.

C. The introduction to business English.


D. The comparison between business English and daily English. 43. The following language skills are mentioned of business English EXCEPT ______. A. listening B. reading C. speaking C London Park is a good choice for family walks, picnics and different concerts in London. It also offers a large grass area for sports. Beautiful London Park for children is a good place for their outdoor activities with a safe playground. offers many choices for children. They can visit the children’s zoo, the playground or the art museum while their parents can do some sports. Battersea Park also has rich wildlife (野生动植物). The park has over 4,000 trees, some of which are record breakers. Should you decide to try something special? Bungee jump tower is just in the park. The tower is 300ft over the River Thames and if you don’t want to jump, you can still ride on the platform for some great views. Greenwich Park is a home to red deer. In the centre of the park is the Royal Observatory, which contains gardens, open areas, a popular boating lake and a children’s playground. A restaurant is nearby. The park is also a popular film-making and theatre performance place in London. London Victoria Tower Gardens is near to the Victoria Tower and is situated along the north bank of the River Thames in London. It is a small public park and offers a quiet escape from the busy life. The London Victoria Tower Gardens also forms part of the Thames Embankment. Situated at the southern end of the Gardens is a special stone wall with two modern style goats with kids. 44. Which of the following is TRUE about the first three parks? A. They all have rich wildlife. B. They all have restaurants nearby. C. They all provide a place for children. D. They all provide a quiet place for relaxing. 45. What is special about Battersea Park? A. You can enjoy boating there. B. You can listen to different concerts. C. You can visit the special stone wall. D. You can have a bungee jump there. 46. In what way is London Park different from the other ones? A. It offers theatre performances. B. It provides a grass area for sports. D. writing

C. It provides an art museum visit. D. It offers all kinds of outdoor activities.


47. If you want to meet film stars, you will probably choose ______. A. London Park C. Greenwich Park B. Battersea Park D. London Victoria Tower Gardens D Mr. Patrick was new to the school and to us. Even though he was a great teacher, he seemed rather like a character out of a horror movie. He didn’t look that bad, but somehow, he looked extremely scary (害怕的) to me. Some kids began to believe that he was a murderer or a ghost; some believed he was mad and a few believed that he might have suffered a lot in his life. I was one of those ’few’. One day I gathered up my courage and headed towards the school garden. He was, as usual, sitting on a bench alone. I breathed heavily a few times and then walked towards him. ―How are you?‖ I asked with my voice crackling. He managed to say, ―Fine.‖ ―Well, good to know,‖ I tried to be happy. ―Hmmm…‖ was all I heard. ―What’s up with you?‖ then seeing a puzzled look on his face, I tried to be more formal and respectful. ―I mean, why aren’t you like all other people in the school? Why are you always so quiet and sad? Why…‖ ―No dear, some things are better left unsaid,‖ he said gloomily (忧郁地). ―Oh no sir, nothing is better left unsaid. If you want to share your feelings with me and reduce the pain of your heart, you are free to do so. I promise I will never ever tell anyone.‖ ―With you? You are just a little girl; what will you understand?‖ I was somehow offended but still I managed to persuade him, ―So what, Sir? You see, if you tell me your problem, you will have a light heart and you will have the feeling that someone somewhere cares about you.‖ ―Oh okay, that was a very nice belief indeed; let’s take a walk and I will let you know everything.‖ Soon after our little talk, there was a visible change on his face. Later that day in the class, there was a smile on his face. 48. From the text, we can know about Mr. Patrick that he A. once acted a character in a horror movie B. scared his students with his looks C. often punished the students for bad marks D. did better in teaching than others in the school 49. Mr. Patrick was thought by the author to . .

A. be a murderer or a ghost C. have suffered a lot A. excited B. nervous

B. be mad D. have a special personality . .

50. While walking towards Mr. Patrick in the school garden, the author felt C. worried D. happy 51. We can learn from the conversation between Mr. Patrick and the author that A. the author should have behaved more respectfully B. Mr. Patrick willingly shared his story with the author C. the author promised to help Mr. Patrick solve his problem D. Mr. Patrick thought the author was too young to understand him E

Train services are usually reliable (可靠的) and run regularly every day. If you want to visit the scenic English countryside, it is by far the best way to travel, though it can be very expensive. However, rail companies offer the best discounts (折扣) if you book in advance (提前) — by at least a week. For example, a journey that may cost ? 70 on the day can be bought for around ? 20 a week in advance. For inner city travelling, the bus is often the most cost-effective means though single journeys can be expensive. If you will travel on a number of buses on any given day, it is wise to buy a day saver for ? 3.50 ($6) which is often the cost of two or three single journeys depending on the distance you are travelling. Tickets are bou ght on the bus and most places throughout Britain offer the day saver. Most places in Britain do not have a tram service but they have a similar pricing plan as the buses. The advantage that trams have over the buses is that they are more comfortable and do not have so many traffic jams. Every big city in England has a taxi station where you will see black cabs queuing alongside the road. Black cabs can be flagged down in the street if the orange light is lit. Although they are more freely available, they are a little more expensive than private (私人的) firms because of the charging between ? 2 and ? 2.80 before you even get in. Private firms are often reliable and usually have easy-to-remember numbers which can be found on a calling card in a phone box, pub, restaurant or the phone book. Or ask the locals —everyone knows a reliable taxi firm. 52. The best title for the text would be ― A. Traffic jams in Britain C. Travelling in Britain on public transport D. How to make your trip to Britain easy 53. If you want to travel around London, the best means for you is to take a
A. train B. bus C. tram D.taxi

‖. B. Train services in Britain


54. Compared to the bus, the advantage of travelling by tram is A. travelling faster B. having less traffic jams


C. saving a lot of money


D. having a lower price

55. Which of the following is NOT true according to the text? A. The best way to save money travelling by train is to book in advance. B. Not all places throughout Britain offer the day saver. C. Only some places in Britain have a tram service. D. If you go to the English countryside, you’d better take a taxi.

四. 单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子。
1.She said she wanted to leave,and her father _____________ (尊重)her wishes. 2.The group produces a monthly____________(总结)of their research. 3.I’d ____________(感激)it if you let me get on with my job. 4.The starter____________(挥动)a green flag to indicate that the race would begin. 5.You may not like her,but you have to ____________(承认)that she’s good at her job. 6.Road safety is taught to young children to ____________(避开)road accidents. 7.When it comes to job interviews,first____________(印象)are important. 8.Paul always gets____________ (紧张)whenever he has to give a presentation. 9 . He ’ s a good doctor .He always has ____________with his ____________.He treats them____________. (patient) 10. To our ____________, he told us an ____________story and all of us were____________ at it. (amuse)

五.书面表达(满分 15 分)
假如你是李华,你的英国笔友Tom写信询问你心目中的好老师是什么样的。请根据下列提 示写一封回信,简单介绍你最喜爱的英语老师Lucy。词数:120左右;开头和结尾已给出,不 计入总词数。可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 要点提示: 1. 工作努力,常利用业余时间帮助我们;2. 讲课很有趣;3. 和学生相处融洽。 Dear Tom, I’m very glad to have received your letter. ________________ ____________________________________________________________ __________ Could you tell me something about your most impressive teacher? I am looking forward to your reply. Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua

附加综合阅读题(共 4 个小题,每小题 2.5 分,共 10 分) 阅读下面短文,并根据文章后的题目要求进行简答。
Once a group of 17-year-old schoolboys decided to break the world basketball marathon



record (马拉松纪录). They wanted to play for ninety hours and that would add six hours to the record. Each team had nine players. The boys decided each person would play 21.5 hours and then rest for 2 hours. Then they started at 6 o'clock in the evening. The first night was very hard for the players. When it was their turn to rest, they were too excited (兴奋的) to fall asleep at once. After sleeping for a short time, they had to play again. On the second night, they fell asleep as soon as they stopped. Some of them had trouble with their feet and hands, but the other serious problem was a psychological (心理上的) one. Each boy was thinking: Why am I doing this? How can I play any longer? After the third night, the players knew they could finish the ninety hours. The basketball players on the fourth night were very slow. But in the final hours, the players got better. For the last few minutes, the players looked as fresh as if they started. How happy everyone was! 1. How old were the schoolboys? _________________________________________________________________ 2. What was the world record before the basketball marathon? _________________________________________________________________ 3. Why was the first night hard for the players to fall asleep? _________________________________________________________________ 4. What was the result? _________________________________________________________________





16–35 36–55 1.respected




DBCDA DCBBD 5.admit 6.avoid 7.impressions 8.nervous

BCBCB 4.waved



9.patience;patients;patiently 10.amusement;amusing; amused Dear Tom, I’m very glad to have received your letter. I’ve been thinking about the question you asked me. I am very lucky to have many good teachers, and among them, I like Lucy most. I regard Lucy as a good teacher for three reasons. First, Lucy works hard, and she always encourages us to go ahead and keep trying. She spends a lot of her spare time in talking with us and helping us with problems in our school life. Second, the lessons she gives us make English learning no longer a hard job but full of fun. I enjoy every minute of her lessons.



Third, Lucy is so kind that every one of us likes making friends with her. We often have a good time in her company. Could you tell me something about your most impressive teacher? I am looking forward to your reply. Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua 附加题 1.17. 2. 84 hours. 3. Because they were too excited. 4. They were successful.


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