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Unit Eight (学生用材料) Affirmative vs. Negative(正反翻译) 1.No deposit will be refunded unless ticket produced.(凭票退押金) 2.The plane cracked up through a bad landing.(飞机因着陆不慎而撞毁) 3.I have fallen behind with my correspondence.(我有一些信件没有及时答复) 4.All men between 18 and 45 without exception are expected to serve in the army during the war. (在战争期间所有在 5 岁的 18 到 45 岁的男子无一例外都要参加兵役) 5.If you forward the transcripts yourself, they can be considered official only if school envelope has remained sealed.(盖章) 如果证件由申请人本人递交,就会被认证为 (

6.This book could not have been written or published without the help of dozens of people, and I am deeply grateful to all of them.(我十分的感激他们,没有他们这些人我就写不出来这 本书也不会出版发行) Derogatory and Commendatory:(褒义贬义) 1.It is the height of my ambition to serve my country.(我最大的报复是为我的祖国服务) 2.I have no ambition for that distinction.(我对荣誉没有野心) (我不奢望那个荣誉) 3.He burns with an ambition to win a fame.(他急切成名) 4.His ambition is unbounded.(他的野心毫无止境) 5.She writes in an ambitious style.(她的文风矫揉造作) 6.The president has announced his ambitious program to modernize the country in ten years.(总

统雄心勃勃的宣布要在 10 年建设一个现代化国家)
7.The old couple made persistent effort to search for their daughter lost in the war.(这对老夫妇

8.She was vexed (生气的))by the persistent ringing of the phone.(正在叮叮作响的电话使他生 气)
野心勃勃的;有雄心的;热望的;炫耀的 ambitious

名篇赏析(注意黑体单词的翻译) She was small and slight in person; pale, sandy-haired, and with eyes habitually cast down: (下降) when they looked up they were very large, odd, and attractive; so attractive that the Reverend Mr. Crisp, fresh from Oxford, and curate(助理牧师) to the Vicar of Chiswick, the Reverend Mr. Flowerdew, fell in love with Miss Sharp;…… By the side of many tall and bouncing (活泼的) young ladies in the establishment, Rebecca Sharp looked like a child. But she had the dismal(忧郁的) precocity(早熟) of poverty. Many a dun (讨债者) had she talked to, and turned away from her father’s door; many a tradesman had she coaxed(哄骗) and wheedled(哄骗) into good-humour, and into the granting(同意) of one meal more. She sate commonly with her father, who was very proud of her wit, and heard the

talk of many of his wild companions—often but ill-suited(不合适的) for a girl to hear…….
She had never mingled (融合) in the society of women: her father, reprobate (恶棍) as he was, was a man of talent; his conversation was a thousand times more agreeable to her than the

talk of such of her own sex as she now encountered. The pompous(浮夸的) vanity(虚荣心)
of the old schoolmistress(女校长/老师), the foolish good-humour of her sister, the silly chat and scandal of the elder girls, and the frigid (寒冷的) correctness of the governesses equally annoyed her; and she had no soft maternal heart, this unlucky girl, otherwise the prattle 闲聊) and talk of (

the younger children, with whose care she was chiefly(首要) instrusted, might have soothed(安 慰) and interested her; but she lived among them two years, and not one was sorry that she went away. From Vanity Fair (名利场)by William Thackeray



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