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1. It is wise of the consumers that they ______ ads that aren’t telling their stories A. like A. calm; down A. must A. A lot of B. support B. put; down B. should B. A list of C. ignore C. calm; up C. have got to C. A series of D. swap D. put; up D. ought to D. A pack of 2. Smoking can ______ you ______ from upset, stress, frustration and anger. 3. Thanks to the heavy snow, they ______ change their plans. 4. ______ four lectures on physics will be given on this weekend. 5. The researchers found that 10% of struggling pupils ______ poor working memory, which seriously affected their learning. A. suffer from A. So as to B. make from B. In order to C. suffer on C. In order that D. come from D. So as 6. New maps are out now. ___ get them I will have to pay 30% of what I originally paid for the unit. 7. — You should the conversation there right now! —But I really have other things to do. A. attend A. makes A. recovered A. was tired from A. dislike A. no more A. set up B. take part B. settles B. uncovered B. got tired of B. like B. not longer B. set in C. join C. concerns C. discovered C. got tired from C. hate C. no longer C. set down D. join in D. looses D. covered D. was tired with D. disagree D. not more D. set on 8. Wherever the World Cup takes place, it always ______ all the fans throughout the world. 9. He ______ quickly after his operation, which made his wife feel happy. 10. He ______ his life that had nothing to do all day, so he decided to leave. 11. Do you agree or ______ that teachers should encourage their students to question everything? 12. I’m sorry, but that telephone number is ______ in service. 13. You should ______ all that your teacher said. 14. He explained ______. A. that All Souls’Day is a traditional festival in China B. which All Souls’Day is a traditional festival in China C. All Souls’Day was a traditional festival in China D. if All Souls’Day is a traditional festival in China 15. They want to ask the teacher ______. A. face to face B. face on face C. eye to eye D. hand in hand 16. ---Are you sure you have ______ all the documents in your list?


---Oh, sorry, I forgot to ______ the one you had sent me. A. included; contain A. because B. listed; include B. because of C. listed; be included C. as result of B. a good command; a need D. good command; must C. for C. come across C. as matter of fact D. in D. come about for D. in a fact D. contained; listed D. thanks for 17. She didn’t come to his birthday party just ______what he had said to her the day before. 18. If you want to do international trade successfully, ______ of English is _______. A. good command; a must C. a good command; a must 19. Pandas are native ______ China. A. with A. come along with A. in actual A. a part; to protect accept it. A. usually A. use; uses native speaker. A. in the present spoken ones. A. ideas A. such like A. suggested A. live B. natures B. such as B. requested B. come up to C. identities C. for example C. hoped C. meet D. characters D. including D. invited D. go through 26. Some animals ______ the tiger, the lion and the wolf are meat-eaters. 27. Young students are ______ not to smoke both in and out school. 28. No product is allowed to go into the market if it fails to _____ the quality standard. 29. The foreign customer ______ a polite request asking about the price of the flower vase, but the assistant looked puzzled, as she didn’t understand any English. A. took B. offered C. made D. asked 30. Some people are good at _____ voices on the phone while others ______. A. knowing; aren’t B. recognizing; don’t C. knowing; don’t D. recognizing; aren’t B. at present C. at the present D. for the present 25. Some minority languages are losing their ______ because of the invasion of more popular B. gradually B. usage; usages C. frequently C. use; usages D. quickly D. usage; uses 23. You won’t be able to make a wise _____ of a word until you know all the _____ of it. 24. My elder sister is _______ studying in Britain and she can speak English quite fluently like a B. to B. come up with B. actually 20. If you can’t _____ a better plan, we have to carry out the present one. 21. She pretended to be calm but __she was more than nervous at the time she was being questioned. 22. Everybody has ______ to play _____ our environment. B. a role; in protecting C. part; in protecting D. a role; to protect __ they began to 23. When the expression first came into being, people refused to use it but


31. Different people from different provinces speak English _____ different accents. A. in A. With reach it to help. A. were blocked spelling. A. from; in direction. ---Keep on walking and you can’t miss it. A. don’t walk in B. am not walking in C. haven’t walked with D. am not walking with 36. ---- Do you think it true that all the theories should ________ facts? ---- I don’t suppose so. If so, there would be no predictions. A. be made on B. be based on C. be set up with D. be built with 37. ---What do you think of my article, professor? ---The former part is well written but _____ is just so so. A. the later B. the last part C. latest D. the latter 38. The old mother was ______to see his long lost son home. A. a little more than happy C. happy more than a little A. no such man as A. where A. had taken, go A. Because A. prefer A. walking; to tell A. had enjoyed B. more than a little happy D. a little more happy than C. no such man C. which D. no such a man that D. what B. with; in C. from; with D. with; on 35. ---Excuse me, Madam but is this the way to the town center? I am afraid I ______ the right B. are blocked C. have been blocked D. had been blocked 34. American English is more or less different _____British English ______ pronunciation and B. by B. By C. with C. In D. on D. Under 32. ____ the direction of the experienced experts, they successfully carried out the experiment. 33. Because all the roads leading to the mountain village ______, the rescue workers were not able to

39. There is ______ is called Mr. Smith in our workshop. B. no such a man as B. that B. take; should go B. Though B. expect B. walking; telling B. was enjoying 40. It is in the hall behind in the teaching building ___we usually have our PE lessons on rainy days. 41. The old man insisted that I _____ his wallet and that I ____ to the police station with him. C. would take; had gone D. should take; go C. Before C. suggest D. Once D. suppose 42,______you have learned Spanish, you will find Italian easy. 43,Does this meal cost 50dolars?I______something far better than this! 44. She imagined _____ into the office and ______everyone what she thought of them. C. to walking; telling D. to walk; to tell C. have enjoyed D. have been enjoyed 45. They asked me to drink, I said it was at least five years since I ____a good drink.


46.I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long ,but it’ll still be some time ______Brain gets back. A. before B. since C. till D. after 47. ------ Have you ______him to give up the job? ------Yes, I have. But he doesn’t listen to me. A. persuaded A. was until, when A. persuaded. A. insisted being A. gave up A. to tell A. resolve A. determine A. to do A. begins B. suggested B. was until, that B. tried to persuaded B. insisted to be B. gave in B. to have told B. settle B. determined B. to have done B. having begun C. agreed D. advised D. wasn’t until, that D. suggested D. insisted on to be D. gave in to D. telling. D. devote D. was determined D. doing D. begun 48. It ____we had stayed together for a couple of weeks ____ I found we had a lot in common. C. wasn’t until, when 49. I ____her to work hard at English, but she didn’t listen to me. C. managed to persuade C. insisted on being C. gave off C. to be told C. determine C. determining C. to be doing C. beginnings 50. He is not old enough, but he __________ sent to join the army. 51. In the end the man _______ his wife? 52. We were disappointed __________ that the match had been cancelled. 53. It’s very difficult to ___________the meaning of a word without a context. 54. He went abroad, _____________ never to come back. 55. She seems __________something secret these days for she is trying to hide something from us. 56. The research is so designed that once _________ nothing can be done to change it. 57. Whenever he was asked why she was late for class, she would answer carelessly, always ________ the same thing. A. saying A. wait 59. A, Whatever B. said B. to be waiting B Whenever C. to say C. waited C. Where D. having said D. waiting D, However 58. We had a anxious couple of weeks ____________for the results of the experiment. __________hungry I am .I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread.

60. After we heard the ____________ news, both of us _________________. A. encouraging, were encouraging C. encouraged, were encouraged 61. No one likes_____________________. A. to make fun of B. to have fun of C. to be opened fun of D. to be made fun of B. encouraging, were encouraged D. encouraged, were encouraging


62. —Peter was killed in the earthquake! -—_____ I talked with him last week. A. What a pity! A. if B. I beg your pardon. C. Sorry to hear that. B. and C. unless D. Is that so? D. once 63. We’ll not attend the meeting _____ we are invited. 64. —They didn’t attend the conference. —They _____ a long trip abroad. A. prepared A. in the end of A. given out A. number A. who A. hear; bury B. were preparing for C. were preparing D. are preparing for 65. Wash your hands with soap _____ the experiment. B. at the end of C. to the end of B. given in C. given up B. the numbers B. which B. hear; buried C. the number C. where D. that D. hearing; buried D. by the end of D. given off D. a number 66. His strength had almost _____ when they found him in the desert. 67. Many people came to the meeting, _____ of whom left early. 68. I’ll spend my holiday in Shanghai, _____ lies on the coast. 69. On _____ the bad news, she cried with her face _____ in his hands. C. heard; burying 70. Not far from the club, there was a garden, _____ owner was seated in it playing cards with his children every afternoon. A. its A. a prize A. which A. pleased A. that A. It; in ruins B. whose B. a price B. when B. shocked B. who B. That; in ruins C. which C. an honor C. where C. interested C. which C. This; in ruin D. of which D. a value D. who D. moved D. whom D It; in ruin 71. It’s quite _____ to score a goal in FIFA World Cup. 72. I met the teacher in the street yesterday _____ taught me English three years ago. 73. The people there were greatly _____ to see every-thing changed over a night. 74. Tell us about the people and the places _____ are different from ours. 75. _____ is no wonder the building is _____. 76. —Do you mind if I open the window? —_____, but I’ve caught a bad cold today. A. No, not at all A. brought B. Yes, of course not B. called for C. Yes, please C. saw D. I’m sorry D. seen 77. The stadium has ______ many exciting football games.


78. _______ the development of science, job positions are becoming fewer and fewer, so many people are worried about _______ they will be out of work. A. With; if A. on which A. neither; nor A. must have come A. better educate A. until A. should be past students. A. most of them B. more of which C. most of whom D. most of what 86. As ______ cities grow, so does _______ number of buildings that characterize them: office towers, factories, shopping centers and high-rise apartment buildings. A. the;不填 B. the; a C. 不填;a D. 不填;the 87. -You didn’t answer me when I phoned you last night. -Oh, I ______ off a friend from English at the airport. A. saw A. When offered A. which B. had seen B. When he is offered B. what C. was seeing C. When he offered C. that D. have seen D. when offering D. it 88. ______ his choice of two jobs, the man decided to take the one which was nearer to the house. 89. The weather turned out to be very good, _______ was more than we could expect. 90. During the Second World War, the French people fought bravely ______their country and managed to be free _______ German Nazis. A. against, for A. asked B. with, out B. to ask C. for, away C. asking D. for; from D. having asked 91. Many people have telephoned the travel agency, __ for further information about tour to Taiwan. B. As; whether B. where B. either; or B. may have come B. receive well education B. that C. With; whether C. when C. both; and C. should have come C. better educated C. when D. As; if D. that D. neither; or D. cant have come D. accept better education D. where D. be passed 79. Now we are in a position_______ we have to accept that we are wrong. 80. Under such conditions, we can ___ advise him to stop the experiment ___ see a failure in the end. 81. Tom _______to his mother's birthday party, but he was too busy yesterday. 82. Now many people move into cities in order to have their children _______. 83. The film brought the hours back to me _______ I was taken good care of in that far-way village. 84. Recently many experts advised new laws _________ to protect the city environment. B. are to be passed C. been passed 85. During the Olympic Games many people served as volunteers, _______ were young college




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