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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Modules3-4 ForeignFood&WhichEnglish?教学案 外研版选修8

Modules 3?4

Foreign Food & Which English?

1.____________ n. 毒药→____________ adj.有毒的 2.____________ n. 烹饪法;烹饪术→____________ v.烹调;烧;煮 n.厨师;炊事 员→____________ n.厨灶;炉具 3.____________ adj. 臭名昭著的;声名狼藉的→____________ adj. 著名的 4.____________ n. 要求→____________ v.要求;需要 5.____________ n. 客人→____________ n.主人 6.____________ v. 转化;转变→____________ n.变化;转化 7.____________ v. 调查→____________ n.调查 8.____________ n.联系→____________ v.使发生联系;使联合 9.____________ v. 反对→____________ adj.相反的;反对的→____________ n.反 对;敌对 10.____________ v.反抗;抵抗→____________ n.抵抗;反抗 11.____________ n. 赞许;赞成→____________ v.赞成;满意 12.____________ n. 好奇心→____________ adj. 好奇的 1.She failed to satisfy all the ____________(要求)for entry to the college. 2.We have done our best to satisfy the ____________(顾客). 3.Internationalization of advanced education is the development ____________ (趋势)and a necessary process. 4.It terrified me to contemplate the ____________(后果)of your action. 5.Economic reform has ____________(转变)China's landscape and its people's daily lives. 6.I am not quite ____________(信服的)by what he has said. 7.None of this knowledge can be ____________(获得)apart from activity in production. 8 .Penney is being ____________(调查)by the police on suspicion of murder. 9.She ____________(抱怨)that no one had been at the airport to meet her. 10.Only later did we realize the true ____________(含义)of his remark. 1.____________难怪 2.____________结束 3.____________看出;理解 4.____________总之;简言之 5.____________在于 6.____________总之 7.____________开始做某事 8.____________使某人失望 9.____________通常;一般说来 10.___________与??有共同点 1.____________my fellow guests had had only a few bites of each dish;they knew ____________. 怪不得跟我一起的客人每道菜也就浅尝几口;他们知道还有菜要上呢。 句型提炼: (it's)no wonder 意为“难怪;怪不得”;what was still to come 为宾 语从句,其中 was to 为过去将来时。 2.Perhaps correctness doesn't matter—____________ speakers can understand


each other—____________. 也许正确与否不要紧——只要说话的人互相明白就行——重要的是交流本身。 句型提炼:as long as 意为“只要”,引导条件状语从句;it's communication that counts 为强调句型,强调了句子的主语。

1.owe v.归因于;欠钱,负债;欠(人情) ;感激 owe sth. to sb./sth.把??归功于;受到??的恩惠 owe sb. sth.=owe sth.to sb.欠某人某物 owing to=due to(一般不用于句首)/because of 因为;由于 ①He owes his success more to good luck than to his years of hard work. 他把他的成功更多地归因于好运气而不是多年的艰苦工作。 ②I owe my sister 50 dollars.=I owe 50 dollars to my sister. 我欠我妹妹 50 美元。 ③Owing to/Because of the shower,the baseball game was interrupted. =The baseball gam e was inte rrupted due to the shower. 棒球比赛因为阵雨暂停了。 反馈 1.1Carter Bruce ______ his being selected for the important task to his courage,devotion and knowledge of the area. A.led B.owed C.devoted D.contributed 反馈 1.2______ the recent bad weather,the project is several weeks behind schedule. A.A part from B.Owing to C.Instead of D.But for 2.acquire v.获得;取得;学到 ①She has acquired a good knowledge of English.她英语已经学得很好。 ②I look on it as an opportunity to acquire fresh skills. 我把这当作是一次学习新技能的机会。 易混辨析 acquire,obtain,earn 与 gain acquir 指持续、慢慢地获得其东西,强调经过努力或某一过程得到某物,宾语多 e 为知识、技能等。 obtain 正式用语,多指经过相当长的时间或很大的努力,获得 期望已久的东西。 earn 指努力赢得金钱、荣誉等应得到的东西。 含义较 obtain 进一步,表示付出更大的努力才能获得,常译为“赢得”, gain 多用于指得到经验、利益、优势、好处等。 反馈 2.1It is through learning that the individual ______ many habitual ways of reacting to situations. A.acquires B.accumulates C.achieves D.instructs 反馈 2.2John ______ confidence not only from his teacher's encouraging words but also from his success this time. A.acquired B.accepted C.admitted D.adopted 3.reject v.拒绝;不接受 ①Sarah rejected her brother's offer of help. 萨拉拒绝了她弟弟要帮忙的提议。 ②We have very strict quality control,so anything that is imperfect is rejected. 我们实行非常严格的质量管理,凡是有缺陷的一概剔除。 ③Under the guidance of his teacher he has rejected the idealist view of history


in favour of the materialist. 在他老师的教导下,他已经抛弃唯心主义历史观,接受了唯物主义历史观。 易混辨析 reject 与 refuse rejec 正式用语,如外交或商业条款之类,语气强烈,表示以否定、敌对的态 t 度当面拒绝,后常接名词或代词作宾语。 普通用语,指坚决、果断或坦率地拒绝接受某物,或者拒绝去做别人要 refus 求做的事情, 有时甚至含有粗鲁无礼的意思。 可用作及物或不及物动词, e 作及物动词后跟名词或不定式。 反馈 3.1—Were you disappointed when your suggestion was ______? —A little bit. A.accepted B.challenged C.rejected D.arranged 反馈 3.2The plan was strongly ______ by the workers,which the manager hadn't expected at all. A.refused B.agains t C.rejected D.questioned 反馈 3.3They ______ to accept me as a ful l?time student of their university. A.rejected B.refused C.turned down D.said no 4.oppose vt. 反对;抵制;阻挠;使相对;使对抗 be opposed to(doing)sth.反对(做)某事 oppose doing sth.反对做某事 ①Father does not oppose the idea at all. 父亲丝毫不反对这个想法。 ②Many residents are opposed to the plan of building the motorway. 许多居民反对修建那条高速公路的计划。 ③The president opposes giving military aid to this country. 总统反对向该国提供军事援助。 反馈 4.1We both strongly ______ your going to that area at this time of the war.It's not a wise decision. A.enjoy B.oppose C.appreciate D.insist 反馈 4.2Why ______ you always ______ us instead of agreeing with us? A.do;oppose B.do;disagree C.are;opposed D.are;oppose to 5.resist vt.抵抗;反抗;抗拒;忍耐;抗(酸) ;耐(热等) resist doing sth.多用于否定句中表示“忍不住干某事” resistance n.抵抗(制) ;反抗(对) make some(no)resistance 进行(不)抵抗 ①We should build up our body in order to resist diseases. 为了抵制疾病,我们应增强体质。 ②I was unable to resist laughing.我忍不住笑了。 ③She made a stouter resistance than the robber had anticipated. 她的抵抗比强盗预料的要强。 易混辨析 resist,object 与 oppose resist 指“积极地反抗、对抗;用武力阻止??的前进”。 常指“用言论或论据等表示反对”,着重“个人厌恶”和“(由于与个人有 object 关而)提出反对意见”。 常用词,指“对某人、某事采取积极行动来反对”,着重动作,尤指“反对 oppose 一种观念、思想、计划等”。


反馈 5.1The genes of the cloned animals are so arranged that it can't ______ such a disease,so it soon died. A.overlook B.resist C.exist D.withdraw 反 馈 5.2She was on a diet , but she couldn't ______ eating sweet food.Consequently,her weight was gained again. A.remove B.resist C.reject D.object 反馈 5.3John couldn't resist ______ another look at the diamond necklace through the shop window. A.to take B.to be taking C.taking D.being taken 6.make out 理解;了解;辨认出;假装;声称;填写 ①We couldn't make out what they were talking about. 我们不清楚他们在谈论什么。 ②I can make out most of the letters but not clearly. 我能辨认出大多数字母,只是不太清楚。 ③She always makes out that she is the only one who does any work. 她总是声称她是唯一干了点儿活的人。 ④Applications have to be made out in triplicate.申请书得写一式三份。 用法拓展 make up for 弥补;补偿 make a difference 有关系;有影响 make fun of 取笑 make use of 利用 make it 做成;成功 make into 制成;做成 make for 朝??行进;对 ??有好处 make up 组成;编造;化妆;和解;凑足;整理 make the most/best of sth.充分利用某事物 make an effort to do sth.努力做某事 反馈 6.1The idea puzzled me so much that I stopped for a few seconds to try to ______. A.make it out B.make it off C.make it up D.make it over 反馈 6.2They were so far away that I couldn't ______ their faces clearly. A.make up B.make for C.make off D.make out 反馈 6.3This article is so badly organized that I can hardly ______ what the writer is trying to say. A.make out B.hold out C.rule out D.hang out 7.let down 放下;降低;使失望 ①Don't worry.I'll never let you down. 别担心。我决不会让你失望的。 ②Let down a rope so that I can climb up.把绳子放下来我好爬上去。 用法拓展 let alone 更不用说 let sb./sth.alone 不管;不碰 let go 放开;放手 let loose 释放 let out 发出(叫声) ;泄露(秘密) let sb. have it(美俚)让某人吃苦头 let in 放进??;欺骗;漏(水,雨) let fly 发射

①The baby can't even walk,let alone run. 那个婴儿连走都不会,更不用说跑了。 ②Don't let go the handle.别放开把手。 ③Don't let out the plan to the press.别把计划泄露给新闻界。 ④Please open the window and let in some fresh air. 请打开窗透透新鲜空气。 反馈 7.1Chinese football team failed again,which______us______. A.let;down B.let;fly C.let;loose D.let;go 反馈 7.2(2013 甘肃天水一中二模,4)This is the second time she ______ by her new friend and she shall never trust him again. A.was put down B.has been let down C.has been put down D.has let down 反馈 7.3In the old days,we couldn't send our children to middle school,______ college. A.rather than B.let go C.instead of D.let alone


参考答案 基础梳理整合 词汇拓展 1 . poison ; poisonous 2 . cookery ; cook ; cooker 3 . infamous ; famous 4. requirement; require 5. guest; host 6. transform; transformation 7. investigate; investigation 8. association; associate 9. oppose; opposed; opposition 10. resist; resistance 11.approval;approve 12.curiosity;curious 语境 记词 1. requirements 2. customers 3. trend/tendency 4. consequence 5. transformed 6.convinced 7.acquired 8.investigated 9.complained 10.significance 短语回顾 1.no wonder 2.end up 3.make out 4.in short 5.lie in 6.in conclusion 7.get down to sth. 8.let sb.down 9.as a rule 10.have...in common 典句分析 1.No wonder;what was still to come 2.as long as;it's communication that counts 考点归纳拓展 1.1 B lead to 意为 “导致;引起”;owe...to...意为“把??归功于??”; devote...to...意为“把??献给??”;contribute...to...意为“向??捐献??; 对??做出??贡献”。句意:卡特·布鲁斯把被挑选来干这项重要任务归功于他的勇气、 奉献和对这一领域的了解。 1.2 B apart from 意为“除了”;owing to 意为“由于”;instead of 意为“而不 是”;but for 意为“要不是由于”。根据句意判断应选 B 项。句意:由于最近恶劣的天气, 这项工程比预期拖后了好几周。 2.1 A acquire 意为“学会;获得”;accumulate 意为“堆积;积累”;achieve 意 为“达到;实现”;instruct 意为“指示;指导”。A 项符合句意,表示“学会很多习惯的 方式”。 2.2 A acquire 意为“获得,得到”;accept 意为“接受”;admit 意为“承认”; adopt 意为“采纳,过继”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“获得了自信”。 3.1 C A 项意为“接受”;B 项意为“挑战”;C 项意为“拒绝;不接受”;D 项意为 “安排”。通过询问“你是不是失望”判断应选 C 项。 3.2 C 根据句意,特别是表示强烈语气的 strongly 判断,应选 rejected 表示“这项 计划遭到了工人们的断然拒绝”。 3.3 B 表示“拒绝”时,reject 和 turn down 后面接名词或代词作宾语,refuse 可以 接不定式作宾语,say no 后接介词 to 后再接名词或代词作宾语。所以答案为 B 项。 4.1 B 句意:我们两个都强烈地反对你在这战争的时候去那个地区。那不是明智的决 定。oppose sb.'s doing sth.意为“反对某人做某事”。enjoy 意为“喜欢”;appreciate 意为“欣赏”;insist 意为“坚持”。 4.2 A oppose 为及物动词“反对”;opposed 为形 容词,常构成短语 be opposed to 使用。所以答案为 A 项。 【思路拓展】该题也可表达为 Why do you always disagree with us...?或 Why are you always opposed to us...?。 5.1 B overlook 意为“眺望;俯瞰;忽略”;resist 意为“抵制;反抗”;exist 意 为“存在”;withdraw 意为“撤退;取消”。根据句意判断应选 B 项,表示“不能抵抗这 种疾病”。 5.2 B remove 意为“挪开;移到”;resist 意为“抵制;抵抗”;reject 意为“拒 绝”;object 意为“反对”。根据句意判断应选 B 项,表示“忍不住吃甜食”。 5.3 C resist doing sth.意为“抵制做某事”,can't/couldn't resist doing sth. 意为“忍不住做某事”。 6.1 A make it out 意为“理解;弄清楚;搞明白”。 6.2 D make up 意为“组成;编造”;make for 意为“朝??行进”;make off 意为

“逃走;赶快离开”;make out 意为“辨认出”。此处应选 D 项,表示“我无法看清他们 的脸”。 6.3 A make out 意为“理解;弄明白”,此处表示“无法理解作者要说什么”。 7.1 A let...down“让某人失望”,固定短语。B、C、D 三项意思不符。句意:中国 足球队又输了,这让我们很失望。 7.2 B it/this/that is the first/second/third...time(that)后面的从句中应用 现在完成时,可排除 A 项;put down 意为“放下;记下”,不合句意;let down 意为“使 失望”,与从句主语 she 为动宾关系,所以应选现在完成时的被动语态。 7.3 D rather than 意为“而不是”;let go 意为“放开;松手”;instead of 意为 “而不是”;let alone 意为“更不用说”。根据句意判断应选 D 项。



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