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精选单句改错专练 100 题
1.I learn about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang. 2.I’d like to your penfriend. 3.I live in Beijing, where is the capital of China. 4.We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese and physics. 5.I use to play ping-pong a lot in my spare time, but now I am interesting in football. 6.Do you play any ball games? What your favorite sport? 7.I look forward to hear from you soon. 8.My favorite sport is football. I was a member of our school football team. 9.We practise for three times every week and often watch football match on TV together. 10.Play football not only makes us grow tall and strong but also give us a sense of fair play and team spirit. 11.We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves. 12.The sport teaches us the important of obedience (服从). 13. Each player must obey captain, who is the leader of the team. 14.They must not break the rules too often if we want to win the game. 15.Now I can’t watch much television but a few years ago I was used to watch it every night. 16. I was often a little tired after a day’s work and watch TV demands very little effort. 17.Unfortunate, there are too many people among my family. 18 Some wanted to see the programme while others preferred another. 19.I am happy with any programme but the others spent a lot time arguing 20. Now someone at home read instead. 21.Thanks very much on inviting me to your birthday party on Sunday. 22. I’d like very much come but had an examination on Monday morning. 23.It is a very important exam but I can’t afford to fail it. 24.I’ll spend all the whole weekend reading and prepare for it. 25.I’m really sorry that I won’t be able to come in this time. 26. I’ll take this chance to wish you wonderful time on your birthday. 27. Happy birthday, Peter, and many happy return of the day! 28The day before the speech contest English teacher talked to me. 29.She said that she and my schoolmate all wished me success. 30. It didn’t matter that I would win or not. 31.When I was on the stage the next day, I felt so nervous as I shook like a leaf. 32.There were such many people present! 33.Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in t he crowd. 34.She was smiling but nodding at me. 35.I remembered her words and calm down. 36.I did a good job and beat the first prize. 37.Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library. 38.Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher. 39.I used to love science class—all of them—biology, chemistry ,geography, physics. 40.I think I liked those classes because I felt that it helped me understand what the world works. 41.When I was a child , the rain was a mystery (奥秘). 42.There is always more mysteries look into. 43.After learn the basics of the subject, nothing else seemed very practically to me . 44.I never saw what I could use it in my daily life. 45.Like most of my schoolmates, I have either brothers nor sisters. 46.In any other words, I am an only child.

47My parents will do all they can make sure that I get a good education. 48They did not want me to do any work at family; they want me to devote all my time to my studies so that I’ll get good marks in all my subject. 49.We may be one family and live under a same roof, but we do not seem to get much time to talk about together. 50.It looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. 51.What things are in other homes, I wonder. 52.My brother Tom was very selfish when he was a small boy. 53.He did not want share things with other people. 54.When he bought a chocolate cake, he put them in a secret place which I couldn’t find it. 55.He never helped other. 56.He said he is busy. 57.A game of tennis making him very busy. 58.He did not care if something he did made people angrily. 59.For instance, on one night he played strong and loudly music till four o’clock in the morning. 60.But he is difference now. 61.He often helps grandma with housework, helping mom with cooking and helps his classmates with their lessons. 62.Last week my parents and I took a two-days trip to Emei Mountain in Sichuan. 63.As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals. 64. It was about noon we arrived at the foot of the mountain. 65 The three of them were very exciting. 66.As we climbed the mountain, we fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories. 67.On the way up I was busy taking picture since the scenery was so beautiful. 68The time past quickly. 69.Evening came down. 70.We spent the night in a hotel on the top of the mountain. 71.The food was expensive and the service was good. 72.I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow. 73. If your parents got mad, try to have a conversation with them about it . 74.Remembering not to shout at them. 75.They usually will try to change, but they will take some time because they get angry all their life. 76.You might have to change for your method a couple of times. 77.Do any nice things for your parents that they don’t expect—like cooking, doing the dishes, washing clothes, or clean the floors. 78. If this doesn’t work , bring in friend that you feel comfortable, and have him or her help you. 79Many teachers worry the effects of television on young people. 80.According to studies, any children spend more time watching television than they spend in school. 81.Because so much viewing, children may not be develop the habit of read and the ability to enjoy themselves. 82.No one worries much about the radio program young people listen to. 83.Radios can be very noise. 84.On one year the average child will see 25,000 television commercials, 85.All planned and written by grown-ups to make children to want things that they don’t real need. 86.When I first learned to write in English,I ran into many difficulty. 87.The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese and tried to translate anything into English. 88.My teacher advised me to keep my diary. 89.I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. 90.Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express me in simple English. 91.One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher. 92.She liked it very much and reads it to the class.

93.They all said the story is a good one. 94Their word were a great encouragement to me. 95I’m a newcomer here of a small town. 96.I would describe myself as shy and quietly. 97. Before my classmates, it seems always difficult for me to do things well as them. 98.I’m sure they will laugh to me and see me as a fool. 99.I feel unhappy every day, do I? 100. I don’t know that they don’t like to talk with me. 附答案 1.learn 改为 learnt 或 learned 2. to 后加 be 或 become 3. where 改为 which 4. subject 改为 subjects 5. use 改为 used/ interesting 改为 interested 6. What 后加 is 7. hear 改为 hearing 8. was 改为 am 9.删去 for。time 表示次数时, 之前一般无介词, 直接用作状语。如: We have meals three times a day/ match 改为 matches 10. Play 改为 Playing/ give 改为 gives 11. instead 后加 of 12. important 改为 importance 13. captain 前后 the。像 chairman, captain, monitor, mayor 这类词表示职务时, 前面用零冠词。但如这 类职务用于指某人时, 前面用定冠词 14. they 改为 we 15 删去 much/删去 was 16. watch 改为 watching 17 Unfortunate 改为 Unfortunately。此处应用副词作状语/among 改为 in 18 the 改为 one。由下文的 another 可知, 上文用 one 19. a lot 后加 of 20.read-reads 21. on 改为 for 22. much 后加 to/. had 改为 have 23.. but 改为 so 24. 删去 all。all 与 the whole 重复, 只能保留一处, 由于在此题型中, 只有多一个单词的可能, 故此处 只能删去 all/ prepare 改为 preparing。与上文的 reading 形成平行结构, 以满足“spend some time on sth./in doing sth.这一句型的需要。 25 删去 in。含有 this, that, last, next 等的时间状语前不加任何介词。 26. wonderful 前加 a。 27. return 改为 returns。return 此处为名词, many happy returns of the day 意为“祝你健康长寿” 28. teacher 。 前加 my。 29. schoolmate 改为 schoolmates。因本句中有 all 一词, 所以 schoolmate 一词应为复数形式。 30that 改为 whether。 31. as 改为 that。 32.such-so 33. 删去 a。catch sight of 为固定搭配, sight 前不加任何冠词。 34but 改为 and。smiling 和 nodding 为两个并列动作, 在逻辑上无转折关系, 故 but 改为 and。

35. calm 改为 calmed。在 and 连接的两个并列句中, remember 和 calm 为两个并列动作, 为过去时态。故 calm 改为 calmed。 36beat-won. 37 is 改为 are。本句用 my picture 和 the prize 作主语, 是复数形式, 后谓语动词应和其主语保持一致。 38 删去 often。句首已用 whenever “无论何时” 在句中就没必要用 often 了。 , 39. class 改为 classes。 40 it 改为 they。/ what 改为 how。work 此处为不及物动词, 不可用连接代词 what 作宾语, 只可用连接副 词 how 作状语。 41 删去 rain 前的 the。此处 rain 为泛指。 42. is 改为 are。/. look 前加 to。需用不定式作定语。 43 learn 改为 learning。此处 after 为介词, 后需用动名词作宾语。/ practically 改为 practical。seem 在此句 中作系动词, 其后应用形容词作表语。 44what –how 45.either-neither 46 删去 other 前的 any。in other words 为固定搭配, 意为“换句话说” 。 47. can 后加 to。此处不定式为目的状语。 48 did 改为 do。/. family 改为 home。family 多指由家庭成员、 婚姻维系的“家” 而 home 则多指“住所” , 。 另外, at home 为固定搭配。/ subject 改为 subjects。subject 属可数名词, all 后应用其复数。 49. a 改为 the 。same 作定语时前面一般用定冠词。/ 删去 talk 后的 about。 50 and 改为 or。a visitor 和 a guest 属不同类的两种人, 故不可用 and 连接, 需用 or 表示选其一。 51 What 改为 How。此处是 I wonder 引导的宾语从句, 意为“我想知道在别人家里的情况是怎样的” 。 52.small-little 53. want 后加 to。 54 them 改为 it。前句 a chocolate cake 为可数名词单数, 后边的代词显然用 it, 而不是 them。/which 改为 where 55. other 改为 others 。 56. 第一个 is 改为 was。此题考查动词的时态。 57.making 改为 made。本句缺少谓语, 58. angrily-angry 59.删去 on。one night 前不需要任何介词。/. loudly 改为 loud。loudly 是副词, 此处修饰名词 music, 应用 形容词。 60. difference 改为 different。应用形容词与系动词一起构成系表结构。61.helping-helps. 62.days-day 63. famous 前加 a 64 noon 后加 when 。It was about noon 是主句, 后面的应为从句, 故在 noon 后加 when, 此处 when 意 为“在……时候” 。 65.exciting-excited. 66visiting 改为 visited。此处 climbed, visited 和 told 构成并列谓语。 67 picture 改为 pictures。 68.past-passed 69. 删去 down。 70.on-at 71.and 改为 but。 72. 删去 at。the moment 直接引导时间状语从句。 73. got 改为 get。 74. Remembering 改为 Remember。本句为祈使句, 表示建议, 主语省略。 75 they 改为 it。they 前为转折连词 but, 表明其后为一个句子, 这里应用 it 代表前面整个句子。如: Tom’ s mother kept telling him that he should study harder, but it didn’ help。 t 此处的代词 it, 代替 “Tom’ mother kept s

telling him that he should study harder”这一句子的内容。/ life 改为 lives。这是考查名词的数, life 是可数名 词单数, 句子主语用的是 they, 与其一致应用 lives。 76. 删去 for。因为 change 作“改换”讲时为及物动词。如: Can you change me one yuan note?你能兑换一元 零钱给我吗?而 change for 作“转换车到……”解。如: Where should you change for Guilin? 你在什么地方转 车到桂林去? 77.any 改为 some。any 一般用于疑问句、 否定句、 条件从句中, 而 some 一般用于肯定句中。此处为祈使 肯定式, 故用 some。/. clean 改为 cleaning。应与 cooking, doing, washing 一致, 作介词宾语。 78 friend 前加 a。 friend 为普通可数名词单数, 其前应加不定冠词 a。 comfortable 后加 with。 / comfortable with 意为“与……自在/愉快” 。例如:She feels comfortable with those who speaks English。她和讲英语的人谈话觉得 很自在。 79.worry about 80. any 改为 many/some。根据句意, 此处应表示“一些, 许多” 而 any 表示“一些”时, 常常用于否定 , 句、 疑问句和条件句中。 81Because 后面加 of。此处 so much viewing 相当于一个名词, 故加 of。/ 删去 be。此处 may not develop 已 经构成谓语动词部分, be 属于多余。/ read 改为 reading。of 为介词, 后面需要接名词、 代词、 动名词作 宾语。 82 program 改为 programs。 83. noise 改为 noisy。noise 为名词, noisy 为形容词。此处应用形容词构成系表结构。 84. On 改为 In。根据上下文逻辑, 此处意为“在一年中” 。 85. 删 去 第 二 个 to 。 make sb. do sth. 为 固 定 搭 配 , 意 为 “ 让 某 人 做 某 事 ” / real 改 为 really 。 。 86.difficulty-difficulties 87. 删去 in。根据句意及句子结构, 此处为表语从句。/. anything 改为 everything。此处为肯定句, anything 意为“任何一件事” 侧重个体; 而 everything 意为“一切事情” 侧重整体。 , , 88. my 改为 a。keep a diary 为固定短语, 意为“记日记” 。 89. 删去 should。and 连接两个并列的平行结构, 前后时态均为一般过去时态。 90. talk 改为 talking。 enjoy doing 为固定用法。 故此处必须用动名词作宾语/ me 改为 myself。 express oneself 为 固定短语。 91showed 后加 it。show 为及物动词, 后面应接宾语。 92 reads 改为 read。and 连接两个并列的平行结构, 前后时态均为一般过去时态。 93is-was 94 word 改为 words。根据句意, 此处应为“他们的话语, ”用 words。 95. of 改为 from。of 表示所属意义, 此处应为“来自一个小城镇” 。 96. quietly 改为 quiet。describe 后接名词或代词+ as +名词或形容词, 其中 as +名词或形容词作宾语补足语, 表示“把…描写成什么/什么样子” 。 97 well 前加 as。as well as“跟…(做得)一样好” 。 98 to 改为 at。laugh to...意为“对…大笑” 。laugh at...意为“嘲笑” 有明显的、 有意的敌意的含义, 根据后 , 文 and see me as a fool, 故应用 laugh at 才对。 99.do-don’t 100. that 改为 why。that 引导宾语从句, 本身无意义, 只起连接作用。



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