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历 年 高 考 英 语 非 谓 语 动 词 单 项 选 择 汇 集 ( 1 9 7 8 - 2 0 1 0 )续 续
1.(2011 全国卷 全国卷,27) The next thing he saw was smoke from behind the house. A.rose B.rising C. to rise D.risen 2.(2011 全国卷 II,15) The island, to the mainland by a bridge, is easy to go to. A. joining B. to join C. joined D. having joined 3.(2011 全国卷 II,18) Sarah pretended to be cheerful,______nothing about the argument. A. says B. said C. to say D. saying 4.(2011 北京卷 )It’s important for the figures 北京卷,25) regularly. ( A. to be updated B. to have been updated C. to update D. to have updated 5.(2011 北京卷 )Sit down, Emma. You will only make yourself more tired, 北京卷,33) on you feet. ( A. to keep B. keeping C. having kept D. to have kept 6.(2011 天津卷 )Passeagers are permitted 天津卷,7) only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane. ( A.to carry B. carrying C. to be carried D. being carried 7.(2011 天津卷 )______ into English, the sentence was found to have an entirely different word order. 天津卷,12) ( A. Translating B. Translated C. To translate D. Having translated 8.(2011 上海春招 )Mike found his missing car in the street outside his house, ______ newly cleaned and 上海春招,34) ( polished. A. looked B. to look C. looking D. to be looking 9.(2011 上海春招 )______ in 1955, Disneyland in California is regarded by many as the original fun 上海春招,36) ( park. A. Opened B. Having opened C. Opening D. Being opened 10.(2011 上海春招 )Harrison Ford is thought to be one of the few movie stars ______ as a carpenter 上海春招,40) ( before. A. to work B. to be working C. to have worked D. to have been working 11.(2011 山东卷 山东卷,27) Look over there—there’s a very long, winding path ____up to the house. A. leading B. leads C. led D. to lead 12.(2011 江苏卷 )Recently a survey _______ prices of the same goods in two different supermarkets has 江苏卷,31) caused heated debate among citizens. A.compared B.comparing C.compares D.being compared . . . . 13. 2011 福建卷 ) 福建卷,23) Tsinghua University, in 1911, is home to a great number of outstanding figures. ( A. found B. founding C. founded D. to be founded 14. 2011 福建卷 ) 福建卷,27) The difference in thickness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2 more ( comfortable . A. held B. holding C. be held D. to hold 15.(2011 安徽卷 30)Tom asked the candy makers if they could make the chocolate easier _____ into small 安徽卷, ) pieces. A. break B. breaking C. broken D. to break 16.(2011 浙江卷 Bats are surprsingly long-lived creatures, some _______________a life span of around 浙江卷,3) 20 years. A.having B had C. have D. to have 17.(2011 浙江卷 浙江卷,14) Even the best writers sometimes find themselves ____for words. A. lose B. lost C. to lose D. having lost 18.(2011 浙江卷 浙江卷,19) If they win the final tonight, the team are going to tour around the city_______by their


enthusiastic supporters. A. being cheered B. be cheeresd C. to be cheered D. were cheered 19.(2011 四川卷 )Ladex does’t feel like 四川卷,2) abroad. Her parents are old. ( A. study B. studying C. studied D.to study 20.(2011 四川卷 )Simon made a big bamboo box 四川卷,11) the little sick bird till it could fly. ( A.keep B.kept C.keeping D.to keep 21. 2011 四川卷 ) 四川卷,16) an important role in a new movie, Andy has a chance to become famous. ( A.Offer B.Offering C.Offered D.To offer 22. ( 2011 重 庆 卷 ,29 ) More TV programs, according to government officials, will be produced people’s concern over food safety. A.to raise B.raising C.to have raised D. having raised 23.(2011 重庆卷 )Michael put up a picture of Yao Ming beside the bed to keep himself ________ of his 重庆卷,33) ( own dreams. A. reminding B. to remind C. reminded D. remind 24.(2011 陕西卷 )Claire had her luggage 陕西卷,14) an hour before her plane left. ( A.check B.checking C.to check D.checked 25.(2011 陕西卷 ) More highways have been built in China,___________it much easier for people to 陕西卷,20) ( travel form one place to another. A. making B. made C. to make D. having made 26.(2011 湖南卷 )The ability _____ an idea is as important as the idea itself 湖南卷,21) ( A expressing B expressed C to express D to be expressed 27. 2011 湖南卷 ) 湖南卷,23) The players ______from the whole country are expected to bring us honor ( in this summer game . A selecting B to selece C selected D having selected 28.(2011 湖南卷 )Do you wake up every morning __________ energetic and ready to start a new day? 湖南卷,29) ( A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. felt 29.(2011 辽宁卷 辽宁卷,30) around the fire, the tourists danced with the local people. A. Gather B. To gather C. Gathering D. To be gathering 30. 2011 江西卷 32) receiving a phone call from his wife _____ she had a fall, Mr. Gorden immediately On ( ) rushed home from his office. A. says B.said C.saying D.to say 31.(2011 辽宁卷 辽宁卷,23) Twenty students want to attend the class that aims to teach to read fast. A. what B. who C. how D. why 32. I was afraid _____ to my customers because I was afraid _____ them. A. of talking back; to lose B. of talking back; of losing C. to talk back; to lose D. to talk back; of losing 33. Standing on the top of the hill, I would not do anything but _____ the flowing of the smog around me. A. enjoy B. enjoying C. enjoyed D. to enjoy 34. — Is Tom a good talker? — No, he never speaks to me other than _____ something? A. ask for B. to ask for C. asked for D. asking for 35. I can’t get my car _____ on cold mornings, so I have to try _____ the radiator with some hot water. A. run; to fill B. running; filling C. running; to fill D. ran; filling 36. The drunken husband knocked against the table and sent the bowls _____ in all directions before he was sent _____ by his wife


A. flying; to sleep B. flying; sleeping C. to fly; to sleeping D. to fly; to sleep 37. When we got back from the cinema, we found the lamp ___but the door _____. A. being on; shut B. burning; shutting C. burning; shut D. on; shutting 38. We found the students seated at tables and had their eyes ____on the scene of the launch of Shenzhou V spaceship. A. fixed B. fix C. fixing D. to fix 39. A doctor can expect _____ at any hour of the day or night. A. calling B. to call C. being called D. to be called 40. The boy often gives a satisfactory answer to the teacher’s question, _____ just a minute. So he’s usually the teacher’s pet. A. thought B. having thought C. and to think D. thinking 41. The policeman came up to the lonely house with the door ____, ____ there for a while and then entered it. A. open; to stand B. opening; stood C. open; stood D. opened; standing 42. _____ along the quiet road at forty miles an hour, and then an old man suddenly started to cross the road in front of me. A. Driving B. I was driving C. Having driven D. When I was driving 43. Mr. Smith was much surprised to find the watch he had had ____was nowhere to be seen. A. repairing B. it repaired C. repaired D. to be repaired 44. What did the librarian _____ out of the library? A. permit to take B. forbid to be taken C. allow to take D. insist being taken 45. — Mum, why do you give me so much popcorn? — _____ the boring time A. Kill B. Killing C. To kill D. Having killed 46. What Yang Liwei wanted to do when he got out of the spaceship was _____ the joy with all the Chinese. A. share B. shared C. having shared D. about to share 47. When she was alone at home, Mary needed a friend _____. A. playing with B. having played with C. with whom to play with D. with whom to play 48. _____ the big snake, the little girl stood under the tree _____ out of life. A. Seeing; frightened B. Seeing; frightening C. Seen; frightened D. To see; frightening 49. The competitor never dreamed of __for him to win the first prize in the 100-meter race. A. there was a chance B. there being a chance C. it being a chance D. it was a chance 50____ for a long time, most of the crops in this area died from lacking water. A. Being no rain B. There was no rain C. To be no rain D. There being no rain 51. Yesterday a street-beggar bought a lottery ticket purposelessly, ____ him a millionaire overnight. A. making B. makes C. to make D. made (下) 52. In some parts of London, missing a bus means______ for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting 53. When_____, the museum will he open to the public next year. A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed 54. ---How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? ---The key ______ the problem is to meet the demand _______ by the customers. A. to solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made 55. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains___whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen 56. It is said in Australia there is more land than the government knows______.


A. it what to do with B. what to do it with C. what to do with it D. to do what with it 57. The research is so designed that once______ nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun 58. The teacher asked us___ so much noise. A. don’t make B. not make C. not making D. not to make 59. ____ time, he’ll make a first-class tennis player. A. Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given 60. The discovery of new evidence led to______. A. the thief having caught B. catch the thief C. the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 61. Generally speaking, ______ according to directions, the drug has no side-effect. A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D. when to be taken 62. An army spokesman stressed that all the soldiers had been ordered_______ clear warnings before firing any shots. A. to issue B. being issued C. to have issued D. to be issued 63. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars_______ road conditions need______. A. that; to be improved B. which; to be improved C. where; improving D. when; improving 64. ---Why did you go back to the shop? ---I left my friend______ there. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. waits 65. The manager,______ his factory’s products were poor in quality, decided to give his workers further training. A. knowing B. known C. to know D. being known 66. The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if _______ whether he was going in the right direction. A. seeing B. having seen C. to have seen D. to see(上) ( (2004 广东 67.________ the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks. 广东) A. Not completing B. Not completed C. Not having completed D. Having not completed (2004 天津 68.Don't leave the water ________ while you brush your teeth. 天津) A. run B. running C. being run D. to run (2004 浙江 浙江)69.Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ________ as 3M. A. knowing B. known C. being known D. to be known (04 全国 III)70.Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures________ in your mind instead of before your eyes. A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed (04 全国 II)71.When first ________ to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced (04 全国 II)72."We can't go out in this weather," said Bob, ________ out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked (04 全国 IV) 73.It shames me to say it, but I told a lie when ________ at the meeting by my boss. A. questioning B. having questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned (04 全国 IV)74.Alice returned from the manager's office, ________me that the boss wanted to see me at once. A. having told B. tells C. to tell D. telling (04 辽宁 辽宁)75.I don't know whether you happen ________, but I'm going to study in the U.S.A. this September. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to hear D. to have heard (04 江苏 江苏)76.The old man, ________ abroad for twenty years, is on the way back to his motherland. A. to work B. working C. to have worked D. having worked (04 北京 北京)77._______ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home.


A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited (04 福建 福建)78.Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time _______ the exam. A. pass B. to pass C. passed D. passing (04 辽宁 辽宁)79.________ by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. A. Attracting B. Attracted C. To be attracted D. Having attracted (04 上海 上海)80.The flu is believed ________ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. A. causing B. being caused C. to be caused D. to have caused (04 上海 上海)81.The flowers ________ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D. to be smelt 82. The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance, ________in the natural light during the day. [2007 天津卷 天津卷] A. to let B. letting C. let D. having let 83. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle _____[2007 浙江卷 浙江卷] A. to be heard B. to have heard C. hearing D. being heard 84. ______ by a greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more green houses. [2007 浙江卷 浙江卷] A. Driven B. Being driven C. To drive D. Having driven 85. The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons _______ for the day. [2007 重庆卷 重庆卷] A. finishing B. finished C. had finished D. were finished 86. The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang, who was reported ______ the world record in the 110-meter hurdle race. [2007 辽宁卷 辽宁卷] A. breaking B. having broken C. to have broken D. break 87. You can’t imagine what difficulty we had ______ home in the snowstorm. [2007 辽宁卷 辽宁卷] A. walked B. walk C. to walk D. walking 88._______ in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring. A. To walk. B. Walking C. Walked D. Having walked 89. ___ that she was going off to sleep, I asked if she’d like that little doll on her bed. A. Seeing B. To see C. See D. Seen 90. –Did the book give the information you needed?–Yes. But _____ it, I had to read the entire book. A. to find B. find C. to finding D. finding 91. I feel greatly honored ____ into their society. A. to welcome B. welcoming C. to be welcomed D. welcomed 92. ______ in the queen for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. A. Waiting B. To wait C. Having Waited D. To have waited 93. – Who should be responsible for the accident? – The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order _____. A. as told B. as are told C. as telling D. as they told the website of the Fire Department in your city, and you will learn a lot about firefighting. 94. A. Having searched B. To search C. Searching D. Search 95. The trees ___ in the storm have been moved off the road. A. being blown down B. blown down C. blowing down D to blow down 96. the project as planned, we’ll have to work two more hours a day. A. Completing B. Complete C. Completed D. to complete


1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD

1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD 1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD

1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD

1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD

1-5BCDAB 6-10 ABCAC 11-15 ABCDD 16-20 ABCBD 21-25 CACDA 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDABB 36-40 ACADD 41-45CBCBC 46-50 A DABD 51-55 CAABB 56-60 CDDDC 61-65 BAAAA 66-70D C B B C 71-75 B A C D D 76-80 DC. D. B. C 81-85 BBAA B 86-90 CDBAA 91-96 CCADBD



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