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八年级英语上册 Module 1 Unit 2 Numbers课件 (新版)牛津深圳版_图文

Module 1 Amazing things
Unit 2 Numbers

一、根据汉语写出英文单词 1. 指示;命令 (n.) ______________ instructions check 2. 检查;核实 (v.) ______________ 3. 印度 (n.) ______________ India

4. 数量;数额 (n.) ______________ amount
5. 充满智慧的 (adj.) ______________ wise 6. 剩余部分 (n.) ______________ rest 7. 代替;顶替 (adv.) ______________ instead 8. 许诺;承诺 (v.) ______________ promise

9. 抄写;誊写 (v.) _________________ copy

10. 认识到;意识到 (v.) _________________ realize
11. 准确无误地;正确地 (adv.) _________________ correctly

12. 向 (某人) 挑战 (v.) _________________ challenge
13. 交通(n.)_________________ traffic

14. (使)加倍(v.) _________________ double
15. 奖赏;奖品(n.) _________________ prize

16. 数字(n.)_________________ number

1. 很早以前 _________________ a long time ago

2. 向(某人)挑战 _________________ challenge…to…
3. ……等等 _________________ and so on order sb. to do sth. 4. 命令某人做某事 _________________ 5. 赢了游戏 _________________ win the game 6. 交通事故 _________________ traffic accident copy down 7. 抄写;誊写 _________________ play chess 8. 下象棋 _________________

9. 听从某人的建议 ___________________ follow one’s advice
10. 确实;毫无疑问地 _________________ for sure

11. 承诺做某事 ____________________ promise to do sth.
12. 使用某物做某事 ___________________ use sth. to do sth.


1. 很久以前,在印度有一位国王。
___________ ___________ ___________ ___________, A long time ago

there was a king in India.
2. 如果你赢了游戏,就可以要任何奖赏。

You can ___________ ___________ ___________ if you have any prize
win the game. 3. 难道你不想换为黄金或白银吗? __________ gold or silver __________? Wouldn’t you __________ like instead

4. 因此国王命令他的下人装好一袋米。
So the king ordered his men __________ __________a to collect bag of rice. 5. 国王很快意识到这个问题。 The king quickly __________ __________. realized __________ the problem 6. 除了一块空地我什么也看不见。 I can see ___________ an empty field. nothing ___________ but

7. 3乘以9等于27。
Three ___________ nine ___________ multiplied ___________ is by twenty-seven.

8. 我们的数学老师用很多游戏来帮助我们学习。
Our Maths teacher uses a lot of games __________ to __________ __________ __________. help us study 9. 我认为我没有正确地抄写数学题。 I don’t think I __________ __________ the Maths copied down problems correctly. 10. 世界各地的人们用不同的方法书写数字。

People around the world write numbers __________ in
__________ different __________ ways .

【1】This book gives instructions for making a wide range of skin and hand creams. 这本书给出了多种护肤 霜和护手霜的制作说明。 【同根词】 (1)instruct v. 指示;指导 He instructed me in English. 他指导我学英语。

搭配:①instruct sb. in (doing) sth. 教某人(做)某事
His uncle instructed him in French. 他的叔叔教他法语。

②instruct sb. to do sth. 指示、吩咐某人做某事

Don’t instruct your son to lie. 别叫你的儿子说谎。
(2)instructor n. 指导者;教员 He is one of my training instructors. 他是我的其中一位 训练导师。 【辨析】teach, instruct, educate, coach, train与tutor 这些动词均有“教;教育;培养”之意。 (1)teach是最普通用词,含义广泛,指直接教某人知 识或技能等,侧重传播知识和帮助应用知识。



(5)train指训练与培养。 (6)tutor指进行个别教学或课外辅导。 【应用】 He _____________ instructed (instruction) me in learning English grammar last year.


v.& n. to look at something in order to

make sure that it is right or correct 检查;核实 Check the accuracy of everything in your resume. 核查你

【拓展】 (1) check up 检查;核对 I will check up the figure. 我将核对一下这个数字。 (2) check in 报到;到达登记 We checked in at the airport an hour before our plane took off.我们在飞机起飞前1小时到达机场办理登机手续。

(3)check out 结账离开 They checked out ten minutes ago. 他们十分钟前就结账 走了。 【应用】 ( B )You’d better ask the doctor to ________ if you have a headache. A. check down B. check up C. check in

【3】India n. a country in southern Asia surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean 印度 If you come to India for just one thing, this should be it. 如

【同根词】 Indian n. 印度人;印第安人adj. 印度的;印度人的;印第 安人的 She is an Indian. 她是印度人。 【应用】 He comes from a beautiful ___________ (India) town. Indian


adj. having understanding and good

judgment about what is true or right 充满智慧的 She had made a very wise decision. 她做出了一个非常明 智的决定。 【同根词】wisdom n. 智慧 This book is full of wisdom. 这本书充满了智慧。 【拓展】 wise其近义词为clever,bright和intelligent。 He is a wise/clever/bright man.=He is an intelligent man.



wisdom (1) With____________(wise), we can make the right
choice. (2) ( C )She is so wise that she works out the problem. (选出可以替换画线部分的最佳选项) A. silly B. strong C. bright


v. to invite someone to enter a

competition or to do something that requires
courage or skill 向(某人)挑战 The new government’s first challenge is the economy. 新 政府面临的第一项挑战是经济问题。 【同根词】 (1) challenger n. 挑战者 The champion beat the challenger in the second round. 冠军在第二回合把挑战者打败了。

(2) challenging adj. 有挑战性的 This work is challenging. 这份工作是有挑战性的。 【拓展】 challenge sb. to sth. 向某人挑战某事

He challenges me to chess. 他向我挑战下象棋。 【应用】 He is a______________(challenge) in the race. challenger


v. to state, in a way that makes

someone feel sure 许诺;承诺 Promise me you will not waste your time. 向我承诺你不会 浪费你的时间。 【拓展】 (1) promise sb.+that从句 向某人许诺、保证…… I promise you that I will make it. 我向你保证我会做到的。 (2) promise to do 承诺去做 They promised to do better in the future. 他们承诺将来会


(3) make a promise 许下诺言
If you make a promise, you should keep it! 如果作出承诺,

(4) break one’s promise 食言

He never breaks his promise. 他从不食言。

He promised __________(finish) the work on time. to finish


n. how much something is; quantity数

He needs that amount of money to survive. 他需要那笔钱 来维持生活。 【拓展】

an amount of 意为“许多的;相当数量的”,后面通常接
不可数名词。 He spent a large amount of money. 他花了很多钱。

( A )It took her an amount of time to do the housework. (选 出可以替换画线部分的最佳选项) A. a lot of B. many C. lot of


n. a piece or part that remains剩余部分;

don’t do anything active for a time 休息
The first payment was made yesterday, and the rest will be paid next month. 第一笔款昨天已支付,其余部分将在下个月支付。 You’re worn out. Please go home and get some rest. 你

【拓展】 (1) the rest of… 剩余的…… Please put the rest of the books away. 请把剩余的书放 好。

(2) have a rest 休息一下
You should have a rest after the work. 工作之余你应该休息 一下。 【辨析】 have a rest与have a break rest和break都有“休息”的意思。 have a rest 指长时间的休息; have/take a break表示短暂的休息。 break的意思是“打断”,短语有have a break,常指在活



【应用】 ( B )There are some books here. Two are English books, the rest of them are Maths. (选出可以替换画线部分的最佳


A. the best of B. the other of C. some of


adv. in place of, or as an alternative

to 代替;顶替
My husband asked why I couldn’t just forget about

dieting and eat normally instead. 丈夫问我为什么就不
能忘掉节食而正常吃饭。 【拓展】 instead of=in place of 代替 I went swimming instead of running. 我去游泳而不是跑 步了。

【辨析】instead与instead of
(1) instead 为副词,常放在句尾,若放在句首常用逗号隔

He didn’t go shopping. He went to the library instead. 他

(2) instead of 为介词短语,后面要接被代替的内容(名词或

She read books instead of playing games yesterday. 昨天


【应用】 (1) ( C )He bought some books instead of DVDs. (选出可 以替换画线部分的最佳选项) A. instead B. besides C. in place of

going (2) He went fishing instead of _________ (go) hiking.


v. to understand in a clear way or to

suddenly understand认识到;意识到 People don’t realize how serious this recession (经济衰

退) has actually been.人们没有意识到这次经济衰退有

realization n. 认识;领会;实现

We shall gladly lend every effort in our power towards its
realization. 我们将乐意为它的实现而竭尽全力。


realize=get to know
He realized his mistake at last.=He got to know his mistake at last. 最后他意识到他的错误。 【辨析】realize, recognize与know (1)realize He didn’t realize his mistake until his mother told him. 直 到妈妈告诉他,他 才认识到自己的错误。 She realizes now how hard you worked. 现在她了解你工作




The girl finally realized her dream of becoming an
actress. 那个女孩当演员的梦想终于实现了。 (2)recognize ①recognize也可以用作及物动词,表示“认出;辨认; 认识”的意思。

I recognized his voice. 我认出了他的声音。
I recognized her as my friend’s daughter. 我认出她是我 朋友的女儿。 ②recognize还可以表示“清楚知道;认定”的意思。 I recognized him to be cleverer than I am. 我清楚知道他



I recognize that I have been wrong. 我承认我错了。
They refused to recognize this government. 他们拒不承 认这个政府。 (3)know ①know表示“知道;了解;懂得”的意思。

I knew she was against us. 我知道她反对我们。
②know表示“认识;熟悉”的意思。 We have known each other for many years. 我们相互认 识多年了。 ③know表示“认出;辨别”的意思。(+by/from)

I know right from wrong. 我能辨别是非。


I have known hunger and hardships.我经历过饥饿和困苦。
⑤know表示“见到过;听到过”的意思。(仅用于过去时 和完成时) I have never known him to lie. 我从没有听说过他撒谎。 ⑥know表示“精通(语言等)”的意思。

He knows five languages. 他精通五种语言。
【应用】 ( B )Tom didn’t realize he was wrong. (选出可以替换画线 部分的最佳选项) A. achieve B. get to know C. tell


adv. rightly and truly 准确无误地;

The writer expresses himself correctly in English. 这位作 家用英语准确地表达自己的意思。 【同根词】 correct adj. 正确的 v. 改正 You are correct. 你是对的。 Please correct the mistakes. 请改正错误。


You did it correctly.=You did it right/rightly. 你做得对。

(1) Your answer is __________ (correctly). correct
(2) ( A )I can’t copy down the notes correctly. Could you

help me? (选出可以替换画线部分的最佳选项)
A. right B. wrong C. clearly

【语法精讲】 数词 1. 基数词和序数词 (1)我们用基数词来表示数量。表示几百/千/百万时,

hundred, thousand, million 后不能加s,如:two hundred。
百位和十位之间加and,十位和个位之间加“-”,如: five hundred and sixty-two (562)。 (2)我们用序数词来表示顺序。通常情况下基数词+ -th 变为 序数词,特殊的有: first(第一), second(第二), third(第三),

fifth(第五), eighth(第八), ninth(第九),twelfth(第十二)。整十
的把y改为ie再加 -th, 如:twenty→twentieth。

2.数字运算的表达 Add 3 and 9. (3+9) Subtract 3 from 9. (9-3) Multiply 3 by 9. (3×9) Divide 9 by 3. (9÷3) 3 plus 9 equals/is 12. (3+9=12) 9 minus 3 equals/is 6. (9-3=6) 3 multiplied by 9 equals/is 27. (3×9=27)

9 divided by 3 equals/is 3. (9÷3=3)

3. 数词的其他表达用法归纳 (1)小数的表达,如:17.17读成 seventeen point one seven。

(2)百分数的表达,如:28%读成twenty-eight per cent。

1 2 1 (3)分数的表达,如: 读成one half; 读成one third; 2 3 3
读成two thirds。
(4)日期的表达,如: Dec.11, 2009 读成December the eleventh, two thousand and nine。 (5)时间的表达,如:1:15 读成one fifteen或a quarter past one; 1:45读成one forty-five或a quarter to two。 (6)电话号码的表达,如:8484-8031 读成eight-four-eightfour eight-zero-three-one。

4. 数词的部分使用要点归纳 (1)表示“数以……计”时,在hundred, thousand, million,

billion后加-s+of+复数可数名词,如:hundreds of birds数
以百计的鸟。注意这些词前不能再加基数词, 如:two hundreds of是错误的。 (2)用“整十”的复数来表达年代和某人年纪, 如:in the 1990s在20世纪90年代;

in his twenties/20s在他20多岁时。
(3)序数词前通常加the,也可以加形容词性物主代词,还 可以加a/an表示“再……;又……”, 如:the second picture第二张图;his fifteenth birthday他的十五岁生 日; try a third time再试一次(前面试过两次了)。

( C )1. I live in Room 403, Sam lives in the room right above mine, on the _______floor. (2015广东) A. third B. three C. fifth D. five ( D )2. —Do you know the 10th China international culture industry fair _______ last month? —Yes, it attracted _______ people all around the world. (2014深圳) A. hold; million B. held; millions

C. was hold; million of

D. was held; millions of

( B )3. —Excuse me, sir. Here’s a package for Lin Tao. Which room does he live in? —_______. (2013广东) A. 308 Room C. The Room 308 B. Room 308 D. The 308 Room

( D )4. Boys and girls, please turn to Page _______ and look at the _______ picture. (2015呼和浩特)

A. Fifth; five
C. Fifth; fifth

B. Five; five
D. Five; fifth

( C )5. It took _____ people three months to build this great building. (2015安顺) A. two hundreds C. hundreds of B. hundred of D. two hundred of

( A )6. Tony’s mum looks young and beautiful. It’s hard to imagine she is already in her ______ . (2015苏州)

A. fifties
C. fiftieths

B. fifty
D. fiftieth


话题二 有关描述数据的报告
【常用词组】 1. rise to 上升到 2. fall to 跌到 3. go up上升

4. come down下降
5. luckily/unluckily幸运地/不幸地 6. continue to do继续做 7. go on to do继续做 8. from…to… 从……到……

9. between…and… 在……之间

1. The graph shows Shenzhen AQI from Mar.9 to Mar.22.

2. From the graph, we know the air quality in Shenzhen。 从图表中我们可以了解深圳的空气质量。 3. It continued to go up. 它继续上升。 4. It fell to 20. 它下降到20。 5. It rose to 50. 它上升到50。 6. But luckily, the other days the air quality was moderate. 但幸运的是,其余的日子里空气质量是良。


请根据下面的图表提示,以“Shenzhen AQI (Mar.9—

圳AQI(空气质量指数)的变化, 指数0—50表示空气质量为


Shenzhen AQI (Mar.9—Mar.22)

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________



在写作过程中要明确以下几点: (1)注意图例说明和坐标刻度所提示的信息,同时要选用 一般过去时来写。 (2)图表和数据内容不必全部描述,要善于抓住总规律 和趋势。 (3)开门见山点明图表所反映的主题;之后呈现数据和


【范文赏析】 Shenzhen AQI(Mar.9—Mar.22)

The graph shows Shenzhen AQI from Mar.9 to
Mar.22, 2016. The AQI was 29 on Mar.9.On Mar.10, it

rose to 50 and it continued to go up to 80 on Mar.12.
Then it fell to 54. But on Mar.15, the AQI rose to 90 again. It came down to 68 on Mar.22. From the graph, we know the air quality was good for only two days, Mar.9 and Mar.10. But luckily, the other days the air quality was moderate. The air quality was not unhealthy all these days.

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