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高中英语必修四 - 课文详解Book 4 -unit 1


Unit 1




achievment welfare project

Unit 1
n.成就;功绩 n.福利;福利事业 n.项目;工程;规划

Women of Achievement 成功的妇女
shade n.荫; 阴凉处 move off worthwhile observe vt.遮住光线 come across(偶然)遇见;碰见 rate n.比率;速度 n.疾病;恶心 vt.计划;打算 离开;起程;出发 adj.值得的; 值得做的

sickness intend

institute n.学会;学院;协会
China Welfare Institute 中国福利基金会

vt.观察;观测;遵守 n.观察;观测


emergency n.突发事件;紧急情况 generation n.一代;一辈 n.决心;果断

specialist chimp

n.专家;专业工作者 n.(非洲)黑猩猩 n.连接;关系

childhood n.童年;幼年时代 outspoken respect adj.直言的;坦诚



vt. & n.尊敬;尊重;敬意 n.款待;娱乐

kindness n.仁慈;好意 considerate consideration deliver adj.考虑周到的 n.考虑;体谅

human beings 人类 campaign n.运动;战役


lead a … life 过着…的生活 inspire vt.鼓舞;激发;启示 look down upon/on 蔑视;瞧不起 refer to 查阅;参考;谈到 audience n.观众;听众;读者 by chance 碰巧;凑巧

vi.作战;参加运动 landmine n.地雷

vt.递送;生(小孩) ;接

生;发表(演说) carry on 继续;坚持 modest adj.谦虚的;谦让的;适度的
crowd in(想法、问题)涌上心头


behave vt. & vi.举动; (举止或行为)表现 behaviour(= behavior) n.行为; 举止; 习性

II.Reading A STUDENT OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE 非洲野生动植物学生 It is 5:45 am and the sun is just rising over Gombe National Park in East Africa.早上 5:45 分,
太阳冉冉升起在东非的贡贝国家公园上, 【注释:Gome National Park 贡贝国家公园,位于东非的坦桑尼亚。 冈贝最常见的其他哺乳动物是灵长类。人们从 20 世纪 60 年代开始,就一直对它们进行研究,发现橄榄树 狒狒最为常见,经常成群结队在海滨流连,而红尾猴和疣猴则一直以森林作为天然篷幛,疣猴经常遭受黑 猩猩的追猎。 Following Jane’s way of studying chimps, our group are all going to visit them in 】

the forest.按照詹尼研究黑猩猩的方法,我们这群人都将看到森林中的黑猩猩。 【注释:following Jane?s way of studying chimps 是现在分词作状语。 Jane has studied these families of chimps for many years and 】 helped people understand how much they behave like humans.詹尼研究黑猩猩家族已有许多年了,她
帮助人们理解黑猩猩怎样像人类一样地行为表现。注释: 【 behave well at school.他在学校表现良好。 (2)工作 eg. vi.(行为或举止)表现 eg. He has behaved How is the new engine behaving?新的引擎运行得如何?】

Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day.观察黑猩猩一家起床是我们当
天的第一项活动。 【注释:watching a family of chimps wake up 是动名词短语作主语,谓语动词用第三人称 单数式形式;另外动词不定式、名词从句作主语谓语动词均为第三人称单数式形式。 This means going 】

back to the place where we left the family sleeping in a tree the night before.这就意味着:在前天夜
里就要走回到我们让黑猩猩在树上睡觉的地方。 【注释: mean doing sth.意味着… 算做某事 I mean to stay here, if I can.若是能留下, 我想留在这儿。 eg. These new orders for our manufactures will mean working overtime.这些订购我们产品的新订单意味着要加班。 Mean to do sth.打 eg. mean to 对…来说很重要 eg.

1) Having my family around me means happiness to me.家人同我在一起就意味着幸福。 号是什么意思。 4) He means no harm to anyone.他无意伤害任何人。 mean mean to make a donation.他很小气, 不肯捐款。 】 着等着。 【注释:①while

2) The smell means

dinner to the dog!对狗来说, 这气味意味着进食! 3) These symbols mean nothing to me.我完全不明白这些符 adj.吝啬的,小气的 He's too

Everybody sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off.当黑猩猩一家开始醒来要离开的时候,大家在树下坐
conj. (1)在…期间, 当…的时候; 与…同时 While in prison, he wrote his first novel. 他在狱中写出了第一部小说。 而, (2) 然而 (表示对比) eg. One person wants out, while the other wants the relationship to continue.一人想就此了断,而另一人想继续保持这种关系。 (3)虽然,尽管 这个地区很有玩头。②move off 离开;死;畅销 eg. While I

wouldn't recommend a night-time visit, by day the area is full of interest.虽然我不建议夜间游玩,但是在白天, eg. 1) Check your mirrors before you move off.开车前注意


Unit 1




看看反光镜。 2) Farmers are rapidly moving off the land.农民正迅速离开土地。 Then we follow as they 】

wander into the forest.然后, 当他们漫游到森林里, 我们便跟着。 Most of the time, chimps either feed or clean each other as a way of showing love in their family.大多数情况下,黑猩猩们要么进食,要么
相互清洁,在家族里这是作为一种表达爱的方式。 【注释:either…or… 要么…要么… eg. Either I accompany you to your room or I wait here.要么我陪你去你的房间,要么我在这儿等。 Jane warns us that 】

our group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon and she is right.詹尼预先告诉我们到下
午我们将会很累很脏, 她说的对。 【注释: warn sb. that 预告: 预先通知或告诉: eg. They called and warned me that they might be delayed.他们打来电话, 预先告诉我他们可能耽搁一会儿。 warn sb. of sth.警告某人当 心某事; warn sb. not to do sth.警告某人不要做某事; 】 However, the evening makes it all worthwhile. 然而,晚上使得这一切都值得。 【注释:worthwhile (1) be well worth doing sth.很值得做某事 of sth.值得,配得上 (2) be worthy of being done to be done (3) It is worthwhile doing sth. eg. eg, adj.值得做的, 值得出力的 The book is well worth reading The book is worthy of $50. The book is worthy of being read The book is worthy to be read It is worthwhile reading the book. It is worthwhile to read the book.

eg. 值得做 eg. eg.

to do sth.做某事是值得的

试题:1. She has done some ____ things during the summer vacation, and she is ___ of being praised. A. worthwhile; worthy B. worthwhile; worth C. worthy; worth D. worth; worthy

2. Try to spend your time just on the things you find ____. A. worth doing them B. worth being done C. worthy of doing them D. worthy of being done】

We watch the mother chimp and her babies play in the tree.我们观看黑猩猩妈妈和她的幼子在树上玩 耍。 Then we see them go to sleep together in their nest for the night.然后,我们看他们一起在巢穴 睡觉过夜。 We realize that the bond between members of a chimp family is as strong as in a human family.我们意思到黑猩猩家族成员之间的关系和我们人类一样紧密。 Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behaviour.在詹尼之前没有人懂得黑猩猩的行为举 止。 She spent years observing and recording their daily activities.她花费了几年时间来观察和记录他
们的日常活动。 【辨析: spend, pay, cost, take 这几个词均表示“花费” ,区别在于句型结构不同: some time (in) doing sth. eg. I have spent four years studying English. sb. spend some money on sth. sb. pay some money for sth. Sth. cost sb. sth. eg. eg. She always spends a lot of money on clothes. eg. I paid $10,000 for the car. Participating in the strike cost me my job.参加罢工而使我失去工作. eg. It took me two hours to finish my homework.】

It takes sb. some time to do sth.

Since her childhood she had wanted to work with animals in their own environment.自从童年时代, 她就想和动物一起在野外自然环境下合作(生活) However, this was not easy.然而,这并不容易。 。 When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was unusual for a woman to live in the forest.当她在 1960 年首次到达贡贝, 对一位妇女来说生活在森林里是不同寻常的。Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project.只有在头几个月她妈妈来帮她之后,
才允许她开始她的项目。 【注释:由 only 及 only 所修饰的状语位于句首时,主句要采用半倒装结构,但当 only 修饰主语时,不倒装。如:1) Only when he entered, did she pick up the receiver. 他刚一进来她就接到了 电话。 2) Only if it receives a copy of the latest report, can the committee make its decision by Friday of next week. 委员会只有在收到最后的报告后,才可以在下周五作出决定。 3) Only a doctor can do that.只有医生 才能这样做。 】 Her work changed the way people think about chimps.她的工作改变了人们对黑猩猩 的思考方式。 For example one important thing she discovered was that chimps hunt and eat meat. 例如,她所发现的一个重要情况就是:黑猩猩围猎并吃肉。 【注释:that chimps hunt and eat meat.是由 that


Unit 1




引导的名词从句作表语, 即表语从句。Until then everyone had thought chimps ate only fruit and nuts. 】 直到那时, 人们一直都以为黑猩猩只吃水果和坚果。 She actually observed chimps as a group hunting a

monkey and then eating it.她确实观察到黑猩猩以群体方式围猎猴子,然后将其吃掉。 【注释:as a group 以群体方式,作状语。 She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other, and her 】 study of their body language helped her work out their social system.她还发现黑猩猩怎样彼此交流,
对黑猩猩肢体语言的研究帮助她解决了黑猩猩的社会体系。注释: communicate with 与…通话/交流 【 (1) 已经跟美国总统就此事件交换过意见了。 (2) work out 找到解答;解决;有特定结果 eg. The Minister for Foreign Affairs has already communicated on this event with the American President.外交部长 eg. worked out the equations; worked out their personal differences.解出方程式; 找到他们个人的区别 left on the same train.结果每个人都乘同一列火车离开】

It worked out that everyone

For forty years Jane Goodall has been outspoken about making the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.四十年来,詹尼·古道尔直言不讳地说起让世界其他人
理解并尊重这些动物的生活。 【注释:(1) be outspoken about… 对…直言不讳的/坦率的 vt. & n. 尊敬,尊重;敬意 eg. Tom was (2) respect outspoken about his ideal that he wanted to go to college.汤姆直言不讳谈他的理想——上大学。

show respect for sb./sth.尊敬/尊重…; have respect for…尊敬/尊重…; in this

respect 在这一方面; in all/many respects 在各个/许多方面; in respect of sth 关于…;就…而言; without respect 恕我直言; respect sb./sth. for sth.因某事而尊敬某人 2) He always treated his peers with respect. eg. 1) We have had many lessons in this respect.

3) There are three opinions with respect to this question.】 She has

argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements.她认为野生动物应该处于野生状态,不应该用于娱乐或广告。 【注释:(1) leave sb./sth. +补
语(形容词、现在分词、过去分词、介词短语),eg. 1) Sorry, I left my book on the desk.对不起,我把书放
在桌子上了。 2) Leave him alone and he will produce. 别打扰他,他会写出来的。 (2) argue vi.争论;辩 论;vt. 争论;说服 argue with sb. on/about/over sth.与某人争论某事; argue against/for 为反对/赞成… eg. 1) Don?t argue with one who is in hot 而辩论;argue sb. into/ out of doing sth.说服某人做/不做某事 星期去那里。

blood.不要和正在气头上的人争论。 2) They strongly argued against going there next Sunday.他们坚决反对下 3) We argued her out of going on such a dangerous journey.我们说服他不要去做这样危险的旅 行。 She has helped to set up special places where they can live safely.她帮助建了一些黑猩猩能够 】 安全生活的特殊的地方。 She is leading a busy life but she says:她过着忙碌的生活, 但她说: “Once I

stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories.“一旦我停下来,一切都蜂
拥而至,我记得那些在实验室里的黑猩猩, 【注释:come crowding in 一拥而入;蜂拥而至 eg. When he went home and sat in the sofa, what happened in the day all came crowding in.当她回到家坐在沙发上, 白天所发 生的一切一下子涌上心头。 It?s terrible.太可怕啦。 It affects me when I watch the wild chimps.当我 】 观察到野生黑猩猩时,深深地影响了我。 I say to myself, ?Aren?t they lucky?? 我自问, ‘难道他们不是 幸运的吗?’And then I think about small chimps in cages though they have done nothing wrong. 随后,我想到困在笼子里的小黑猩猩, 虽然他们没有做错什么。 Once you have seen that you can never

forget…”一旦你看到那些情况,你就永远不会忘记……”【注释:once As soon as; if ever; when:一…就;
一旦;当…时 eg. (1) Once he goes, we can clean up.他一走,我们就能清理 (2) Once printed, this dictionary will be very popular!一旦出版,这本词典将会非常畅销! 我们就可以动身。 】 (3) Once he arrives we can start.他一到

She has achieved everything she wanted to do:她已经实现她想要做的一切: 【注释:achieve the
target/ goals/ aim 达到目的; achieve success 获得成功; achieve one?s purpose 达到目的; make an achievement 取得成就】 working with animals in their own environment, gaining a doctor?s degree and showing

that women can live in the forest as men can.在自然环境下与动物一起合作(生活) ,获得博士学位,表 明女子能像男子一样能够生活在森林里。 She inspires those who want to cheer the achievements of


Unit 1




women.她激励起那些想为妇女的成功而欢呼的人们。 【注释: inspire vt. 鼓励; (1) 激励 1) inspire sb. with
hope 激起某人的希望 2) I was inspired to work harder than ever before.我受激励比以往任何时候都更加努力 地工作。 (2) cheer 用欢呼声鼓励: 用欢呼声鼓励…或好象用欢呼声鼓励…; 激励 runners on.热烈的观众们用欢呼声为赛跑选手打气 】 eg. The fans cheered the

考题: 1. Lucy has _____ all of the goals she set for herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university. A. acquired B. finished C. concluded D. achieved 2. All the things ____ must be done well. A. worth to do B. worthy of being done C. worthy doing D. worth of doing 3. The lady is so old that she has to ____ herself with a cane. A. help B. support C. raise D. lift 4. Although the bike is old, it?s _____. A. out of condition B. in good condition C. in bad condition D. on good condition 5. The Internet gives people the chance to have the information they need ____ to them quickly and cheaply. A. to deliver B. deliver C. delivering D. delivered 6. We had wanted to finished our task by noon, but it didn?t quite ____ as planned. A. find out B. give out C. hand out D. work out 7. Only after they had performed hundreds of experiments ____ . A. they succeed in solving the problem B. they would succeed in solving the problem C. did they succeed in solving the problem D. will they succeed in solving the problem 重点句型: 1.Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 【精提取】 以 only+状语(一般为介词短语、副词、从句等)开头的句子要用部分倒装。 【巧应用】 只有当我到达山顶的时候,我才有一种巨大的成就感。 Only when I reached the top of the mountain ____ ____ ____ _____ ___ _____ ____ ________. 答案:did I feel a great sense of achievement 2.She is leading a busy life but she says:“Once I stop,it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories.It?s terrible.It affects me when I watch the wild chimps...” 【精提取】 once 此处用作连词。意为“一旦……就”,用于连接时间状语从句, 类似于 as soon as。 【巧应用】 见一次就永远不会忘记。 ________ ________,it can never be forgotten。答案:Once seen 3.Suddenly it hit me how difficult it was for a woman to get medical training at that time. 【精提取】 It hits me...意为“我突然想到……”。 【巧应用】 我突然想起,我把她的生日给 忘了。 ____ _____ ____ ____ _____ ____ ___ _____ I had forgotten her birthday. 答案:It hit me all of a sudden that 4.Jane warns us that our group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon and she is right. 【精提取】 warn 是及物动词,意为“警告、告诫、提醒等”。 【巧应用】 那样开车很危险, 已经警告过他了。He ___ ____ ____ ___ ____ ____ of driving the car in that way. 答案:has been warned of the danger


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