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【名师伴你行】高考英语二轮复习 1-12 并列句、状语从句提能专训

2015 1-12

.() 1If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, ________ great it is. however however however great it is no matter how great it is 2(2014)The new policy allows a couple, to have a second birth ________ either is an only child. if if "" 3(2014)Take action today ________ you won't miss your windows of opportunity next time. so that so that 4You know that some people say more but do less ________ others do the opposite. while while "" 5 ________ scores of times, but he still couldn't understand it.(Having explained, Having been explained, Though it was explained, It was explained) It was explained but but 6(2014)Don't use your mobile phone while charging, ________ you may be shocked by electricity. or or "" 7It was a small room, ________ it afforded a fine view of the old city. but "a small room""a fine view" but 8(2014)The socalled AsiaPacific century will make no sense ________ China develops. unless "

" unless "............"
9(2014)The little girl cried for several minutes ________ her mother came to comfort her.
before before
10(2014)________ we have got everything ready, let's begin the debate.
Now that now that"" now that
11(2014"")________ everyone should try to look good, it is not healthy for people to be too concerned with their appearance.
While while""
12(2014)This new EnglishEnglish dictionary is useful for me. ________ much it may cost, I'll buy it.
However/No matter how however no matter how however/no matter how/However much it may cost No matter how much it may cost
13The police set about arresting the suspect ________(moment) they found enough evidence to prove him guilty.
the moment the moment "............" as soon as, immediately
14 (2014 " " )It is important to be precise when calculating these figures, ________ even a small mistake can cost us millions of dollars.
as/because as/because " "
15(2014)There can be no equality of opportunity ________ everyone follows the rules at their own game.

unless "" .() Many people think of credit cards as a modernday convenience, but the history
of the earliest credit cards actually dates back to the early 1900s. The first credit card was invented in 1946 by a banker named John Biggins, who called it the "Charg It" card. When a customer used the "ChargIt" card, a bill for that person's purchase was also sent to his bank for review. Instead of the customer paying the shopkeeper directly, the bank would pay them. However, all purchases had to be made locally and anyone with the "ChargIt" card had to be an actual customer of Biggin's bank.
Another early credit card was the Diners Club card, which was created in 1949. Once a businessman, Frank McNamara, went out for an important dinner. While he was out, he realized he had left his wallet at home and was unable to pay for the dinner. Somehow he managed to be able to pay, but had the idea that there had to be other ways. Soon he was working with his business partner and they developed the Diners Club card, which was originally on a piece of cardboard. Just two years later, over 20,000 people had a Diners Club card. It was used mostly for eating and entertainment and was known as a charge card, meaning that the balance had to be paid completely off each month.
American Express had been in existence since the 1850s, but it was not until 1958 that the company introduced their first credit card on a small piece of purple plastic. In all of the history of credit cards, AMEX was the first to use plastic in their material instead of paper or cardboard. Soon, American Express had taken off and became the most widely used credit card in the country. Today, everything from airplane tickets to groceries can be purchased with a credit card. The Internet has expanded the use of credit cards, making them the number one preferred method of payment next to cash.
1. The "ChargIt" card could only be used ________. A. for eating and entertainment B. in the southern states of the US. C. by the customers of Biggin's bank D. to pay for groceries and airplane tickets 2. What can we learn about American Express? A. It appeared earlier than the Diners Club card.

B. It was the earliest credit card made of plastic. C. It was the most widely used credit card in the world. D. It was completely different from the cards we use today. 3. The main purpose of the text is to ________. A. tell the history of credit cards B. show how credit cards are made C. explain why credit cards are popular D. compare different kinds of credit cards 1. C anyone with the "ChargIt" card had to be an actual customer of Biggin's bank the "ChargIt" card Biggin 2. B AMEX was the first to use plastic in their material American Express 3. A the "ChargIt" card, the Diners Club card American Express A . Hispaniola is a Caribbean island made up of two independent countries: the Dominican Republic in the east and Haiti in the west. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island on Christmas Day in 1492. Hispaniola became an important base for the Spanish in the New World, as they controlled other islands and parts of Central America from there. __1__ Today, most of the island's people are descended from(......) African slaves. __2__ As the secondlargest island in the Caribbean, Hispaniola consists of mountain ranges that spread from east to west as well as valleys and plains. While the lowlands are hot, the slopes () of the mountains are cooler and get much rain from the winds that frequently blow across the island. __3__ Hispaniola is often hit by hurricanes that cross the Atlantic Ocean on their way to North America. One island, two different worlds __4__ The Dominican Republic is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world. For a long time it has been an important producer of sugar cane, coffee and tobacco (); moreover, in the past years it has also become a tourist attraction

for Americans and Europeans. In the west of the island, the violence throughout the last 200 years has made
Haiti a poor country. __5__ A storm in 2004 left 3,000 dead. In 2010 the country was hit by a strong earthquake, from which it hasn't recovered yet. Two hundred thousand people were killed, and almost two million were left homeless. While most of the population work in farming, thousands leave the country every year and immigrate to the US. or the Dominican Republic.
A. The history and culture of Haiti B. Geography and weather conditions C. Rainfall usually varies from 1,000 to 3,000 mm per year. DIn addition, Haiti's population has been hit by natural disasters. E. Relationships among Dominicans are more important than schedules. F. During the 16th century the Spanish started bringing African slaves to the island. G. The two countries on Hispaniola have gone through different stages of development. 1______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 1.F 2.B 3.C 4.G 5.D .() Something unexpected happened to me recently. I guess that I was a __1__ person. My cousin and I went out for lunch in an Italian restaurant. I planned to __2__ her day, for she lost her husband a few weeks ago. Here's more of the __3__ My cousin has something wrong with her eyes, so she can't __4__ clearly. And I have to use a walker because of my difficulty in walking. As we __5__ the restaurant, we came across an old couple who were just leaving. They weren't quite as old as we are, __6__ they might have been in their sixties. The gentleman __7__ the door for us and his wife helped. I __8__ that there wouldn't be any tip coming, but I still thanked them for their help. A nice young man showed us to our __9__ I think all of the Arizona people are ready to help the __10__. Then a young lady introduced herself as our __11__ and added that she was in training. We looked over the menu and prepared to __12__. All of a sudden, the lady we __13__ at the door appeared at our table. "Lunch is on me" she said. Needless to say, we were __14__. Neither of us had ever experienced such a __15__ offer. Soon the young waiter returned and handed

us a gift card. The __16__ had left us a gift card worth $125.

Being longtime citizens of Arizona, we have got used to the kindness of strangers

here, but this nice __17__ was out of the ordinary. We want that __18__ couple to

know we will never __19__ this, and that they can be __20__ we will do what we can

to help other people.

















































































1A "




3C "(story)"

4D My cousin has something wrong with her eyes


5C A nice young man showed us... Then a young lady introduced

herself... We looked over the menu..."(entered)"

6B "(but)"

7A As we __5__ the restaurant, we came across an old couple

who were just leaving




9A We looked over the menu...


10B They weren't quite as

old as we are, __6__ they might have been in their sixties


11C "(server)" 12D We looked over the menu " (order)" 13B "(met)" 14C "Lunch is on me." she said "(amazed)" 15D "(generous)" 16C "(couple)" 17D "(gesture)" 18B 19.A 20A "(friendly)"" (forget)""(sure)" . When we were in primary school, we were required to read English every morning. Now we are college students, and keep reading English every morning is still very much important. For one thing, it is wellknown that our memory in the morning is better than any other period of the day. Otherwise, reading English in the morning is definitely good for us to remember what we had learned. In addition, keeping reading English every morning is a good way to practice your oral English, correct our pronunciations and foster our sense of language. For another, reading English in the morning is a good start for a new day. If we read English in the morning, we have high enthusiasm to do other things. In short, it is still important to read English every morning as though we are in universities, especially for those who are English major.


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