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单句改错 (1) 1.Chuck is a businessman who is always very busy that he has little time for his friends. 2.The number of people who learns English as a foreign language is more than 750 millions. 3.Except the differences in spelling, written English is more or less the same in both British and American English. 4.You will get close to the nature and take exercise at the same time. 5.You should not go rafting if you know how to swim. 6.The teacher told the students not to look out the window. 7.How many pages have you read? 8.In the Bronze Age, people could make tools from copper and bronze. 9.It?s useless try to argue with Shylock. 10.After five hours? drive, they reached where they thought was the place they?d been dreaming of. (2) 11.Every great culture in the past had its own ideas of beauty expressing in art and architecture. 12.It is said that the weather will last hot for another three or four days. 13.The teacher wanted to speak to the student about her writing, he sent another student to tell her to his office. 14.When I entered the classroom, I saw some strangers seating at the back. 15.Don?t treat that the students do in their spare time as something unimportant. 16.I?m feeling much better now, so you mustn?t call the doctor. 17.Mr Yang became a teacher in 1986, he will been teaching for 20 years by July. 18.The boy is very afraid that his mother will scold him.

19.The traffic problem we are looking forward to seeing solve should attract the local government?s attention. 20.Since you don?t like that you don?t have to go skating. (3) 21.Hurry up.It?s already 7.I am afraid there is not much time remaining for you to get dressed for the party. 22.I handed out my paper without checking carefully, so there were a lot of mistakes. 23.His father agreed him to drive his car when he was only 16. 24.Nine out from ten doctors say that this is good medicine. 25.Please bring the old man a chair to sit. 26.Dress warmly, and you?ll catch cold.You see the flu is spreading quickly. 27.In face of the danger, it is the most important to keep calm. 28.Many parents are wondering what it is what draws their sons? attention on the QQ chat on the Internet. 29.Please tell me the way you thought of how to take care of the garden. 30.The baby is sleeping.Would please turn off the radio a little. (4) 31.If the bike is not yours, who else can it be? 32.The reporter said that the UFO travelled east to west when hesaw it. 33.Rainforests are cut and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. 34.Students sometimes support themselves by ways of part-time jobs. 35.The result of the experiment was very good, as we hadn?t expected. 36.All the top leaders discussed the plan that they would like to see carrying out the next year.

37.Prices of daily goods buying through the Internet can be lower than store prices. 38.You must finish this foolish business as quickly as possible. 39.The suit fitted him well except the colour was a little brighter. 40.China Daily or The People?s Daily help us understand what life is in other parts of China and the rest of the world. (5) 41.Seeing from the top, the 2008 Olympic Stadium looks as if it is covered by a gray net of steal. 42.Sandy could do nothing but to admit to his teacher that he was wrong. 43.What about the two of us take a walk after work? 44.Who is the old man who is standing under the tree? 45.Is this the reason why he explained at the meeting for his carelessnes in his work? 46.Whom do you want to have to type the letter for you? 47.The American friends in our school heve given us a lot of books, few of them are a bit difficult for us Chinese students. 48.My computer is out of order, there is no one I can turn to help. 49.Our English teacher loves us and teaches well and he is good thought of. 50.As I felt so much better, my doctor suggested me to take a holiday by the sea. (6) 51.None of us like him because he thinks much more of others than of himself. 52.There was so much noise outside that the teacher raised his voice to make himself hear. 53.You?ll get to like the novel after you read it for several times. 54.Though she does not like living in the countryside, but now and then shi goes there for a picnic. 55.Whatever difficult the work may be, we must go all out to finish it ahead of time.

56.They must have taken part in the sport meet yesterday, haven?t they? 57.The flower is very small, but it smells pleasantly. 58.The study of the wild world may help to make the world easier to be understand. 59.In today?s modern society, the best works are still given to men. 60.Although good manners always make you good, you do not need to worry about all these rules while have dinner with your friends or family. (7) 61.Many North Europeans carry a cotton handerchief in their pocket into which they sometimes brush their noses. 62.Messages that we are not direct aware of are often the most powerful. 63.Della wanted to buy Jim something fine and rare—something worthy of the honor of owned by Jim. 64.While in his college days he used to keep long hair. 65.In this lab Dr Smith is free to do his research some way he wants. 66.His pale face suggests that he be ill. 67.It?s a very touching story, and I don?t think you will read it with being moved to tears. 68.The parcel I had been waiting for reaching me yesterday. 69.The problem will be farther discussed at the meeting tomorrow. 70.He travelled all over the nation after he retired from work. (8) 71.It was not until we came back from outside when he got out of his bed. 72.A flag is not more than a piece of cloth.It stands for a nation?s people, their land and their history. 73.Harbin is in north China while Guangzhou is in the south.

74.Come along now and sit down.Tom, can you make space for Mary? 75.For quite a number of pupils, their teacher?s advice is more important than those of their parents?. 76.The party last night was a success.We sang and danced until it came to the end at twelve. 77.The firemen told us the difficulty they had got the fire controlled. 78.The park is said to be one of the more beautiful parks which were entirely destroyed in Qing Dynasty. 79.These leaves turn color and fall to the ground is a sign of early winter. 80.What a fun the children had at the seaside! They had a very good time.

(9) 81.The guide told us not to go to the lake which is not fit for us to swim. 82.Don?t leave the medicine bottle which the little boy can reach it. 83.I wanted some water, but there was nothing in the cup. 84.If you want to telephone him, you?ll have to look through the number in the telephone directory. 85.The tree in front of the house is twice as higher as what it was five years ago. 86.China is larger than any other country in Africa. 87.A team is a group of individual people brought together in order to accomplish a task that can?t be efficiently completed by any member of the group lonely. 88.There will have a strong wind to the north of the Qinlin Mountains. 89.Why not let me to go out for a walk? 90.It rains more often in Shanghai as in Beijing. ( 10 )

91.John?s grade on the test is the highest in his class, he should have studied last night. 92.How long can you finish the drawing? 93.The population in and around San Francisco is now ten times more than it was in 1906. 94.Your sister doesn?t look good today. 95.Mrs Johnson played piano beautifully. 96.All that can be done has done. 97.The sports meet was put off(延期) because the heavy rain. 98.Hand in your papers when you will finish the test. 99.They checked the rooms as carefully as possibly. 100.I have something important to tell with you. ( 11 ) 101.The environmental expert tried to keep animals and plants becoming endangered. 102.I don?t like the way which he spoke to his teacher. 103.Many of the earth?s plants and animals have already been died out. 104.A species can become endangered because different reasons. 105.He was tired, so he stopped having a rest. 106.Li Ming explained his teacher that he was ill. 107.We can reuse them instead of throw them away. 108.He asked me what was my name. 109.The scientist devoted his spare time to do experiments. 110.There is a lot we can do help protect the environment. ( 12 )

111.Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about the problem. 112.The two languages are not at all the same in neither spelling or grammar. 113.We must study hard in order to serve for the people better in the future. 114.Would you bought the dictionary if you had had more money yesterday? 115.The old man asked a policeman,” Could you show me how get to the post office? 116.In England as early as the twelve century, young people enjoyed playing football. 117.Please put everything back and tidy the lab in the end of your experiment. 118.We?ll never forget the days when we spent together happily in the middle school. 119.Mr Zhang?s English is perfect, so he has made lots of foreign friends from English-spoken countries. 120.The mistakes made from the Chinese students of English are different from that by the Japanese students. ( 13 ) 121.I don?t know if they will come, but if they will come, please show them the way to my house. 122.He made such many mistakes in his homework that the teacher made him do it again. 123.We shall never forget what that the headmaster said at yesterday?s meeting. 124.I didn?t think it one of the best films that has ever been shown here this year. 125.Food, such as rice and vegetables , have been wasted a lot by the students. 126.Last night I worked late into the night, prepared a report for the meeting. 127.Last Sunday I went to town, buying some apples and visited my grandma. 128.We made several American friends in New York so as to improve our English better. 129.The children were exciting at the news that their parents would return from abroad. 130.This is the only English-Chinese dictionary which I could find in the shop.

( 14 ) 131.When I?m feeling sad, my mother will tell me funny stories to cheer me on. 132.At a moment she is on holiday, but she?ll be back tomorrow. 133.Much have to be done to improve our working conditions. 134.The teacher insisted that we must hand in our exercise before supper. 135.Tom told a scared story which frightened his girl classmates. 136.Our school provides all the senior students with easy access to read books. 137.An accident was happened to him when he was on the way to the cinema. 138.I have offered a scholarship at the university for my further education. 139.The plan that you put forward to at the meeting is great value. 140.He built a transparent wall through that he could observe what was going on. ( 15 ) 141.I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can?t get rid of it. 142.We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People?s Park. 143.Don?t let the children who are so young to go swimming. 144.The tomatoes I picked are much more redder than yours . 145.The number of the passengers killed in the accident are surprising. 146.We haven?t moved into the building because the rooms are being painting. 147.Bamboo is very useful.We can make it of many kinds of things . 148.There are more than fifty students in his class, but only few of them like music. 149.Did you have any difficulties in working out the math problem? 150.I regret telling you that you haven?t passed your exam.But don't lose heart.

( 16 ) 151.It?s raining.The mother told her child don?t to play outside. 152.There is nothing to do but to leave now. 153.I graduated from a university last year.Now I work like a teacher in a middle school. 154.The students expected there be more reviewng classes before the final exams. 155.I?m going to travel to America.Would you please tell me about your experience there? 156.An advertisement is useful in which it lets customers know of the kinds of goods in the shops. 157.I tried hard to get on the bus, but when I could, It started moving. 158.The two sisters, having separated so long, held each other and burst into tears. 159.There must be a dozen pens in this house, but I can never find it when I need one. 160.He spent several hours in the wind and snow, being cold and hungry. ( 17 ) 161.The police searched for the village but they found nothing. 162.You can bring the magazine away now, but you must return it next week. 163.Education in the mountain village has dropped far behind the other area, and they are much in need of teachers. 164.In the middle of the room stood a table with a lit candle on it. 165.When I was at college, I wrote a letter to my parents every other months. 166.I am working hard to turn my dream to go to that famous university in the world. 167.When you go out to the mountain, bring your umbrella with you in case the rain, the weather in the mountain often changes. 168.We were reading in the reading room while the lights went out. 169.I have made this clear to her that the job is very important.

170.Jane hasn?t come yet.What do you suppose having happened to her? ( 18 ) 171.The idea that, if your house is built in the right position, it might help you succeed in life, seem strange to many people. 172.He must be studying in the classroom now, mustn?t he? 173.In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours locking in my study. 174.He kept putting his dream to the test even though it meant live with uncertainty and fear of failure. 175.There is something for everyone here and few visitors leave Xi?an felt disappointed. 176.Kitzbuhel is also the home to one of the most challenging downhill slopes in the world. 177.From the hill of top you can see a lot of islands to the coast. 178.I hate that when people talk with their mouths full. 179.During the examination we are asked to stay in our seats, keep eyes on our work, and not to speak to anyone. 180.However valuable suggestions I offered him, he had none of mine.He was always too sure of himself. ( 19 ) 181.I can hardly imagine Mary?s marrying with such a man. 182.Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be succsssful, but we must also realize that we know and what we have learned may also limit our thinking. 183.Distance learning is being adopted in several countries to help children in remote rual schools, and it is also becoming increasingly popular with individuals as a mean of obtaining higher or further education. 184.He had changed so much that I could hardly know him. 185.If you are thinking of spending some times as a student in a foreign country, you should begin by finding out as much as possible about different programmers.

186.I don?t doubt whether I?m able to finish the work on time. 187.Suddenly there appeared a young lady dressing in green. 188.In fact this is a hard job for the police to keep order in an important football match. 189.The two scientists are believed to be worth of the fame honoured by the government and people. 190.A number of overseas Chinese has grasped the opportunity to develop their ideas at home. ( 20 ) 191.Zhongguancun made possible for them to follow their dreams and help the country they love. 192.Water is actually quite simple, but the way how the water molecule is formed gives water its unique properties. 193.Despite of the hardship of the years, the people of Atlanta continued to develop the area. 194.I know people are trying to help, but I wish they wouldn?t treat me as if I am a child. 195.Mental disability was considered being shameful and the mentally disabled received little treatment and encouragement. 196.You might as well to go stand upon the beach and argue with the sea. 197.If Shylock cuts deeply enough, I?ll pay him back with all my heart. 198.Teachers and officials came to his home, but neither of them could tell when the objects were made. 199.All the books that were on the table were seen fall off onto the floor.His English is so poor, He mustn?t be an English native speaker.

200.His English is so poor, He mustn?t be an English native speaker.

( 1 )

1.very 改为 so.句型错误:so…that 为固定句型。 2.learns 改为 learn.动词错误:定语从句的先行词为 people,是复数,所以 who 也是复数,谓 语动词要用复数。 3.Except 改为 Except for.介词错误:因为 except 不能放在句首。 4.去掉 nature 前的 the:冠词错误:nature 为不可数名词。不可数名词前不能加冠词。 5.if 改为 unless:连词错误:句子的意思是“如果你不知道怎么游泳,你就不能去漂流。 ” 6.out 后加 of: 介词错误:out 是副词,后面不能跟宾语,加个介词就可以跟宾语了。 7.read 改为 covered: 动词错误: 此句的意思是, “看完了多少页书?” read 无此意;而 cover 有“看完了多少页书”之意。 8.from 改为 of: 介词错误: make from “由?制成” (看不出原材料) make of “由?制成” ; (能 看出原材料) 9.try 改为 trying: It is useless…动词错误: “ 干?没用” 后的动词之可以用动名词。 10.where 改为 what: 连词错误: 此句的关键是 they thought。 thought 在此句中是插入语, they 不做句子成分,where 应该是句子的主语,但由于 where 是副词,不能作主语,所以要改为 what。 ( 2 ) 11.expressing 改为 expressed: 非谓语动词错误: “美的概念在艺术和建筑中 ?被’表现出 来.” 过去分词表示被动。 12.last 改为 stay: 动词错误:last 和 stay 都有“持续”的意思,但 last 是不及物动词,后面 不能跟东西;stay 在此句中为系动词,后面可以跟形容词,名词或副词。 13.在第二句的 he 前加 so: 连词错误: “所以他派另一个学生去叫她到他的办公室。 ” 14.seating 改为 seated: 动词使用错误:seat 一词在表示“座”时,只能用 seated 形式。 15.that 改为 what: 连词错误:此句为名词性从句,名词性从句中 that 不能做句子成分;而 what 可以作主语,宾语或表语。此句中 what 作宾语。 16.mustn?t 改为 needn?t: 情态动词错误:不是“不应该” ;而是“没必要” 。 17.will been teaching 改为 will have been teaching: 时态错误: 将来完成进行时态由 will have been + doing 构成。

18.very 改为 quite: 副词错误:very 不能修饰表语形容词。表语形容词各有自己的修饰词。 如 awake 用 wide; asleep 用 fast / deep /sound 等。 19.solve 改为 solved: 非谓语动词错误:此句中 we are looking forward to seeing 为 The traffic problem 的定语从句,反过来,The traffic problem 又是 seeing 的宾语。solved 作 seeing 的宾语补足语。see sth.done。 20.that 改为 it: 代词错误:形式宾语只能用 it。

( 3 ) 21.remaining 改为 left: 非谓语动词错误:remaining 和 left 都有“留下,剩下”的意思;都 可以作定语,但 remaining 作前置定语;而 left 作后置定语。 22.out 改为 in: 介词错误:hand out “分发” hand in “上交” ; 。 23.agreed 改为 allowed: 动词错误: “同意某人做某事”用句型 allow sb.to do sth. agree 不能用于 agree sb.to do sth 句型。 24.from 改为 of: 介词错误:表示几个中有几个用句型 “数词 + in / out of + 数次” 。 25.在 sit 后加 on: 动词错误:动词不定式作定语时,如果动词不定式是不及物动词, 在动词后加相应的介词。 26.and 改为 or: 连词错误:此句型中,前半部分用祈使句表示条件句,中间用 and 或 or 连 接,and 表示递进关系;or 表示转折关系。这里是转折关系,所以用 or。 27.去掉 danger 前的 the: 冠词错误:danger 为不可数名词,不可数名词前不能加冠词。 28.第二个 what 改为 that: 连词错误:此句的宾语从句是一个强调句型的特殊问句。第一个 what 是被强调部分,所以后面应该用连词 that 而不是 what。 29.去掉 how: 习惯搭配错误: “做?的方法”用 “…way to do / of doing…”表示。此句中 you thought of 为 way 的定语从句,与其后的不定式没关系。 30.off 改为 down: 动词、介词搭配错误:turn off“关闭”; turn down “关小” 。还由于句子最 后有 a little,所以句子意思是“关小一点” 。

( 4 ) 31.else 改为 else?s: 所有格使用错误: “如果自行车不是你的,那可能是谁的?” 表示“别 人的?”用 else?s。 32.traveled 改为 was traveling: 时态错误:根据句意可判断, “当他看到飞碟时,飞碟正在由 东向西飞行。 ” 33.are cut 改为 are being cut: 时态错误:根据句意, “热带雨林正在快速被砍伐和烧毁,不 远的将来将从地球上消失”可判断。 34.ways 改为 means: 习惯搭配错误: “以?方法” 用 by means of…表示。 35.as 改为 which: 关系代词错误: 非限定性定语从句为否定意义时, 关系代词只能用 which。 36.carrying 改为 carried: 非谓语动词错误:改正此句的错误,一要看明白关系代词 that 在定 语从句中作宾语;二要熟悉 see sth.done 句型。 37.buying 改为 bought: 非谓语动词错误:这里需要用过去分词作定语。由于东西是“被” 买的,表示被动。 38.quickly 改为 soon: 副词错误:quickly 表示动作的速度快;soon 表示动作在不久的将来能 完成。 39.except 后加 that: 连接代词错误:except 为介词,其后所跟句子为宾语从句,属于名词性 从句,名词性从句一定要有连接代词或连接副词引导。 40.is 后加 like: 习惯表达错误:表示“?是什么样子/ 怎样?” 用 what is…like? (5) 41.seeing 改为 seen: 非谓语动词错误:现在分词作状语,其动作必须由句子的主语发出。 此句的主语是 the 2008 Olympic Stadium,不能发出 seeing 的动作。而过去分词作状语,和 句子的主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系,即句子的主语作过去分词的宾语。 42.去掉 to: 动词不定式使用错误:but 和 except 做介词,当“除了”讲时,如果其前面有动 词 do 的任何形式,其后的动词不定式必须省略 to。 43.take 改为 taking: 非谓语动词错误:about 为介词。介词后跟名词、代词或动名词。 44.改第二个 who 为 that: 关系代词错误:在 who 引导的疑问句中,定语从句的关系代词用 that。 45.why 改为 that: 关系代词错误:先行词为 reason 时,定语从句既可用 that 引导,也可用

why 引导。在从句中作状语用 why;在从句中作主语或宾语用 that。此句中 explained 后缺 宾语,所以要用 that。 46.去掉 type 前的 to: 句型错误: “让某人做某事” 用 have sb.do 句型。把此句还原为陈述 句,I want to have xx type the letter for me.就很容易看出错误了。 47.them 改为 which: 关系代词错误:此句的后半部分为定语从句,引导定语从句须用关系 代词,而非人称代词。 48.help 前加 for: 句型错误: “向某人求助” 用 turn to sb.for help 句型。 49.good 改为 well / highly: 副词错误: “高度评价某人” 用 think well / highly of sb.句型表 示。 50.suggested 改为 advised: 动词使用错误: “建议某人做某事” 用 advise sb.to do sth. (6) 51.more 改为 less: 比较及时用错误: “我们没人喜欢他” 不是由于他考虑别人“多” 而是由于他考虑别人“少” 。 52.hear 改为 heard: 非谓语动词错误: “使自己被别人?” 用 make oneself done 句型。 53.在 read 前加 have: 时态错误: “你把小说看上几遍你会喜欢它的。 “看几遍”为完成的 ” 动作,用完成式。 54.去掉 but: 连词使用错误:though 和 but 不能同时出现在一个句子里。 55.whatever 改为 however: 连词错误: whatever 和 however 都可表示 “无论?” 但 whatever , 后跟名词;而 however 后跟形容词或副词。 56.haven?t 改为 didn?t: 助动词使用错误:情态动词表示对过去情况的猜测,如果句子中有表 示过去的时间,用过去式反问;如果句子中没有表示过去的时间,用完成式反问。 57.pleasantly 改为 pleasant: 形容词副词混淆:smell 为感官动词,感官动词后只能跟形容词, 不可以跟副词。 58.去掉 be:形容词后的动词不定式要用主动表示被动。 59.works 改为 jobs: 名词错误:work 表示“工作”时为不可数名词。另外,work 表示整体 的工作,不表示一份一份的工作。job 指 “工作”表示一份一份的工作,为可数名词。 60.have 改为 having: 现在分词错误:当 while, when.before, after, if, unless 等连词所引导的从

句的主语和主句的主语一致时, 这些连词后可直接跟现在分词或过去分词, 现在分词表示主 动,过去分词表示被动。 ( 7 ) 61.brush 改为 blow: 动词错误:根据句意“很多北欧人常在口袋里装一块手绢,有时他们可 以把鼻涕擤在里面。 “擤鼻涕” 用 blow one?s nose 表示。 ” 62.direct 改为 directly: 形容词副词混淆:副词修饰形容词 aware。 63.在 owned 前加 being: 动名词错误:of 为介词,介词后要跟动名词的被动式。 64.keep 改为 wear: 动词错误: “大学时他留长发” ,wear 有“留着,戴着”之意,keep 无此 意。 65.some 改为 any: 形容词使用错误:some ways “一些方法” ;any ways“任何方法” 。 66.be 改为 is: 动词用法错误:suggest 表示“暗示”时,宾语从句用一般时态。 67.with 改为 without: 介词错误: “那是一个动人的故事, 我想你读它时不可能不被感动得流 泪” 。 68.reaching 改为 reached: The parcel 是主语,I had been waiting for 是定语从句,reached 作谓 语。 69.farther 改为 further: 形容词使用错误:farther 表示“更远” ;further 表示“更进一步” 。 70.nation 改为 country: 名词词义错误;nation 指“国家”时,强调人;country 指“国家” 时,强调疆域。 ( 8 ) 71.when 改为 that: 连词错误:not until…that “直到?才”为固定句型。 72.去掉 not: 不定代词错误:not more than “不到?”修饰数词;more than 修饰数词时表示 “比?多” ;修饰名词时表示“不仅仅” 。 73.north 改为 northern: 习惯表达错误: “在中国北方” in northern China 或 in the north of 用 China 表示。 74.space 改为 room: 名词词义错误: “给某人让地方”用 make room for sb.表示。 75.those 改为 that: 代词错误:those 代替前面提到过的可数名词复数;that 代替前面提到过 的不可数名词。本句前文提到的名词 advice 为不可数名词。

76.the 该为 an: 冠词错误:come to an end“结束” ,固定搭配。 77.got 改为 getting: 非谓语动词错误:本句为宾语前置句,用还原法把句子还原,我们可以 得到 they had difficulty doing 句型。 78.more 改为 most: 形容词比较级错误: “one of… + 名词复数”句型中,如果用形容词,形 容词必须用最高级。 79.These 改为 That: 连词错误:系动词 is 前为主语从句。主语从句用连接词连接,而非指示 代词。另外,主语从句成分完整,所以只能用 that。 80.去掉 a: 冠词错误:fun 为不可数名词。不可数名词前不加冠词。 ( 9 ) 81.to swim 改为 to swim in: 动词错误:不及物动词后要跟宾语,须在不及物动词后加相应的 介词。 82.which 改为 where: 连词错误: “别把药瓶放在孩子可以够到的地方” ,分析句子,这里是 状语从句,而不是定语从句。 83.nothing 改为 none: 不定代词错误:nothing 与 what 有关;none 与 how many / how much 有关,也即与量有关。 84.though 改为 up: 介词错误:look up…in…在?里查。 85.higher 改为 high: 形容词级别错误:as…as 总只能加形容词或副词的原级。 86.去掉 other: 习惯表达错误:表示同一范围的比较用 “…比较级 + than any other + 可数名 词单数”; 表示不同范围的比较用 “…比较级+ than any + 可数名词单数” 。 87.lonely 改为 alone: 副词错误:lonely“孤单的” ;alone “一个人” 。 88.have 改为 be: 动词错误:there be 句型中,there 后一般用 be 动词的某种形式。有时可以 用表示“存在”意义的动词,如 live, exist 等。 89.去掉 to: 句型错误:let sb.do…“让某人做?” 为固定句型。 90.as 改为 than: 连词错误:比较级后用 than 表示范围。 ( 10 ) 91.should 改为 must: 情态动词错误:情态动词表示猜测时,should 表示“按理应该” ;must

表示“一定,肯定” 。根据句意 “他考试的成绩最高,昨晚他‘肯定’学习了” 。 92.long 改为 soon: 副词错误: how long 提问的句子,句子一般用完成时,用 for + 段时间 回答;how soon 提问的句子,句子一般用将来时态,用 in + 段时间回答。 93.more 改为 larger: 形容词错误:表示“人口比?多或少”形容词只能用 larger / smaller。 94.good 改为 well: 形容词错误:表示身体好用形容词 well。 95.piano 前加 the: 冠词错误:乐器名词前要加冠词。 96.第二个 done 前加 been: 语态错误: “一切能做的都被做了”为被动句。 97.because 改为 because of: 连词介词混淆:because 是连词,后面要跟句子;because of 是介 词,后面跟名词或动名词。 98.去掉 will: 时态错误:主句为将来时态时(祈使句和情态动词也表示将来) ,条件状语从 句、时间状语从句和让步状语从句用一般时态表示将来。 99.possibly 改为 possible: 形容词副词混淆:as…as possible “尽可能?的”为固定句型。 100.去掉 with: 介词错误:tell 为及物动词。 ( 11 ) 101.becoming 前加 from: 句型错误:keep…from doing “防止?”句型中的 from 不能省略。 102.which 改为 that 或在 which 前加 in 或去掉 which: 关系代词错误: 先行词为 way (方式, 方法)时,定语从句可以用 that / in which 引导,也可以什么也不用。 103.去掉 been: 语态错误:die out 为不及物动词,无被动式。 104.because 改为 because of: 参阅 97 题。 105.having 改为 to have: 习惯表达错误:stop doing sth “停止正在做的事” ;stop to do sth “停 下来做另一件事” 。 106.在 explained 后加 to: 介词错误: 向某人解释既可以是 explain to sb.sth; 也可以是 explain sth.to sb。 107.throw 改为 throwing: 动词错误:介词后跟动名词。 108.was my name 改为 my name was: 顺序错误:宾语从句用陈述句。

109.do 改为 doing: 动名词错误:devote…to 句型中,to 是介词。 110.help 前加 to: 非谓语动词错误:we can do 是定语从句,其宾语是 a lot; to help…是目的 状语从句。 ( 12 ) 111.which 改为 that: 连词错误:suggestion 后跟同位语从句。同位语从句一般用 that 引导。 112.neither 改为 either: 不定代词错误:not…either…or 等于 neither…nor 表示“既不?也 不?” 。 113.去掉 for: 介词和动词搭配错误:serve 为及物动词,后面直接加宾语。 114.bought 前加 have: 时态错误:表示对过去情况假设的虚拟语气由 would / should / could / might + have + done 构成。 115.how get 改为 how to get: 非谓语动词错误:show sb to do sth / how to do sth “告诉/教某人 做什么”是固定句型。 116.twelve 改为 twelfth: 基数词和序数词混淆:表示第几用 “the +序数词 +名词”或 “名词+基数词”表示。 117.in 改为 at: 介词错误:in the end “最终” the end of… “在?结尾” ;at 。 118.when 改为 that / which: 连词错误:定语从句中的 spent 是及物动词,需用代词作宾语。 119.English-spoken 改为 English-speaking: 习惯表达错误:说某种语言的国家用 “语言 +连 字符+speaking”表示。 120.that 改为 those: 不定代词错误: 替代前文提到过的可数名词单数或不可数名词; that those 替代前文提到过的可数名词复数。 ( 13 ) 121.去掉第二个 will: 时态错误:主句为将来时态时(祈使句和情态动词也表示将来) ,条件 状语从句、时间状语从句和让步状语从句用一般时态表示将来。 122.such 改为 so: 习惯表达错误:so many / so much 为固定搭配。 123.去掉 that: 连词错误:连词重复。 124.has 改为 have: 主谓一致错误:当先行词为 one of +可数名词复数时,定语从句的谓语用

复数。 125.have 改为 has: 主谓一致错误:such as 连接两个主语时,谓语动词采用就远原则。 126.prepared 改为 preparing: 非谓语动词错误:现在分词作伴随状语。 127.buying 改为 bought: 动词错误:and 连接的两个动词时态应该一致。 128.去掉 better: 意义错误:句中的 improve 本身就表示 “提高” 。再加 better 就重复了。 129.exciting 改为 excited: 现在分词和过去分词混淆:现在分词作表语为 “物化” ;过去分词 作表语为 “人化” 。 130.which 改为 that: 关系代词错误:当先行词被 only 修饰时,定语从句只能用 that 引导。 ( 14 ) 131.on 改为 up: 介词错误:cheer sb.up “使某人高兴起来” 。 132.a 改为 the: 冠词错误:at the moment“眼下,目前”为固定短语。 133.have 改为 has: 主谓一致错误:much 表示不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词用单数。 134.去掉 must 或把 must 改为 should: 虚拟语气错误:insist 表“坚持”后的宾语从句谓语用 should +动词原形或者省略 should。 135.scared 改为 scaring: 现在分词过去分词混淆:当名词为物时,用现在分词作定语。 136.read 改为 reading: 非谓语动词错误:access to 短语中的 to 为介词。 137.去掉 was: 语态错误:happen 为不及物动词,无被动式。 138.have offered 改为 have been offered: 语态错误:根据句意“我被提供了奖学金” ,而不是 “我给别人提供奖学金” ,所以应该用被动。 139.is 后加 of: 句型错误:be 动词后如果跟抽象名词,在 be 动词和抽象名词之间加 of,构成 “be of + 抽象名词”句型。 140.that 改为 which: 关系代词错误: 定语从句中如果介词提前, 介词后只能跟 which / whom。 ( 15 ) 141.caught 改为 had: 动词使用错误:catch 为瞬间动词。瞬间动词的完成时不能有表示一段 时间的词,如果句子中有表示一段时间的词,就要把瞬间动词改为延续性动词。

142.which 改为 it: 代词错误:此句为 and 连接的两个分句,不是定语从句。 143.so 改为 to: 句型错误:too…to “太?而不能”为固定句型。 144.去掉 more: 比较级修饰错误: 比较级前可以用 much, even, far, a lot, a great deal 等词修饰, 就是不能用 more。 145.are 改为 is:主谓一致错误:the number of 作主语时,谓语用单数。 146.painting 改为 painted: 被动式错误:进行时态的被动式由 “be + being + done”构成。 147.of 改为 into: 介词错误: “make of +材料” 表示“由?构成” “make into +成品”表示 ; “制成?” 。 148.few 改为 a few: 不定代词错误:few 表示否定, “没人喜欢音乐” few 表示肯定, ;a “只 有几个人喜欢音乐” 。 149.difficulties 改为 difficulty.名词错误: 在表示 “有困难” 的句型 “ …have / has…difficulty (in) doing sth”中,difficulty 为不可数名词。 150.telling 改为 to tell: 非谓语动词错误:regret 表示“遗憾”时,后面跟动词不定式。 ( 16 ) 151.don?t 改为 not: 句型错误:tell sb.to do sth./ tell sb.not to do sth.为固定句型。 152.去掉 but 后的 to: 句型错误:but / except 作介词表示“除了”时,如果前面有 do 的任何 形式,其后的动词不定式省略 to。 153.like 改为 as: 习惯搭配错误:work as “当?”为固定搭配。 154.there be 改为 there to be: 宾语错误:expect 后跟动词不定式。 155.experience 改为 experiences: 名词错误:experience 作“经验”视为不及物动词;作“经 历”时为及物动词。 156.which 改为 that: 连词错误: 本句 in 后所跟句子为宾语从句,从句中如果成分完整,用 that 引导宾语从句。 157.when 改为 before: 连词错误:根据句意 “我努力想上车,但我还没上去,车就开始启动 了” 。表示“尚未,未及”用 before。 158.having separated 改为 having been separated: 分词语态错误: 句意应该是“两个姐妹被分

开很久” ,所以用被动式。 159.it 改为 one: 代词错误:it 指代前文提到过的具体的物品;one 指代前文提到过的任意的 一个的物品。 160.去掉 being: 习惯表达错误: “being +形容词”意思是 “由于?” ,在句中作原因状语。此 句用形容词作伴随状语。 ( 17 ) 161.去掉 for: 动词短语错误:search for 意为“寻找,搜寻” ;search 意为 “搜查” 。本句的 意思是: “警察搜查村子” 。 162.bring 改为 take:动词词义错误:bring 意为“带来” ;take 意为“带走” 。 163.much 改为 bad: 形容词错误:修饰 in need of …/ in want of…时用 bad / badly。 164.lit 改为 lighted: 过去分词形式错误:虽然 lit 和 lighted 都是 light 的过去分词,但 lighted 可作定语,表示“点着的” ,lit 不能作定语。 165.months 改为 month: 名词数错误: “every other + 可数名词单数”表示“每?;每隔?” 。 166.turn 改为 realize: 动词词义错误: “实现梦想”可以用 turn my dream into…或 realize my dream。 167.in case 改为 in case of: 连词介词短语混淆: in case 为连词,后面跟从句; in case of 为介词短 语,后面跟名词或代词. 168.while 改为 when: 连词错误:当 when 跟在所引导的从句后面时,when 有“突然”的意 思;而 while 无此意。另外,while 引导的从句多用进行时态。 169.this 改为 it: 代词错误:此句中 it 作形式宾语,形式宾语只能用 it 充当。 170.having 改为 has: 谓语错误:此句中 do you suppose 为插入语,把这部分去掉可以看出谓 语动词错误。 ( 18 ) 171.seem 改为 seems: 主谓一致错误:本句的主语是 the idea,为单数,所以谓语要用单数。 172.mustn?t 改为 isn?t: 动词错误:情态动词表示猜测时,不用情态动词完成反意疑问句,要 用情态动词后所跟动词的适当形式反问。 173.locking 改为 locked: 非谓语动词错误: “为了不被打扰, 我把自己锁在房子里两个小时” 。

我自己“被”锁在房子里。 174.live 改为 living: 动词词义错误:mean 表示“意味着”后跟动名词;表示“打算”后跟 不定式。 175.felt 改为 leaving: 非谓语动词错误:虽然 leave 后既可跟现在分词,也可跟过去分词,但 意义大不一样,现在分词表示主动,而过去分词表示被动。本句应为主动。 176.去掉第一个 the: 句型错误:be home to…“…的家园”为固定句型。 177.to 改为 off: 介词错误:to 表示“不在一个范围内,也不接壤”; off 表示 “在一个范围内 但不接壤” 。 178.that 改为 it: 代词错误:形式宾语用 it 充当。 179.去掉 speak 前的 to: 动词不定式错误:and 连接的两个相同成分应该一致。 180.However 改为 Whatever: 连词错误:however 后跟形容词或副词;whatever 后跟名词。 ( 19 ) 181.with 改为 to: 介词错误:marry 后只能跟介词 to。 182.在 that 后加 what: 连词错误:that 引导宾语从句,并且引导宾语缺少宾语。 183.mean 改为 means: 名词错误:means 表示“方式,方法”时单复数相同。 184.know 改为 recognize: 动词错误:know 意为“认识,了解” :recognize 意为“认出”“由 。 于他变化很大,所以我几乎认不出他了” 。 185.times 改为 time: 名词错误: “一段时间”用 some time 表示。 186.whether 改为 that: 连词错误:doubt 用于否定时,定语从句用 that 引导。 187.dressing 改为 dressed: 非谓语动词错误:表示“穿着什么衣服”用 wearing 或 dressed 表示。 188.this 改为 it: 代词错误:it 在句中作形式主语。This 不能作形式主语。 189.worth 改为 worthy: 形容词错误:表示“值得?”用 be worthy of 。 190.has 改为 have: 主谓一致错误:a number of…作主语时,谓语用复数。 ( 20 )

191.made possible 改为 made it possible: 代词错误:本句缺少形式宾语。 192.去掉 water 前的 the:冠词错误:water 为不可数名词,不可数名词前不能加冠词。 193.去掉 of: 介词错误:despite 本身就是介词。 194.am 改为 were: 语态错误:as if 引导与事实相反的假设,从句谓语要用虚拟语气。 195.being 改为 to be: 非谓语动词错误:consider 后的宾语补足语用动词不定式。 196.去掉 to: 动词错误:might as well“不放,还不如”后跟动词原形。 197.deeply 改为 deep: 副词错误:高中阶段学过十几组加 ly 和不加 ly 同形的副词。加 ly 表 示抽象意义;不加 ly 表示实际意义。 198.neither 改为 none: 代词错误:neither 表示“两者都不” ;none 表示“三者以上都不” 。 199.fall off 改为 falling off: 非谓语动词错误: + O + OC 时, see 宾语补足语既可用动词原形, 也可用现在分词。但改为被动句时,动词原形前要加 to,表示动作已经结束。 200.mustn?t 改为 can?t: 情态动词错误:表示否定或疑问的猜测,情态动词用 can 或 can?t。



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