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Section Ⅲ — Using Language,Summing Up & Learning Tip
一、选词填空 do we see neither will I agree with sink think well of .

1He was satisfied because his work was 答案 well thought of 2If you don’t go there, 答案 neither will I 3Seldom 答案 do we see 4I have an upset stomach.I don’t think the food here 答案 agrees with a film so moving as this. .


5The old man and the old woman,who stood on the ship arm in arm, together with the ship and would be together forever. 答案 sank 二、单句改错 1My mother thinks high of my brothers and me. 答案 high→highly 2I don’t agree to what they have said. 答案 to→with 3The bomb exploding and killed many soldiers. 答案 exploding→exploded 4Let’s start now because the wind has sink down. 答案 sink→sunk 5If Tom doesn’t come to the party,nor do I.


答案 do→will 三、完成句子 1 北京的天气适合我。 The weather in Beijing 答案 agrees with me 2 他很看重这个学生。 He 答案 thinks highly of 3 太阳已经落山了。 The sun 答案 has sunk 4 你听到有东西爆炸了吗? Have you heard 答案 something explode 5 他的船连同货物沉到海里去了。 His boat with his goods 答案 sank into 四、根据课文内容填空 1An opinion is 答案 what 2It may be true,but it is difficult 答案 to prove 3In a trial,a judge must decide which eyewitnesses (prove). the sea. ? in the west. the student. .

someone believes is true but has not been proved.

(believe)and which not to believe. 答案 to believe 4He/She only cares about must be facts rather than opinions. 答案 whether;which 5This kind of information 答案 is called ★五、阅读理解 A (导学号 57140006) The Golden Gate Bridge joins the beautiful city of San Francisco with suburbs (call)evidence. the eyewitness has given true information,


to the north.Each day,about one hundred thousand cars cross the bridge,taking people to and from the city.More than half of them cross the bridge during the morning and evening rush hours;as a result,the trip is not pleasant. Now,however,there is at least one group of happy commuters.These are the people who travel under the bridge instead of on it.They go to work by boat and enjoy it so much that most of them say they will never go by car again. The boat they take is the large,quiet,comfortable “Golden Gate”.Commuters can enjoy the sun on the boat.In the morning they can have breakfast in the coffee shop,and in the evening they can have a drink in the bar while they are looking at San Francisco’s famous scene and the nearby hills. The trip takes only 30 minutes and is not expensive.But best of all,being on a boat seems to make people feel more friendly towards each other.Two commuters who met on the “Golden Gate” have already got married. Because the boat has been so successful,there are plans to use other larger boats.There is also a plan for a high-speed boat that will make the trip in only 15 minutes.Not everyone is happy about that.“A lot of people don’t like to get the trip faster,” said one commuter.“They feel that half an hour is just enough time to rest.” 1Over cross the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hours every day.

A.100,000 people B.50,000 people C.100,000 cars D.50,000 cars 答案 D 解析从第一段中的“about one hundred thousand cars”和“More than half of them” 可知,每天的交通高峰时期,5 万多辆汽车要过这座桥。 2Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by car is not pleasant because .

A. it takes people 30 minutes B.the Golden Gate Bridge is very long C.the bridge is crowded with cars D.most of the car owners cannot enjoy the beauty of San Francisco 答案 C 解析从第一段最后一句可知,因为每天过桥的车辆太多,所以乘车过桥并不是一件令人愉快 的事情。 3Which of the following statements is NOT true? A.Going to work by boat does not cost too much. B.It takes 15 minutes for people to go to work by boat. C.Some people like to go to work by boat because they can enjoy the beautiful scene of the city. D.People can make friends during the trip. 答案 B 解析从最后一段可知,建造行程将需要 15 分钟的船还只是在计划中。 4Many people don’t like the new idea for a high-speed boat because .

A.they won’t have enough time to rest B.there will be more people on the boat C.they don’t want to work earlier D.they like to eat on the boat 答案 A 解析从最后一段可知,如果乘快速轮船,只需要 15 分钟就可过河,这样人们就没有足够的时 间来休息。 B The Taj Mahal(泰姬陵)is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and the finest example of the late style of Indian architecture.It is at Agra in northern India.It lies beside the Yamuna river in the middle of gardens with quiet pools. The Taj Mahal was built by the Mogul emperor(皇帝)Shah Jehan,who ruled India in the seventeenth century.It is in memory of his favourite wife,Arjumand Banu Bagam,known as Mumtaz Mahal,who died in 1631.The building,which was completed between 1632 and 1638,was designed by a local architect( 建 筑 师 ) Ustad Ahmad Lahori.The whole building,with gardens and gateway structures,was completed in 1643.The Taj Mahal stands at one end of the garden tomb with marble(大理石)path.The room is softly lighted by the light that passes through double screens of carved marble set high in the walls.The building now is kept in good condition. The Taj Mahal took 22 years to build.Shah Jehan planned a similar building,but in black instead of white,to lie on the other side of the river.But before it could be built,Shah Jehan was imprisoned(监禁) by his son and buried next to his wife in the Taj Mahal. 5The Taj Mahal was built for .

A.Mumtaz Mahal B.Shah Jehan C.either Mumtaz Mahal or Shah Jehan D.both Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jehan 答案 A 解析根据第二段中的“It is in memory of his favourite wife,Arjumand Banu Bagam,known as Mumtaz Mahal,who died in 1631.”可知,泰姬陵是为了 Mumtaz 而建立的。因此选 A 项。 6Why do you think Shah Jehan was buried next to his wife? A.His own tomb hadn’t been built. B.He hoped to be buried there. C.King and Queen should be buried together. D.He liked Mumtaz Mahal all his life. 答案 A 解析根据最后一段中的“But before it could be built,Shah Jehan was imprisoned(监 禁)by his son and buried next to his wife in the Taj Mahal.”可知选 A 项。 7The passage mainly tells us .

A.why the Taj Mahal was built B.the love story between Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal C.some information about the Taj Mahal D.the Taj Mahal—the pride of Indians 答案 C 解析本文主要讲述了有关泰姬陵的一些信息。 8From the passage we can learn that .

A.the Taj Mahal looks more beautiful than before B.the Taj Mahal doesn’t exist now C.the Taj Mahal has completely changed D.the Taj Mahal has become a place of interest 答案 D 解析根据第一段中的“The Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and the finest example of the late style of Indian architecture.”可知选 D 项。 ★六、七选五阅读理解 (导学号 57140007) Everyone wants to succeed in their life.1. It really isn ’ t that hard.Follow the steps below,and you can have a successful teenage life! ?Do well in school. Try your best.Listen to the teachers.Do your homework.Study,and get good grades.2. And a better education will help you to get a great job in the future. ?Do something good in your community. If you like helping people,volunteer at a soup kitchen.If you love helping the environment,plant trees or pick up garbage.3. You’re making a big difference in the world,and above all,having lots of voluntary hours will make your resume(简 历) more attractive! ?4. Remember they’re there to help you to be the best that you can be.Respect them and value their opinions,even if they annoy you sometimes.Keep in mind that they do the things because they care about you and want you to succeed in life. ?Have good friends to help you out! Friends are there to support you and lift your spirits.5. And create a group of supportive,loving friends that can help you succeed in life.Find a few really good friends that will stick with you once you leave high school. A.Do what you love. B.Be with people who make you happy. C.Be nice to your parents and teachers. D.This could be your job for the rest of your life. E.Doing so will help you to get into a better university. F.Even as a teenager,you can achieve success in your life. G.When you help others,it will make you feel better about yourself. 答案 1~5 FEGCB




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