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2014届高考英语 复习讲练测完形填空10

2014 届高考英语复习讲练测:完形填空 10
In the clinic, I asked if Michael could be retested, so the specialist tested him again. To my __36__, it was the sam e score. Later that evening, I _37_ told Frank w hat I had learned that day. After talking it over, we agree that we knew our _38_ much better than an IQ(智商) test. We _39_ that Michael’s score must have been a __40___ and we should treat him ___41___ as usual. We moved to Indiana in 1962, and Michael studied at Concordia Hi gh School in the same year. He got _42 _ grades in the school, especially _43_ biology and chemistry, which w as a great comfort. Michael _44_ Indiana University in 1965 as a pre-medical student, soon afterwards, his teachers permitted him to take more courses than _45_. In 1968, he was accepted by the School of Medicine, Yale University. On graduation day in 1972, Frank and I _46_ the ceremony (典礼) at Yale. After the ceremony, we told Michael about the _47_ IQ score he got when he was six. Since that day, Michael sometimes would look at us and say _48_, “My dear mom and dad never told me that I couldn’t be a doctor, not until after I graduated from medical school!” It is his special way of thanking us for the _49_ we had in him. Interestingly, Michael then _50_ another IQ test. We went to the same clinic where he had _51_ the test eighteen years before. This time Michael scored 1 26, an increase of 36 points. A result like that was supposed to be _52_. Children often do as _53_ as what adults , particularly parents and teachers, _54_ of them. That is, tell a child he is “ _55_”, and he may play the role of a foolish child. 36. A. joy 37. A. tearfully 38. A. student 39. A. argued 40. A. joke B. surprise B. fearfully B. son B. realized B. mistake C. dislike C. cheerfully C. friend C. decided C. warning D. disappointment D. hopefully D. doctor D. understood D wonder.


41. A. specially 42. A. poor 43. A. in 44. A. visited 45. A. allowed 46. A. missed 47. A. high

B. strictly

C. naturally C. average C. of C. passed C. required C. delayed C. low C. calmly C. pride C. waited for D. standard

D. carefully

B. good B. about B. chose

D. for D. entered D. offered D. attended D. different D. jokingly D. delight D. prepared for D. discussed D. unsatisfactory D. bravely

B. described B. held B. same B. eagerly B. interest B. asked for

48. A. curiously 49. A. faith 50. A. looked for

51. A. received B. accepted 52. A. imperfect

C. organized C. uncertain

B. impossible C. well

53. A. honestly B. much 54. A. hear 55. A. wise 答案 36.D B. learn B. rude 37.A 38.B 39.C

C. expect C. shy 40.B 53.C 41.C 42.B D. stupid 43.A 44.D

D. speak



4 7.C

48.D 49.A 50.B 51.A 52 .B

54.C 55.D

It's fourteen years since I left the Philippines to live with my family in the USA. A month ago, while on summer vacation back in my motherland, I learned a lesson from mosquito (蚊子) bites. Right before grandma 37 36 Kennedy Airport in New York, my 38 like

me of the behavior of the native mosquitoes around the 39

me. She said, "There's an old saying—the the sweeter your blood 40

you stay away from the motherland, 41 it, I replied,

to the mosquitoes. " Not

"Grandmaaaa, that's just an old wives' tale!" Well, less than a week a 43 42 my arrival in Manila, I was already carpeted with 44 ,

of mosquito bites. I took many measures to keep myself from being

but they all proved useless. Late one 45 in my cousin's home, I couldn't bear the 47 46 of the bites.

Hoping to find some comfort, I

my cousin, who was sleeping peacefully in the 48 she said, "There is nothing you can do.

bed next to mine. Unhappy for being

Go back to sleep. " With a few turns, she slept again. Enviously (妒嫉地) sleep, I hoped a big mosquito would 50



on her face. However, the mosquitoes would

just lightly dance around her forehead and fly away quickly, never biting her. Amazed (惊奇的), I ran to others' 51 , only to find they were all sleeping 52 as

the same thing occurred again and again. From those bites, I came to always tried to keep a(n) 54 53 my grandma's silly tale. From then on, I've 55

mind about those strange old w ives' tales

they do have some truth to them.

36. A. leaving finding 37. A. persuaded 38. A. students visitors 39. A. earlier 40. A. grows remains 41. A. expecting 42. A. after 43. A. shade blanket 44. A. touched 45. A. morning 46. A. noise effect 47. A. woke up dropped on 48. A. blamed frightened 49. A. having

B. passing

C. visiting


B. reminded B. foreigners

C. warned C. passengers

D. informed D.

B. longer B. goes

C. sooner C. flows

D. later D.

B. understanding B. before B. pile

C. recognizing C. when C. cloud

D. believing D. as D.

B. bitten B. afternoon B. hit

C. defeated C. evening C. pain

D. discovered D. night D.

B. shouted at

C. looked for


B. interrupted

C. moved


B. w atching

C. making


helping 50. A. land 51. A. houses 52. A. joyfully worriedly 53. A. tell 54. A. open 55. A. and 答案 36.A 37.C 38.D B. know B. active B. so 39.B 40.A 41.D C. remember C. clear C. because 42.A 43.D 44.B 45.D D. accept D. honest D. until 46.C 47.A B. fly B. flats B. anxiously C. fall C. rooms C. soundlessly D. wait D. homes D.

48.B 49.B 50.A 51.C 52.C 53.D

54.A 55.C




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