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2016 年北京自主招生英语模拟试题:人物故事类阅读

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1:A little boy invited his mother to attend his school’s first teacher-parent meeting. To the little boy’s 36 , she said she would go. This would be the first time that his classmates and teacher 37 his mother and he felt 38 of her appearance. Although she was a beautiful woman, there was a severe scar that 39 nearly the entire right side of her face. The boy never wanted to 40 why or how she got the scar. At the meeting, the people were 41 by the kindness and natural beauty of his mother 42 the scar, but the little boy was still embarrassed and 43 himself from everyone. He did, however, get within hearing of a conversation between his mother and his teacher. The teacher asked 44 , “How did you get the scar on your face?” The mother replied, “ 45 my son was a baby, he was in a room that 46 fire. Everyone was 47 afraid to go in because the fire was 48 , so I went in. As I was running toward his bed, I saw a long piece of wood coming down and I placed myself 49 him trying to protect him. I was knocked 50 but fortunately, a fireman came in and saved both of us. ” She 51 the burned side of her face. “This scar will be 52 , but to this day, I have never 53 what I did.” At this point, the little boy came out running toward his mother with tears in his eyes. He 54 her in his arms and felt a great sense of the sacrifice that his mother had made for him. He held her hand 55 for the rest of the day. 【小题 1】 A、enjoyment B、disappointment C、sorrow D、joy

2:Bill Bryson 是美国著名游记作家。阅读下面列出的他的一些作品的简要介绍,从 A—F 中找出相应的封面。 【小题 1】This book is a guide to the world’s unspoilt sights and experiences. It presents one thousand fresh and fascinating alternatives to hundreds of well-known tourist destinations and sights, including alternatives to the Carnival in Rio and the beaches of Thailand, the most-visited national parks, over-rated restaurants and holiday sites. 【小题 2】 In this collection, Bill Bryson is writing from home. We find he assesses life both in New England and in the contemporary United States. With the telescopic perspective(远望视角) of one who has stepped out of the American mainstream and come back after 20 years, Bryson holds the mirror up to U.S. culture and feel strange to his motherland. 【小题 3】Returning to the U.S. after 20 ye ars in England, Bill Bryson decided to reconnect with his mother country by hiking the length of the 2100-mile Appalachian Trail. Awed by merely the camping section of his local sporting goods store, he still goes into the wilderness and learns hard lessons about self-reliance. 【小题 4】A travelogue by Bill Bryson is as close to a sure thing as funny books get. This book is no exception. Following an urge to rediscover his youth, the author leaves his native Des Moines, Iowa, in a journey that takes him to across 38 states in the country, which is like a small town in his opinion. 【小题 5】Born in Iowa, Bryson backpacked through Europe as a young man. While living in England some 20 years later, he revisited many of the same places from arctic Norway’s northern lights to romantic Capri in Italy. Here he jumps back and forth between old memories and new experiences.

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A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail B

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America C

I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America after 20 Years Away

3: Wendy ,Carol, Jenny, Tom 和 Mark 想观看演出或参加培训.阅读下列材料, 从所给的 6 个选项中,选出符合各自 要求的最佳选项。其中一项是多余的。(5 分) 【小题 1】Wendy, a student who is interested comedy and acting,will be free on Oct.12th .She wants to relax herself by enjoying some performances, but she has no more than $4. 【小题 2】Carol is expected to be free on October 15th. She plans to enjoy some performances while having a cup of coffee. 【小题 3】Jenny, a student who majors in art, is interested in Italian art as well as Chinese art. She will be free after school at 4:30. 【小题 4】Tom will go to study in the USA for a master’s degree. He wants to have a full-time special training for several months to improve his oral English. 【小题 5】 Mark , a worker of an export company, needs to improve his writing and oral English. He can only go to the

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training class after work every day.Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Art A combination of Eastern and Western Art 8:00 a.m. Price: $2 for adults, $1 for students Tel: 33569875 E.WESTERN ART SHOW China National Art Museum European modern art, Chinese art and African ancient art Open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m from Oct. 6th to 20th Price : $3 for adults, $1.5 for middle school students. Tel:25545569 F.GRAND THEATRE Oxford Street, Leeds Restaurant and Cafe. Sep.1st—19th Admission:Tues.--Thurs. $2-6; Fri.& Sat.$4-8 Sue Townsend’s musical play. Time: Evenings 7:45. Oct 10th—17th, at 2:30 p.m. No Monday performance. All kinds of drinks offered Tel :52011611 A、ENGLISHLANGUAGE CENTER Classes for beginners for 3 months. Focus on grammar as well as writing and oral English. 3:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m Small classes with a maximum of 8 students Course fee: $300 (10% discount for the first to enroll) B、HALIFAX PLAYHOUSE Ring’s Cross Street, Halifax. Oct.10th--- Oct 17th on Golden Pond by Emest Thompson. This is a magical comedy about real people. A well-acted play for everyone. Don’t miss it. Time: 7:30 p.m Price: $3 Tel:36599988 C、LONDON COLLEGE OF ENGLISH Classes for foreign students of all levels. 3 months, 6 months,9 months and 1 years course. Focus on spoken language. Open through all year from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Small class with a maximum of 12 students. Course fee for English for one year: ;$1,200 Discount at shorter period of study. Tel:22342381 D、EXHIBITIONS OF OIL PAINTINGS

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4:Margaret, married with two small children, has been working for the last seven years as a night cleaner, cleaning offices in a big building. She trained as a nurse, but had to give it up when her elder child became seriously ill. “I would have liked to go back to it, but the shifts(工作班次)are all wrong for me, as I have to be home to get the children up and off to school.” So she works as a cleaner instead, from 9 p.m. till 6 a.m. five nights a week for just £90, before tax and insurance. “It’s better than it was last year, but I still think that people who work ‘unsocial hours’ should get a bit extra.” The hours she’s chosen to work mean that she sees plenty of the children, but very little of her husband. However, she doesn’t think that puts any pressure on their relationship. Her work isn’t physically very hard, but it’s not exactly pleasant, either. “I do get angry with people who leave their offices like a place for raising pigs. If they realized people like me have to do it, perhaps they’d be a bit more careful.” The fact that she’s working all night doesn’t worry Margaret at all. Unlike some dark buildings at night, the building where she works is fully lit, and the women work in groups of three. “Since I’ve got to be here, I try to enjoy myself—— and I usually do, because of the other girls. We all have a good laugh, so the time never drags.” Another challenge Margaret has to face is the reaction of other people when she tells them what she does for a living. “They think you’re a cleaner because you don’t know how to read and write,” said Margaret, “I used to think what my parents would say if they knew what I’d been doing, but I don’t think that way any more. I don’t dislike the work though I can’t say I’m mad about it.” 【小题 1】 Margaret quit her job as a nurse because _______. 【小题 2】 Margaret gets angry with people who work in the office because _______. 【小题 3】 When at work, Margaret feels _______. 【小题 4】 The underlined part in the last paragraph implies that Margaret’s parents would _______. A、she wanted to earn more money to support her family B、she had suffered a lot of mental pressure C、she needed the right time to look after her children D、she felt tired of taking care of patients A、they never clean their offices B、they look down upon cleaners

5:请认真阅读下文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:每空仅限 1 个单词。 Celebrating sleep World Sleep Day, observed on 21 March, was created to bring attention to the growing number of sleep problems worldwide. Sleep is a natural part of human life, but many people in the modern world ignore its importance. As a result, sleep problems are increasingly common. In 2002, scientists at the University of Athens in Greece conducted a survey of over 35,000 people in 10 countries around the world, including China, Belgium and South Africa. Of the people that responded to the survey, 24 percent said that they did not sleep well, and based on their responses, 31.6 percent were diagnosed(诊断) with insomnia(失眠) and another 17.5 percent were diagnosed with borderline (临界状态)insomnia. In addition, 30.7 percent of survey respondents reported visiting a doctor for help with sleep problems and 11.6 per cent said that they felt very sleepy during the day. Overall, the survey found that many people suffer the effects of poor quality sleep, some examples of which are being unable to fall asleep and waking up in the middle of the night. The main factors causing these problems are

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pressure from school or work and a fast pace of life, but noise pollution and light pollution also relate to sleep and contribute to poor quality sleep. The survey’s findings are particularly troubling because large numbers of people were found to have difficulty sleeping at night. The short-term effects of this are tiredness and trouble concentrating. If this happens for a long time, the risk of gaining weight and having a heart attack may increase. There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. First, you should have regular sleep habits. Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day. You also need to make your bedroom a cool, dark, quiet place to sleep so that heat, light and noise do not disturb you. At night, you should also avoid things that contain caffeine, such as chocolate, coffee, tea and many soft drinks, as caffeine may keep you from sleeping. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone. By following the advice above, you can rest better at night and work better during the day. Title: Celebrating Sleep Topic Context World Sleep Day Due to ignorance of sleep problems, people observed Mar. 21, World Sleep Day, ____73___attention to the importance of sleep. Responses of the survey Of 3, 5000 people in 10 countries in the world, there were 24 percent of the people saying they didn’t sleep well. 31.6 percent were diagnosed with insomnia and another 17.5 percent were on the __74____ of sleeplessness. The percentage of the people feeling ___75___ during the day is 11.6. In additio 30.7 percent reported__76___ to a doctor for sleep problems.

6:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分;满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 1---20 各题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项. Seven loyal readers came to the Teens’ office two weeks ago. They had a wonderful day learning how to make a newspaper. But what 1 made them excited was that they had their say(发言权). "What most 2 me was when I was saying something, I found all eyes were on me," said Tang Shining, one of the students. Her friend, Li Chunbei 3 , and felt very glad that when she was talking, the editors nodded and 4 took notes. Students are happy to see the editors listen to their 5 . You may often 6 about being neglected(忽视) by teachers and parents. 7 before complaining please make sure that you have already spoken about your 8 . Traditionally in China, teachers at school and parents were 9 the ones to tell teenagers what they should and shouldn’t do. The young are 10 to doing what they are told, rather than thinking by themselves. But then their ideas would be locked in their brain and not be 11 . A girl wrote to Teens about her family story. She 12 to be very sad because her father seldom talked and played with her. After years of consideration, she 13 decided to write her father a letter, telling him about her sadness. To her 14 , the father 15 , saying that he didn’t realize his mistake. From then on, he really 16 . Sometimes, we need to let our 17 be heard, so others can understand our thoughts and feelings. Don’ t be afraid of being 18 for what you have done. You know it is your 19 to speak your mind. Even if your suggestions are denied, at least you have tried your best. You will not be left with any 20 . 【小题 5】A. opinions B. speeches C. songs C. articles 【小题 1】

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A、really B、directly C、completely D、immediately

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7:I had an experience some years ago, which taught me something about the ways in which people make a bad situation worse by blaming themselves. One January, I had to hold two funerals on successive days for two elderly women in my community. Both had died “full of years”, as the Bible would say. Their homes happened to be near each other, so I paid condolence (吊唁) calls on the two families on the same afternoon. At the first home, the son of the deceased (已故的) woman said to me, “If only I had sent my mother to Florida and gotten her out of this cold and snow , she would be alive today. It’s my fault that she died.” At the second home, the son of the other deceased woman said, “If only I hadn’t insisted on my mother’s going to Florida, she would be alive today. That long airplane ride, the sudden change of climate, was more than she could take. It’s my fault that she’s dead.” You see that any time there is a death, the survivors will feel guilty. Because the course of action they took turned out badly, they believe that the opposite course — keeping Mother at home, putting off the operation — would have turned out better. After all, how could it have turned out any worse? There seem to be two elements involved in our willingness to feel guilty. The first is our pressing need to believe that the world makes sense, that there is a cause for every effect and a reason for everything that happens. That leads us to find patterns and connections both where they really exist and where they exist only in our minds. The second element is the view that we are the cause of what happens, especially the bad things that happen. It seems to be a short step from believing that every event has a cause to believing that every disaster is our fault. The roots of this feeling may lie in our childhood. A baby comes to think that the world exists to meet his needs, and that he makes everything happen in it. He wakes up in the morning and summons the rest of the world to its tasks. He cries, and someone comes to attend to him. When he is hungry, people feed him, and when he is wet, people change him. Very often, we do not completely outgrow that childish view that our wishes cause things to happen. 【小题 1】 The author had to hold the two women’s funerals probably because 【 . 小题 2】 People feel guilty for the deaths of their loved ones because .【小题 3】According to the passage, the underlined part in paragraph 4 probably means that .【小题 4】What’s the main idea of the passage? A、he wanted to comfort the two families B、he was an official from the community C、he had great pity for the deceased D、he was priest of the local church A、they couldn’t find a better way to express their sorrow B、they believe that they were responsible

8:For several years, Americans have enjoyed teleshopping watching TV and buying things by phone. (66) In a number of Europe countries, people can turn on their TVs and shop for clothes, jewelry, food, toys, and many other things. (67) For example, the biggest Swedish company sells different kinds of things on TV in 15 Europe countries, and in one year it made $100 million. In France there are two teleshopping channels, and the French spend about $20

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million a year to buy things through those channels. In Germany, until last year teleshopping was only possible on one channel for 1 hour every day. Then the government allowed more teleshopping. Other channels can open for telebusiness, including the largest American teleshopping company and a 24-hour teleshopping company. (68) Some people like teleshopping because it allows them to do their shopping without leaving their homes. With all the problems of traffic in the cities, this is an important reason, but at the same time, other Europeans do not like this new way of shopping. (69) Many Europeans usually worry about the quality of the things for sale on TV. Good quality is important to them, and they believe they cannot be sure about the quality of the things on TV. (70) They will have to be more careful about the quality of the things they sell. They will also have to work harder to sell things that the buyers cannot touch or see in person. E. The need for high quality means that European teleshopping companies will have to be different from the American companies. F. Teleshopping is popular among people. 66._______ 67._________ 68._________ 69.___________ 70.___________ A、Now teleshopping is starting in European B、They call teleshopping “ Junk on the air” C、Teleshopping is becoming popular in Sweden D、German businesses are hoping this new teleshopping will help them sell more things

9:Carlos had been in New York for five months now, and he detestedit. He would never forget the day when the plane landed. His parents had big smiles on their faces as they discussed the wonderful new life they would have in this great city. His older sister and brother looked in wonder and excitement at the buildings. Uncle Miguel and Aunt Esperanza thought of the good jobs they would get. Grandmother and Grandfather told him what a lucky boy he was to come to this wonderful city. But Carlos was lonely. The city looked big, cold and dirty to him. They lived in an apartment in Manhattan. There were stores and cinemas close to their home. But Carlos didn’t want these things. He loved his home in the country in Puerto Rico; he loved the green fields, the hot sun, and the lovely beaches. He didn’t want to go to school because it made him think of his friends at home. And he didn’t want to learn a new language that he could never describe the world as beautifully as his own. He began to go the dock(码头), because this made him feel closer to Puerto Rico. He sat down and watched the ships. He would often find a man also sitting there looking at the sea. The man was Eric—a taxi driver who came there to escape from the noisy traffic. Eric noticed the young boy and felt his sadness. One day he said, “Yes, it’s hard to leave your homeland. I remember when I left Norway 15 years ago. I know it’s hard to start a new life in a new country, but let’s face it. I did it, and you can do it, too.” From then on the taxi driver and the young boy began to develop a deep friendship. 【小题 1】 The underlined word “detested” in Paragraph 1 probably means “________”. 【小题 2】 According to the text, ________________.【小题 3】Why did Carlos feel lonely?【小题 4】Eric and Carlos became friends because they ________. A、forgot B、enjoyed C、hated D、missed A、Carlos’ grandparents were afraid of the traffic in New York

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B、Carlos’ parents were looking forward to the life in New York

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10:Mark Twain,an American writer, published more than 30 books, hundreds of short stories and essays and gave lectures around the world throughout his career. Mark Twain left school when he was twelve. He had little school education. Thou gh he had little school education, he became the most famous writer of his time . He made millions of dollars by writing. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Cl emens, but he is better known all over the world as MarkTwain, his penname. Mark Twain was born in 1835 and he was not a healthy baby. In fact, he was not expected to live through the first winter. But with his mother's tender care, he managed to survive. As a boy, he causedmuch trouble for his parents. He use d to play jokes on all of his friends and neighbors. He didn't like to go to sc hool, and he constantly ran away from home. He always went in the direction of the nearby Mississippi. He was nearly drowned nine times. After his father's d eath in 1847, Mark twain began to work for a printer, who only provided him wit h food and clothing. Then, he worked as a river-boat pilot (领航 员)and later joinedthe army. But shortly after that he became a miner. During t his period, he started to write short stories. Afterwards he became a full-time writer. In 1870, Mark Twain got married. In the years that followed he wrote many books including Tom Sawyer in 1876, and Huckleberry Finn in 1884, which made him fam ous, and brought him a great fortune. Unfortunately, Mark Twain got into debts in bad investments(投资) and he had to write large numbers of stories to pay these debts. In 1904, his wife died and then on e of their childrenpassed away.At the age of 70, his hair was completely white. He bought many white suits and neckties. Hewore nothing but white from head to foot until his death on April 21, 1910. 【小题 1】 When Mark Twain was a little baby, 【 . 小题 2】 In his childhood, a living, Mark Twain .【小题 4】 In the later years of his life, Mark Twain . A、his mother thought he would die B、he was as active as other boys C、he was not strong enough D、he was always in hospital A、Mark Twain learned a lot at school B、Mark Twain often went swimming with other boys

【 . 小题 3】 In order to make

11: 【题文】Two thieves came to a house to steal something。 They dug a hole in the wall of the house。 There lived many mice in the house。The woman in the moonlight saw a mouse crawl(爬行)into the house,“Look! In comes one,”she said to the man in the house。The thief was so frightened that he hurriedly crawled out of the house and said to the one waiting outside, “She found me when I was just in。”But the thief outside , so he said, “Let us two try to crawl into the house together。”At that time two mice happened to crawl into the house, too。The woman saw the mice and shouted,“In come two。Catch them!”The two thieves were terribly frightened。The man in

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the house said, “You saw them come in, but where are they?I will catch them tonight。”The two thieves started running away at once。 The two thieves wanted to make it clear whether they had been found or not the night before。The next day they acted as men selling sweet potatoes and came before the house。The man and the woman were ploughing(犁地) in their fields。 The rein (缰绳) broke and the woman came home for a rope。 She saw two men selling sweet potatoes and wanted to buy some。She picked out two which looked like mice。At the time the man couldn’t wait for her any longer in the fields and he ran back from the fields to hurry her up。The woman showed the sweet potatoes to the man and said。“How they look like the two of last night。” The man said,“I asked you to fetch a rope。Why don’t you hurry for it?” The two thieves ran away quickly without their sweet potatoes。 【小题 1】What is the writer’s purpose of telling the story?(within 10 words) 【小题 2】Which sentence in the passage is closest in meaning to the following one? Quite by accident, two mice also came into the house at that very moment。 【小题 3】Fill in the blank in the second paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence。 (within 10 words) 【小题 4】Why did the two thieves came before the house the next day?(within 20 words) 【小题 5】Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese。


1、 【小题 1】B 【小题 2】D 【小题 3】B 【小题 4】C 【小题 5】A 【小题 6】A 【小题 7】D 【小题 8】A 【小题 9】A 【小题 10】B 【小题 11】A 【小题 12】D 【小题 13】A

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【小题 14】D 【小题 15】C 【小题 16】D 【小题 17】B 【小题 18】D 【小题 19】B 【小题 20】C

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什么是母爱?文章讲述的故事告诉我们母爱如大海。 【小题 1】名词辨析。A 享受;B 失望;C 难受;D 快乐;根据下文可知他很失望,因为不愿意妈妈去参加会议。 【小题 2】动词辨析。根据句意可知妈妈会与老师相见。 【小题 3】形容词辨析。根据文章他妈妈脸上有疤痕,他根据妈妈丢了他的面子,所以感觉很羞愧。 【小题 4】动词辨析。A 包括;B 通过;C 覆盖;根据句意可知那一块疤痕覆盖了妈妈的右脸。 【小题 5】短语辨析。A 谈论;B 考虑;C 关心;D 听说;这里是指男孩不想谈论妈妈的伤疤是如何形成的。 【小题 6】动词辨析。A 留下印象;B 使…惊讶;C 使…兴奋;D 使…舒服;根据句意:尽管妈妈脸上有伤疤,但是 妈妈还是给老师留下了深刻的印象。 【小题 7】介词辨析。A 看见;B 用…方法;C 取道;D 尽管;解析同上,根据意思可知 D 正确。 【小题 8】上下文串联。上文说小男孩很尴尬,那么应该是躲着不想见别人。 【小题 9】副词辨析。根据上文可知妈妈脸上有疤痕,老师在问的时候肯定会很当心,防止伤害到她。 【小题 10】连词辨析。根据上下文可知:当儿子小的时候,他在一个着火的房子里。 【小题 11】固定词组。Catch fire 着火。 【小题 12】固定句型。Too…to…太…而不能;结合句意可知:很多人太害怕了不敢去救男孩。 【小题 13】词组辨析。A 失去控制;B 在…控制中;根据上下文可知火势很大,失去了控制。 【小题 14】介词辨析。根据上下文可知妈妈是扑到了孩子的身上。Over 在…上。 【小题 15】上下文串联。根据上文可知我被一块木头击中,因而失去了知觉。 【小题 16】动词辨析。A 指;B 显示;C 擦去;D 触摸;根据句意是指妈妈摸脸上的伤疤。 【小题 17】形容词辨析。A 丑陋的;B 持久的;C 严重的;D 让人害怕的;根据句意可知妈妈说虽然这里伤疤一 直留到现在,但是她一点也不后悔。 【小题 18】动词辨析。解析同上。 【小题 19】动词辨析。A 抓住;B 拥抱;C 放;D 抓住;根据句意可知是指男孩紧紧地抱住了妈妈。Hold sb in one’s arms.抱住某人。 【小题 20】副词辨析。解析同上。

2、 【小题 1】D 【小题 1】C 【小题 1】A 【小题 1】B 【小题 1】E 略

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3、 【小题 1】B 【小题 2】F 【小题 3】D 【小题 4】C 【小题 5】A 略

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4、 【小题 1】C 【小题 2】D 【小题 3】A 【小题 4】D 略

5、 71、Factors 76、turning 72、Measures /steps 77、 pressure/stress 73、bringing 78、lead 74、edge 79、likely 75、sleepy 80、concentrate 略

6、 【小题 1】A 【小题 2】B 【小题 3】C 【小题 4】D 【小题 5】A 【小题 6】B 【小题 7】C 【小题 8】D 【小题 9】C 【小题 10】A 【小题 11】D 【小题 12】A 【小题 13】D 【小题 14】C

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 15】A 【小题 16】B 【小题 17】A 【小题 18】B 【小题 19】C 【小题 20】A

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【小题 1】A 根据所给选项的词义辨别以及联系上下文可知,此句意为:但是真正令他们感到兴奋的是,人人都 有发言权。故选项 A 正确。 【小题 2】B 选项 A 意为“使失望”;选项 B 意为“给……以深刻印象”;选项 C 意为“使惊恐”;选项 D 意为“使震惊; 使感到恐怖”。此句意为:令我印象最深刻的是,当我说点什么时,我发现所有的目光都聚集在我身上。故选项 B 正确。 【小题 3】C 根据下文“…and felt very glad that when she was talking,…”可知,她的朋友不是拒绝(refused),不是 disagreed(不同意),也不是 disliked(不喜欢).此句意为:她的朋友李春蓓表示赞同,也感到非常高兴,……。故选项 C 正确。 【小题 4】D 根据上文“the editors nodded”(编辑们点头肯定),很容易推断出答案。此句意为:她在发言时,编辑 们不仅点头肯定,甚至还做了笔记。故选项 D 正确。 【小题 5】A 根据选项的词义辨别以及上文“the editors nodded”很容易得出出答案。此句意为:同学们高兴地看 到,编辑们倾听了他们的意见。故选项 A 正确。 【小题 6】B 四个选项的词均可与 about 搭配,但词义有差异。根据下文的提示可推出答案。此句意为:你也许 经常抱怨自己被老师和家长忽视。故选项 B 正确。 【小题 7】C 根据选项词义辨别以及上下文,可知此处应表示转折。故选项 C 正确。 【小题 8】D 此句意为:但在抱怨之前,请确定你已经把自己的担忧说出来了。故选项 D 正确。 【小题 9】C 此句意为:传统上在中国,学校的老师和学生的家长总是告诉青少年们哪些事他们该做,哪些事他 们不该做。此题也可根据生活常识推出答案。故选项 C 正确。 【小题 10】A 根据短语结构 be used to doing sth.意为“习惯于做某事”;be reduced to doing sth.意为“沦落为做某 事”;be devoted to doing sth.意为“专心于做某事”。此句意为:孩子们习惯于惟命是从,而不是独立思考。故选 项 A 正确。 【小题 11】D 根据前文的“But then their ideas would be locked in their brain”可以得到暗示。此句意为:但他们的 想法就只能被锁在自己的脑子里,无法被旁人倾听到。故选项 D 正确。 【小题 12】A 根据词语辨别以及上下文可得出答案。used to 意为“过去曾;过去时常;曾经”;pretended to 意为 “假装”;seemed to 意为“好像”;had to 意为“不得不”。此句意为:她原先非常不开心,因为父亲很少和她谈话, 陪她玩耍。故选项 A 正确。 【小题 13】D 根据词语辨别以及上下文可得出答案。此句意为:经过多年考虑后,她终于决定给父亲写信,把 自己的不开心告诉他。故选项 D 正确。 【小题 14】C 根据上下文可知,此处应理解为:令她吃惊的是,……。故选项 C 正确。 【小题 15】A 根据下文可知,她父亲向她道歉了。故选项 A 正确。 【小题 16】B 此句意为:从那时起,他真的变了。故选项 B 正确。 【小题 17】A 根据短文的内容可知,此句意为:有时候,我们需要让自己的心声被别人听到,使别人得以了解 我们的想法与感受。故选项 A 正确。 【小题 18】B 根据选项的词义辨别可知,此句意为:不要担心你会因为说出心里话而被指责。故选项 B 正确。 【小题 19】C 此句意为:你知道,表达心声是你的权力。故选项 C 正确。 【小题 20】A 根据选项的词义以及文章的内容可知,此句意为:即使你的建议被否认了,至少你已经尽力了, 不再有任何遗憾。故选项 A 正确。

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7、 【小题 1】D 【小题 2】B 【小题 3】C 【小题 4】C 略

8、 【小题 1】A 【小题 2】C 【小题 3】D 【小题 4】B 【小题 5】E

【小题 1】A 根据后面讲到许多欧洲国家,可知答案为 A。 【小题 2】C 根据后面讲到 Swedish company 可知这段讲瑞典公司的电视购物。 【小题 3】D 根据前面的 In Germany,可知答案为 D. 【小题 4】B 前面一句讲到有些人不喜欢,所以称之为“空中垃圾: 。 【小题 5】根据下文的比较,可知,这是两个国家电视购物的对比。

9、 【小题 1】C 【小题 2】B 【小题 3】D 【小题 4】B

试题分析:文章讲述 Carlos 随家人从波多黎各搬到纽约,虽然家人都很憧憬纽约的新生活,但是 Carlos 却感到很 孤单,不适应纽约的生活,怀念波多黎各,遇到了和他有着同样的问题的 Eric 以后,他们成为了好朋友。 【小题 1】猜词题:从第一段的句子:But Carlos was lonely. The city looked big, cold and dirty to him. 可知“detested”的意思是“厌恶”,选 C 【小题 2】 细节题: 从第一段的句子: His parents had big smiles on their faces as they discussed the wonderful new life they would have in this great city.可知 Carlos 的父母盼望在纽约的新生活,选 B 【小题 3】推理题:从第二段的句子:But Carlos didn’t want these things. He loved his home in the country in Puerto Rico; he loved the green fields, the hot sun, and the lovely beaches.可以推断出 Carlos 感到孤单是因为他怀念在波多 黎各的生活,选 D。 【小题 4】细节题:从文章第五段的句子:I know it’s hard to start a new life in a new country, but let’s face it. I did it,

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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and you can do it, too.”可知 Eric 和 Carlos 成为了好朋友因为他们面对同样的问题。选 B 考点:考查故事类短文

10、 【小题 1】C 【小题 2】D 【小题 3】B 【小题 4】C

试题分析:本文介绍了马克吐温的生平事迹,从童年的生活到写作生涯都做了细致的描写。 【小题 1】细节题:从第三段的句子:Mark Twain was born in 1835 and he was not a healthy baby.可知马克吐温小 时候不是很强壮,答案是 C 【小题 2】细节题:从第三段的句子:Mark Twain was born in 1835 and he was not a healthy baby.可知妈妈很担心 他的安全。选 D 【 小 题 3 】 细 节 题 : 从 第 三 段 的 句 子 : After his father's death in 1847, Mark twain began to work for a printer, who only provided him with food and clothing. 可知为了谋生他做印刷工。选 B 【小题 4】 细节题: 从最后一段的句子: In 1904, his wife died and then one of their children passed away. At the age of 70, his hair was completely white. 可知因为妻子和一个孩子的死去让他很难过。选 C 考点:考查人物传记类短文 点评:本文介绍了马克吐温的生平事迹,从童年的生活到写作生涯都做了细致的描写。本文要求考生理解文章的 主旨,通过不同人的不同观点,找出文章的特定的写作态度,读者应当知道如何去做或按照某种方式传递思考问 题。推理判断题的答案不可能在文章中直接找到,因此推理时我们务必要忠于原文,在文章中寻找并确定可推论 的依据。

11、 【小题 1】To tell a joke./To make people laugh. 【小题 2】At that time two mice happened to crawl into the house, too. 【小题 3】didn’t believe him 【小题 4】Because they wanted to make it clear whether they had been found or not the night before. 【小题 5】这时,男子在田里等不及了,就从田里跑回来催促她。

试题分析: 【小题 1】写作意图题:从文章看作者是写一篇笑话。 【小题 2】At that time two mice happened to crawl into the house, too。这两句话的意思相近。都表示两只老鼠碰 巧从洞里爬了出来。 【小题 3】上下文串联。根据下文他要两个人一起爬进去,说明他不相信的一个人的话。 【小题 4】 根据最后一段第一行 The two thieves wanted to make it clear whether they had been found or not the night before。说明他们想弄清楚对方夫妻是不是发现了他们。 【小题 5】中英翻译。

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考点:考查故事类短文阅读 点评:全文讲述了一个有趣的故事,两个小偷被巧合的事情给吓死了。内容较为简单,要根据故事发展的脉络来 梳理文章内容,同时注意分析文章细节。



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