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grammar 动词过去分词作状语

Book 5 Unit 3
V-ed as Adverbial

adverbia Read l

the sentences from the text.

1. Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the
adverbia first few days. l 2. Hit by a lack of fresh air, my head ached. 3. Exhausted, I slid into bed and fell fast asleep. adverbial

4. I stared at the moving model of the waste machine, absorbed by its efficiency.

Rewrite the following adverbial

If you use your head, you’ll find a good way.
Using your head _________________, you will find a good way.

If I am invited, I’ll go to your party.

Invited _________________, I’ll go to your party.


?分词作状语 , 表示动作发生的条件、原 因、结果、让步、时间、方式或伴随等, 通常相当于一个状语从句或并列分句。 ?一般说来,这种结构的逻辑主语就是句 子的主语。

Rewrite the sentence using V-ing form as adverbial

When he was asked what had happened, he kept silent.

When asked what had happened, ___________________________, he
kept silent.


Rewrite the sentence using V-ing form as adverbial

If we were given more time, we would be
able to do the work much better. Given more time _________________, we would be able

to do the work much better.

Rewrite the sentence using V-ing form as adverbial

Though he was left alone at home, the little boy didn’t feel afraid at all. Left alone at home _______________________, the little boy did

not feel afraid at all.

Rewrite the sentence using V-ing form as adverbial

The old man went into the room,

supported ______________ (support) by his wife.


Rewrite the sentence using V-ed form as the adverbial

Because it was done in a hurry, his homework was full of mistakes.
Done in a hurry ______________, his homework was full of mistakes.

Compare and discover

﹨ adverbial ; doing do→

adverbial; done

→ adverbial

A: Using the book, I find it useful. ? B: Used for a long time, the book looks old.

A: Using your head, you will find a good way. ? B: Invited, I will go to your party.

doing ,done 做状语看该动词与后面主语的逻 辑关系(主动/被动)。


Complete the following sentences.

1. 当被问及自己的家庭情况时,他没有回答。

Asked about his family —————————————————, he made no answer.
2. 如果给我们更多的时间,我会把它做好。

Given more time ,we will do it better. ————————————— 3. 猎人在森林里慢慢走着,后面跟着他的狼狗。
The hunter walked slowly in the forest,

followed by his wolf dog. __________________________.


Explained a hundred times

———————————————, the

problem still

can’t be understood.

Hit by a lack of fresh air ____________________________, my

head ached.


Surrounded by a mad dog

she was very

frightened and screamed.

The teacher came into the classroom,
Followed by some students ____________________________________.

practice: Combine the following sentences together, using the past participle as the attribute or adverbial.

A: J M Coetzee won the Booker Prize. B: He is well-known for his books about South Africa.

A: A princess once owned a magical chair. B: It was made of gold and silver. A: On his birthday he received a mysterious present. B: It was wrapped in goad paper.

A: He was interrupted by the bell.

B: He was unable to finish his speech.

A: He was awakened by a noise at midnight. B: She saw a thief in her room.

Absorbed ___________in deep thought, he didn’t hear the sound. (absorb)

_____ Lost in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. ( lose) ______ Dressed in white, she looks more beautiful.( dress)

有些过去分词(短语)源于系表结构,作状语时不表 动作而表状态。 moved/pleased/disappointed/worried…
be dressed in be lost in沉浸在 be devoted to 致力于 be supposed to 应该 be located in位于 be buried in专心于 be seated be prepared for be determined to do be tired of 厌烦 be absorbed in be born in… be occupied in忙于…

重难点辨析(一):过去分词 VS 现在分词作状语
visiting ① When ________ London at night, you’re a bit like in a dream.
visited at night, you make ② When _______

sure the visitor is really your friend.
Seeing from the hill, we can see a ① ______ beautiful park. Seen from the hill, the park is ② ______ beautiful.

II. 多项选择
1. _____ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A. Founded B. It was founded C. Being founded D. Founding

2. (2010) ____at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked

3. Unless ______ to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited 4. ______ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean doesn’t seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared

5. _______ many times, he still came to school late. A. Having told B. Having been told C. Told D. Being told

6. __________, but he still could not understand it.

A. Told many times
B. Having been told many times C. He has been told many times D. Though he had been told many times

7. _______ in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed 8. Though _______ to see us, he gave us a warm welcome. A. surprise B. to be surprised C. surprising D. surprised

9. Time, _______ correctly, is money in the bank. A. to use B. used C. using D. use

10. (2011) ______ into English, the sentence was found to have
an entirely different word order.

A. Translating
C. To translate

B. Translated
D. Having translated


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