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寒假作业一 unit1 一,unhappy problem bad square test advice famous real joy diving 二,climbing speaking camping laugh thought solve smiling not to be to give, to become, 三,healthy healthily, worst, slimmer, bored, more, singer, more dangerous, pleasant, the most nervous, interesting, the

四,BCDDA DCBDB CBADB 五,BDCBD ACBDA 寒假作业二 unit2 一 heroes, tasty, subject, seniors, admired, article, geography science unimportant, practicing, languages, history, 二 visitors, useless, fewer less, twice, mixed, myself, driving, unpopular, pleasant, boring, 三 DCAAB ACDAD BBAAD BACDB BBCAA 四 help, doesn’t rain, asking, chatting, is going to be doing, opening, put ran, to be, washing, will arrive, arrives will have talking 寒假作业三 unit3 一 to meet, themselves, to close clean, inviting, buildings, beginning, more, interest, amazing, visiting 二 to go on a trip to places of, to visit, whole front of, took by, to join in to, 三 invitation, interesting, quickly, yourself, beauty, 四,ADBAC CDBAA 五 had fun, at the beginning, feel sick, felt exited, places of interest, in front of 六 called, keeping, to have, climbers, winner, snows, less doing, players, walking, alike 七 1 it is big and white. 2 we should protect them 3 they kill them for their beautiful white coat. 4they live in the snow and ice. 5A 寒假作业四 unit4 一, leaves, encourages, elephants’ hunting, least, badly, to protect, characters, smells, sharp well 二, BAACB BACBB DCDCB BDCBD ACB 三, To live, is playing, buys, stops, don’t study, won’t, pass, playing, will be, waiting, to have, to continue, 四, Keeping passing and 2if we don’t protect wild animals any more, there will be no wild animals in the world. 3we must take the following actions to prevent them hunting animals. 4 her coat is made pf animal fur.. 5trying to 6 couldn’t believe. 7the baby didn’t stop crying until his mother came back. 8 the meeting doesn’t start until everyone comes. 9 if I can find the wolf hill, I will be very happy. 10 can he live alone, I am afraid he can’t. 11 if I go to nature reserve, I will watch the lions carefully. Unit5 一、单项选择 BCDAA DDDAC BCDDC DDACB 二、1. longer interesting 2. less 3. hottest coldest 4. laugh 5. hiking 6. closed 7. to help 8. watching 9. better 10. the prettiest 三、1. to protect. 2. carefully 3. hearing 4. action 5. northern 6. continue 7. preparing 8. science 四、1. noisily 2. unhappy 3. disappear 4. peaceful 5. living 6. wetter 五、1. feel 2. shining 3. is sleeping 4. reading 5. dropping 6. comes 7. to see 8. be 9. will arrive 10. have told Uni6 一、BCDCA CCACD CABDC ABCC

二、1. brightly sunny 2. snowy 3. foggy 4. windy strongly 5. worse 6. easily 三、1. to lock 2. not to talk 3. look 4. doing 5. not to get 6. playing playing 7. to learn speaking 8. to be 9. happen 10. working 四、BCDAB CDABB 五、DBDAD 吴中区 选择题 DACDB CADCB BDBCA 完型填空 CBAAB DCCDA 阅读理解 A)ADB B)DBC C)ABAC 四.56.comfortably 57.worst 58.information 59.yourselves 60.accidents 61.frightening 62.training 63.dropped 64.luckier 65.providing 五.句子翻译 1.This means more and more birds will disappear. 2.The English teacher always encourages us to speak a little English every day. 3.If you want to get rich,you must build roads first. 4.No one knows how that house caught fire last night. 5.Because of clean air.more and more people like to live in the country. 6.When people found Timmy still alive,they couldn’t wait to move away bricks and stones. 苏州市 二、单选 CBCAD BBCDD AA 完型 BADDB ACDCB 三、阅读理解:ADB BAD ACBC 四、1. hobbies 2. encourages 3. easily 4. heroes 5. fewer 6. protecting 7. natural 8. outside 五、1. My teacher has a good sense of humour. 2. Your school uniform is the same as theirs. 3. This song makes her really happy. 4. My mother bought me a mobile phone. 5. What were you doing when the bell rang? 六、1. Where do you plan to go for a trip? 2. There are a lot of places of interest in Suzhou. 3. Thank you for keeping the secret for me . 4. We will go to the park if it is fine tomorrow. 5. It’s impolite to ask a lady’s age in western countries. 七、略 2010-2011 学年第一学期期末模拟测试卷八年级英语 单词拼写: 1.kilometres 2. birth 3. firemen 4. accident 5. peaceful 6. angrily 7. forest(s) 8. airport 9. foreign 10.directions 词形变化 1.incorrect 2. foggier 3. Mice 4.hunters 5.winners 6. northern 7.dishonest 8.babies 9.loss 10. wolves’ 句型转换: 1.wasn’t able to by herself 2.didn’t think were 3.how many fish did catch 4.How nicely 5. a ,member of 6.drives carefully 单项选择: 1.C2.A3.A4.C5.D6.B7.B8.A9.D10.C11.B12.C13.B14.A15.D16.D17.B18.B19.D20.A 动词填空: 1.continued 2.was sewing 3.smells 4.was sleeping 5.to shout 6.is playing 7.will miss 8.dropping 9.weighed 10.will solve 完形填空:

1.A2.B3.A4.D5.B6.C7.A8.D9.B10.C 阅读理解: 1. D2.B3.A4.D5.A6.B7.C8.C9.C10.A11.C12.B13.D14.C15.A 句子翻译: 1. My parents are busy all year roundD. 2. They looked each other in fear at that moment. 3. You need to exercise more to keep healthy. 4. The teacher often encourages us to speak English after class. 5. We must prevent people from cutting down trees. 6. There will be a heavy snow in northeast China tonight. 书面表达略 附加题 单词拼写: 1.bamboo2.nowhere 3.wild 4.information 5.outside 6.Thick 7.delicious 8.following 9.train 10.loss 11.incorrect 12.quietly/softly 13.warning 14.thunder 15.Lightning 16.terrible 17.bricks 18.sandstorm 19.selling 20.arrival 词形变化: 1.hearing 2.suitable 3.wolves 4.hobbies 5.wetter 6.excitedly 7.nicely 8.myself 9.foggy 10.caller ’s 动词填空: 1. will win 2.hunted 3.playing 4.sing5.isn’t6.was shining7.finishes8.to talk9.was mopping 10.broke 选择题: 16.D17.B18.B19.D20.D21.D22.C23.D24.A25.B26.A27.C28.C29.A30.C 完形填空: 31.D32.B33.B34.C35.A36.A37.C38.D39.D40.A 阅读理解: 41.B42.C43.A44.B45.C46.B47.C48.C49.B50.C51.B52.C53.A54.D

56 fear 57 medicine 58 twice 59 encourages 60 accident 61healthy 62 unusual 63 foggy 64 trapped 65 endangered 66 Don’t play 67 If will 68 How often 69 How does 70 were playing 71 In the future ,people will make good friends with animal. 72 Last year, the flood washed all things of the village. 73 Thousands of people are trying to save the people trapped in the fire. 74 My brother is interested in football. 75 A moment of fear went through my mind. 76 poor 77 because 78 took 79 also 80 bird 81 use 82 same 83 mind 84 enough 85 parents 86 few 87 or 88 good 89 remember 90 so 一 单项填空 1-5 DCBBB 6-10 BDDCD 11-15 DDDAA 二 完型填空 1-5 BDCBC 6-10 BDABA 三 阅读理解 DDDC 四 单词拼写 1 sadly 2 shaking 3 hotter 4 February 5Leaves 6 importance 7 Almost 8 heroes 9 traffic 10 encouraged 五 动词填空 1 useless 2 skiing 3 moves 4 Wolves 5 Luckily 6 worse



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