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Welcome to our class

(1) How many ethnic groups do we have in China? (2) Do you know any different cultures and customs between these groups? (3) What about the ethnic groups in other countries in the world?

Ethnic Experience Tours


Introduction to four Ethnic Experience Tours. 1. Inuit Experience 2. Aborigine Adventure 3. Mysterious Maoris 4. Native American Indian Adventure


Try to find the topics of each tour.
Tour—1 travelling, food, house,

gathering, belief, jewellery

Tour—2 ceremony, belief, food, musical instruments, weapons Tour—3 culture, belief, meeting-house, food, fishing Tour—4 living, belief, teepee, clothing, ceremony, peace pipe, food


Read the travel brochure and finish the table below:

Ethnic group
Inuit Aborigines Maoris American Indians

In What which to eat country

Where to live


Specific events

Tour 1
Ethnic group In which country What to eat Where to live Specific events 1. ride on a dog sled and canoe in a seal skin Kayak 2. have large Summer gatherings



animals, birds and fish

igloos or tents

Inuit children

Igloo [’iglu:]

Tour 2
Ethnic group In which country What to eat Where to live Specific events 1. have Aboriginal ceremonies 2. play the didgeridoos and use boomerangs

food from Aborigines Australia the bush like lizards and snakes

Aborigine [ .?b?'rid??ni ]

[ 'bu:m?r?? ]

Tour 3
Ethnic group In which country What to eat Where to live Specific events


New Zealand

1. join in a dance called the Haka fish and wooden 2. eat food cooked sweet potatoes houses in underground ovens and go night fishing

Cook food in underground ovens

Tour 4
Ethnic In which What to Where group country eat to live Specific events

Americn Indians

the USA

1. wear buffalo buffaloes skin clothes and roasted teepees feather headdresses over an 2. take part in the open fire Sun Dance and competition

teepee [ ’ti:pi:]

buffalo skin clothes ['b?f?l?u ] ['b?

feather headdress

the Sun Dance

smoke a peace pipe

A bow and arrow [b?u] [b? [‘?r?u] [‘?r?u] competition

Buffalo roasted over an open fire


Listen to the whole text and pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.


experience for oneself 亲身经历 生活方式 way of life have the chance/opportunity to do… 有…的机会 的机会 四处活动 move around 由…制成 制成 be made from /of 夏日聚会 summer gatherings 加入,参加 take part in/join in/participate in 加入, 信仰,相信…的存在 信仰,相信 的存在 believe in 用木头雕刻 be carved from wood 以…为基础 为基础 be based on…

制定规则和律法 make rules and laws 狩猎, 狩猎,捕猎 hunt for 乐器 musical instruments …的家园 的家园 be home to… 富于… 富于 be rich in… 会见 meet with 包裹在…里 把…包裹在 里 wrap…in… 包裹在 属于 belong to 拥有对…的控制权 拥有对 的控制权 have power over 被设计来… 被设计来 be designed to do…

III. Language focus: 1.tour, trip, travel, journey trip (to)指短程的旅行 journey 为休闲或私事 指短程的旅行. 指短程的旅行 到远处的旅行 travel 到国外的长期旅行 tour 周游;比较短时间且不在同一地方停留 周游; 很久的观光或考察旅行. 很久的观光或考察旅行 译: 我喜欢旅行。 我喜欢旅行。 I’m fond of travel.

我上个星期天去了趟南京。 我上个星期天去了趟南京。 I took a trip to Nanjing last Sunday. 祝你一路顺风。 祝你一路顺风。 May you have a nice journey./ Wish you a nice journey. 同学们在一起谈论他们即将到 附近山村观光的事情 The students talked about the coming tour to the nearby mountain village among themselves.

2.chance机会 机会 有做…...的机会 译:有做 的机会 have the (a) chance to do / have the opportunityto do / get the chance to do 我还没有机会看我的信呢。 我还没有机会看我的信呢。 I haven't had a chance to read my letter. [固定搭配 固定搭配] 固定搭配 by chance偶然 意外地 偶然, 偶然 by accident

3. It is believed that…
常用在这个结构中的动词有: 常用在这个结构中的动词有: said, thought, guessed, reported, hoped, expected, announced, supposed, feared 等.

据报道,一场大的暴风雨即将来临。 据报道,一场大的暴风雨即将来临。 It is reported that a heavy storm is on its way here. 人们都认为努力就会成功。 人们都认为努力就会成功。 It is believed that hard work can lead to success.

4.power: n.
(1)[U] ability to control people and events 权力 )

have power over sth/sb 控制 控制… I've no power over him - he does what he wants to. 我对他没有控制权——他做他想做的事。 他做他想做的事。 我对他没有控制权 他做他想做的事 (2)力 ) 电力 electric power 前天因为停电我们下午4点就放学了 点就放学了。 前天因为停电我们下午 点就放学了。 We left school at 4 pm the day before yesterday due to power failure.

[固定搭配 固定搭配] 固定搭配
in power 当权 come into power 执政,上台,掌权 执政,上台, powerful adj. 有权势的 强大的 有权势的;强大的 powerless adj. 无权的

Translation 1.We were talking and laughing, when our teacher came in and asked us what all the excitement was about. 2. Please join me in wishing the Smiths the best of luck in the future. wish sb sth 3. If I were a millionaire, I would travel round the world. 4. After he moved to Australia, he quickly adjusted to the new way of life there.

5. We encourage students to participate in after-school activities. 6. China’s entry into WTO has enabled us to export more goods. 7. When he was a child, he had the ambition to become a doctor. 8. You have no idea how disappointed I was when he refused to help me.

— How to make a reference book? Planning Preparing Producing Presenting

1. Form groups. 2. Suggest the reference book you will make. 3. Give your reasons and have a discussion. 4. Take on responsibility for tasks. (assignments)

Preparing 1. Find one or two books about your topic. 2. Discuss information about it. 3. Form your own idea about your reference book.

1. Draft the cover. 2. Select the main groups for the contents. 3. Make some changes and perfect the book. 4. Approve the reference book.

1. Present your work to the class. 2. Give some necessary explanations. 3. Give awards to the winners. (Evaluation from both teachers and students)


Danyang is a beautiful city, consisting of many towns. As our hometown ,can you make a reference book about it ?

— How to make a reference book? Planning Preparing Producing Presenting

1.Read the text again and finish some exercises on WB. 2. Underline important phrases and sentences.

Mogolian women in traditional dresses The Mogolian tents

the watersplashing festival

Dai ethnic group

Bai ethnic group

Zhuang ethnic group

Man ethnic group

Zang ethnic group

Aboriginal girl

Maoris’ dancing

Native American


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