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《小王子》经典摘录(中英对照) 1、You know — one loves the sunset, when one is so sad? 你知道的—当一个人情绪低落的时候,他会格外喜欢看日落?? 2、If someone loves a flower, of which just one single blossom grows in all the millions and millions of stars, it is enough to make him happy just to look at the stars. He can say to himself, "Somewhere, my flower is there?" But if the sheep eats the flower, in one moment all his stars will be darkened? And you think that is not important! 倘若一个人对一朵花情有独钟,而那花在浩瀚的星河中,是独一无二的,那么,他只要仰望 繁星点点,就心满意足了。他会喃喃自语:“我的花就在星河的某个角落??”可是,这花 一旦被羊吃掉了,一瞬间,所有星星都将随之黯淡无光??那你也认为这不重要吗? 3、Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young to know how to love her? 花总是表里不一,而我太年轻了,不知道该怎样爱护她?? 4、For she did not want him to see her crying. She was such a proud flower? 她其实是不愿意让小王子看到自己哭泣。她曾经是多么高傲的一朵花?? 5、It is of some use to my volcanoes, and it is of some use to my flower, that I own them. But you are of no use to the stars. 我对火山和花都有用处,所以我才拥有它们。但是,你对星星们却一点用处也没有啊! 6、My flower is ephemeral, and she has only four thorns to defend herself against the world. And I have left on my planet, all alone! 我的花生命是短暂的,她只有四根刺可以保护自己,抵御世界,我却将她独自留在我的星球 上了! 7、The people have no imagination. They repeat whatever one says to them? On my planet I had a flower; She always was the first to speak? 人没有想象力。只会重述着别人对他们说过的话??在我的行星上,有一朵花,总是她先开 口对我说话?? 8、His flower had told him that she was only one of her kind in all universe. And here were five thousand of them, all alike, in one single garden! 他的花朵曾经告诉他,自己是宇宙间仅有的一种花;可是仅仅在这座花园里,就有五千朵和 她一模一样的花!

9、I thought that I was rich, with a flower that was unique in all the world; and all I had was a common rose. A common rose? 我总以为自己很富有,拥有一朵世上独一无二的花;实际上,我所拥有的不过是一朵普通的 玫瑰而已。一朵普通的玫瑰花?? 10、To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world. 对我而言,你只是一个小男孩,和其他成千上万的小男孩没有什么不同。我不需要你。你也 不需要我。对你而言,我也和其它成千上万的狐狸并没有差别。但是,假如你驯服了我,我 们就彼此需要了。对我而言,你就是举世无双的;对你而言,我也是独一无二的??

11、The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat. 麦田和我没有任何关联, 真令人沮丧。不过,你有金黄色的头发。想想看, 如果你驯服了我, 那该有多好啊!小麦也是金黄色的,那会使我想起你。我会喜欢听麦田里的风声?? 12、Men have not more time to understand anything. They buy things already made at the shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more. 人是没有多余的时间去了解其它事情的。 他们到商店购买现成的东西。 但是世上却没有可以 买到友情的商店,所以人不会再有朋友了。 13、It is your own fault, I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you... but now you are going to cry! Then it has done you no good at all! 这是你的错,我根本无意伤害你,可是你却愿意让我驯服你??可是你现在却想哭!那驯服 根本对你毫无好处! 14、It has done me good, because of the color of the wheat fields. Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. 驯服对我是有好处的——因为麦田的颜色。 再回头看那些玫瑰花吧! 到时你就明白你的玫瑰 花仍是举世无双的一朵花。

15、You are beautiful, but you are empty. One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passer-by would think that my rose looked just like you – the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen; because it is she that I have killed the caterpillars (except the two or three that we saved to become butterflies); because it is she that I have listened to, when she grumbled, or boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing. Because she is my rose. 你们虽然很美丽,但是却很空虚。没有人愿意为你们而死。或许,一般的路人,会认为我的 玫瑰花——那一朵属于我的玫瑰花和你们是一样的。但她这一朵却比你们千万朵还要重要: 因为我曾经亲自为她浇水;把她放置在玻璃罩下;把她置于屏风后面保护它;为她铲除一些 毛毛虫(只留两三只蜕变成蝴蝶);我倾听她的抱怨、自吹自擂甚至信口开河,哪怕她默默 无语——只因为她是我的玫瑰花。 16、And now here is my secret, a very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes. 这是我的一个秘密,再简单不过的秘密:一个人只有用心去看,才能看到真实。事情的真相 只用眼睛是看不见的。 17、It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. 你在你的玫瑰花身上耗费的时间使得你的玫瑰花变得如此重要。 18、 Men have forgotten this truth. But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose? 人们早已忘记了这个道理。可是你不应将它遗忘。你必须永远对自己所驯服的东西负责。你 要对你的玫瑰花负责。 19、Only the children know what they are looking for. They waste their time over a rag doll and it becomes very important to them; and if anybody takes it away from them, they cry? 只有小孩子知道自己在找什么。他们把时间花费在布洋娃娃身上。因此对他们而言,洋娃娃 就变得很重要。一旦有人将娃娃拿走,他们就会号啕大哭??



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