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高一英语 unit1 Friendship-language points 课件必修1

language points

What are your feelings after you read Anne’s story and her diary?
What a poor girl! She couldn’t even experience nature in two years! A life without a friend is a life without the sun. If people all over the world are friends, the world will be in peace.

对…友好 友好 合计 帮助某人做某事 让某物被修 让某人作某事 冷静下来 不得不 关心 照顾 遛狗 列出关于某物的清单


躲藏 Phrase 写下 s 一系列的 有能力做 对…疯狂 疯狂 与…有关 有关 例如 故意 为了 太多 碰巧做某事 在黄昏的时候 面对面

对…友好 友好 合计 帮助某人做某事 让某物被修 让某人作某事 冷静下来 不得不 关心 照顾 遛狗 列出关于某物的清单 嘲笑 经历

be good to add up help sb (to) do sth get sth repaired let sb do sth calm down have got to be concerned about take care of walk the dog make a list of sth laugh at go through

躲藏 写下 一系列的 有能力做 对…疯狂 疯狂 与…有关 有关 例如 故意 为了 太多 碰巧做某事 在黄昏的时候 面对面

hide away set down a series of be able to be crazy about do with for example on purpose in order to too much happen to do at dusk face to face

Can you fill in the missing words?
Tuesday Aug,25th Rainy Another gold medal. I can hardly calm down set down _________when I __________this dairy. These are concerned about days we Chinese ____________________ the 28th Olympic Games. Up to now, the number of add up to Chinese gold medals has _________ 23. Anyhow a series of all the players have ___________ scientific training and have _____________the great gone through difficulties. To my delight, it can ___ the whole let world know China which laugh at 嘲笑) China ______(嘲笑 嘲笑) at first. And now we have showed that China is able to __________ to hold a successful one.

Add up your score and see how many points you get.
and为并列连词,连接句子 为并列连词, 为并列连词 祈使句 动词开头 说话对象为第二人称 开头, 以动词开头,说话对象为第二人称 Hurry up and you will catch the bus.
and表示顺向关系 ,就能 表示顺向关系…,就能… 表示顺向关系

Hurry up or you will miss the bus.
or 表示逆向关系,…,否则 表示逆向关系, ,否则…

Tell him/her that he/she should have studied….
你告诉他他本来应该学习, 你告诉他他本来应该学习,… should have done 过去应该做某事而实际上没有做 含有责备 应该做某事而实际上没有做, 责备的意思 过去应该做某事而实际上没有做,含有责备的意思 You shouldn’t have left without saying goodbye. shouldn’t have done 过去不应该做某事而实际上 过去不应该 不应该做某事而实际上 做了,含有责备的意思。 责备的意思 做了,含有责备的意思。 You could have passed the exam but you just were lazy. 本来可以做成某事,而实际上没有做 本来可以做成某事, I would have gone to your party but I was busy. 本来打算做某事, 本来打算做某事,但实际上没有做

DoYou want a friend whom you could you want a friend tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts?
like 为介词 = such as You want a friend You could tell everything to
缺少宾语 a friend 形容词修饰名词作定语



从句起到修饰作用, 从句起到修饰作用,修饰前面的名词 a friend.

I wonder if it is because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I have grown so crazy about every about 主句 nature.
I wonder if/whether 我想知道是否
我想知道我们是否还能见面。 我想知道我们是否还能见面。 I wonder if /whether we could meet again.


I have grown so crazy about every about nature because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long. It is ….that 我不知道这是不是因为我很久无法出门的缘故, 我不知道这是不是因为我很久无法出门的缘故, 我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。 我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。

It is…… that


强调句 结构: 强调部分+ 结构:It is +强调部分 that +剩余句子部分 强调部分 剩余句子部分 我昨天在街上遇见了Tom 我昨天在街上遇见了 I met Tom in the street yesterday. 强调主语 It was I that met Tom in the street yesterday. 强调宾语 It was Tom that I met in the street yesterday. 强调地点状语 It was in the street that I met Tom yesterday. 强调时间状语 It was yesterday that I met Tom in the street.

I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. when 引导的定语从句(划线部分)修饰句 引导的定语从句(划线部分) 中的time 中的 spellbind v. 吸引人;迷人 吸引人; 我记得很清楚,以前,湛蓝的天空、 我记得很清楚,以前,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的 歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未令我心迷神往过。 歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未令我心迷神往过。

It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face.
某人第几次做某事 It is the second time that Tom has been to Beijing. 这是我第二次去北京。 这是我第二次去北京。 It was the second time that Tom had been to Beijing. 那是我第二次去北京。 那是我第二次去北京。

It is/was +the+序数词 序数词+time+that+主语 完成时态 主语+完成时态 序数词 主语

I am only able to look at nature through dirty curtains hanging before very dusty windows. hanging before very dusty windows 现在分 词短语, 修饰curtains. 词短语 修饰 我只能透过肮脏的窗帘看大自然, 我只能透过肮脏的窗帘看大自然,窗帘悬挂 在沾满灰尘的窗前。 在沾满灰尘的窗前。

add up
On day, Tom is having breakfast at a restaurant. He saw his best friend Jim 增加了 coming. He said: “Your arrival add to my pleasure. Let’s have breakfast together”. Jim 加到… 把…加到 agreed.加到 then Jim asked the waiter to And add some sugar to his coffee so that it tasted more delicious. After they finished, Tom asked the waiter to add up the bill. The bills add up to 100 Yuan. 合计、把…加起来 合计、 加起来
总计、总共,共达; 总计、总共,共达;

Add up 1)_________all the numbers and you will see how much you owe me. add up to 2) All the numbers ___________exactly 900. 3) The bad weather only _________ our added to difficulties. add to 4) Don’t ______ fuel ______ the flames.

be concerned about
我们应该关心环境保护 我们应该关心环境保护。 We should be concerned about the environmental protection He was concerned with that accident. be concerned with 与…有关,牵涉 As far as I am concerned,the idea is good. as far as ..be concerned 就…而言 就 而言

go through
他们在战争年代里经历了很多困难。 他们在战争年代里经历了很多困难。 They went through many difficulties during the war. I went through all my pockets but I couldn’t find my wallet. 仔细查找

set down
We will set about making preparations for the party. 开始做某事 开始做某事+doing We will set out to prepare for the party next month. 开始做某事 开始做某事+to do A new school was set up in the southeast of the city. 建立、 建立、创立 They have set off on a journey around the world. 出发

Yesterday we invited Mr. Smith to have set off lunch with us. He _______at dawn and arrived there at about 11:00 am. Mother ________to prepare it at 10:00 am. During set out the lunch Mr. Smith told us that he had set up _______ a new company last year. He really set_______________ (建立好的榜样)for us. a good example 建立好的榜样 建立好的榜样)

in order to

他去到镇里是为了卖他的画 He went to town in order to sell his painting. = He went to town in order that he could sell his painting.
in order to 可放在句首,so as to 不能 可放在句首,

He went to town so as to sell his painting. He went to town so that he could sell his painting.
两者的否定形式都是在to前加上 两者的否定形式都是在 前加上not 前加上

too much
He has too much money + 不可数名词 太多的 太多的… The question is much too easy. + 形容词 副词 实在太 形容词,副词 实在太…

The dress is _______ long for me. much too There is very little room in the house too much because it has far________ furniture. much too It’s _________hot. too much I have _________ homework to do, so I have no time to go there

dare 情态动词 I dare not go out alone at night. Dare you go out alone at night? If you dare speak to me like that again, you’ll be sorry. She dare not (daren’t) say what she thinks.
1. 用于否定句 2. 用于疑问句 3. 用于条件句 4. 没有人称和数的变化

dare 实义动词 I don’t dare to go out alone at night. Do you dare to go out alone at night? He dares to go out alone at night.
1. 有人称和数的变化 2. 后接 do 的形式 有时可接不带 的不定式 后接to 的形式(有时可接不带 的不定式) 有时可接不带to的不定式 3. 借助于助动词构成疑问和否定 4. 可用于肯定句

dare sb.to do sth. 向……挑战要(某人做某事) 挑战要( 挑战要 某人做某事) I dare him to jump over the stream.

Look at the picture and write down a short passage about Lucy by using the following words and phrases: upset; be concerned about; suffer from…; calm down
My good friend: Lucy

My good friend Lucy came to school very upset. She told me that she was suffering from a headache. I was concerned about her and tried to calm her down.

Make a story, using at least 8 phrases we’ve learned today. P4 (课本 Ex 2&3 课本) 课本

Look at the picture. Ask and answer the questions: A: What’s … concerned about? B: _______________________ Thomas
Exchange your ideas in pairs: A: What are your parents / you concerned about? B: ________________________

Look at the pictures below and make sentences with suitable phrases or expressions you learned from this unit.

Lisa and her parents, the park, in order to

John, his colleagues, get along with

Look at the picture and make sentences by using “face to face” in two ways:
1)His boss is talking to him face to face. 2)His boss having a faceto-face talk with him.

*Can you think of more phrases in similar structures like “face to face” ? heart to heart shoulder to shoulder face to face back to back


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