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名词性从句练习 100 题
1. Nowadays consumers become more and more practical and buy only _______ they need. A. where B. which C. when D. what 2. She’d like to offer money to ________ needs it to continue his or her study. A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever 3. ---If you are admitted to a key university, _________ as a prize? --- I’m looking for a cell phone. A. What you expect your father will offer you B. Do you expect what your father will offer you C. What do you expect will your father offer you D. What do you expect your father will offer you 4. Yesterday he sold out all his stamps at ____ he thought was a reasonable price. A. that B. which C. what D. as 5. Generally speaking, ____ we have seen seems more believable than ____ we have been told. A. what; that B. what; what C. that; what D. that; that 6. After three days’ waiting, there was a little doubt in the mother’s mind _______ the police could find her lost child. A. how B. that C. where D. whether 7. ―Sustainable development‖ is a question _______ we can continue developing the world without damaging the environment. A. why B. when C. that D. how 8. We’d like to do _______ we can _________ the poor. A. how; help B. all; to help C. whatever; help D. however; to help 9. My parents used ________they had to get a new car for my brother. A. which B. all what C. what D. 不填 10. She was so angry at all ________ he was doing _________ she stayed up all night. A. that; that B. that; which C. what; that D. what; as 11. After _________ seemed ages, the newsman disclosed the facts. A. there B. which C. what D. that 12. Our school is no longer _________ it was 10 years ago, _________ it was not well equipped. A. what; which B. that; which C. what; when D. that; where 13. Our bad living habits will destroy the earth. Only by changing ________we live can we save the earth. A. that B. what C. how D. where 14. Thinking that you know _________ in fact you don’t is a serious mistake A. what B. that C. when D. however 15. Energy is _________ makes things work.

A. what B. everything C. something D. anything 16. One of the men held the view __________the book said was right. A. that what B. what that C. that D. whether 17. I think that this meal was well worth ________ was charged for it. A. that B. what C. which D. how many 18. Do you think the reason ________ he gave is believable? A. for which B. which C. why D. what 19. Although he knew little about the large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded ________ other more well-informed experimenters failed. A. which B. that C. what D. where 20. Although Anne is happy with her success she wonders________ will happen to her private life. A. it B. that C. what D. this 21. The news has spread all over the country ________ the spaceship succeeded in returning to the earth. A. that B. which C. whether D. what 22. You can choose ________ book you like among these. A. no matter what B. whatever C. whose D. whichever 23. Is this research center ________ we visited the modern equipment last year? A. where B. that C. the one D. which 24. Loulan city is not at all _______a traveler who has never seen the desert before can expect. A. what B. that C .which D. where 25. What the doctor is uncertain about is ______ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. when B. how C. whether D. why 26. We should buy our daughter a computer in ______ it can help to improve her English. A. which B. that C. what D. whom 27. I wish to have a friend with ______ shares my hobbies and interests. A. whomever B. no matter who C. whoever D. anyone 28. Why don’t you bring _______ to his attention that you are too busy to do it. A. this B. what C. that D. it 29. The task required _______ did it ______ careful and brave enough. A. who; is B. whom; was C. whomever; were D. whoever; be 30. We wrote a letter of thanks to _______ had helped us. A. who B. those C. whom D. whoever 31.--- What are you anxious about? --- ___________. A. Whether we can succeed B. If we succeed C. Do you succeed D. That we can succeed 32. I just don’t understand_______ that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect.

A .why it does B. what it does C. what it is D. why it is 33. ---I rang you at about ten, but there was no reply. ---Oh, that was probably _________ I was seeing the doctor. A. when B. why C. what D. that 34. I kept this picture ________ I can see it every day as it reminds me of my university days. A. in which B. where C. when D. whether 35. ---I can’t find Mr. Smith .Where did you last see him this morning? ---It was in the hotel _______ he stayed. A. that B. where C. which D. since 36. You should keep those old jam bottles ----you never know ______ you might need them. A. when B. how. C. what D .where 37. ---Do you have anything in mind ______you’d like for supper ? ---Well, ______will do for me. A. which, everything B. that, anything C. what, whatever D. that, either 38. After five hours’ drive, they reached _____ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of . A. that B. what C. which D. where 39. It is recommended that the project ___ until all the preparations have been made. is not started B. not be started C. will not be started D. is not to be started 40.______ has finished the work ahead of time will be rewarded though we don't know who it will be. A. Those who B. Anyone C. Whoever D. No matter who 41. ______ makes the school famous is ______ more than 90% of the students have been admitted to universities. A. What; because B. That; because C. That; what D. What; that 42. Everything depends on _____ they will support you about it. A. if B. which C. whether D. that 43. After ten years, she changed a lot and looked different from___ she used to be. A. that B. whom C. what D. who 44. I know nothing about the young lady--- ______ she is from Being. A. except B. except for C. except that D. besides 45. The question came up at the meeting _____we had enough money for our research. A. that B. what C. which D. whether 46. __________ a terrible storm would take place in Hainan. A. Word came which B. Word came that C. Word that came D. Words came that 47. _________ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind not to leave him________ happens.

A. whatever; whatever B. No matter what; whatever C. No matter what; no matter what D. Whatever; however 48. Mr. Hopkins has not yet answered my question________ I can go with him to ________ he calls the Underground Treasure House next week. A. that; which B. that; where C. whether; that D. whether; what 49. --- Don’t you believe me? --- ________, I will believe _________ you say. A. No; whatever B. Yes; no matter what C. No; no matter what D. Yes; whatever 50. __________ is mentioned above, the number of the students in senior high school is increasing. A. Which B. As C. That D. It 51. See the flags on top of the building? That was ______ we did this morning. A. when B. which C. where D. what 52. ―What did your parents think about your decision?‖ ―They always let me do ______ I think I should.‖ A. when B. that C. how D. what 53. ―Could you do me a favor?‖ ―It depends on ____ it is.‖ A. which B. whichever C. what D. whatever 54. There is much chance ____ Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race. A. that B. which C. until D. if 55. ______ makes this shop different is that it offers more personal services. A. What B. Who C. Whatever D. Whoever 56. Mary wrote an article on _______ the team had failed to win the game. A. why B. what C. who D. that 57. The poor young man is ready to accept _______ help he can get. A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whenever 58. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when ______and see him. A. you will come B. will you come C. you come D. do you come 59. ______ in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of your e-mail account. A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires 60. Elephants have their own way to tell the shape of an object and _______ it is rough or smooth. A. 不填 B. whether C. how D. what 61. The way he did it was different _______ we were used to. A. in which B. in what C. from what D. from which 62. Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer ____ it was 20 years ago, ______ it was so poorly equipped. A. what; when B. that; which C. what; which D. which; that 63. Danby left word with my secretary ________ he would call again in the afternoon. A. who B. that C. as D. which

64. ―Don’t you think it necessary that he _______ to Miami but to New York?‖ ―I agree, but the problem is ________ he has refused to.‖ A. will not be sent; that B. not be sent; that C. should not be sent; what D. should not send; what 65. Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ________ a care for AIDS will be found. A. which B. that C. what D. whether 66. The old lady’s hand shook frequently. She explained to her doctor ________ this shaking had begun half a year before, and ______, only because of this, she had been forced to give up her job. A. when; how B. how; when C. how; how D. why; why 67. Do you have any idea _______ is actually gong on in the classroom? A. that B. what C. as D. which 68. I want to know ________ the thief was caught on the spot. A. which B. that C. what D. whether 69. Our club is open to adults only. _______ your children have entered without permission. A. There seems that B. It seems to be C. There seems to be D. It seems that 70. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ________ I disagree. A. why B. where C. what D. how 71. The road is covered with snow. I can’t understand _______ they insist on going by motorbike. A. why B. whether C. when D. how 72. We cannot figure out _______ quite a number of insects, birds, and animals are dying out. A. that B. as C. why D. when 73. The Foreign Minister said, ―_______ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.‖ A. This is B. There is C. That is D. It is 74. A story goes _______ Elizabeth 1 of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever and qualified noblemen at court. A. when B. where C. what D. that 75. I have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn’t matter ____ I’m talking to. A. who is it B. who it is C. it is who D. it is whom 76. The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at ________ I thought was a dangerous speed. A. as B. which C. what D. that 77. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, ______ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space. A. where B. what C. that D. how 78. Along with the letter was his promise _______ he would visit me this coming Christmas.

A. which B. that C. what D. whether 79. A modern city has been set up in ________ was a wasteland ten years ago. A. what B. which C. that D. where 80. I think father would like to know ________ I’ve been up to so far, so I decide to send him a quick note. A. which B. why C. what D. how 81. Parents are taught to understand ________ important education is to their children’s future. A. that B. how C. such D. so 82.It is pretty well understood _________ controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. how 83. ---Are you still thinking about yesterday’s game? ---Oh, that’s _________. A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I feel about it D. when I feel excited 84. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars _________ road conditions need ________. A. that; to be improved B. which; to be improved C. where; improving D. when; improving 85. _________ made the school proud was __________ more than 90% of the students had been admitted to key universities. A. What; because B. What; that C. That; what D. That; because 86. There’s a feeling in me _______ we’ll never know what a UFO is –not ever. A. that B. which C. of which D. what 87. Perseverance is a kind of quality—and that’s ____ it takes to do anything well. A. what B. that C. which D. why 88. ---I think it’s going to be a big problem. ---Yes, it could be. ---I wonder _________ we can do about it. A. if B. how C. what D. that 89. __________ fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences from one aspect. A. What B. That C. This D. Which 90. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly __________ he wants. A. what B. which C. when D. that 91. A computer can only do __________ you have instructed it to do. A. how B. after C. what D. when 92. Information has been put forward __________ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B that C. when D. as 93. I read about it in some book or other. Does it matter ___________ it was? A. where B what C how D. which

94. Little Tommy was reluctant to tell the schoolmaster____ he had done the day before. A. that B how C. where D .what 95._________ she couldn’t understand was __________ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why B. That; what C. What; because D. Why; that 96. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see _________. A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is 97. These wild flowers are so special I would do __________ I can to save them. A. whatever B. that C. which D. whichever 98. It was a matter of __________ would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever 99. _________ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. A. If B. Whether C. That D. Where 100. It worried her a bit _________her hair was turning grey. A. while B. that C. if D. for

名词性从句练习 100 题---答案 1 DCDCB; 10 DDBCA 11 CCCAA; 20 ABBDC 21 ADAAC; 30 BCDDD 31 ACABB; 40 ABBBC 41 DCCCD; 50 BADDB 51 DDCAA; 60 ACACB




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