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【云南省新人教版英语2012届高三单元测试:15 必修3 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”)

新人教版高三英语测试 15 必修 3 Unit 5Canada—“The True North”
1.________by a group of children,the old man was delighted. A.Surrounded C.To be surrounded B.Surrounding D.To be surrounding

2.I called the airline to________my flight reservation a week before I left for Toronto. A.see C.confirm B.consult D.strengthen

3.The new teacher made a good________on the students by her rich knowledge and humorous talk. A.feeling C.impression B.effect D.sense

4. The conference has been held to discuss the ________of global warming on people’s lives all over the world. A.importance C.protection B.effects D.impression

5.When someone________,he or she starts living a quiet life in one place,especially when he or she gets married or buys a house. A.sets down C.moves down B.settles down D.puts down

6.The practice of hanging clothes across the street is a common________in many parts of the city. A.look C.sight B.sign D.appearance

7.At the railway station,the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was________. A.out of sight C.out of order B.out of reach D.out of place

8. To enjoy the scenery, Jimmy would rather spend long hours on the train________travel by plane. A.as C.than B.to D.while

9.Most people would agree that nuclear science should be developed to benefit the human beings________harm them.

A.more than C.other than

B.rather than D.better than

10. ________I can see,there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger. A.As long as C.Just as B.As far as D.Even if

11.—How far apart do they live? —________I know,they live in the same neighbourhood. A.As long as C.As well as B.As far as D.As often as

12. The children went home from the grammar school,their lessons________for the day. A.finishing C.had finished B.finished D.went finished

13.All the factors________,the planned trip will have to be called off. A.considered C.considering B.be considered D.having considered

14.—Won’t you go to the football tonight? —________.I might stay at home watching it live on TV instead. A.I’d rather not C.I guess so B.I’m not sure D.I’d love to

15.—Look!I’m getting fatter and fatter.What can I do? —________.Do more exercise and you will be all right. A.Slow it down C.That’s right B.Don’t worry D.Don’t mention it

16.—Tom,you are smoking again? —________?It’s none of your business. A.So what C.Why not B.How come D.What for

17.—How do you find the new book by J.K.Rowling? —________.I guess she is out of her talent. A.With the help of my mother C.Very boring B.By accident

D.In the library

18.—Haven’t seen you for ages!Do you still work in Xi’an? —________.It’s four years since I worked there. A.No,I don’t C.Yes,I do B.No,I haven’t D.Yes,I have

19. The patient’s son asked the doctor the question________his father could survive the big operation. A.whether C.that B.if D.what

20.It is no longer a question now________the Chinese astronauts can wave our national flag in outer space. A.where C.that B.whether D.what

21.The news came as quite a shock to us________a ship with 82 passengers on board sank near the north coast. A.what C.when B.that D.where

22. The senior three students in our school received word last week________some excellent students had been admitted to Peking University without taking the exam. A.that C.how B.which D.what

23. There is no obvious evidence________there is life on any other planet in the solar system. A.which C.how B.that D.where

24. 1.When I got home,I found my son was playing on the carpet,________by all kinds of toys. A.surrounding C.surrounds B.surrounded D.having surrounded

25.The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a________of 60 miles. A.length C.way Part two :完形填空 B.distance D.space

My father often works very hard. And he has 21 to see a film. Here I’ll tell you 22 about him. One afternoon, when he finished his work and 23 go home, he found a film ticket under the 24 on his desk. He thought he 25 to have not much work to do that day and 26 was quite wonderful to pass the 27 at the cinemA. So he came back home and 28 finished his supper. Then he said 29 to us and left. But to our 30 , he came back about half an hour later, I 31 him what was the matter. He smiled and told us about 32 funny thing that had happened at the cinema. When my father was sitting in his seat, a 33 came to my father’s and said that the seat was 34 . My father was surprised. He took out the ticket 35 looked at it carefully. It was Row17, 36 . And then he looked at the seat. It was the same. So he asked her 37 her ticket. She took out the ticket at once and the seat shown in it was Row 17, Seat 3. 38 ? What’s the matter with all this? While they were wondering suddenly the woman said, “The 39 of the tickets are different.” So they looked at the ticket more carefully. After a while, my father said, “Oh, 40 , I made a mistake. My ticket is for the film a month ago. Take this seat, please.” With these words, he left the cinema. 21. A. little money B. much money C. little time D. much time D. a strange story D. ought D. paper D. wanted

22. A. a funny story B. a good story C. an old story 23. A. was to 24. A. box 25. A. happened 26. A. it 27. A. morning 28. A. early 29. A. hello B. was about to C. had to B. book B. liked C. glass

C. pretended D. which C. day

B. this

C. that

B. afternoon B. quietly B. good-bye

D. evening D. suddenly D. good night D. surprise D. wanted D. the D. nurse D. wrong D. so D. Seat4

C. quickly

C. good evening C. sorrow C. told

30. A. disappointment B. joy 31. A. asked 32. A. a 33. A. man 34. A. hers 35. A. and 36. A. Seat1 B. explained B. one B. woman B. his B. but B. Seat2

C. some C. doctor C. taken C. or C. Seat3

37. A. it bring 38. A. Why 39. A. designs 40. A. I’m sad

B. to get B. How B. colors B. I’m sorry

C. to see C. When C. prices C. I’m wrong

D. to show D. where D. owners D. I’m worried

Part three :阅读理解 A 篇 People need to relax and enjoy themse1ves.One way they can have a good time is to watch a baseball game or another sports event.Even thousands of years ago,groups of people gathered to watch skilled athletes(运动员) . Over 2000 years ago in Greece, certain days in the year were festival days. These were holidays when people stopped work and enjoyed themselves.They liked to watch athletes take part in races and other games of skill. The most important festival was held every four years at the town of Olympia.It was held in honor of the Greek god Zeus (Zus) . For five days, athletes from all parts of the Greek world took part in the Olympic Games.At the Olympic Games,people could watch them box,run,jump and so on. There was a relay race between two teams of men in which a lighted torch (火矩) was passed from runner to runner. The Olympic Games were thought to be so important that cities which were at war with one another had to stop fighting.People were allowed to travel to the games safely. Thousands of people came to Olympia from cities in Greece and from her colonies (殖民地) in Africa,Asia and Italy.They met as friends to cheer their favorite athletes and to enjoy themselves.

46.What happened in Greece over 2000 years ago? A.People stopped work and enjoyed themselves. B.The cities there were often against one another. C.People watched baseball games. D.People didn’t go to any games at all. 47.What were those countries in Africa? A.Friends. C.Colonies. 48.What did people do at the games? B.Enemies. D.Other cities.

A.They fought. C.They cheered for good athletes.

B.They just talked to friends. D.They tried to find friends.

49.Greek cities then were fighting so they_____. A.were weak C.couldn’t go to other cities freely 50.The best title for the story is“_____”. A.Greece at War C.Stop Fighting B 篇 B.Together for the Games D.Sport B.were strong D.could see each other

Alex stared through the cabin window at the darkness. Soon his dad would call him. And he didn’t want to go. He wished he hadn’t come to the lake for the weekend. “We’re ready,” Dad said as he came in from the porch. “ Grab your rod.” Alex turned away from the window and slowly picked up his fishing rod. “Have fun!” Mom said. “Sure,” said Alex, trying to make his voice bright. “We should have done this before.” Dad said. “Let’s catch a big one!” Dad picked up his tackle (钓具) box, rod, and bait can from the porch. He clicked on the flashlight. They walked down the hill toward the lake in the narrow beam of light. The only thing Alex could see was the circle of weeds and rocks at their feet, lit by the flashlight. Insect voices filled his ears---clicks, hums, buzzes, whines. Hundreds of bugs waited in the darkness to attack. “Ow!” he blurted as he felt a sting on his arm. “Mosquitoes,” Dad said. “I have brought some spray (喷雾) to keep them off.” When they reached the boat, Alex stumbled as he climbed over the side. “I don’t like this much,” he said. “It’s so dark.” Dad squeezed his shoulder. “Don’t worry. It’s not as dark as you think. After a while your eyes will get used to the night.” Suddenly something rushed past Alex’s head. He gasped. “What was that?” “Probably a bat,” Dad said. How could Dad act as if it were nothing! “Will bats be flying around our heads the whole time?” “This is their time to be out catching insects,” Dad explained. “They won’t hurt you. They’re too busy grabbing dinner.” He pushed the boat off the gravel (沙砾) and jumped in. Alex gazed back at the cabin. A square of light from the window glowed in the darkness. Dad rowed to the middle of the lake and stopped. “We’ll just let the boat drift. Keep the flashlight in the bottom of the boat. The fish won’t bite if they see light flashing around. When we’ve done

baiting our hooks(鱼钩), we’ll turn the light off.” Leaning down to get closer to the light, Alex tried to thread a worm on his hook, but he couldn’t seem to work his fingers right. So what if the worm was only partly on the hook? He didn’t want to fish anyway. He didn’t even want to be there.

56. Whom did Alex go fishing with? A. No one. B. His mother C. His parents D. His father

57. They turned the flashlight off _____________________. A. to sleep well C. to get to used to the night B. not to frighten off the fish in the lake D. to catch big fish

58. What does the sentence ‘We should have done this before’ mean? A. We shall catch a lot of fish. C. We caught a big fish before. B. We have caught a big fish before. D. We didn’t catch any big fish.

59. From the passage you know that ________________. A. Alex would like to go fishing there. B. Alex was used to fishing in the lake. C. Alex regretted going fishing at night. D. Alex didn’t want to be there.

1-5ACCBB6-10CACBB11-15BBABB16-20ACAAC21-25BABBB 26—30 C A B C A 31—35 A D C B D 36—40 A D B A A41—45 C D A B B 46-59 BCCCB D B. D C


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