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Using Language

The return of Dinosaurs?

霸王龙 tyrannosaurus

剑龙 stegosaurs

雷龙 brontosaurus


Look at the following pictures and think which film they are from.

1. Have you ever seen the film Jurassic
Park? Why do people like this film?

What animals do you see in the film?
Are they real?

2. Do you like dinosaurs? Can you see them in our real life? Why? 3. Do you think it is possible to clone

dinosaurs? If not, why? If yes, do you
think that’s good for human beings?


Extensive reading

Arrange according to time.
5. research using the embryos of mice

4. first experimental clones of cows 8. first experimental clones of mice 7. work on the embryos of sheep and mice 2. China’s first cloned twin calves 3. cloing of frogs 6. first clone of a mammal 1. cow gave birth to a bison 3 5 7 8 4 6 1 2

II.True or False
1. Scientists are still experimenting with cloning mammals because they think it can make money. F 2. The animals that have disappeared from the earth, like dinosaurs, can be brought back to life through cloning. F

3. If we can clone any extinct animals, we should let them live in a zoo. F

Choose the best answer.
C 1.The writer of the text _____. A. is excited by the possibility of cloning fierce and extinct animals B. believes that extinct animals can be brought back to life by cloning C. thinks it impossible or unsuitable to clone extinct animals like dinosaurs D. dreams of dinosaurs returning to the earth

2. The film Jurassic Park is popular A because _______ . A. people are interested in the subject of cloning B. all the actors are dinosaurs C. it was directed by a scientist who clones dinosaurs D. it proves very interesting

3. Which of the following is true? A. Mice were cloned in 1981. B. Dolly the sheep was the first cloned animal. C. The name of the cloned cow is “Bison”. D China was successful in cloning D. mammals.

4. The reasons why a group of cloned animals C all die of the same illness do NOT include ____. A. they have the same arrangement of genes B. there isn’t enough diversity in the group for it to overcome illnesses C. the illness is a new one D. their arrangement of genes can not resist that new disease

5. We can infer from the text that ____. B A. scientists are experimenting to clone dinosaurs B. dinosaurs will never return to the earth C. cloned animals will only live in the zoo D. the DNA of dinosaurs can only survive 10 000 years

Read the text and answer the questions.
1. Why should’t you clone an extinct animal unless there is enough diversity in the group?
There will not be enough genetic variation

in the group to be able to resist new illnesses.

2. Why is it wrong to clone an extinct animal if it would live in a zoo? It is not a good idea to clone an animal that would live in a zoo because it is not a suitable habitat to develop and increase its numbers.The zoo is not a natural environment for a wild animal.

3. Why can’t you clone the DNA of animals that have been extinct longer than 10,000 years? The DNA of animals more than 10,000 years old is not suitable for cloning, for it can’t survive so long.

Give some reasons why it is either impossible or unsuitable to clone extinct animals. Perfect DNA Reason 1: ___________________ is needed. diversity There is not enough _____________ for Reason 2: overcome cloned animals to ______________ new diseases. Reason 3: It would be unfair to clone any __________ extinct animals if they would have to live in a zoo.

Diversity in a group of cloned animals
Advantage of diversity Disadvantage of diversity

If there is a new illness, some of these animals may die, but others will survive and passed on the ability to resist that disease to their children.

They would all have the same arrangement of genes and so they might all die of the same disease.

Careful Reading
People interested in Not only film makers but also _________________.

ordinary people
____________ for its Reasons impossibility ? Perfect DNA is needed.

? There is not enough diversity in the ________ group. ? A (n) suitable habitat ______________ would be needed for the cloned extinct animals.

__________ Conclusion

The chance of dinosaurs returning to the merely a dream earth is ______________.

Choose synonyms(同义词)
1. It proves how the idea struck a mixture of fear and excitement into people’s hearts. A. Have on the brain C. Droved people crazy animals… C. All the time B. Confused D. Scared


2. From time to time people suggest that extinct

B. Occasionally D. Each time

A.There was a time when

3. People suggest that dinosaurs, can possibly be brought back to life.


A. Kept up
C. live on perfect DNA. C. most difficult

B. resist
D. relived

4. The initial requirement is that you need

B. most pressing D. most needed

A. Most thankful

5. All efforts of cloning an animal will be in vain
if there is not enough diversity. A. Go to waste B. useless


C. helpless
disease. A. oppose C. hire

D. meaningless

6. Others will pass on the ability to resist that B. slide


D. indicate

7. The chance of dinosaurs ever returning to
the earth is merely a dream. A

A. only
C. abruptly

B. surely
D. miserably

写作任务: Give your opinion on cloning
写作要求: 注意记叙文的表达方式 要写明白自己的观点, 层次要分明。 写作建议: 本单元主要讲述了“cloning”存在的 问题以及人们的态度, 文中可适当就此迚行发挥。

Writing – I Discussion ( 5ms )
Discuss in groups and write down the information you get.

Writing – II ( 20ms ) After the discussion, the students write a passage according to the writing task. (There are at least 100 words.)

Writing – III (12 ms ) Checking the articles.
1. Ask the students to check the articles for their partners. 2. Show some articles on the screen, other students should give some advice.

One possible version【范文】
Together with the modern advances in science

and technology, the news that Dolly had been
born was announced in 1997.

However, Dolly’s death raised many opinions
about cloning. Personally, I would like to agree

that cloning may do no good to our human

Firstly, seeing Dolly, we may think that cloning animals can easily develop a disease.

They can’t live long. Secondly, we can’t clone
animals that have been extinct longer than

10000 years, even if the DNA of dinosaurs
could survive this long. Thirdly, based on

what we know now, human cloning is just
a matter of time.

But the assumption that human clones have already been born hasn’t been proved yet. In one word, personally, the chances of cloning animals and cloning human beings living on the earth naturally are merely a dream.

Language Points
1. The popularity of the film Jurassic Park, in which a scientist clones several different kinds of extinct dinosaurs, proves how the idea struck a mixture of fear and excitement into people’s heart. 电影侏罗纪公园的受欢迎证实了普通人对 这一话题是多么感兴趣, 在该电影中一位 科学家克隆了几种不同的绝种恐龙。 本句是一个复合句, in which引导非限制 性定语从句, 修饰 “the film”; how引导宾语 从句, 作prove的宾语。

Many people who had seen the film were afraid to go to the forest when they A remembered the scenes _____ people were eaten by the tiger. (05, 广东) A. in which B. by which C. which D. that

解析: 答案A。题意为“很多看过这部电影的人, 当回想到人被老虎吃掉的情景时, 就不敢去森林 了”。本题考查“介词+关系代词”引导的定语从 句。“people were eaten by the tiger”是定语从句, 先行词 the scenes在定语从句中作地点状语, 表示 “在这种场景中”所以选A。

1. strike vt. & vi.打,撞击,冲击,罢工,打动,划燃, 侵袭,突然想起 n.罢工,打击 strike...into one’s heart 使??刻骨铭心 be struck with(by)为??所侵袭; 为??所触动(感动) It strikes me that...我觉得??;我的印象是??

strike a match划火柴
strike on/upon打在??上;撞到??上

be on strike丼行罢工
go on strike实行罢工


into 扎进;突然跑;突然开始

He struck a knife into the traitor’s heart.


? This film struck the mixture and excitement into the audience’s hearts. ? 这部电影让观众既兴奋又恐惧。

[即学即练9](1)The workers
were striking on strike ____________/____________ because they wanted more

工人们在罢工,因为他们要求增加工资。 struck five (2)When the clock ____________, the strike started. 当钟敲响了五点,罢工开始了。

won’t strike (3)The match ____________ because of the moisture of

the air.由于空气潮湿,火柴划不着。

(4)________________________ none of them trusts
each other.他们当中没有一个人信赖对方这使我震惊。

It strikes me that

(5)Great damage has been caused by the tornado
struck which ______ the area last week.


这四个词均有“打”的意思。 (1)strike 通常表示“打一下、打若干下”,丌 一定都是有意的;还有“打动,使??着迷, 某种想法突然闪现在脑海里”的含义;也可指


2)hit 指“打中”“(对准??来打”“敲打戒打击对方


讲时,不 strike 同义。
(3)beat 侧重“连续地打击”,如殴打戒体罚;也指在

(4)knock 侧重于“敲打,叩击”,常用做丌及物动词, 通常不 at 连用。


用 hit, strike, beat, knock 的适当形式填空

beats (1)His heart ______ violently.

(2)In 2009, H1N1 hit ______ China. (3)I was struck by her youth and enthusiasm. ______ (4)Please knock at the door before entering. ______

Strike (5)______ while the iron is hot. beat (6)Happily, we heard our team ______ the Japanese team. hit (7)The stone ______ him on the head.

2. from time to time 有时;偶尔

From time to time people suggest that the Animals that have disappeared from the earth, like dinosaurs, can possibly be brought Back to life through cloning.
人们时常设想从地球上消失的动物, 例如恐龙, 有可能通过克

The car manufacturers changed the car models

from time to time.

归纳拓展: from time to time 有时, 间戒, 偶尔,

= occasionally, now and then; at times;
Once in a while ; every now and then


(1) 他有时变得很没有道理。
________________________________ He becomes quite unreasonable from ____________ time to time. (2) 他们有时吵架。

____________________________ They quarrel from time to time.

3. bring back to life 使复生 例句:It is impossible to bring a dead person to life.让一个人死而复生是不可能的。

区别: bring back to life 与come to life
bring back to life 是从某个事情中, 给唤回到现实生活中,
比如, 从睡梦中醒来, 有点恍然大悟的意思, 或者是从生死关头

bring sth. to life 赋予某物以生命

come to life 苏醒,变得生动,振作起来 come back to life 苏醒过来;复活;恢复健康

? ①And anyway he was dead. Nobody could bring him back to life. ? 总乊,他已经死了。没有人能使他复活。 ? ②Watered in time , the dying plant has been brought back to life. ? 及时浇水,那枯萎的植物恢复了生命/活力。

4. initial

adj. 第一的,最初的,开始的

first ; happening at the beginning
In the initial stages在最初阶段

________________________to decline the My initial reaction was offer.我的第一反应是婉言谢绝这个提议。

5. All efforts of cloning an animal will be in vain if there is not enough diversity in the group for it to overcome illnesses.

☆ in vain without success in spite of your efforts
徒劳; 白费力气;枉费心机

①我们的所有努力都付之东流了。 were in vain All our efforts ____________. ②我想带苏一起来,但没成功。 tried in vain to get Sue I _____________________ to come with us. ③我极力劝说她放弃,但是枉费口舌。 tried in vain to persuade her to give it up I _________________________________________.

in vain 白费力气;枉费心机
? The police searched in vain for the missing kid. ? 警方搜寻那名失踪儿童,但是徒劳。 ? All our efforts were in vain.我们的所有努力都 付诸东流了。 ? All these efforts seem in vain.这些努力似乎全 都白费了 ? They protested to the President but in vain. ? 他们向总统提抗议,但没有结果。

课文原文 All efforts of cloning an animal will be in vain if there is not enough diversity in the group to overcome illnesses.

【例2】His efforts to raise money for his program were pockets.


because no one showed (湖北高考)

any intention to take a cent out of their

A.in place
C.in effect 解析

B.in sight
D.in vain

in place在适当的位置;in sight在视

力所及范围之内;in effect实际上;in vain 徒劳。由状语从句中的no one showed any


6.Diver sity in a group means having animals with their genes arranged in dif ferent ways.群中的多样性指的是拥有 基因排列方式不同的动物。 典例体验

Don’t sleep with the windows open.

The room was dark with all the lights off.

She sat there with a smile on her face. 她坐在那里,满面笑容。 With nothing to do ,I went out for a walk. 因无事可做,我出去散了散步。 The thief was brought in with his hands tied behind.


...with their genes arranged in different ways引导的句子作 状语。

副词 with+n./pron.+ 介词短语 现在分词(表主动) 过去分词(表被动)

不定式(表 将来)


(1)All the morning he worked with the door locked (锁着门).
(2) With winter coming on (冬天来了),it’s time to buy warm clothes. (3)I can’t go out with all these dishes to wash (因为所有这些碟子都要洗涮).

7. …but others will survive and pass on the ability to resist that disease to the next generation. 1) pass on…to… 传递; 留给 Would you pass it on to the next person? 把它传给下一个人好吗? 2) resist vt. 抵抗,反抗;抗拒 The nation was unable to resist the invasion. 该国无力抵抗侵略。

◆resist v. 忍住;顶住;抵御;反抗
resistance n. 反抗

resistant adj. 抵抗的;耐……的
resist sth. 抵制、阻挡某事

resist doing sth. 反对做某事
can’t resist doing sth. 忍丌住做某事

be resistant to 对……有抵抗力

[即学即练10](1)The river banks could not
resist the water pressure ________________________.

resist infection (2)A healthy diet should help your body ___________.

resist laughing (3)I could hardly ____________.


8.The advantage is that if there is a new illness some of these animals may die,but others will survive and pass on the ability to resist that disease to the next generation.其优点是如果发生了某种新

来,并且把这种抗病能力传给下一代。 【例句仿写】优点是,如果我们一起工作,我们可以彼此学习 。 The advantage is that we can learn from each other if we _____________________________________________________ ____ work together.

The advantage is that...其优点是??。 The advantage is that we have a good command of English.其优点是我们很好的掌握了英语。 类似的结构还有: ? The problem is that...问题是?? ? The drawback is that...缺点是?? ? The chance is that...有可能?? ? There is no chance that没有可能??

The chance is that our team will finish at the top,as our remaining matches aren't too difficult. 由于我们队余下的比赛不太艰难,我们队在结束时有 可能名列前茅。

The problem is that we can't get the money we need.
【即时应用】 One advantage of playing the guitar is ________ it can give you a great deal of pleasure. A.how B.why C.that D.when

考题链接 1.(2009·全国Ⅰ高考)Encourage your children to try new

things,but try not to________them too hard.
A.draw C.rush B.strike D.push

2.(2009·湖北高考)His efforts to raise money for his program
were________because no one showed any intention to take a cent out of their pockets.

A.in place B.in sight C.in effect D.in vain
3.(2011·烟台模拟)They________each other in that they are both bareheaded with sunglasses. A.differ B.modify

C.resemble D.classify

9. drawback n.


( = a disadvantage or problem ) ☆ the drawback of/ to sth ☆ the drawback of/ to doing sth

The main drawback to/of it

___________________________________is the cost. 它的主要缺点是成本高。 is one major drawback of / to introducing This _______________________________________ the new system. 这是引迚新系统的一大弊端 。

10. Based on what we know now, you cannot

clone animals that have been extinct longer
than 10,000 years.

就我们现在所知, 你不可能克隆那些已经绝种了

(be)based on以…为基础,基于
Based on what we know now,过去分词短语作状语。


A _____ by a greater demand for vegetables, farmers have built more green houses. (07, 浙江) A. Driven B. Being driven C. To drive D. Having driven 解析: 答案A。题意为“由于受到更大的蔬菜量 需求的推动, 农民修建了更多的温室”。根据by, 应用被动, 排除C和D。根据后边的完成时态, 驱动力已经有了, 不是正在推动, 故选A。

11.merely adv. 仅仅;只不过 mere adj.仅仅 的;只不过的 ______________________, but a way of life. It’s not merely a job

only adj. 仅有的,唯一的

adv. 仅仅;只丌过
only It’s the __________way to solve the problem. only/ merely I ____________looked at the cake; I didn’t touch it.

12.in good/poor condition状况很好(坏);情况很好(坏) 【经典例句】The dodo became extinct fairly recently, in good condition so its DNA is still___________________.渡渡鸟灭绝时间相
The car has been well maintained and

? be in condition健康状况好;身体条件适合;保存得好 ? be out of condition健康状况不好;保存得不好

? make it a condition that...以??为条件
? on condition that条件是

He felt in good condition when he was interviewed.面试时,他感觉状态良好。 They agreed to lend us the car on condition that we returned it before the weekend.他们同意借
车给我们,条件是周末以前归还。 【即时应用】

Dr Collins couldn't head the wildlife research in

the tropical forest any longer because his health was
in poor________.



★in good/bad condition 状况很好(坏);情况很好(坏)
be in good condition(=be in a good state)

out of/in bad condition(人)身体丌适;(物)保养得丌好

working/living conditions工作/生活条件
in difficult conditions在困难的条件下

on condition that...(相当于so long as戒if)只要
on this/that condition在这种/那种条件下 economic conditions经济形势 in/under favourable conditions在有利的形势下

in good condition [即学即练14](1)The car is still _________________.

in dreadful conditions (2)The miners there worked __________________.


on no condition (3)You must _________________ tell him what has

happened.你无论在什么情况下都丌可告诉他所发生 的事。
on condition that (4)I’ll do it __________________ you pay for


【练习】Fill in the blanks with the words given. cast down pay off from time to time in favour of be bound to

1. She was ___________ by her husband’s death. cast down 2. My uncle comes to have dinner with us ________________. from time to time 3. He has been working so hard at his lessons, so he

____________ pass the exam this time. is bound to 4. Finally his efforts __________. paid off in favour of 5. All of them were strongly _____________ the project.


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