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专题十 状语从句


1.You have a gift for art.________you do your best,you are sure to create fine art works. A.As soon as C.In case B.Even if D.As long as

答案 D [考查状语从句。句意:你很有艺术天赋。只要你竭尽全力,一定会创作出优秀 的艺术作品。as long as 引导条件状语从句,意为“只要”。] 2.The map is one of the best tools a man has ______ he goes to a new place. A.whenever B.whatever C.wherever D.however

答案 A [句意:不管什么时候要去陌生的地方,地图是我们最好的工具之一。这里用 whenever 引导时间状语从句表示“无论什么时候”,连词在从句中作时间状语。whatever 表示内容,在从句中作主语或宾语;wherever 表示地点;however 表示“无论用什么方 式,无论多么”,都不符合句意。] 3.Mr.White got________little money a month________he could hardly keep body and soul together. A.such;that C.so;as B.such;as D.so;that

答案 D [考查状语从句。句意:怀特先生每月挣这么少的钱以至于几乎不能养家糊口。 little 强调数量少,故用 so...that 引导结果状语从句。] 4.They intended to have the school better equipped,______ the local government was not able to get enough money to do so. A.unless C.although B.while D.once

答案 B [考查状语从句。句意:他们打算改善学校设施,然而当地政府却没能获取足够 的资金。while 引导让步状语从句。] 5. ________interesting the film is,I won't waste any time on it. A.No matter C.However B.Whatever D.Whichever

答案 C [考查让步状语从句。句意:无论那部电影多么有趣,我都不会在它身上浪费时 间。选项中只有 however 可以加形容词引导让步状语从句,也可换用 no matter how。] 6.How can they learn much________ they spend such a lot of time on computer games? A.although C.before B.when D.until

答案 B [考查状语从句。although 意为“尽管”;when 意为“在……时,既然,鉴于;在那 时”;before 意为“在……前”;until 意为“直到……时”。句意:既然他们把大量时间用 来玩电脑游戏了,怎么能学到更多的东西呢?] 7.You can make a complaint to the local government ______ you are happy with the way things are. A.unless C.once B.if D.as

答案 A [考查状语从句。句意:如果你对事情处理的方式不满意,你可以向当地政府投 诉。unless“除非,如果……不……”;if“如果”;once“一旦”;as“由于”。] 8.—I like your new shoes! —Thanks.I had to try on almost a dozen pairs________I decided to get them. A.as C.after B.when D.before

答案 D [考查状语从句连词的选择。before 意为“在……之前”,符合语境。句意语境为: 我在买鞋之前要试穿很多双鞋,即试穿很多双之后才买。] 9.If you are traveling________the customs are really foreign to your own,please do as the Romans do. A.in which C.when B.what D.where

答案 D [句意:如果你正在一个风俗迥异的地方旅行,请入乡随俗。where 引导地点状 语从句。] 10.Steps must be taken________this kind of disaster will never happen again. A.because C.so that B.even if D.as

答案 C [考查状语从句。 句意: (我们)必须采取步骤为的是这种灾难不再发生。 so that“为 的是”;because“因为”;even if“即使”;as“因为”。] 11.The war against official corruption has made great progress in the past few years, ________the government has more to root it out. A.if C.unless B.though D.however

答案 B [考查状语从句。句意:反对官员腐败的斗争在过去的几年里取得了非常大的进 步,尽管政府要铲除腐败还有更多的事情要做。根据语意可知,此处有“让步”之意,所 以用 though 引导让步状语从句。] 12.No matter________it will be windy or rainy at that hour,we've decided t o leave at five o'clock tomorrow morning.

A.what C.when

B.whether D.how

答案 B [考查状语从句。句意:不管那时刮风还是下雨,我们都已决定明早五点出发。 whether...or...意为“无论是……还是……”。] 13.They had no sooner arrived at the airport________it was time to check in. A.when C.than B.before D.though

答案 C [ 考查状语从句。名意:他们刚到了机场就到了办理登记手续的时候了。 no sooner...than...“一……就……”。] 14.Many people can't learn any lessons from the mistakes they've made________they get hurt somehow. A.whether C.if B.unless D.as

答案 B [句意:如果不遇到挫折,许多人不会从他们所犯的错误中吸取教训。unless“如 果不”;whether“是否”;if“如果”;as“因为”。] 15.Jack felt grateful to his teachers________he couldn't find words to express his thanks. A.as if C.for fear that B.even though D.now that

答案 B [考查状语从句。句意:杰克对老师感激不尽,尽管不能找到合适的话语表达谢 意。even though“尽管”;as if“好像”;for fear that“唯恐”;now that“既然”。]


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