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2016-2017学年高中英语 Unit 9 Wheels Period Two 北师大版必修3_图文

Period Two ——
Lesson 2 On the Move

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课前预习 基础落实 课堂讲义 核心突破 当堂达标 检测巩固

课前预习 基础落实
? 词语识记 Ⅰ.单词检测 1. baggage/luggage n. 2. sensitive adj. sensitivity n. 3. gentle adj. gently adv. 4. fierce adj. fiercely adv.

行李 敏感的;善解人意的
敏感;过敏 温和的,和善的 轻轻地,温柔地 凶狠的,凶恶的 猛烈地,厉害地

5. vocabularyn. 6. interpreter n. interpret v. 7. foolish adj. fool n. 8. responsibility n. responsible adj. 9. hostess n. host v. 10. content n.

词汇;词汇量 译员,口译者
翻译;解释 愚蠢的 傻瓜 责任,负责,职责 负责的,可靠的 女主人 主持;做东 容纳的东西;目录

Ⅱ.短语检测 1. rely on/depend on 2. focus on 3. take off 4. check in 5. go through 6. pull up 车pull out 7.

依靠,依赖 聚焦于 取下,脱下;起飞 登记 经历;穿过 (火车、汽车等)停止,停

? 句式背诵 He was going through passport control when he realised he didn’t have his passport. 他正要通过检证处,这时他意识到他未带护照。

课堂讲义 核心突破
? 重点单词 sensitive adj.善解人意的;敏感的;神经过敏的,容易生气的
(1)(原句)Mary,the American ambassador is a sensitive woman who is very friendly and gets on well with people. 美国的大使玛丽是一个善解人意的女士,她非常友好,并且和人们和睦 相处。 [归纳拓展] be sensitive to sth.对……敏感的 be sensitive about/to易生气的;介意的 sensible adj.明智的

(2)There’s no doubt that the consumers are still very sensitive to the price. 毫无疑问,消费者仍对价格十分敏感。 (3)She is very sensitive about her appearance. 她对外表很在乎。 (4)I think the suggestion is sensible. 我认为这个建议很明智。

[即时跟踪] (1)她对人们对她的看法很敏感。 She is very sensitive to what people think of her. (2)是他对自己的出身太在意了。 He is too sensitive about/to his family background. (3)This dog is sensitive for the tone of your voice.(单句改错)



likely adj.可能的 (1)(原句)“He’s most likely still in bed,” thinks Mary. “他很可能还在睡觉,”玛丽想。 [归纳拓展]
sb./sth. be likely to do sth.某人/某物极有可能做某事 It is likely that...……是可能的

(2)The weather is likely to be fine. =It’s likely that the weather will be fine. 天气可能好转。

[易混辨析] likely,possible,probable (1)likely表面迹象看来有可能,常用于sb./sth.be likely to do sth.或It is likely that...句型中。 (2)possible由于有适当的条件和方法,某事可能发生或做到,强调客观上 有可能,但常含有实际希望很小的意思。常用于It is possible (for sb.) to do sth.或It is possible that...句型中。 (3)probable语气比possible强,指有根据、合情理、值得相信的事物,有 “大概,很可能”的意思。常用于It is probable that...句型中。




①It’s possibl,e though not probab,le that,he will accept these terms.

②Human infection with flu viruses from pigs are most likely to occur

when people are in close proximity(接近) to infected pigs.

(2)He is possible to get hurt because he always trusts people easily.(单句




responsibility n.责任,职责;义务 (1)(原句)“I’d better take more responsibility for my own life,” she thinks. “我最好还是为自己的生活多承担点责任,”她想。 (2)Last but not least,it’s everyone’s responsibility to make good use of water. 最后但同样重要的是,好好利用水资源是大家的责任。

(1)a sense of responsibility责任感 take/bear (the) responsibility for...对……负有责任 (2)responsible adj.有责任的 be responsible for对……负责;是……的原因

(3)Women bear children and take responsibility for childcare. 妇女生育孩子,还要负责照顾孩子。 (4)He said he was responsible for that accident. 他说他对那个事故负责任。

[即时跟踪] (1)用responsibility的正确形式填空 ①Who should be responsible for the car accident? ②Everyone should have a sense of responsibility. (2)我对打破窗户负全部责任。 I take full responsibility for breaking the window.

content n.容纳的东西;目录;内容;v.满足;adj.满意的 (1)(原句)contents of your luggage 你行李中的东西 [归纳拓展]
(1)be content to do sth.乐于做某事 be content with对……满足/满意 content oneself with满足于;使(某人)自己对……感到满足 (2)contented adj.满足的,惬意的(常位于名词后作定语)

(2)She didn’t know the contents of the will. 她不知道遗嘱的内容。 (3)To be honest,I’m very content with my life at present. 说实话,我对目前的生活心满意足。 (4)We should never content ourselves with book knowledge only. 我们永远不要仅仅满足于书本知识。

[即时跟踪] (1)那位富人厌倦了城市生活,于是他愿意生活在乡下。 That rich man is tired of city life,so he is content to live in the country. (2)那位夫人带着满意的微笑看着我。 The lady looked at me with a contented smile. (3)John contented him with one glass of wine.(单句改错)

? 重点短语 rely on/upon(=depend on/upon)依赖;依靠
(1)(原句)“I’d better take more responsibility for my own life,” she thinks.“I rely on Hao Qi too much!” “我最好还是为我自己的生活多承担点责任,”她想。“我太依赖郝奇了!”
[归纳拓展] rely on...to do/doing...依赖……做…… rely on...for...依赖(某人或某物)…… rely on one(’s) doing...指望某人做…… rely on it that...指望……;相信……

(2)We rely heavily on computers to organize our work in modern society. 在现代社会我们在很大程度上依赖电脑来安排我们的工作。 (3)The success of this project relies on everyone making an effort. 这个项目的成功有赖于诸位一起努力。

[即时跟踪] (1)尽管广告很有用,但我认为我们不应该完全依赖广告。 While advertisements are of great help,I don’t think we should entirely rely on them. (2)你可以相信她会帮助你的。 You may rely on it that she will help you. (3)You may rely on that he will do a good job.(单句改错)
_o_n_后__加__i_t _

check in托运;(在旅馆、机场等)登记,报到 (1)(原句)I’ve already checked in my luggage. 我已经把行李托运了。 (2)Where can I check in? 我可以在哪儿办理登记手续? [归纳拓展]
check into登记住进…… check out办理旅馆付账或退房手续 check off核对 check on sb./sth.核实某人/某物

(3)He plans to check out on Tuesday. 他打算在星期二结账离开旅馆。 [即时跟踪] 用check短语的正确形式填空 (1)Guests should check out of their rooms before noon. (2)The checker checks on the quality of our products. (3)We checked in on Friday,and checked out on Sunday.

pull up (车辆)停止,停车 (1)(原句)She pulled up suddenly at the traffic lights. 她突然在红绿灯前把车停了下来。 [归纳拓展]
pull off完成(困难的事) pull out(车、船)驶出;退出 pull through渡过难关;完成 pull down拆毁 pull in (列车)到达,进站

(2)The cab pulled up and the driver jumped out. 出租车减速停下,司机跳了出来。 (3)She pulled out into the street. 她开车来到大街上。 (4)Everyone was very concerned whether he would pull through or not. 每个人都很关心他是否能够挺过去。

[即时跟踪] 用pull短语的正确形式填空 (1)The bus didn’t pull upat the bus stop. (2)The train was pulling out when he hurriedly got to the platform. (3)The old lady was seriously ill for a time,but she managed to __p_u_ll__ through with careful nursing in hospital.

? 经典句式 be doing...when...句型 (1)(原句)He was going through passport control when he realised he didn’t have his passport. 他正要通过检证处,这时他意识到他未带护照。

be doing...when...译为“正在……这时……”,表示一个动作正在发生的时 候,另一个动作突然发生了。 和when连用,表示“……,这时……”的句型还有: at/on the point of doing...when...正要做……这时…… be about to do...when...正要做……这时…… had done...when...刚做了……这时……

(2)She was talking with me when she heard someone calling her name. 她正在和我谈话,这时她听到有人在喊她的名字。 (3)I had just locked the door when I realised I had left my key on the kitchen table. 我刚锁上门,这时我意识到我把钥匙落在厨房桌子上了。

[即时跟踪] (1)史密斯一家正在日本度假,这时发生了一次可怕的海啸。 The Smiths were spending their holidays in Japan when a terrible tsunami happened. (2)我刚要做作业,这时我爸爸进来了。 I was about to do my homework when my father came in. (3)I was just on the point of going while he came in.(单句改错)



当堂达标 检测巩固


Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.I told her that I would take the responsibility (责任) for doing it. 2.He was angry with himself for having made such a foolish (愚蠢的) mistake. 3.My new English teacher is very gentle (和善的). 4.His son was arrested (逮捕) on a charge of murder last week. 5.The policeman asked me to show him the contents(容纳的东西) of the suitcase.


6.Their new school is still under construction (建设). 7.Look up the time of the next train in the timetable (时间表). 8.He was appointed as ambassador(大使) to the United States.



check in,pull up,take place,rely on,be sensitive to

1.Don’t rely onthe bank lending you the money. 2.We have to check in at six in the morning. 3.The foundation of this university took place over 100 years ago. 4.This tooth on the lower jaw is sensitive to cold and hot. 5.The car pulled up on the parking lot outside the station.


Ⅲ.完成句子 1.她正要离开忽然贝蒂进来了。 She was just (on the point of) going away when Betty came in. 2.他很有可能在除夕到达。 It is likely that he will arrive on New Year’s Eve. 3.养一个宠物,指导孩子负责照顾它。 Get a pet and guide your child to take responsibility for its care.

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