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Unit 1
add add…to…把…加到… Add the water to the bottle add up 合计 Add up the figures Add up the score add up to 总计达 These numbers add up to 100. add to 增加,加强,添加(多为困难,欢乐) This added to our difficulty/ hopelessness. Ignore Because he does not like me, he ignores me when we meet 不理睬. Their advice was ignored.忽视 It is not a question that can be ignored. ---the two boys were always quarreling. ---just ignore them. The bell rings so the class is over. But the teacher ignores the bell. Concern Be concerned about I am concern about my family/ friend/parents/hissafety. 对…关心 Be concerned with/ for Concern 与 …有关,关系到… This is a great event that concerns the future of our company. This problem concerns all of us. As far as I am concerned 就..来说,就..而论 As far as I am concerned, it is urgent for us to protect the environment. Get it repaired We must get them to come over here. -------get sb/ sth to do Get him to do the work. ------get sb/ sth doing I’ll get the car going. we’ll get the kite flying. ------get sb/ sth done You have to pay to get the camera repaired. I have got the letter typed.

Get/ make/ let/ have/ keep/ leave/使役动词 See/ hear/ listen to/ find/ watch/ observe/ notice 感 官动词 1.go through The country has gone through too many wars. They have gone through hardships. 经历 I’d like to have you go through the book. 仔细 浏览 Susan went through her bag and wallet looking for her ticket. 检查,搜查 I’ve gone through too much money this week 花掉 The river goes through the city. 穿过, 通过 2. make her diary her best friend We made him monitor of our class 3. They hid away for 25months before they were discovered. It will be some time before everything returns to normal. …才… It was not long before we met again. He hang up the phone before I could say a word. …就… 4. set down -- write down--- put down 5. series a television series 电视连续剧 a series of concerts 6. A hiding place--- a place for hiding a swimming pool 游泳池 the climbing boots 登山靴 the walking stick 拐杖 The sleeping car 卧车车厢 the sleeping boy 一个睡觉的男孩 7.I wonder if it’ because I haven’ been able to s t be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 1)I wonder if /whether… 我不知是否…… I wonder if you can help me repair my bike. I wonder if you could buy me a ticket. 8. It’s +被强调部分+that/ who … 正是 Miss 刘是我的英语老师。 It is miss Liu who/ that is my teacher. 我喜欢的就是英语。 It is English that I like. 我昨天在街上遇到了他。 It was I who/ that met him in the street yesterday. It was him who/ that I met in the street yesterday.

It was in the street that I met him yesterday. Was it I that met him in the street yesterday? Who was it that met him in the street? Whom was it that you met in the street yesterday? Where was it that you met him yesterday? When was it that you met him in the street? A ---Were all three people in the car injured in the accident?---No,___ only the two passengers who got hurt. A. it was C. it were D. there was A ---Who is making so much noise in the room? --- ___ the children. A. It is B. They are C. That is D . There are A It was ___ she was about to go out ____ the telephone rang. A. when ; that C. before; then D. when; before A It was ___ he said ___ disappointed me. A. what; that B. that; what C. that; when D. it; when C ____ that silver is not widely used as a conductor? A. Why is B. Is it why C. Why is it D. Why is that 9. Have … to do with 10. could never/ not have done 过去本来不能 He couldn’t have passed the exam. He couldn’t pass the exam. 没有他的帮助,我本来是不能成功的。 Without his help, I couldn’t have succeeded. could have done 过去本来能… He could have got the prize, but he failed. If I had come earlier, I could have seen him. should have done 如果我早点来,我本来能见到他的. I should have helped him, but I didn’t. 11. could never have kept me spellbound keep 使役动词 “使……” keep me waiting in the rain keep us locked in the room. Keep the classroom clean. 12. There was a time when …+定语从句 有一段时间…… There was a time when I often came to school by bus. I remember the days when I lived happily in the

country. 13. In order to do --- in order that 为了 He works hard in order to / so as to pass the exam.=he works hard in order that he can pass the exam. So as to -- so that We left early so as to /in order to catch the first bus. = We left early so that / in order that we could catch the first bus. In order to--- so as to He spoke loudly in order to __________. He spoke loudly so as to ____________. 14. happen to do 碰巧做…… I happened to meet him in the street. He happened to be sleeping when I came in. I happened to have known about it. to do Happen to be doing to have done = It happened that … It happened that I met him in the street. It happened that he was sleeping. It happened that I had known about it. She happened to be in Shanghai when I went there. He happened to be copying other’s homework when the teacher came in. I happened to have watched the film when he asked me about it. It happened that she was in Shanghai when I went there. It happened that he was copying other’s homework when the teacher came in. It happened that I had watched the film when He asked me about it. 15. It is the first /second…time that+现在完成 时 It is the first time (that) I have been here. It is the first time (that) he has come across such difficult questions. It was the first / second…time that+过去完成时 It was the second time that I had been here. 16. face to face 面对面 在句中作状语, face-to-face 在句中作定语 heart to heart 贴心地 hand in hand 手拉手地

side by side 并排的 back to back 背靠背地 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩的 arm in arm 臂挽臂的 step by step 逐步的 one by one 一个一个的 Have trouble with sth Have trouble in doing sth I am having some trouble with my classmates at the moment. I have no trouble with my English study. I have much trouble with my spoken English. I am having some trouble in getting along well with my classmates. I am having trouble in making friends. I have no trouble in learning English. I have much trouble in speaking English. Get along/ on 相处,进展 I’m getting along/on well with my roommates. 你现在学习怎么样? How are you getting along/ on with your study? we can get along well with the whole passage even if we don’t know each of the words. Be tired of// be tired with I’ve got tired of looking at nature through dirty curtains and dusty windows. I’m tired of playing computer games. I’m tired with a long walk. I’m tired with the overwork.

面对面地 把..加起来 考试作弊 平静下来 不得不 对…担心;关心 参加期末考 藏身处 很好地记得

face to face add up cheat in the exam calm down have got to be concerned about take the end-of-term exam the hiding place well remember

嘲笑 经历,遭遇 躲藏 记下流水帐 对…感到狂热 令人…心迷神往 熬夜 故意 为了 好好看一看 碰巧 关窗 被…的力量镇住了 一年半 在黄昏 laugh at go through hide away set down a series of facts be crazy about keep sb spellbound stay awake on purpose in order to have a good look at happen to shut the windows hold sb in the power of a year and a half at dusk



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