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2015 届高三英语读写任务的要点写作指引
一.读后感受 读后感受一般是读写任务的第一个要点。 通常先表达心情感受, 然后就故事中的人和事发表 看法。这类要点通常表述为“你读(……)后的感受” 。 表示心情感受的词有:touched/moved (感动的), disappointed (失望的), ashamed (羞愧的), sorry (惋惜,难过的), impressed (印象深刻的), inspired (受启发的,受鼓舞的), surprised(惊讶 的), astonished(惊讶的) shocked (震惊的)等。

基本模板是:“感受句+就事论事”,通常 2-3 句话即可。
1. The moment I finished reading the passage/ story, I was lost in thought. I do believe that … 2. After reading the story of… I was touched by/ was sorry for… 3. Having read the passage, I have a better understanding of… 4. I was really moved/ touched when I finished reading …, in which… To be honest, it was the first time that I had…读完??我真的很感动, 在这里?? 说实在的,这是我第一次?? 5. After reading the story, I am greatly inspired /moved and I have come to realize that it is most important never to give up your dream, even when there is little hope. 6. So moved did I feel after reading the story that I can’t help applauding for …

△读信后的感受(2007 广东高考) I was deeply moved when I finished reading your letter, in which I had a better understanding of your excitement over my coming to the world and your sincere hope on my growing. To be honest, it was the first time that I had realized your deepest love for me, which accounts for my great appreciation. △对中学生活的感受(2008 广东高考) As far as I am concerned, the details of my life in high school have made so strong an impression on me. As a matter of fact, I really had a good time in this school, where I gained a great deal of knowledge and made a large number of good friends. Therefore, I cherished the life of my high school. △John 来信说他考上了理想的大学,你给他回信说说你读信后的感受 I was very excited after I finished reading your letter, in which I knew that you had been admitted into your ideal university. I do believe that it was your hard work that made your own dream come true. What’s more, you always took part in different extracurricular activities to broaden your horizons, which contributed to your success. △对暑假做兼职工作的感受。 From my point of view, the experiences of doing part-time jobs in my summer vocations have had a great influence on my life. In fact, I learned a lot about how to deal with some difficulties on my own, which helps me become more independent now. Therefore, I think it useful to do part-time jobs in my summer holidays. 二.发表评论: 发表评论/看法一般是读写任务的第一个要点,2-3 句话即可。结构可以是: 表明观点→稍作解释。 发表评论/看法的优美句型 1. In my eyes/view/opinion/perspective, …is an excellent athlete(/mother…) and a great fighter of life.

2. Reading the impressive/moving/touching story, I find the boy/… was so kind-hearted that he should really deserve praise from all the people. 3. From my point of view, the advantages of … are obvious. For one thing… For another… 4. As for me, I’m not in favor of … because … 5. What the author said sounds reasonable, but … 6. When I got to know the news, I was surprised and moved by what Chen had decided to do. I think he really cares the poor and he is generous. 7. I can’t agree more with what the author has pointed out. Sample 1: 阅读材料讲的是兰斯· 阿姆斯特朗勇敢对抗癌症,重回自行车赛场的故事,写作要 点要求对他做出评价。 In my eyes, Lance Armstrong is an excellent athlete and a great fighter of life. He has a pure love for cycling. Besides, he has overcome the huge difficulty to realize his dream with his strong will and perseverance. Sample 2: (肇一模)阅读材料讲的是一个小男孩凭借自己微薄之力施救于海星的故事, 写作要 点要求评价故事中的小男孩。 Reading the impressive story, I find the boy was so kind-hearted that he should really deserve praise from all the people. Young as he was, he fulfilled what was incredible to people. Actually, the young boy set a good example, especially to the young. Sample 3: (模拟三)阅读材料讲的是团购的来源和长处,如今在中国发展迅速,越来越流行, 写作要点要求谈谈你对团购的看法并陈述理由 From my point of view, the advantages of group buying are obvious. For one thing, manufacturers can sell goods on a large scale and reduce marketing expense. For another, by cooperating with each other we shoppers can buy whatever we want without going out and get the most satisfactory goods at the lowest price. Sample 4: (2010 广东高考) 写作要点要求你谈谈用金钱鼓励孩子学习的看法。 As for me, I’m not in favor of encouraging kids with cash just because they have got good marks. Sample 5: 情景:陈光标先生宣布在他离开这个世界的时候,他将捐出自己的全部财产。 要点:发表你对陈光标先生的看法 When I got to know the news, I was surprised and moved by what Chen had decided to do. I think he really cares the poor and he is generous. Besides, he appeals to others to support charity and he himself takes the lead by taking practical action. 三.叙述经历 这类要点中常含“以你或你朋友的经历说明??”“讲述一次你或你朋友??的经历”等。 叙述经历一般包括记叙文的基本要素,一般应包括时间、地点、起因(背景) 、经过(发 展)和结果(结局+道理) 。 这个故事往往与阅读材料中的故事相类似, 值得注意的是, 所述经历一定要紧扣主题(认 真审题)。例子部分不宜过长,建议用 5 个左右句子(1 句引出经历+3 或 4 句叙述事件+1 句 发表感想) ,注意句式的运用和时态。 回首往事的句型: 1. The passage reminds me of a similar experience happened years ago. 2. The moment I finished reading the story, a story of mine flashes through /jumps into my mind. 3. The author’s experience makes me think of what happened to me years ago 4. It occurred to me that I also had an experience of… years ago.

5. The passage reminds me of my own experience of… 以“个人安全”为主题 , 举例说明你或同学发生的一次事故及其后的感想。 (引出经历)The report reminds me of the accident which occurred to me years ago. (叙述 事件) I still remember that .... _______________________________________________ (发表感想)Not until then did I realize that it was my lack of safety awareness that led to the accident. (常用强调句/倒装句) 1.叙述一次你得到别人帮助的事例 (引出经历) One of my experiences serve as a good example ( . 叙述事件) There was a time when I performed badly in my Maths. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I still failed. Upset and disappointed, I fell ill and had to be in hospital for a couple of days. Hearing what had happened to me, Lily, my monitor, came to hospital, helping me with my schoolwork. It was with her aid that I recovered soon and improved myself in Maths rapidly. (发表感想)I felt really grateful for what she had done. 2.叙述你因做了对不起父母的事而后悔的经历。 (引出经历) I once had an unforgettable experience that I did hurt my parents. (叙述经历) I remember when I was fifteen years old and I was addicted to playing computer. One day, I chatted with my friend about some interesting things on the Internet. Then, my mum had asked me to do my homework many times, I felt annoyed and finally shouted rudely at her. After that, I realized that I was wrong and regretted having done that. I shouldn’t have treated my parents that way. 3.请根据自己的经历说明学校集体生活的温暖。 When I first came to a new school, I felt lonely and sad, far away from my family. My birthday came and I missed my parents even more. However, when I came into the classroom that day, I was amazed to see “Happy Birthday” written on the blackboard. Then my classmates smiled at me and began to sing the birthday song together. I suddenly felt warm inside and I knew at once that here we were one big family. 4.请根据自己或他人的经历来说明微笑的魅力。 I still remember how a smile saved the friendship between Lily and me. We quarreled because of a small event and we hadn’t spoken to each other for a week. I had been looking for an opportunity to make up with her but always felt embarrassed. One day, I saw a saying, “A smile is a powerful weapon. You can even break the ice with it. ” So the next morning, with a sincere smile I said “hello” to her. She also said “hello” to me, with a bright smile. So, without an extra word, we made up.

1. 当谈到…… 以下的建议值得推荐。 When it comes to… , the following suggestions are worth recommending. 2. 解决这个问题,有许多办法。首先…… 解决问题的另一种方法…… There are many steps which can be taken to settle this problem. First of all… Another way of solving it is…. 3. 要解决…… 这个问题, 有各种办法,但我会喜欢这种方法, 也就是说…… To solve the problem of…there are various ways. But as far as I am concerned, I would prefer to solve it in this way, that is to say…


4. 这有一些可行的/有效的措施来处理……首先…其次…最后…只有共同努力, 才能…… Here are some workable/effective measures to deal with… First of all… What’s more… Finally… Only by joint efforts can we… 5. 解决……可能的方法如下。 The possible ways to…can be suggested as follows. 6. 依我看,为了??,采取有效措施,刻不容缓。 In my view, to…,effective measures should be taken without delay. 经典模板 围绕这类要点写作时,可以按一下顺序进行:总起概括?列举做法?强调收尾/表达憧憬 1.青少年如何避免肥胖 (总起概括)To solve this problem, parents have a very important role to play. (列举做法) To begin with, they should make their children aware of the importance of health. Besides, they’re supposed to give their children more vegetables and fruits instead of junk food. What’s more, it’s necessary that they help these teenagers make a plan for regular exercise and a healthy diet. And this plan, once made, should be carried out firmly. (强调收尾) Only in this way can these teenagers have a healthy and strong body. 2.你认为怎样才能更好地保护野生动物以免灭绝? (主题句)The possible ways to protect wildlife from disappearing can be suggested as follows. (列举做法) To begin with, people must stop hunting animals for their fur or skin. Besides, the government should pass laws to punish those who harm animals or trade animal fur or skin. Finally, the government should set up special preserve for animals to live safely in order to protect them from dying out.(总结) Only by making joint efforts can we protect animals. 3. 假如是医生,你会怎样做使你的病人信任你? (直接回答) If I were a doctor, I would do a lot of work to make myself trusted. (列举做法) First of all, I would be patient and kind enough to treat them as well as listen to them, which will certainly relax them a lot. What’s more, when the patients feel upset and uneasy, I would try my best to comfort them by speaking in a gentle way and tell them not to worry. 4. 如何更好地鼓励孩子学习 To get kids motivated to learn, I think we should not treat every child in the same way. To some kids, oral praise is essential. Don’t save the praise for only the top score. If possible, involve other adults in praising them. However, this method may not work well with other kids. Maybe what is more important to them is to watch a movie or go on a trip together with their parents. It just depends. 五.设身处地 “设身处地”指的是“如果是你,你会怎么做” “如果没有。 。 。 , 。 。 。会变得怎样?”通常 要求同学们要灵活运用虚拟语气来行文。 对现在的虚拟 If I had the chance to …, I would +动词原形 … Were I you/ a doctor, I would +动词原形 Just imagine what would be like if there were no…? Were there no cleaners, I can’t imagine what our life would become ! Without/But for sb./sth., …would+动词原形

对过去的虚拟 If I had been on the spot, I would have done… 1.假如你当时在场, 你会怎样做? If I had been on the spot, I would have jumped into the river to rescue the child on the condition that I could swim. If not, I would have first called the police and then persuaded the people on the boat and the swimmers nearby to help. (湖北大学生为救溺水小孩死三人事件) 2.假如你将来做老师, 你会怎样对待教学和你的学生? Were I to be a teacher, first of all, I would try my best to give students lessons, guiding them into a correct direction and arousing their interest in the subjects. What’s more, I would dive into teaching with great passion, smiling to the students and being their friends after class. Last but not least, I would treat every student equally, no matter who they are.表对现在情况的假设。 3.假如你是父母一方, 你会如何磨砺自己的孩子? If I were a parent, I would make my child do hard work and send him or her to the places where he could get the fullest training and knowledge with which he or she would value labour and be able to stand hardships. I would also teach my child to be a useful person to society. 4.假如没有清洁工,环境会变得如何? If there were no cleaners, I can’t imagine what our life would become ! Without them, our streets would be piled with trash and smell terrible. What’s worse, our environment would get seriously polluted, which of course would cause our city a horrible place to live in. People couldn’t work efficiently in such situation either.

1) 说明从小培养良好习惯的重要性。 I find it very important to develop good habits when we are young because habits will be with us for a lifetime. As we know, good habits will have a positive effect on everything we do. At the same time, it will be very hard to get rid of bad habits once they are formed. One of my friends has been keeping a diary every day from an early age and he says he has benefited a lot from it. 2) 说明吸烟的危害。 As is known to everyone, smoking does great harm to our health. Every year, thousands of people die from diseases caused by smoking. I often hear my father, who is a heavy smoker, cough at night and I am worried. What is worse, smoking also has a bad effect on people around who don’t smoke. (55 words) 3) 说明朋友之间应该互相帮助。 I believe that it is necessary for friends to help each other because no one can solve all the problems that they meet with. So don’t hesitate to turn to your friends when you are in trouble. John and I help each other with our lessons and now we are both making progress. (53 words) 4) 说明遇到困难时要向老师或父母求助。 It is always a good idea to turn to our parents or teachers, who are more experienced, when we are in trouble. They love us so much that they will surely spare no efforts to help us with their wisdom and experience. I often ask my teachers for advice, which, I think, is of great value. (56 words) 5) 说明读书的重要性。 As is known to everybody, reading plays a very important role in our life. We can broaden our horizon if we read widely and we will become more and more intelligent through reading. Our teachers often tell us that books are food for our soul and I believe that it is true. (52 words)

读写任务素材积累 看法类:
一、对…行为的看法 As for me, Marry is really great because she’s ready to do…that seems very small. Maybe what she is doing is very common in others’ eyes but it will play an important role in our daily life. 二、对街头食品的看法 As far as I’m concerned, I often purchase some street food on my way to school in the morning because it is very convenient to me. As a student, I can’t spend much time waiting or eating in a restaurant. It is well-known that street food is very popular in cities and towns because they are tasty, quick and cheap, which attract a large number of customers every day. Most of them are so busy with their study and work that they can’t spare much time to enjoy their meals. 三、对交友的看法 In my view, it takes time to build good relationship with others. You can’t expect to become good friends with someone soon after you meet him. You also can’t expect to become good friends with others if you do not spend time with them. 四、对心理问题的看法 As far as I’m concerned, mental problems are serious problems both in universities and middle schools. I believe physical and mental health is more important than good grades. Therefore, parents and teachers should first pay attention to students’ feelings. Only when they feel it fun to study, can they learn their lessons well. 五、对网络教育的看法 Personally, I appreciate this new form of education. It can provide different learners with more flexible ways to learn. Most of all, with online education, we can absorb the latest knowledge. 六、对“自我表现与谦虚”的看法 For my part, good communication, including presenting one’s achievements and advantages properly to others, can lead to success. In modern society, blowing one’s own trumpet(喇叭) can help others know what a person is good at, which may be an example for them to follow. So what counts most is that one’s confidence must be true of one’s real case. To Chinese people, modesty is a virtue, but being too modest may sometimes cause others to think you are good at nothing. Moreover, modesty doesn’t necessarily mean hiding one’s own strong points or keeping silent. One must learn to sell himself at the right time and enjoy his proud moments. Therefore, blowing one’s trumpet and modesty, in my opinion, can be combined and balanced. 七、目标的重要性(看法) I was greatly inspired by such a story as it makes me realize the power of a goal in shaping one’s success and gives me strength to pursue my goal despite the hardships I’m to go through. In my opinion, goals are important in our life. To begin with, as goals often enables us to be positive to ups and downs in our life. Moreover, bearing goals in mind, we’re less likely to be distracted from our way to success. Finally, as goals are what we’re longing for, they thus can

motivate us to strive for greater achievements, making our life more fulfilling(令人满意的).

八、态度决定一切的启示 Different attitudes lead to different results. Take Xiao Hua for example, He’s my classmate. He always puts his heart into study, so he has become a top student in our class. With his diligence and concentration, he’s bound to succeed in the entrance examination. However, Xiao Li never cares about his study and turns a deaf ear to the teachers’ advice. As a result, he falls far behind others in his study. 九、面对挑战的感悟 Looking back on this, I realize that whatever challenges I am faced with, I will spare no effort and never give up. I’m sure to achieve final victory and become what I should be. 十、对考验的感受 From the story I’ve learned that the trials of life are of great importance in our growth. As the saying goes, “No cross, no crown(不经历风雨怎么见彩虹).” Only by facing and overcoming difficulties in our life can we grow up happily and healthily. 十一、对中学生活的感受 As for me, a student from the country, what I do every day is to devote myself to realizing my dream of attending a key university. So I seldom have time to do outdoor activities. Anyway, I’ve become more independent and as a student of boarding school, my experience has become a benefit in my future college life. 十二、有关命运转折点的启示 The passage inspired me greatly as I come to know that the happiness of life lies in our own hands. Although he was hopeless in any sport at school, He didn’t give up. Despite what others say about him, he made up his mind to improve himself push his body to the limit. With his determination and perseverance, he made a difference in his life.

十四、如何更好地鼓励孩子学习 To get kids motivated to learn, I think we should not treat every child in the same way. To some kids, oral praise is essential. Don’t save the praise for only the top score. If possible, involve other adults in praising them. However, this method may not work well with other kids. Maybe what is more important to them is to watch a movie or go on a trip together with their parents. It just depends. 十五、如何适应大学生活 As far as I’m concerned, college life differs from middle school life a lot. So I think the ideal university life should help me get well prepared for society, including obtaining academic knowledge. I think I will take an active part in all kinds of activities, as well as study hard to achieve my ideal university life. 十六、建设生态学校,你该做点什么? To build our school an Eco-school, first I must tell my schoolmates about the importance of

environmental protection. Then we can start from doing some small things, such as collecting used and saving water. We should always remember our responsibilities and change the environment step by step. 十七、离家出走建议 In my eyes, trust and communication are of great importance. Why don’t you try to break the ice by talking to your mother about your emotions? Secondly, know how to calm yourself down when you’re upset. Maybe you need to run around outside, listen to music, or draw. Do whatever you need to do to feel better. You can also get some help from ideal friends—someone like your teacher, or neighbor, who you can depend on to support and help you. 十八、可以采取哪些措施解决污染问题 Many people have become aware of the importance of environmental protection but others still haven’t, so some measures should still be taken to solve environmental problems. For example, our government should educate people to realize the seriousness of the environmental problems and to protect our natural resources in an environmentally friendly way. Only when everyone knows the importance of the environmental protection can we have a better and cleaner world to live in! 十九、怎样应对同伴压力 First of all, since the whole world is full of peer pressure, we have to know that it is not easy for us to avoid it. Secondly, find out the truth about something and you’ll really feel better.




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