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人教版高中英语必修二课件:Unit4 Learning about language(共30张PPT_图文

Discovering useful words and expressions Exercise 1: 1. distant far away in space or time

2. decrease to go down to a lower level

3. powerful able to control events

4. affect

to do something to make a change

5. appreciate to understand how serious a situation is

Exercise 1:

6. hunt

to run after animals in order to kill or catch them

7. protect…from to keep someone or something safe from harm

8. respond

to do something as a reaction to something done or said

9. relief

feeling of comfort when something worrying has ended or not happened

Exercise 2:
protect … from wild reserve powerful appreciate hunt relief species
Wendy Lee was a famous photographer and always photographed ___w_i_ld____ animals in their natural habitat. One day she drove her car into the local game __re_s_e_r_v_e_ as usual to ___h_u_n_t___ for some animals to photograph.

protect … from wild reserve powerful appreciate hunt relief species
After a while she saw some zebra with black and white lines going beneath their stomachs. “This must be a special __s_p_e_c_ie_s__ of zebra,” thought Wendy. “I’ve never seen one like this before.” Suddenly the zebra looked up and moved away as quickly as they could.

protect … from wild reserve

powerful appreciate hunt

relief species

Wendy looked around and saw a _p_o_w_e_r_f_u_l lion in the grass. She a_p__p_re_c_i_a_te_d_ the danger, so she sounded her horn loudly until the lion turned and walked away. Wendy waited for several minutes to make sure the lion was not coming back.

protect … from wild reserve powerful appreciate hunt relief species
Then she gave a smile of _r_e_l_ie_f__. But soon her smile disappeared because she realized that in _p_r_o_t_e_c_ti_n_g_ the zebra _f_ro_m__ the lion she had lost her best chance of taking some amazing photographs!

UNIT 4 - - Grammar
The Present Continuous Passive Voice

active voice

passive voice

Susan is cooking dinner.
They are designing the car.

Dinner is being cooked by Susan.
The car is being designed.

You are using our fur to make sweaters.

Our fur is being used to make sweaters.

An exciting elephant is watching her.

She is being watched by an excitong elephant.

现在进行时的被动语态 The present continuous passive voice 表示“某人/事此时此刻正在被…”, 主语是动作的承受者。

现在进行时的被动语态 1. 肯定形式:
The house is being painted. 房子正在被粉刷。
2.否定形式: am/is/are+not+being+过去分词
The trees are not being watered.
3.疑问形式: Am/Is/Are+主语+being+过去分词?
Am I being watched over?
4.特殊疑问句的形式: 把特殊疑问词放在一般疑问句前面。
How many bridges are being built in the village?





语 态 变 被

“三不变”: 原句意思不变 原句时态不变


They are building nine parks.

态 →Nine parks are being built by them.

→How many parks are being built?

现在进行时的被动语态基本用法: 1.表示现在正在进行的被动动作。


XX学 年 下 学 期 德育 工作计 划范本 一 、 指 导 思 想以“ 三个代 表”重 要思想 为指导 ,深入贯 彻党的 十六大 精神,扎实推进 公 民 道 德 建 设,深入 开展未 成年人 思想道 德建设 。以诚 信教育 和延安 精神进 校园活 动 为 重 点 ,坚 持“三 个加强 ”,即加 强常规 管理、 加强队 伍建设 、加强 德育科 研;实 现 “ 三 个 创 新”,即 学生实 践活动 创新、 学生评 价方法 创新、 德育信 息化建设创新, 努 力 提 高 我 校德育 工作的 主动性 、针对 性和实 效性。 二、基 本工作 思路(一 )认真 抓 好 德 育 科 研工作 。要想 使德育 工作深 入开展 ,就要扎 实开展 科研工 作,不断总结成 败 教 训 ,形 成 经验,从 而推进 德育工 作上一 个新的 台阶。 本学期 要在上学期科研室安 排 的各项 德育科 研课题 的基础 上 ,按学 校统一 布署 ,有 计划、 分步骤 地开展 调查研 究, 及 时 进 行 总 结,并形 成理论 性的论 文,进一 步巩固 德育工 作的成 果。为了进一步调动 大 家 的 科 研 意识、 成果意 识,学校 将实施 德育科 研成果 专项奖 励,以鼓励大家以更好 的 态 度 ,更 严 的作风 ,更深的 钻研,努 力开 展德育 科研的 新领域 。(二)全面贯彻《公民
道 德建设 实施纲 要》。 在广大 师生中 大力宣 传“爱 国守法 、明礼 诚信、 团结友 善、 勤 俭 自 强 、 爱岗敬 业”二 十字公 民基本 道德规 范。以 诚信教 育为突 破口,将 诚信教

Mary is being interviewed now.

My car is being repaired now.

2. 表现阶段正在进行的被动动作。
The disease is being studied at present by scientist.

The habitat of the panda is being studied
at present . 现在正在研究熊猫

3. 少数及物动词的进行时表示按计划、 安排将要承受某个动作。
An party is being held tonight. 今晚将要举办一场晚会。

4. 有些动词进行时的主动形式就 可以表示被动的意思,常见的这 些动词有:
print, cook, fry, bake, burn, hang.
e.g. The house is burning.
The meat is cooking.

5. 在某些 “介词+名词”的短语也可以 表示正在进行着的被动,常见的这些介词 有: on, under e.g. Many new cars are on show.
= Many new cars are being showed. Your questions are under discussion. = Your questions are being discussed.

6. 有些表 “ 状态, 心理活动, 情感” 等的动词,常用一般现在时的被动语态 表示 “正在进行”。
e.g. You are wanted on the phone.
MP3 is becoming more and more
popular. In other words, it is loved
by more and more people.

1. A new cinema _i_s_b_e_i_n_g_b__u_il_t_ (built) here. They hope to finish it next month.
2. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology __i_s_c_h_a_n_g_in__g_ (change) so rapidly.

3. Rainforests __a_re__b_e_in__g_c_u_t_ (cut) and burned at near future.
4. The building _b_e_i_n_g_b__u_il_t_ (built) now will be our dormitory.

6. It is said that panda _a_r_e__d_is_a_p_p_e_aring (disappeare) in our country year after year.

being 1. Look! A frog is swallowed by a
snake over there.
being hunted 2. These animals are hunting at such a
speed that they will disappear soon.

3. Will you go with me to see the film that is shown tonight? being
4. The man has killed his wife. Now he is being wanted by the police.

5. Thousands of families are fleeing their homes because their country is under attacked. being

be + under / in + n. 可代替进行时被动语态
e.g. The city is under attack at the moment. The city is being attacked at the moment. 目前这个城市正遭到进攻。
e.g. The bridge is under repair. The bridge is being repaired. 桥梁正在修理中。

Try to put the following sentences into The Present Progressive Passive Voice.

▲ They are producing This new drug is being

this new drug.

produced by them.

▲ An antelope is looking at her.

She is being looked by an antelope.

▲ They are killing us for the wool.

We are being killed for the wool by them.

▲ They are destroying The farm is being

the farm.

destroyed by them.

?Answers Ex2 :(P29)
? The rhino is being studied by Beijing University students.
? The African elephant is being protected by the WWF. ? The Tibetan antelope is being hunted by people who
wish to take the fur from under their stomachs.

? The panda is being photographed by Daisy. ? The whales are being killed by Japanese fishermen. ? The mice are being attacked by the cat. ? They are being kept in a reserve near Beijing. ? It is being protected by the government of the
countries where it lives. ? It is being destroyed the poor formers who want
land to grow crops. ? They are being used to make drugs to protect
people from mosquitoes.

1. Try to remember the key words and phrases learnt in this part.

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