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(学生用)非谓语动词用法归纳Microsoft Word 文档

非谓语专练 Ⅰ.用所给动词的适当形式填空 1.The children all turned classroom. 2.For breakfast he only drinks juice from fresh fruit farm. 3.All of them try to use the power of the workstation in a more effective way. 4. (bite) twice,the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we (present) information (grow) on his own (look)at the famous actress as she entered the

chained our dog. 5.A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city , (kill) all four people on board. 6.With the government's aid,those moved to the new settlements. 7.Bill suggested during the vacation. 8.David threatened were not paid. 9. 10. (complete) the project in time,the staff were working at weekends. (encourage) by the advances in technology,many farmers have set (report)his neighbor to the police if the damages (hold) a meeting on what to do for the Shanghai Expo (affect) by the earthquake have

up wind farms on their land. 11.When we visited my old family home,memory came 12. (flood) back.

(tire) and short of breath,Andy and Ruby were the first to reach

the top of Mount Tai. 13. (give) the right kind of training,these teenage soccer players

may one day grow into international stars. 14.The government plans to bring in new laws (force)parents to take more

responsibility for the education of their children. 15.The play culture. 16.I still remember (take) to the Famen Temple and what I saw there. (run) smoothly. (deal) with all (produce) next month aims mainly to reflect the local

17.They use computers to keep the traffic

18.With the world changing fast,we have something new by ourselves every day.


19.Michael's new house is like a huge palace, one. 20.At the age of 29,Dave was a worker, near Boston and Ⅱ.用所给动词的适当形式填空 Happiness is something to do with simplicity. I 1

(compare) with his old

(live) in a small apartment

(wonder) what to do about his future.

(pass)the house when I suddenly heard a shout of joy come from the other

side of the wall. I peered over.There stood Sir Henry 2 (do)nothing less than a dance of 3 (puzzle)face 5

completely unashamed ecstasy (入迷).Even when he observed my staring over the wall,he did not seem (climb)over. “Come and see,Jan.Look!I have done it at last!” There he was, 6 4

(embarrass),but shouted for me

(hold) a small box of earth in his hand.I observed three

tiny shoots out of it. “And there were only three!”he said,his eyes “Three what?”I asked. “Peach stones (桃核)”,he replied.“I've always wanted to make peach stones 8 (grow),even since I was a child,when I used to take them home after a party.And I used to plant them,and then 9 (forget)when I planted them.But now at last 7 (laugh) to heaven.

I have done it,and,what's more,I had only three stones,and there you are, one,two,three shoots,”he counted. And Sir Henry ran off , 10 (call)for his wife to come and see his

achievement—his achievement of simplicity. 选择填空 1. _____ of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend ____ her. A. Warning, following B. Having warned, following D. Warned, followed

C. Having been warned, following

2. Michael never dreamt of ___ for him to be sent abroad very soon. A. being a chance B. there’s a chance D. there being a chance

C. There to be a chance

3. Farmland ___ quickly, so they are considering _____ a programme to solve the

problem. A. is getting lost,starting loses, to start 4. Which do you enjoy ______ your holiday, going abroad or staying at home? A. spending B. to spend C. being spent D. spend B. is lost,to start C. is losing, starting D.

5. This problem is far from meeting. A. settled

, so it has to be discussed again at tomorrow’s

B. settling

C. being settled D. being settling enough money to buy the house? C. having got D. being got

6. What is the way George thought of A. to get B. getting

7. —Henry doesn’t seem like the same person. — so much in the war has made him more thoughtful. C. Having seen D. To be seeing

A. For him to see B. His seeing 8 . —I really appreciate —It’s my pleasure . A. have time B. having time

to holiday with you on this nice island .

C. to have time

D. to having time

9 .They really have a great time too , designing everything , drawing the blue prints , the angles and so on . A. looking out B. taking out C. finding out D. figuring out

10. David apologized for ______ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able C. his not being able B. him not to be able D. him to he not able

11. At the seventh International Ballet Competitions , Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever A. awarded to an American male dancer . B. to be award C. being awarded D. should be awarding

12.The student, if well _____ , will pass the examination without much difficulty. A. preparing 13. B. prepared C. to prepare D. ready

a little money , Jane was able to buy her mother a lovely new watch . B. Saving C. Saved D. Having saved

A. To save 1 4.We saw new houses

wherever we went on our visit.

A. built

B. being built

C. building in July 2002 and

D. to build in 2005, will be

1 5.That gas pipeline project,

China’s longest gas pipeline in history. A. starting; completing C. to start; completed B. started; to be completed D. starting; completed

16. Tom does speak Chinese well, but his reading and writing skills leave much _______. A. to improve B. to be improved C. improving D. improved

17. To get an education, _______. A. working hard is very important C. one must work hard 1 8.—Where is our English teacher? —She is in the classroom, _____ the exercises _________ the students have done at home. A. explaining; / C. explained; to B. explaining; for D. explained; from B. working hard is needed D. it is needed to work hard

19. Comparison may make something appear more beautiful than it is when alone. A. to see B. seeing C. is seen D. seen

20.—What happened to you on your way back to the hotel last night ? —I lost my way in complete darkness and , pour . A. making B. to make C. having made D. made our holiday. things worse , it began to

21. It rained nonstop for ten days , completely A. to ruin B. ruined

C. having ruined D. ruining

22. ______ as the “First Lady of Speech”, Dr Lillian Glass is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on communication skills. A. Knowing B. Having known C. Known D. To be known

23.At the computer operation test, one is supposed to stay at his own machine, keep his eyes on his screen, ______ to anyone.

A. and not to speak C. instead of speaking

B. but could not speak D. or rather speak in broad daylight yesterday.

24. The bank is reported in the local newspaper A. being robbed C. robbed

B. to have been robbed D. having been robbed

25. He sat back on the chair, took a book and began to read, ___. A. being looked at ease C. to look rather at ease B. looked rather at ease D. looking rather at ease

26. With online course Crazy English has over 20 million students all over China the class through the Internet . A. attend B. attended C. attending D. to be attending in my study. D. lock

27. In order not to be disturbed ,I spent three days A. locking B. locked C. to lock

28. As we all know, it was _____ that resulted in the terrible car accident. A. because of her carelessness C. because she was careless B. her being careless D. she was so careless

29. With a lot of difficult problems ____, the manager felt worried all the time. A. settled B. to be settled C. settling D. to settle

30. ____ at a college or university in the USA, Chinese and other international students must demonstrate a strong ability in spoken and written English. A.Having been accepted B.To be accepted 非谓语专练(高考真题) 1.I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good ______. A. to be breathed A. picked up on her bed. A. Seeing -Yes. But A. to find B. To see C. See D. Seen 4. -Did the book give the information you needed? it, I had to read the entire book. B. find C. to be finding D. finding:

C.Being accepted


B. to breathe

C. breathing

D. being breathed

2. The director had her assistant ___ some hot dogs for the meeting. B. picks up C. pick up D. picking up 3. ______that she was going off to sleep, I asked if she’d like that little doll

5 I feel greatly honored A. to welcome and B. welcoming

into their society. C. to be welcomed D. welcomed

6.. It is worth considering what makes “convenience” foods so popular, better ones of your own. B. to introduce C. introducing D. introduced: A.introduces

7. ______________their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out loud shouts of victory. A.To throw balance it. A.having tried A.to do B.trying B.to be doing C.to try C.done D.tried D.doing 9. If there’s a lot of work______, I’m happy to just keep on until it is finished. 10. Something as simple as ______________some cold water may clear your mind and relieve pressure. A.to drink B.drinking C.to be drinking D.drunk 11. Ideally ______________for Broadway theatres and Fifth Avenue, the New York Park hotel is a favorite with many guests. A.locating and again A. parking ________their homes A. leaving civilization A. speaking jobs A.came cigarette. A.to stop A.seating B.stopping B.seated C.to have stopped C.to seat D.having stopped D.to be seated 16.Please remain________; the winner of the prize will be announced soon. 17. —They are quiet, aren’t they? —Yes. They are accustomed ______ at meals. B. coming C. to come D. having come 15. He was busy writing a story, only _______________once in a while to smoke a B. spoken C. to speak D. to be spoken 14. If we have illegal immigrants ________ in,many local workers will lose their B. to leave C. to be left D. being left 13. Throughout history, the language _____ by a powerful group spreads across a B. to park C. parked D. park 13. Due to the heavy rain and flooding ,ten million people have been forced B.being located C.having been located D.located 12. As a new driver,I have to practise _________ the car in my small garage again B.Thrown C.Throwing D.Being thrown 8.My sister, an inexperienced rider, was found sitting on the bicycle ____________to


A. to talk much as we can. A. speak. A. Not realized C. Not realizing A. finding

B. to not talk

C. to talking

D. to not talking

18. To learn English well, we should find opportunities to hear English ______ as B. speaking C. spoken D. to speak

19. ______that he was in great danger, Eric walked deeper into the forest. B. Not to realize D. Not to have realized C. to find D. found

20. It is one of the funniest things ______ on the Internet so far this year. B. being found 21. ________in the queue for half an hour ,the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. A. Waiting B. To wait C. Having waited D. To have waited 22. -- Can those -- No problem. A. seat B. sit C. seated D. sat 23. ____________the website of the Fire Department in your city,and you will learn a lot about firefighting. A. Having searched 24. The trees A. being 25. C. blowing down A. Completing blown down B. To search C. Searching D. Search in the storm have been moved off the road. B. blown down D. to blow down B. Complete C. Completed D. To complete alone,but she didn't at the back of the classroom hear me?

the project as planned,we'll have to work two more hours a day.

26. Susan wants to be independent of her parents. She tried like it and moved back home. A.living A. so as to the phone. A. to promote A. allowing A. To walk. A. wait B.having been promoted B. to allow B. Walking B. to be waiting C.having promoted B. to live B. such as to C. to be living C. such that

D. having lived D. so that

27. My English teacher’s humor was ____ make every student burst into laughter. 28. I hear they’ve promoted Tom, but he didn’t mention _____ when we talked on D.to be promoted

29. We finished the run in less than half the time ____. C. allowed C. Walked C. waited D. allows D. Having walked D. waiting 30. _______ in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring. 31 We had an anxious couple of weeks _____ for the results of the experiment. 32. I got to the office early that day, ________ the 7: 30 train from Paddington.


A. having caught A. shout at A.Fail much. A.have damaged A. to be sent 37.

B. caught B. to shout at

C. to catch C. shouted at C.To fail

D. catch D. to be shouted at D.Having failed

33. Tom knew he would certainly get ________ if he was late home. 34. _______________to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead. B.Failed 35. Teenagers _______________their health because they play computer games too B.are damaging B. to send C.damaged D.will damage as soon as possible. D. sending

36. The message is very important, so it is supposed C. being sent

around the Water Cube, we were then taken to see the Bird’s Nest B. To be shown B. work C. to work C. Having been shown D. worked . C. breathing D. being breathed D. To show

for the 2008 Olympic Games. A. Having shown A. working 38. Lucy’s new job paid twice as much as she had made ____ in the restaurant. 39. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good A. to be breathed B. to breathe amusing,cheap,dangerous,difficult,easy,important,nice,pleasant,fit 等。 40.—The last one __________________ pays the meal. —Agreed! A. arrived A. burning the classroom.. A. opened and closed C. being opened and closed A. studied B. studying B. to be opened and closed D. to open and close C. to have studied D. to be studying B. arrives B. burnt C. to arrive C. being burnt D. arriving D. to be burnt 41. I smell something __________ in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute? 42. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks _________ could be heard outside

43. He is a student at Oxford University,__________ for a degree in computer science. 44. The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance, ____ in the natural light during the day. A. to let B. letting C. let D. having let 45. --- Did you tidy your room? --- No, I was going to tidy my room but I ______ visitors. A. had A. calling B. have B. called C. have had D. will have D. to call 46. After a knock at the door, the child heard his mother’s voice ______ him. C. being called 47. There is nothing more I can try ______ you to stay, so I wish you good luck.


A.being persuaded time. A. to be completed C. completed


C.to be persuaded

D. to persuade

48. The Town Hall ______ in the 1800’s was the most distinguished building at that B. having been completed D. being completed in the gallery, but we don' t think they would D.displayed

49. 39.She wants her paintings be very popular. A.display B.to display


50. The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang, who was reported ______ the world record in the 110-meter hurdle race. A. breaking A. walked B. having broken B. walk C. to have broken D. break 51. You can't imagine what difficulty we had ______ home in the snowstorm. C. to walk there. C.to smoke C. hearing C. To drive D.smoking D. being heard D. Having driven D. walking 52. -Can I smoke here? -Yes. We had a great time ______ A.people smoking A. to be heard A. Driven English A.improved B.people smoke B. to have heard B. Being driven in a short period. B.improving C.to improve D.improve

53. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle ______. 54. ______ by a greater demand for vegetables, farmers have built more green houses. 55. Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to have her written

56. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not _________, and asked myself what I was going to do. A. moved A. lost A. training accepted it. A. finished him soon. A. said A. finishing B. says B. finished C. saying D. to say D. were finished 61. The children went home from the grammar school their lessons _____for the day. C. had finished B. finishing C. having finished D. was finished 60. Peter received a letter just now ____________ his grandma would come to see B moving B. losing B. being trained C. to move C. to lose C. to have trained D. being moved D. have lost for a space flight. D. to be trained 57. “Things _________ never come again!” I couldn’t help talking to myself. 58. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there

59. John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work ________, he gladly


62. her.

that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than B. Having said C.seating C. To say D.seated D. Saying

A. To have said A.to seat

63. Please remain_______ until the plane has come to a complete stop. B.to be seated 64. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent _______at the end of last March. A.has been launched C.being launched ---Agreed! A. arrived A. burning A. Surprising B. arrives B. burnt C. to arrive C. being burnt D. arriving D. to be burnt D. To be surprising that 66. I smell something __________ in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute? 67. ______ and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. B. Surprised C. Being surprised 68. We often provide our children with toys, footballs or basketballs, all children like these things. A. thinking Olympic Games. A. add B. to add C. adding D. added 2011 高考真题(非谓语) (安徽)30.Tom asked the candy makers if they could make the chocolate easier __D___ into small pieces. A.break B.breaking C.broken D.to break B. think C. to think D. thought 69. There have been several new events ______ to the program for the 2008 Beijing B.having been launched D.to be launched

65. ---The last one __________________ pays the meal.

( 福 建 ) 23. Tsinghua University, outstanding figures.

in 1911,is home to a great number of

A. found B. founding C. founded D. to be founded (湖南)The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket _______ the desert. A. covering B. covered C. cover D. to cover 21. The ability ______ an idea is as important as the idea itself. A. expressing B. expressed C. to express D. to be expressed 23. The players _______ from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game. A. selecting B. to select C. selected D. having selected 29. Do you wake up every morning ______ energetic and ready to start a new day? A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. felt (江苏)22.The fact that so many people still smoke in public place _______that we may need antionwide campaign to raise awareness of the riks of smoking.

A.suggest B.suggests C.suggested D.suggesting 31.Recently a survey _______ prices of the same goods in two different supermarkets has caused heated debate among citizens. A.compared B.comparing C.compares D.being compared (江西)32.On receiving a phone call from his wife she had a fall, Mr. Gordon immediately rushed home from his office. A.says B.said C.saying D.to say



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