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Revision for Unit 1

Revision for Unit 1
班别________ 学号________ 姓名_________ 成绩_________

一. 根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 1. There are still a lot of children who are out of school in r_______ areas of China. 2. When the fire breaks out, the fire a_______ will ring. 3. Nowadays many people would like to buy the p_______ computers, because they are small and light. 4. He c_______ (抱怨) that nothing came out the way he had expected. 5. What we are worried about is how to r_______ the pollution. 6. I want to live in a place more _______ (和平的) than here. 7. When I came back home at _______ (午夜), I found my children asleep. 8. I have something _______ (私人的) to discuss with you. 9. —I s_______ she is 30 years of age. —You guessed it! 10. To write a good essay you must first o_______ your ideas. 11. This work is not u_______; we can do it tomorrow. 12. You’d better give me my book, o_______ I’ll fail my test. 13. _______ (个人的) cleanliness is important to health. 14. The temperature was _______ (零下) 10 degrees. 15. He tried to _______ (解决) the problem in another way but failed. 16. In modern times, most people have great p_______ facing to competition. 17. We all respect our teacher, Mr. Li, who is an e_______ on maths. 18. She is a bit fat. So she is going to be on a d_______. 19. Many films are produced in the _______ (工作室). 20. Who is _______ (组织) the New Year’s party? 21. With _______ (社会) development, the living condition will become better and better. 22. Nowadays we can see a_______ everywhere, on the walls, in the newspapers and on TV.

23. More and more v_______ will serve the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. 24. My mother is out of work, so my father works hard to s_______ our family. 25. Having experienced many failures, I have the courage to meet all kinds of c_____. 26. There are two p_______ (表演) of the musical show each night. 27. The rainy season is coming. We should be well p_______ (有准备的) to prevent the flood. 28. This kind of desk is _______(设计) for the children who are shortsighted. 29. Different from Jim, Betty _______ (更喜欢) to eat apples. 30. The buses are always c_______ with passengers on holidays. 31. I live n_______. It only takes three minutes to get home from here. 32. According to the weather f_______, it is going to rain tomorrow. 33. We all know that the moon is d_______ from the earth. 34. Lily prefers pop music to _______ (古典的) music. 35. She got _______ (得病的) today,so she didn’t go to school. 36. After the accident, the police began to _______ (调查) the case. 37. On a very important occasion, it is necessary to wear _______ (正式的) clothes. 38. The _______ (骑自行车的人) goes to work early every day。 39. We learned that he was s_______ from high blood pressure. 40.Take your _______ (搭档)for the next dance。 二. 根据括号内的汉语提示,完成句子。 41.This table ________________________ (占据)too much room. (take) 42.The bottle ________________________ (充满着) medicine. (fill) 43. The pupils ________________________ (向父母抱怨饭菜) at school canteen. (complain) 44. I ________________________ (宁愿看电影也不听音乐) in my free time in the past. (prefer) 45. He can’t ________________________ (忍受呆在家里)at home all day and all night. (stand) 46. My father ________________________ (患上) high blood pressure. (suffer)


47. I got the first place in the final exam. My parents _____________________ (为… 感到骄傲) me. 48. We should ________________________ (迎接挑战) from life with courage. 49. He________________________ (毕业于) Zhongshan University. 50. She often _______________________ (梦想) herself becoming a great singer. 51. Bob _________________________ (把空闲时间用在画画上). (spend) 52. It is ________________________ I can’t hear what you are saying on the bus. (太吵以至于…) 53. ________________________ (数年间),many tall buildings have been built in this town. 54. The project ________________________ (得到了大力支持) by us. 55. His new books ________________________ (畅销). (sell) 56. My house ________________________ (正在粉刷). (paint) 57. This dictionary is ________________________ (不如你想像的那样有用)you think. 58. The bus ________________________ (挤满) people in the rush hour. (crowd) 59. He is always the first ________________________ (到达) the classroom. 60. They ________________________ (过着简单的生活) in the countryside.

三. 语法填空 Lillian Hanson, a college student, expects to graduate in about two years. 61. ________ makes Mrs. Hanson different from her classmates is her age — 73 years old. She has been studying at college, a few courses at a time, 62. ________ 27 years. When Lillian Hanson graduated from high school, she 63. ________ (go) to the bank to borrow money for further education. The banker gave her no encouragement (鼓励). He didn’t think that a country girl should borrow money to go to college. He thought she should either stay at home doing housework 64. ________ work on the farm. So Lillian Hanson went home and raised 65. ________ family of nine children instead of going to college.


Mrs. Hanson never forgot her dream of getting 66. ________ (high) education. After her children grew up, she tried again and finally succeeded. In the class on her first day, when she introduced herself and explained 67. ________ she was there and what her aims were, all the other students stood up to give 68. ________ a warm welcome. Mrs. Hanson finds that the hardest part of 69. ________ (go) back to school at her age is sitting in class for long periods of time. However, no matter how difficult it is, she always believes that her dream 70. ________ (come) true in time unless she gives up hope.


The Key to Unit 1
一.单词拼写 1. remote 2. alarm 3. portable 4. complained 5. reduce 6. peaceful 7. midnight 8. Personal 9. suppose 10. organize 11. urgent 12. otherwise/ or 13. Personal 14. minus 15. solve 16. pressure 17. expert 18. diet 19. studio 20. organizing 21. social 22. advertisements 23. volunteers 24. support 25. challenges 26.presentations / performances 27. prepared 28. designed 29.prefers 30. crowded 31. nearby 32. forecast 33. distant 34. classical 35. sick 36. survey 37. formal 38. cyclist 39.suffering 40. partner 二.完成句子 41.takes up 42. is filled with 43.complained about the food to parents 44. preferred to watch a film than listen to music/ preferred waching a film to listening to music 45.stand/bear staying 46. suffers from 47. were proud of 48. meet the challenges 49. graduated from 50. dreams of 51. spends free time in painting 52. so noisy…that 53. Over the years 54. is strongly supported 55. sell well 56. is being painted 57. not so/as useful as 58. is crowded with 59. to get to 60. lead/live a simple life 三.语法填空 61. What 62. for 66. higher 67. why

63. went 68. her

64. or 69. going

65. a 70. will come



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