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高一英语第一模块第二单元重点句型,词组汇总 高一英语第一模块第二单元重点句型 词组汇总 Unit 2 Growing pains
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. a play about an American family 一部关于美国家庭的短剧 a radio talk show 一个广播脱口秀节目 be common to teenagers 对青少年很常见 present a dialogue 呈现一段对话 an advice letter 一封建议信 turn up the music 调高音乐 a waste of time 浪费时间 no more computer games 不再有电子游戏 force sb.to do sth 强迫某人做某事 an unpleasant experience with sb. 和某人的一次不愉快的经历 the main characters 主角 be angry with sb. 跟某人发火 a day earlier than expected 比预期的早一天 I can’t wait to surprise the boys! 我等不及要让孩子们吃惊了 You weren’t supposed to come home until tomorrow. 你们应该到明天才回来的 trash all over the place 到处是垃圾 The room is a mess 房间里乱七八糟 leave sb. in charge 让某人掌管 act like an adult 象一个成年人的行为 expect good decision from sb. 期待某人的好的决定 go unpunished 不受惩罚 slam the door 砰的关上门 go out 熄灭 have one’s arms crossed 把某人的双臂交叉着 give sb. a chance to explain 给某人一个解释的机会 deserve to know the truth 值得知道真相 Why didn’t they ask me what happened instead of shouting at me? 为什么他们不问我发生了什么而不是对我大喊大叫呢? be too hard on sb. 对某人太苛刻了 now that 既然 be very different from 与。。很不相同 。 a normal text 一篇正常的课文 in the form of 以。。 。。形式 different styles of speech 不同的语言的风格 the more correct 更准确 the following statements 下列陈述 a dirty or untidy state 脏的或是不整洁的状态 give a reason for sth. 给出。。 。。的理由 a similar meaning 相似的含义 worse than ever before 比以往都糟糕 be angry at/about sth. 因为谋事发火 an explanation for sth. 给某事的解释

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42. treat sb. like a child 对待某人象个孩子 43. I know that grown-ups are supposed to make good decisions, but sometimes we make mistakes 我知道成年人应该作出好的决定,但是我们也犯错误。 44. explain to sb. sth. 象某人解释某事 45. argue with sb. about sth. 跟某人因为某事而争辩 46. my poor marks 我的差成绩 47. the biggest cause of arguments between parents and teenagers 在父母和青少年之间发生争辩的最大原因 Word power 48. differ in many small ways 在很多小的方面不相同 49. live on/in Zhenning Road 住在 Zhenning 路上 50. I just had the worst morning ever! 这是我有的最糟糕的早晨 51. they gave me a number to phone the manager at/on. 他们给我个号码让我给经理打电话 52. an informal expression 一种非正式的表达方式 53. in spoken English 在英语口语中 54. in formal English 在正式的英语中 55. what a mess your room is! 你的房间多乱啊! 56. It’s not that serious. 没有那么严重 57. make a mountain out of a molehill 小题大做 58. rain cats and dogs 大雨滂沱 59. all thumbs 手忙脚乱 60. green fingers 擅长园艺 Grammar and usage 61. expect good decisions from sb. 期待从某人那里得到好的决定 62. get an A plus from the Maths teacher 从数学老师那里得到 A+ 63. know little about 对。。了解很少 。 64. leave out 省略 65. make friends with sb. 与某人做朋友 66. have a good laugh over sth, 嘲笑。 。 67. in the strange way 以奇怪的方式 68. buy a new T-shirt with the money 用钱买一件新 T 恤 69. discuss sth. with sb. 和某人讨论某事 70. get money from my mother to buy my new hair clips 从我母亲那里拿钱买新发夹 71. score a goal in the sport 在运动中进球 72. the main character 主角 73. feel upset about sth. 对某事感到难过 74. go unpunished/without being punished 不受惩罚 75. The day when I learnt this changed my feelings about visiting them. 我了解到这个的那天改变了我去探望他们的感觉 76. give me painting lessons 给我上绘画课 77. I still wish we could go and see a film tomorrow though. 尽管这样我还是希望我们明天能去看电影

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Task 78. the volume of the language 语言的音量 79. a rising/falling tone 升/降调 80. stress on certain words 在某些词上的重音 81. pauses in the sentences 在句子中的停顿 82. a radio phone-in programme 一个广播电话接听节目 83. understand the gist or the main point 理解主旨或要点 84. make a main point 构成要点 85. the rest of the writing 作品中剩下的部分 86. the supporting information 支持信息 87. get the gist of what they read 获得他们所读材料的主旨 88. the mood of the writer 作者的情绪 89. at the weekends/on the weekdays 在周末/在周一到周五 90. a little bit expensive 有点贵 91. stay up very late 熬夜 92. do a good job in the test 测验中表现不错 93. be nervous about sth. 因为某事紧张 94. All that worry was for nothing. 所有的担心都是没有必要的 95. mix up A with B. 将 A 和 B 混淆 96. one of the top scores 最高分之一 97. be proud of sb/sth. 为某人/某事骄傲(自豪) 98. take pride in sb/sth 99. ask for sb’s advice about/ on sth. 问某人关于某事的建议 100. give sb. some good advice 给某人一些好的建议 101. take/follow one’s advice 接受某人的建议 102. all the time 一直 103. be close to each other 相互很亲近 104. I didn’t think my mum missed talking with me, but she did. 我认为我妈妈不想和我交谈,但是她是想的 105. spend one day a week with each other 每周一天呆在一起 106. spend more time talking to my mum 花更多的时间和我妈妈交谈 107. spend enough time at home with our family 花足够的时间呆在家里和家人在一起 108. take sb. out to dinner 带某人出去吃饭 109. Christina was never friends with her mum. Christina 和她的妈妈从来不是朋友 110. They are meant to be read aloud. 他们应该要大声读出来 111. keep sth. in mind/keep these points in mind 记住/将这些要点记住 112. This is not exciting to read or listen to 读起来或听起来不那么令人激动 113. show your character’s feelings 表现出你的角色的情感 114. what’s up? 怎么了?/什么事? 115. This is so unfair. 这个如此不公平 116. then it wouldn’t take you so long to clean it up 那么就不会话你这么长时间去打扫了 117. make a bit of difference 有点影响/区别 118. argue about sth. with sb. 跟某人就某事争执 119. But I don’t think you are being fair at all. 但是我认为你一点都不公平

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120. Think of Mum as friend again 再次将妈妈当作朋友想起 121. surprised by how much fun they have 对于他们所有的快乐感到吃惊 122. What did they do to fix their problem? 他们怎么做去改善他们的问题呢? 123. in the first person 以第一人称 Project 124. become upset with each other over small problems 因为小事相互怄气 125. early on 提前 126. an advice columnist 一位建议专栏作家 127. advise sb. to do sth 建议某人做某事 128. solve the problem 解决问题 129. refuse to do almost everything his mother and I ask him to do 拒绝去做几乎每一件他母亲和我要他做的事 130. treat sb. very well 对他很好 131. be rude to sb. 对某人无礼 132. He refuses to spend time with us or do as we tell him. 他拒绝和我们呆在一起或者按照我们告诉他的方式去做 133. insist on 坚持 134. waste time doing sth. 浪费时间做某事 135. during this important period in his life 在他一生中这个重要的时期 136. What am I to do? 我该怎么做? 137. prevent upsetting his mother with an argument 不再因为整治让他的母亲难过 138. allow him to do what he wants 允许他做他想做的事 139. How can I help my son without harming our relationship? 我怎才能帮助我的儿子而不危害我们之间的关系呢? 140. the two of us 我们俩 141. like crazy 象发疯一样 142. forbid/stop/prevent sb.from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 143. I don’t understand why he will not respect the things I want to do 我不明白为什么他不尊重我想做的事 144. He should understand me better than he does 他应该比他现在更理解我 145. bridge the generation gap and get along better 消除代沟更好的相处 146. assign role to each group member 分配角色到每个小组成员 147. work on the same task 从事同一个任务 148. Research the style an advice letter should be written in 研究一封建议信该有的书写风格 149. write an outline for the letter 给这封信写个提纲 150. make a draft 打草稿 151. have it approved by the other group members 得到其他小组成员的同意 152. proofread the draft 修改草稿 153. make a final version 写出最终的范文



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