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1. ________ in the forest like to eat ________certain kind of wild rose. A. Deer; the B. Deer; a C. Deers; some D. Deers; a

2. Last year the old woman fired two ________in her house. A. woman servant’s B. women servant C. woman servant D. women servants

3. All possible means __________ been tired. Every possible means __________ been tired. A. have,have 4. Her family B. has,has _____much larger than mine C. have,has four years ago. D. has,have Her family _____ dancing and

singing when I came in last night. A. were; was B. was; were C. was; was D. were; were

5. Many of Shakespeare’s works_____difficult to understand; a gas works ______here two months ago. A. are, are built 6. --- It’s so cold today. --- Yes, it’s_______ than it was yesterday. A. more cold B. more colder C. much colder D. Cold B.is, is built C.are, was built D.is,was built

7. Jone looks so _______ today because she has got an “A” in her maths test. A. happy B. happily C. angry D. angrily 8. ---Remember this, children. ______ careful you are, ______ mistakes you will make. ---We know, Miss Gao. A. The more; the more C. The more; the fewer B. The fewer; the more D. The less; the less

一.句子的主要成份与次要成份 [讲解] 句子成分是句子中起一定功用的组成部分。句子的主要成份由主语和谓语部分部分组成。句子的次要成
分有宾语、定语、状语、表语、补语、同位语等。其中,补语与同位语在高中阶段较常见。 请将下列两个句子 中的成分分析错误的一处找到: The trees on the mountain grow (主语) Who green in the spring

(定语修饰主语) (系动词) (补语) (状语) left the guest waiting in the meeting (补语) so long.? (状语)

(主语) (谓语) (表语)

[练习] 在括号内写出以下句子划线部分的基本成份 1.They ( are ) ( ) workers ( ) from China. ( )

2. The singer made himself ( 3.My ) ( ) ( ) sent

known. ( ) their best



to me.






) (





句型一 主语+系动词+表语 [讲解] (1) 系动词的三分类: 在初中阶段, 我们学过的表示."_______ "类的有_______,remain, _______, _______, prove 等; 表示 “变化” 类的有 grow, _______, get, _______, fall, _______, 等; 表示 “感官” 类的有_______, _______, _______, _______, _______, seem,appear.等;例如: I am a senior school student while he is a junior one.我是高中生 他是初中生。 (2)找出下列句子的表语: 可以充当表语的有_______、名词、副词(短语)、介词短语、表语从句、分词(短 语)等。例如: 1. In order to keep healthy, he takes exercise everyday. 3.Look!Your pet dog is there. 2.In my mind, mother is my hero.

4.You’ve changed a lot. You are not what you were

(3)使用系动词应注意的地方:?___________________;?.___________________ 倒如:1. The pet dog _______ clean. It _______ by Johnson.(keep) 2. He feels ________(comfortable/comfortably), working in the air-conditioned office. 3. More trees will ________(be grown/grow/) around our school. 4. The apple ________(tastes/is tasted) sweet. 5. Those apples _____________(have tasted/have been tasted) already. 句型二 主语+不及物动词 [讲解] (1)不及物动词不能直接加宾语。如, agree, lie, work, argue,lie,belong,come, go,reply 等。 (2) 不及物动词加一个介词后构成动词短语可以加宾语。如,look ______, listen______, work at, belong to , come across, go to 等。 (3)有些动词既是及物动词又是不及物动词。如 [练习] 1.指出划线部分动词的词性,是及物动词还是不及物动词。 (1)Speak aloud so that everyone can follow you. ( (2) Except for Japanese, he can also speak Spanish.( (3)His father used to work hard to make much money. ( (4)I intended to lie to him, but failed. ( (5)Unfortuately, the driving test failed me. ( 2.在每一空格上填一恰当的介词。 (1)I don’t agree _______you completely. I have my own opinion. (2) The dictionary is not Tom’s. It belongs ______me. (3) Use your head, and you will think ______some ways to solve the problem. (4) To improve my English, I work hard ______it. (5) Lood _____the cloudy sky,. It is going to rain.

) ) )

) )

句型三 主语+及物动词+宾语 [练习] 划出以下句子的主、谓、宾部分 如:Doing morning exercises benefits our health. (1)To master a foreign language helps us communicate with foreigners. (2)I doubt whether he will join us in the debate. (3)We missed going to college for that reason. (4)What he said touched me greatly. 句型四 主语+及物动词+双宾语(间接宾语+直接宾语)

[讲解] (1)双宾语指直接宾语与间接宾语。一般地说,宾语指人为间接宾语,宾语指物为直接宾语。例如: My father bought me a car.(me 为间接宾语,a car 为直接宾语) The singer sang us another song.(us 为间接宾语,another song 为直接宾语) (2)如果直接宾语放在及物动词之后、间接宾语之前,那么两个宾语之间有一个介词(to, for 等)。The teacher offered some advice on learning English to us. The singer sang another song for us. [练习] 在每一空格上填一个恰当的介词。(1)Mother bought a birthday cake ______me. (2) Give a second apple _____her. She likes it. (3) (3) The company will provide some drinks _____ the volunteers. 句型五 主语+及物动词+复合宾语(宾语+宾补):

[讲解] 宾补是用来描述或说明宾语的动作、状态或特征。宾语是宾补的逻辑主语(暗含的主语)。宾补 可由名词、代词、形容词、副词、介词短语、不定式(短语)、分词(短语)等来充当。例如: Tom made the baby laugh.(不带 to 的不定式 laugh 作补语) Tell him to follow the instructions.(不定式短语作宾补) They made Beijing the capital of the PRC.(名词作宾补) [练习] 根据汉语或英语提示在第一空格上填一个恰当的单词。 (1)Let him______(进来) (2)Let the student ________(站) outside the classroom.

(3) We made our classroom___________(明亮)。 (4)I have nothing ________(do) this afternoon. Let’s go swimming. (5)He kept us __________(read) the story once and again. (6)I found myself__________(surround)by some snakes. (7) I would like to see the plan_____(carry) out. (8)Jim asked me _______ ________(wait ) him at the school gate. (9)The boy was made__________(stand) outside the room.

(一). 指出下列句中主语的中心词 1 The teacher with two of his students is walking into the classroom. 2 There is an old man coming here.

(二) 选出句中谓语的中心词 1 I don't like the picture on the wall. A. don't B. like C. picture B. longer D. wall

2 The days get longer and longer when summer comes.A. get (三) 挑出下列句中的宾语 1 My brother hasn't done his homework. 2 Go across the bridge and you will find the museum on the left. (四) 挑出下列句中的表语 1 The old man was feeling very tired. (五) 挑出下列句中的定语 1 What is your given name? (六) 挑出下列句中的宾语补足语 1 He asked her to take the boy out of school. (七) 挑出下列句中的状语 1 There was a big smile on her face.

C. days D. summer

2 Why is he worried about Jim?

2 On the third lap are Class 1 and Class 3.

2 She found it difficult to do the work.

3 He began to learn English when he was eleven.

5 I am afraid that if you've lost it, you must pay for it.




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