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高中英语必修3UNIT5 language points(reading 1 and 2)

1. It is the second largest country in the world. 仿写: (1). The Yellow River is ____ _____longest river the second _____ ____ (第二长河) in China. China's saddest year (2). The year of 2008 was____ _____ ______ (中国最悲伤的一年)。 归纳: 限定词(the/形容词性物主代词)+序数词+adj最高 级+名词 表示“第....的” 翻译:黎明是我们班第三高的男生。
Li Ming is the third tallest boy in our class.

2. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机,她们决定先 飞到温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车横穿 加拿大到达东海岸。

all the way 一直 in a/one way 在某种程度上 by the way 顺便说 by way of 经过,通过...的方法 in no way 绝不 不管怎样 in any way lose one's way 迷路 the way to do sth. the way of doing sth 做sth的方法 the way that/in which

rather than 表示客观事实,意为 “是……而不是……;与其……不 如……”。它连接的并列成分可以是名 词、代词、形容词、介词(短语)、动名 词、分句、不定式、动词等。 (1) 连接两个名词或代词 He is an explorer rather than a sailor. 与其说他是一个海员,不如说他是一个 探险者。

You rather than I are going to go camping. 是你而不是我要去要野营。

rather than 连接两个名词或代词 作主语时,谓语动词应与rather than 前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持 一致。

(2) 连接两个形容词
The sweater she bought was

beautiful rather than cheap.


(3) 连接两个介词(短语)或动名词 We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. 我们是在教室里开会,不是在大厅 里。 She enjoys singing rather than dancing. 她喜欢唱歌,而不喜欢跳舞。

(4) 连接两个分句 We should help him rather than he should help us. 是我们应该帮助他而不是他应该 帮助我们。 (5) 连接两个不定式 I decided to write rather than (to) telephone. 我决定写信而不打电话。

注意:rather than 后接不定式时,不 定式可以带to,也可以不带to, 如上句。 但rather than位于句首时,则只能接 不带to 的不定式。 如: Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price. 他唯恐蔬菜烂掉,把它们以半价卖掉 了。

看 一 例:

I should thank you ___ that you should thank me. A. because C. for B. rather than B D. as

3. People think it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 许多人认为温哥华是加拿大最美的 城市,因为它被大山包围,濒临太 平洋。

surround vt 包围;围绕 (1). surround sth/sb e.g. The river surrounds the river. (2). be surrounded by/with 被...所包围 e.g. Our school is surrounded by/with trees. 用surround的正确形式填空。 There are a lot of trees,__________our school. surrounding Our school is very beautiful,_________by trees. surrounded

词汇拓展: surround vt 包围;围绕 surrounding adj 附近的 surroundings n 周围的环境 e.g. surround (1). The trees________(环绕)the house. (2). The soldiers________(包围)the enemy surrounded yesterday. surrounding (3). He lives in the________(附近的) area. surroundings (4). The__________(环境)a child grows up in may have an effect on his development.

4. Skiing in the Rocky Mountains and
sailing in the harbour make

Vancouver one of Canada’s most
popular cities to live in. 落基山脉可



① 本句结构是:主语(Skiing in the Rocky Mountains and sailing in the harbour) + 谓语(make) + 宾语 (Vancouver) + 宾语补足语(one of Canada’s most popular cities to live in)。

②本句用动词-ing形式短语(Skiing in the Rocky Mountains and sailing in the harbour)作主语。在宾语补

足语中,动词不定式to live in作定

5. ... Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world. 句中的more ... than any other ...是用 比较级表示最高级含义。如果是在 同一范围内比较,常用“主语 + 谓 语 + 比较级 + than any other + 单数 名词”或者“主语 + 谓语 + 比较级 + than any of the other + 复数名 词”。

语 + 谓语 + 比较级 + than any + 单数名 词”。如: He is taller than any other boy in our class. / He is taller than any of the other boys in our class. 他是我们班上最高的男孩。

China is larger than any country in Africa. 中国比非洲的任何一个国家都大。 [仿写] He dances better than any other _________________________________ student in our school. / He dances _________________________________ better than any of the students in our ______________________ school. (在我们学校,他的舞跳得最好。)


① Lung cancer is the worst killer in

America, taking _____ lives each year
than _____ cancer.

A. more; any

B. most; any other

C. many; other D. more; any other

② In a special report on deaths caused by
cancer, the blacks are more diagnosed

with it than _____ in America.
A. any of the other

B. any races
C. the other race

D. any other race

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或
汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式。 1. Passengers checked their b______ before baggage boarding the plane. 2. My kids spend hours _______ (闲聊) on chatting the phone to their friends. 3. We began our ________ (向东的) journey eastward

at dawn.

4. The government was urged to take _________ (措施) to fight the measures spread of AIDS. 5. They were the last two to go

a______ aboard the ship. 6. They were near the ______ (边界) border between France and Germany.

7. The boss decided to pass over his ______ (轻微的) mistakes. slight 8. In some developing countries more and more people are migrating to u____ urban areas. 9. The police s_________ the house after surrounded a murder happened last night. 10. During the windstorm the ships stayed in the harbour h______.

IV. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。 1. 他住在一所四周都是美丽花草的房子 里。(be surrounded by) He lives in a house (that / which is) surrounded by beautiful flowers and grass. 2. 就像他的父亲一样,他也有音乐天赋。 (have a gift for) Just like his father, he also has a gift for music.

3. 司机没能及时看见另一辆车。(catch sight of) The driver failed to catch sight of another car in time. 4. 你认为你能在一小时内完成这项工作 吗?(manage to do) Do you suppose / think / believe you can manage to finish the work in / within an hour?

5. 他一路冲往车站,结果还是误了火

车。(all the way)
He rushed all the way to the station, only to miss the train. 6. 听到这个令人兴奋的消息,他哭了 而不是笑了。(rather than) Hearing the exciting news, he cried rather than smiled.

7. 他计划在乡下定居。(settle down)

He planned to settle down in the

8. 杰克比班里任何一个学生都高。 (any

Jack is taller than any other student in
his class.

7. That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 那天下午,这对表姐妹上了火车落了座。 aboard adv., prep. 在……上; 在船上 settle down 1) 坐下,躺下 He settled down in his chair to read the newspaper.

2) 定居
After years of traveling, he decided to settle down here. 3) 安下心来,专心致志于 Then they settled themselves down ____ work. A A. to B. on C. with D. in

8. manage to do 阅读下列句子,注意manage to do的意思 和用法。 1). Although he hasn’t received any formal education, Mr Wang managed to finish his task. 2). We should manage to realize our dream. [归纳总结] manage to do sth. (= succeed in doing sth.) 是“设法做、设法完成某事”的意思。

[辨析] manage to do与try to do 即:manage to do sth.的意思是“设法 成功地完成……”,而try to do sth.的 意思是“尽力做……(但结果不一定成 功)”。

如: He worked hard and managed to pass the exam. 他努力学习并顺利通过了考试。 He_____________ the exam, but failed tried to pass because of laziness. 他试图想通过考试,但是由于懒惰而最 终失败了。

9. Many of them have a gift for riding

wild horses and can win thousands
of dollars in prizes.

1) have a gift for..

gift 特指与生俱来的天份或才能,
如绘画、音乐等。 Her gift for dancing amazed the teacher. 老师对她舞蹈的天份大感惊奇。

2) thousands of 成千上万的

类似的用法还有 :
hundreds of 数以百计的

millions of


tens of thousands of 数以万计的

Reading (II)

3. In the distance, they could see
the misty cloud that rose from

the great Niagara Falls, which
is on the south side of the

[考点] distance距离、远方, in

the distance 在远方、在远处。

[考例] The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ___ of 60 miles. (2004全国卷 IV) A. length B. distance C. way D. space [点拨] 选B。题意: Rushmore山上四位美 国著名总统的头像从相距60英里的地方 就能看到。“a distance of + 数字”表 示“……的距离”。

方位介词in,on,to的区别 1. in 指“在...之内” e.g. Shanghai lies in the east of China. 贵州在中国的西南部。 Guizhou lies in the southwest of China. 2. on指“在...端/边” e.g. Guangdong Province is on the southeast of Guangxi. 注意:on表方位时,两地只是相互接壤或相邻, 却互不管辖。

3. to指“在...面”。即一地在另一地的范围之外,互不 管辖,尤其当两地相隔较远时或有湖泊大海相隔时。 e.g. Japan is to the east of China. 美国在中国的西面 America is to the west of China.

你知道怎么用图形 来展示这三个词的 用法吗?




4. … because most of the Chinese people here come from South China, especially Hong Kong. especially表示“尤其, 格外,特别”, 意 思相当于“in particular ”或 “particularly”。多用在介词短语或连 词前面。

It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, _____ if you don’t speak the B

A. extremely B. especially

C. specially

D. naturally

extremely表示程度“极其、非常”, specially 表示“特地、专门”, 而naturally表示“自然 地”, 均与句意不符。especially表示“尤其、 特别、格外”, 强调突出性, 用在此处, 句意通

5. It’s too bad you can’t go as far as

as far as 有两种含义:1) 直到……远,

远到……;2) (表示程度,范围)就……;
据……;至于……。常用于as far as I know“据我所知”,as far as I am concerned “就我而言”等结构中。

[考例1] _____ I can see, there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger. (北京2004春) A. As long as B. B As far as C. Just as D. Even if [点拨] as far as I can see, 据我所知。as long as 只要,表示条件;just as就像 ……,表示方式;even if 即使,表示让 步;皆不符合语境。

一些带有as...as 结构的常见短语:

as busy as a bee
as easy as ABC


as deep as a well 像井一样深
as light as a feather 像羽毛一样轻 as soft as butter as rich as a Jew 像黄油一样软 像犹太人一样富裕

8. The girls told him they were on a

train trip across Canada and that
they had only one day in Montreal.

越加拿大的旅行中,在蒙特利尔只呆 一天。

[分析] ①本句结构是: 主语(The girls) + 谓语 (told) + 宾语(him) + 第一个宾语从句 (they were on a train trip across Canada) + 第二个宾语从句(they had only one day in Montreal)。 ②如果在一个复合句中有两个或两个以 上并列的宾语从句, 第一个that可以省 略, 第二个及以后的that不可以省略。

Exercise I.根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或 s
汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。 maple 1. The red leaves of ______ (枫树) trees of the Fragrant Hills are the most charming autumn scenery in Beijing. 2. The grass is covered with frost (霜) in ____ the early morning. 3. Most of the old buildings downtown ( _________ 在市区) were torn down.

4. Thebuffet (自助餐) is over there. _____ Please help yourself. 5. In many countries, young people tradition still keep up the _______ (传统) that women get married in a long white dress. 6. The diligent student gets up before d____ every day. awn

7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the b___. ush 8. I recognized my primary choolmate s_________ Mary in the photo. 9. I’ll give him a call from the phone b____ on the corner. ooth 10. The d_______ from my house to istance school is 200 metres.

II. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。
1. Heconfirmed (confirm) _________ everything you said. 2. Early to bed and early to rise wealthy makes a man healthy, ______ (wealth), and wise. 3. The old man lives alone in that ______ distant (distance) little village.

4. In misty (mist) weather, drivers _____ should drive very carefully. 5. Four weeks are often ____________ (approximate) approximately regarded as one month. 6. The river grows broader (broad) _______ and broader as it nears the sea.

7. The whole village is against the suggestion to build an airport nearby _______ (near). 8. The old lady was _______ (terrify) terrified of crossing such a busy street. 9. He waspleased (please) with _______ their warm welcome. 10. I was impressed (impress) by _________ your wonderful performance at the party.

IV. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。
1. 我好像听到远处有说话声。(in the distance) I seemed to hear a voice in the distance. 2. 他和他的朋友一起步行到公共汽车站。 (as far as) He walked with his friend as far as the bus station.

3. 这位父亲想让孩子们亲近他。(be close to) The father wants the children to be close to him. 4. 许多年轻女孩梦想成为时装模特儿。 (dream of) Many young girls dream of becoming fashion models.

5. 有一天大约黄昏时,我看到一个小孩 在街上讨饭。(around dusk) One day I saw a boy begging in the street around dusk. 6. 天亮时,他发现自己躺在一个山谷底 处。(at dawn) At dawn, he found himself lying at the bottom of a valley.

7. 你最好证实一下他的飞机确实是在8 点起飞。(make sure that) You’d better make sure that his plane takes off at 8:00. 8. 直到失去健康,他才知道了健康的价 值。(not ... until ...) He didn’t realize the value of health until he lost it.



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