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[精品课件]201x-201x学年高中英语 Unit 3 Science versus natureSection Ⅰ Welcome to the unit & R_图文

The Chinese scientist behind the development of the world's largest cloning factory in Tianjin, China, claims (声称) that the facility ( 设 备 ) possesses the technology to clone humans. He added that the only thing holding them back from cloning a person is the fear of how the public would react to it.

The giant cloning factory, which is due to open within the next seven months, is backed by Boyalife group in collaboration with South Korean company Sooam Biotech Research Foundation. It plans to be cloning 1 million cows a year by 2020, and also aims to clone other animals such as racehorses and police dogs. “Everything in the supermarket looks good — it's almost all shiny, good-looking, and uniformly shaped. For animals, we weren't able to do that in the past. But with our cloning factory, we choose to do so now,” Boyalife CEO Xu Xiaochun said.

There are different opinions when it comes to whether the cloned beef is safe for human consumption. The US Food and Drug Administration says it is, but the European parliament (议会) disagrees and has backed a ban on cloned animals and produce in the food chain, reports the Daily Mail.

Section Ⅰ

Welcome to the unit & Reading — Pre?reading

The perfect copy

①announce vt.宣布,宣告,通知

Scientists have announced① that they have cloned② the first human embryo③. This has
caused much debate round the world. On the one hand④, some

announcement n.宣告,通告, 通知 ②clone [kl??n] vt.克隆 n.克隆出 来的动物或植物 ③embryo ['embrI??] n.胚胎

scientists point out⑤ that if you clone ④on the one hand 一方面

an embryo, you can Produce valuable human tissues⑥

⑤point out 指出
⑥tissue ['tI?u?] n.(生物的)


[原文呈现] — such as bone or lung tissue — that could be used to save⑦ human lives. On the other hand⑧, many people, including some scientists⑨, disagree and are afraid that, if mankind toys with⑩ nature in this way?, we may be ? on our way to producing a real-life ? Frankenstein's monster?.

⑦be used to do ... 被用来做…… ⑧on the other hand 另一方面 ⑨ 介 词 短 语 including some
scientists = some scientists included (n.+p.p.)。 ⑩toy with 戏弄,摆弄;把……当 作儿戏
?in this way 用这种方式 ?on one's/the way to doing sth.意
为“某事即将发生”,to 为介词, 后接名词、代词或动名词(短语)。 ?real-life [?ri??l'laIf] adj.真实的, 现实生活中的
?monster ['m?nst?(r)] n.怪物

Cloning is producing an exact ? copy of a plant or an animal ? using its cells ? . The first mammal ? to be cloned successfully? from an adult cell was Dolly the sheep?. She was born in 1996 and died in early 2003, at a much younger age than

[读文清障] ?exact [Iɡ'z?kt] adj.精确的,准
确的 exactly adv.精确地;准确地 ?using its cells 是现在分词短语, 在句中作状语。 ?cell [sel] n.细胞;小隔间;电池 ?mammal ['m?ml] n.哺乳动物 ?the first+n.+to do ...表示“第 一个/批做……的人/物”,不定 式作后置定语。 ?the sheep 作 Dolly 的同位语。

normal ○21 . When she was born, many people were worried that cloning would lead to○22 more diseases in the animal world. However, in general○23 the scientists were praised for their wonderful scientific advance.

○21 normal n.&adj.正常(的), 常规(的);标准(的) ○22 lead to 导致
○23 in general 一般来说,总体 而言

完美的复制 [第 1~2 段译文]
科学家们宣布他们已经克隆出第一个人类胚胎。这已引 起了世界范围内的很多争论。一方面,一些科学家指出如果 克隆人类胚胎,你就可以制造出宝贵的人体组织——如骨组 织或肺组织——它们可以用来拯救人类的生命。另一方面, 包括一些科学家在内的许多人持不同意见,他们担心人类如 果用这种方式戏弄自然,我们可能将制造出一个现实生活中 的弗兰肯斯坦怪物。

克隆是用某种植物或动物的细胞制造出一模一样的植物或 动物。第一只成功地用成年动物细胞克隆出的哺乳动物是多利 羊。她于 1996 年被克隆出来,2003 年初死亡,寿命要比普通的 羊短很多。当她被克隆出来的时候,许多人担心克隆会导致动物 世界中更多的疾病。然而,总体来说,这些科学家还是因为其杰 出的科学进展获得了人们的赞誉。


Ian Wilmut, the Scottish ○24 scientist who created Dolly○25 , is shocked that some scientists are now considering cloning human beings. Although he researches

cloning ○26 , his intention ○27 has

never beento create copies of

humans. Instead ○28 he thinks




concentrate on ○29 reating new

tissuesnd organs that can be used to cure

○24 Scottish ['sk?tI?] adj.苏格兰 的 Scot n.苏格兰人 Scotland n.苏格兰
○25 who 引导定语从句,修饰先 行词 scientist。
○26 although 引导让步状语从句。 ○27 intention [In'ten?n] n.意图,
○28 instead adv. 代 替 , 反 而 instead of 代替
○29 concentrate on 集中(注意力

diseases like cancer○30 . However, some people believe that cloning human embryos with the intention of ○31 destroying them shows no respect for○32 human life.
Even though ○33 human cloning is causing a lot of anxiety , it is good news for Faye

○30 that 引导定语从句,修饰先行 词 new tissues and organs。
○31 with the intention of 带着…… 的意图;目的是……
○32 show no respect for 对……不 尊重
○33 even though 即使,尽管 anxiety [??'zaI?tI] n.忧虑, 焦虑,不安

[原文呈现] Wilson, a 41-year-old saleswoman ho cannot have a baby .‘I am anxious to have a child of my own ,’she says. ‘I don't want to adopt someone else's child — if I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now .’

saleswoman ['seIlzw?m?n] n.女 售货员,女推销员
even though 引导让步状语从 句;a 41-year-old saleswoman 是 Faye Wilson 的同位语,who 引导定语从句。
anxious adj.渴望的,急切的 be anxious to do sth.渴望做某事 of one's own 属于某人自己的 adopt [?'d?pt] vt.收养,领养; 采用,采纳
if 引导非真实虚拟条件句,表示 与现在事实相反的情况。

[第 3~4 段译文] 克隆出多利的苏格兰科学家伊恩·威尔莫特对于有些科学家
现在正在考虑克隆人类的事实感到非常震惊。尽管他研究克隆, 但是他的目的从来就不是制造人类的复制品。相反,他认为克 隆研究应该注重创造用于疾病治疗的新组织和器官,这些新组 织和器官能被用来治疗像癌症那样的疾病。但是,有些人认为 怀着摧毁人类胚胎的意图来克隆人类胚胎是对人类生命的不尊 重。 尽管克隆人类正在引起很多担忧,但是这对于不能生育 的 41 岁的女售货员费伊·威尔逊来说却是个好消息。“我渴望有 一个我自己的孩子,”她说,“我不想领养别人的孩子——如 果我有这个机会,我会立即要一个克隆婴儿。”

While cloning human embryos is not legal in many countries, some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby . Severino Antinori, an Italian physician ,has declared that he wants to be the first to clone a human being.

while conj.尽管 legal ['li?ɡl] adj.法律许可的,合 法的 illegal adj. 非 法 的 ( = unlawful) push ahead with 义无反顾地进 行,努力推进 in order to ...baby 作目的状语。 Italian [I't?lI?n] adj.意大利的 n. 意大利人;意大利语 Italy n.意大利 physician [fI'zI?n] n.医师;内科 医生

In China, scientists have focused their efforts on cloning animals, as well as cloned tissues to be used in medical treatment. China has succeeded in producing clones of cows and goats , and continues to research ways in which cloning can benefit mankind.

[读文清障] focus ... on ...集中……于…… as well as 也,又,和……一样 succeed vi.成功 succeed in doing sth.成功地做某事 goat [ɡ??t] n.山羊 in which 引导定语从句,修饰 ways, in which 可换成 that 或 省略不用。 benefit vt.有利于,使……受益 vi.得到 n.利益,福利,好处

[第 5~6 段译文] 尽管克隆人类胚胎在很多国家还不合法,但是一些科学
家已经在加紧研究,以制造出克隆的人类婴儿。一位名叫塞 韦里诺·安蒂诺里的意大利内科医生宣称他想成为第一个克 隆人类的人。 在中国,科学家们把精力集中在研究克隆 动物上,以及用于医疗的克隆组织上。中国已经成功克隆出 牛和山羊,并将继续研究克隆能够造福人类的方式。

[原文呈现] Dear Editor

I believe that human cloning is

wrong. If we toy with nature, we will

have to deal with ①


consequences②. Who knows what

could happen? Human life would just become a crop to be harvested③

or a product for sale④.

The human race is using up⑤ the

Earth's natural wealth⑥. We should

be having fewer babies in order to reduce the Earth's population, not

cloning more.

①deal with 处理 ②consequence['k?nsIkw?ns] n.结果,后果 ③ harvest ['ha?vIst] vt.&vi. 收 割(庄稼) n.收获;收成 ④for sale 供出售,待销售 ⑤use up 用完,耗尽 ⑥natural wealth 自然资源

[原文呈现] I feel sorry for⑦ the lady who cannot have a baby⑧, but I would like to point⑨ out that there are many children in the world with no parents who would be delighted to have a mother?. Pauline Carter,

⑦feel sorry for 对……感到遗憾 ⑧who 引导定语从句,修饰先行词
lady。 ⑨would like to do sth. 想要做某事
○10 be delighted to do sth. 很愿意做
某事;因做某事而感到高兴 ?that 引导宾语从句,作 point out 的宾语;其中 who 引导定语从句, 修饰 children。

[原文译文] 亲爱的编辑: 我认为克隆人类是错误的。如果我们戏弄自然,我们将不
得不处理其后果。谁知道会发生什么呢?人类生命将变得像可 以收割的庄稼或可供买卖的产品一样。
人类正在耗尽地球的自然资源。为了减少地球的人口数量, 我们应该少生孩子,而不是克隆出更多的人。
我为那位不能生育的女士感到难过,但是我要指出的是世 界上有许多没有父母的孩子,如果能有一位妈妈,他们一定会 非常高兴。

Dear Editor I would like to comment① on
your article , ‘The perfect copy’. I think the scientific advances mentioned② in your article③ are fantastic④! I am in complete agreement with⑤ human cloning. After all⑥, scientists

①comment vi.评论,点评,发表 观点,发表意见 comment on 评 论……
②mention vt.&n.提及,说起 ③mentioned in your article 是过
去分词短语作定语,表被动。 ④fantastic adj.极好的,吸引人的,
神奇的 ⑤in agreement with 同意;赞成 ⑥after all 毕竟,终究

have been challenging⑦ moral⑧ ideas for centuries. Why should we stop them now?
On a personal note⑨, cloning would totally transform ? my life. Seven years ago, my 10-year-old ? daughter died of ? heart failure. She was beautiful,

⑦challenge vt.向……挑战
⑧moral adj.道德上的,有道德的 moral
ideas 道德观念
⑨on a personal note 就我个人而言 totally adv.完全地,彻底地
?transform [tr?ns'f??m] vt.使改变外观或性
质(尤指向好的方向);使改变形态 ?10-year-old 10 岁的,为“数词+名词+形
容词”构成的合成形容词,常作前置 定语。 ?die of 死于(内因) die from 死于(外因)

[原文呈现] cheerful and bright. I miss her every single day. If I had the chance, I would clone her immediately? so that I could be with her again?. Colin Jake

[读文清障] ?if 引导虚拟条件句,表示 与现在事实相反的情况。 ?so that 在此处引导结果状 语从句。

[原文译文] 亲爱的编辑: 我想谈谈我对你的《完美的复制》一文的
看法。我认为你的文章中提到的科技进步是了不起的!我完全 赞同克隆人类。毕竟,几个世纪以来,科学家们一直在挑战道 德问题。为什么我们现在要阻止他们呢? 就我个人而言, 克隆将彻底改变我的生活。7 年前,我 10 岁的女儿死于心脏衰 竭。她漂亮、快乐而且聪明。我每一天都在思念她。如果我有 机会,我愿意立即克隆她,那样我就又可以和她在一起了。 科林·杰克


Please match the words with their proper meanings.


A.what you want to do


B.offence for which one may be punished by law


C.correct in every detail


D.legally have someone else's child become a


part of your family E.allowed or required by law


F.the act of cutting and gathering crops


G.something that happens as a result of


a particular action H.change the appearance, character etc.


of someone or something completely I.powerful and very dangerous rays that


are sent out from some objects J . a type of job that needs special

training or skill

答案:1~5 CDEFG 6~10 HABJI

Lead-in Look at the following pictures and fill in the blanks.
1.What is cloning technology? Cloning is producing an exact _c_o_p_y_of a plant or an animal using its own_ce_l_ls_.

2. Do you think it would be a good idea to clone humans some day? Why or why not? ①Yes. I think so. Because it can help _c_u_r_emany diseases and _s_a_v_elots of people's lives if it is used to clone some human organs. ②No. I don't. Because it is _a_g_a_i_n_s_t the laws of nature when it is used to clone human beings. What's worse, it maybe bring more unexpected_t_ro_u__b_le__.

1.What does the passage mainly talk about? It mainly talks about the _in__tr_o_d_u_c_t_i_o_n_of cloning and the different _o__p_in_i_o_n_s_about it.
2.According to the passage, the opinion of the author to the cloning should be_o_b_j_e_c_ti_v_e_.

Careful-reading Read the text carefully and choose the best answers.

1.According to the passage, “The perfect copy” is an

article about the cloning of ___.



C.human beings

D.tissues and organs

2.How does the scientist who created Dolly feel about

human cloning? A.Shocked.




3.All the following are true EXCEPT that


A.there're a lot of people disagreeing with cloning Dolly

B.the first cloned animal in the world proves cloning is wrong

C.Severino Antinori shows great interest in human cloning

D.Chinese scientists are on the way to producing cloned animals

4.How does a woman who cannot give birth benefit from cloning?

A.She can have a baby by using another woman's egg.

B.She can have a cloned baby.

C.She can adopt someone else's child by cloning.

D.She can have more children.

5.What can we infer from the whole passage? A.Cloning animals is illegal in Italy. B.Chinese scientists are trying to benefit mankind by using cloning technology. C.Chinese scientists want to be the first to clone a human baby. D.Colin Jake agrees with the scientists who want to clone a human baby.
答案:1~5 CAABB

Study-reading Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text. 1.Ian Wilmut, the Scottish scientist who created Dolly, is
shocked that some scientists are now considering cloning human beings. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 克_隆___出__多___利__的___苏___格__兰___科__学___家__伊___恩___·威___尔__莫___特 _对___于__有___些__科___学__家___现___在__正___在__考___虑__克___隆__人___类___感__到___非__常___震惊。

2.Even though human cloning is causing a lot of anxiety, it is good news for Faye Wilson, a 41-year-old saleswoman who cannot have a baby. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 尽管___克__隆___人__类___正__在___引__起___很__多___担__忧___,__但___是__这___对_ 于
不___能__生___育__的___4__1__岁__的___女__售___货__员___费__伊___·威___尔__逊___来__说___却__是___个__好_ 消息。

3.I feel sorry for the lady who cannot have a baby, but I would like to point out that there are many children in the world with no parents who would be delighted to have a mother. [句式分析]

[尝试翻译] _我__为__那___位__不___能__生___育__的__女___士__感___到__难___过__,__但___是__我___要__指_ 出的 是___世___界__上___有__许___多___没__有___父__母___的___孩__子___,___如__果___能__有___一___位__妈___妈__,___他们一 定___会___非__常___高___兴__的__ 。


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