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大学英语普通资料3 4

1. 英译汉
? Dog are particularly valuable in guiding the blind, protecting finding lost people. And hunting criminals. The fist thing a dog is taught is to obey. 狗尤其有用,他们能导引盲人, 保护财产, 找失踪的人。搜捕罪犯,第一件事是他们很听话。 ? Pigeons have a natural instinct to return home``````` 鸽子有一种能识途反家的本领,即使他们飞的很远,且路途危险,人们利用鸽子这种本能吧 纸条系在它的嘴上能让它们传递信息。 1. Many studies of automobile accidents have shown that`````` 关于车祸的许多研究表明安全带能够挽救生命。一项研究表明 40%的人丧生于车祸。 2. Some experts also emphasized the importance of`·· · 一些专家还强调要自由的去做自己想做的事,一个没有忧虑和压力的平和心态也是很重要。 3. Since time has such different meanings in different cultures 由于时间在不同的文化中意义不相同, 人们之间的交流往往很困难。 如果我们能记住这个事 实,我们将相互了解的稍微好些。 4. Music experts do not agree about where the guitar first was played. 对于吉他的发源地,音乐家没有取得一致的被演奏意见,绝大多数的专家认为吉他是古代 乐器。庄家说,早在一千年以前埃及有一种与吉他非常相似的乐器 5. Americans have used colors to create many expressions they use every 美国人用颜色的名称,创造了许多的日常用语,我们身体健康时,就说我们的肤色粉红,这 不难理解。我们的的肤色呈现出精神。粉红表明我身体健康,如果我的肤色灰暗,苍白,那 就可能要看医生了。 6. Perhaps the most understandable reason people lie is that they don’t hurt other’s feelings·· · 也许对人们说谎最可理解的理由是不伤害他人的感情。 晚宴上大多数客人不会说他们不喜欢 这一顿专门为他们准备的菜肴,即使这些菜肴味道不怎们样。 7. In more recent times, Halloween has become a time for the parties·· · 近些年来,万圣节前夕已经成为聚会的时刻。孩子们化妆成巫婆,玩各种特别的游戏,游戏 结束后还有丰富的晚餐,有许多的南瓜饼蛋糕和其他的佳肴。 8. The rule he always enforces is the one that requires me to write a two- page essay anytime I want·· · 有一条家规是他一直坚持执行的。 那就是任何时候我想要什么东西的时候, 他总会要求我写 一篇两页的文章,他十六岁的时候才开始说英语,而学习写作文更是费了不少的力气。正事 因为这样他希望我年龄不大就能成为一名优秀的作家。 9. The instrument has the same shape and the same six string as the traditional guitar·· · 电吉他与传统的吉他有着相同的形状,同样的六根弦。但他们发出的声音截然不同,吉他对 布鲁斯音乐一直是重要。

2. 汉译英
? 邮递员过去常常每天行走几英里投递信件。 Postmen used to cover a few miles to deliver letter everyday ? 每个人都应该认真的履行自己的职责。 Everyone should seriously perform his or her own duty.

? 若一切顺利的话,他的政治生涯可以持续多年。 If all goes well, his political career .will last several years. ? 不幸的事,他在这次交通事故中受伤。 Unfortunately he was badly injured in the traffic accident. ? 我们已经开车穿过了城市最古老的部分,哪儿有许多的著名建筑。 We have driven though the oldest part of the city, where there many famous buildings. ? 汤姆又充满了希望和快乐 Again Tom was full of hope and happiness. ? 研究表明经常运动可促进人的身体健康。 Studies show that doing sport regularly can improve people’s physical and mental health. ? 这个地区的水没有经过污染。 The water in this region is free from pollution. ? 大量饮酒的人容易得心脏病。 People who drink large quantities of alcohol tend to get heart disease ? 我们和负责这个计划的经理在下午三点预约 We have an appointment with the manager in charge o f plan at 3 p.m ? 把这次考试看的过于重要是不明智的。 It’s unwise to attach too much importance to this exam. ? 你应该把他的话放在心上 You are to keep these words in mind ? 他们用新材料做实验 The experiment with the new maternal. ? 这一个决定使她在工作人员中很受欢迎。 The decision made her every popular with the staff. ? 这把乐器看起来又破旧,但发出来的声音非常动听 The musical instrument looks old and broken, but it sounds every beautiful. ? 书桌上除了几本书和几只铅笔之外什么也没有。 The desk is bare except for a few books and pencils nit. ? 很明显,你的房子和我的房子有几处不一样。 It is obvious that your house is Piute different from mine in some ways. 我想说服我的女儿和我一起去国外生活。 I want to persuade to go to live overseas with me. ? 他们国家盛产石油,而我们国家却一点也没有 Their country is rich of oil, while our has none ? 并非所有带“黑”字的词都是贬义的。 Not all the “black” expressions have bad meaning. ? 他们因误解而中断了友谊。 They broke up their friendship as a result of misunderstanding. ? 依照医生的建议,PARK 先生马上做了眼科手术 At on the advice of his doctor, Mr. Park ad his eyes operated on immediately ? 即使你说的是对的,也还有一些其他因素要考虑。 Even what you said is right, there are still some factors needed to consider.

? 如今很少游戏项目能像电子游戏吸引那么多年轻人。 Now day, few games interest as many young men electronic games ? 过去人们以为地球是宇宙的中心。 It used to be thought that the earth was the centre of unnerves. ? 人们保持着过春节的习俗,事实上,春节已成为家人团聚的时刻。 People keep up the custom of celebrating, the Spring Festival and in fact it become a time of or families to get together.

3. 单词填空
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Since he was the head of the family, his wish was a command. I ‘m every happy that my friends will come from a distance An efficient leaner knows well to utilize time Do you known the girl who wear her hair long The little girl was too nervous to speak A plan to form in his mind Unfortunately, he lost his left arm in that accident. What’s your secrete to remain young and vigorous DNA was discovered by Jim Watson and Francis crick The little boy’s vocabulary is very limited. His only four years old Peter narrowly escapes death in the car accident. The computer in my office is in unrented need of repair My opinion is similar to hers, so we have the similar opinions. I’m pleased to meet you; I am a great fan of your work. Few people can exist without water for more than a week. My father strong urged me to do that, but he did not persuade.

They tried to enforce, agreement with their plans. After all, England wasn’t as backward as the American might have thought The computer is rapidly replacing the abacus. We often talk about the four years, when we worked together in that company. We used to grow beautiful roses in our garden when we were children..


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