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2015 年山东省普通高校(春季)考试 英语试题 卷一 (选择题, 共 50 分) 一、英语知识运用 (本题 30 个小题,每小题 1 分,共计 30 分) 1. ----Hi, Tom. ? ---- Fine, thanks. And you? A. How are you B. How do you do C. What are you doing D. Who are you 2. ----What’s the young lady like at the school gate? ---. A., She is a teacher B. She is 18 C. She is beautiful D. She is a friend of mine 3. The more you practice, you will be. A. better B. best C. the best D. the better 4. ---- Oh! We’ve just missed the 7 o’clock bus· ---. The next bus will come in half an hour. A. Excuse me B. Don’t worry C. Have fun D. With pleasure 5. It’s very cold outside. You’d better your coat. A. have on B. wear C. put on D. dress 6. ---- May I look at your new camera? ---. Here you are. My mother bought it for me last week· A. Of course B. Good idea C. Thank you D. I’m sorry 7. ---- Please send my Christmas to your grandparents. ---- I will. Thank you. A. greet B. greeting C. greetings D. greets 8. ---- Don’t too late, or you will feel tired in class tomorrow. ---- I won’t, Mom. A. stay up B. put up C. wake up D. pick up 9. ---- Can you help me carry the box upstairs? ---. A. Thanks a lot B. With pleasure C. You’d better not D. Yes, please 10. ---- First let me introduce myself. I’m Bill Cart from Canada. ---. A. I’m very sorry B. Nice to meet you C. It’s a pleasure D. Nothing special 11. ---- Could you tell me the way the post office? ---- Walk straight ahead and turn left at the first crossing. A. for B. on C. at D. to 12. ---- Have you ever been to the Great Wall? ---- Yes. I there last year. A. went B. have gone C. have been D. go 13. ---- Are you ready to order, sir? ----. A. Not at all B. Yes, sit down please C. Sorry, I have no time D. Yes, a sandwich and a beef 14. ---useful advice the teacher gave us! ---- Yes, it has helped us a lot. A. What B. What a C. How D. How a 15. you have dreams, something nice will happen. A. Unless B. As long as C. Although D. As if 16. ---- Lovely weather, isn’t it? How about playing football with us?

---. But thanks anyway. A. All right B. Sorry, I can’t C. That sounds great D. Don’t mention it 17. He doesn’t know he should accept his friend’s suggestion or not. A. that B. what C. whether D. if 18. ---- I’m sorry, I forgot to bring your book. ---. A. No, thanks B. My pleasure C. It doesn’t matter D. I’d love to 19. ---- I’ve got high marks in English exam. ----Well done, Lily. Your parents must be with you. A. satisfy B. satisfied C. satisfying D. satisfaction 20. ---- The weather report says there will be a storm tomorrow. ---. I planned to go climbing with my classmates. A. What a pity! B. I’m afraid so. C. Sounds good. D. I hope so 21. ---- How much should I for this dictionary? ---- 120 yuan. A. cost B. take C spend D. pay 22. Computers in our daily life nowadays. A. will use B. are used C. have used D. were used 23. ---- Mary, what about the fried chicken? ---- It tastes nice, it’s bad for you to eat too much. A. but B. and C or D. so 24. ---- Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? ---. I prefer milk. A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither 25. ---- Mr. Wang isn’t a teacher, is he? ---. He’s taught in our school for 5 years. A. No, he is B. No. he isn’t C. Yes, he is D. Yes, he isn’t 26. On weekends, everything in this supermarket is sold at a 5% . A. pay B. sale C. account D. discount 27. ---- Do you know where the sales department is? ---- It’s on floor. A. nine B. ninth C. the ninth D. a ninth 28. Everybody should do something to save water, for it is in the world. A. useless B. limited C. rich D convenient 29. ---- Is this the school your best friend is studying? ---- Yes, it’s a famous school in our country. A. that B. which C. where D. whose 30. ---- Congratulations! You have won the first prize in the English contest. ---. A. Enjoy yourself. B. Thank you C. Good idea D. Good luck 二、阅读理解 (本题 10 个小题,每小题 2 分,共 20 分) A Everyone has a dream. No matter whether your dream comes true, you’ll never give it up. The students are talking about their dreams. Let’s share some of them. Li Ming (Hunan): I’ m 15. Now I'm studying English in London. I want to invent a language machine that can help me understand many languages. Wu Dong (Guangdong):I’m a 12-year-old boy. I like traveling very much. How I wish to visit the

moon some day! Wang Hao (Sichuan):I’m 16. Before the earthquake on May 12th, 2008, I wanted to be a news reporter. But now I want to be a doctor in the future. I’d like to help all the sick people. Joma (Tibet):I’m a 14-year-old girl in Tibet. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been built. I’ll be able to reach Beijing by train in about 48 hours. My dream is to go to Beijing to watch National Flag Raising Ceremony. Wei Hua (Beijing): I’ m 13 years old. I want to invent a machine. It can send things or people from one place to another place far away in a minute. 31. What is Li Ming’s dream? A. To invent a language machine. B. To visit the moon. C. To be a doctor. D. To be a news reporter. 32. Whose dream is to invent a machine? A. Wu Dong B. Wang Hao C. Joma D. Wei Hua 33. People in Tibet can get to Beijing in about 48 hours now. A. by train B. by bus C. by plane D. by ship 34. Which statement is NOT true? A. Li Ming is studying English in London B. Wei Hua comes from Tibet. C. Wu Dong likes traveling. D. Joma wants to go to Beijing. 35. The topic of the passage should be “ “. A. A Doctor B. My Dream C. An English Teacher D. Introduce Yourself B More and more people like cycling and it is no surprise. It is fun, healthy and good for the environment. Maybe that’s why there are 1.4 billion bicycles and only 400 million cars on roads worldwide today. Bikes can take you almost anywhere, and there is no oil cost! Get on a bicycle and ride around your neighborhood. You may discover something new all around you. Stopping and getting off a bike is easier than stopping and getting out of your car. You can cycle to work and benefit from the enjoyable exercise without polluting the environment. You don’t even have to ride all the way. Folding (折叠式) bikes work well for people who ride the train. Just fold the bike and take it with you. You can do the same on an airplane. A folding bike can be packed in a suitcase. You can also take a common bike with you when you fly. But be sure to look for information by getting on airline websites. Not all airlines are bicycle-friendly to travelers. Health Benefits of Cycling: ● It helps to prevent heart diseases. ● It helps to control your weight. ● It can improve your mood. ● It is healthier than driving. 36. From the passage, we know that cycling is becoming very . A. surprising B. boring C. popular D. expensive 37. When you are riding your bicycle around your neighborhood, you can . A. pollute the environment around B. find something you didn’t notice C. find it difficult to park your bike D. not benefit from cycling 38. If you travel with a folding bike, it can . A. be carried onto an airplane if permitted B. be taken onto a train C. be packed in a suitcase D. all the above 39. Which is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Cycling can help to protect the environment. B. Cycling can improve your mood.

C. Safety rules of Cycling. D. You may lose weight by cycling. 40. The writer wants to tell us . A. we should cycle more instead of driving cars B. driving cars is healthier than riding bikes C. riding a bike pollutes your neighborhood D. common bikes are welcomed by all airlines

卷二 (非选择题,共 30 分)
三、根据情景内容补全对话 (本题 10 个空,每空只填一词,每词 1 分,共 10 分) 41. ---- May I have your ? ---- Just call me John。 42. ---- What’s your sport? ---- I like playing tennis. 43. ---- What do you the film? ---- It’s very interesting. 44. (The secretary is answering the phone.) Secretary: Hello, Sunshine Company. Alice: Hello! Could I (1) (2) Li Xin, please? Secretary: Sorry, she can’t come to the phone at the moment. Can you call later? Alice: I’m afraid I can’t. Could I leave a (3) ? Secretary: Ok. (4) the line, please. I’ll get a pen … Well, who’s that? Alice: (5) is Alice, her partner. I just want to tell her I’ve sent her an e-mail. Secretary: I’ve got it. I’ll tell her as soon as she comes back. Alice: Thank you very much. Secretary: You are (6) . 四、职场应用 (本题两个任务,共 20 分) 假设你是 ABC 公司的人力资源部经理 Helen,公司 需要招聘一名经理助理。请你根据公司的招聘要求和三名应聘者的个人信息,选出最佳的应聘者。 任务一 仔细阅读任务单中公司的招聘要求和三名应聘者的个人信息,完成任务单。 (本任务 9 个小题,1~8 题每小题 1 分,第 9 小题 2 分,共 10 分) Please read the following information about the three applicants. Applicant A I’m Li Wei, male, aged 24. I want to apply for a position as an assistant manager in a big company. I graduated from Shandong University and I majored in business management. After graduation, I’ve worked as a typist in a computer company for 3 years and learned more knowledge of office software. And I can speak good English. I’d like to deal with visitors. I’m sure I can do it well. Applicant B My name is Zhang Li. I’m a 23-year-old boy. I’m looking for a job as an assistant manager. I graduated from Qingdao University. My major is chemistry. I passed all subjects with high marks and I am good at English and computer. I’ve taught chemistry in a high school for one year. As I like to meet new people, I decide to change a job. I really want to be an assistant manager. Applicant C I am Lily, a 20-year-old girl. I graduated from a high school. I can speak English very well. I was born in Shandong and I want to find a job in Beijing. I want to be a tour guide in a travel agency or an assistant manager in a company. Although I have no work experience, I am a fast learner and I am sure I can be the right person for the position. Please complete the following worksheet.






Work Experienc e At least 2 years

Skills (Yes/No) Computer knowledg e

Foreign Languag e English

Requirements for the position as an assistant manager

Unde r 25

College or above

Applicant (1) Shandong (2) (3) English A:Li Wei University Applicant 23 (4) 1 year Yes (6) B: Zhang Li Applicant (7) (8) No Not English C: Lily experience mentioned Who can meet all the requirements? 任务二 结合任务一中的信息,请你以书面形式向总经理 Mr. Smith 汇报招聘结果。 (本任务 10 分) 主要内容包括: 1. Which applicant do you choose for the position? 2. Why do you choose the applicant? (Please give the detailed reasons) 注:文中不得出现考生个人信息,词数 80~120 个 (开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数)。 Dear Mr. Smith, After considering all the applicants’ qualifications carefully, I’d like to choose position as an assistant manager. for the

Computer science, accounting or business management Business management (5)

Yours, Helen 答案 一、 ACDBC ACABB DADAB CCCBA DBADC DCBCB 二、 ADACB CBDCA 三、 41. name 42. favo(u)rite 43. think of 44. (1) speak (2) to (3) message (4) hold (5) This (6) welcome 四、 (1) 24 (2) 3 (3) Yes (4) Qingdao University (5) chemistry (6) English (7) 20 (8) high school 五、 略



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