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Unit 1> Caring for Our Earth Passage A (三)、

1. Answer: A tree frog has taken up residence in my studio.
Answer: He stopped and turned around and just sat there looking at me. 2. Answer: Possibly the tone of my computer sounded to him like other tree frogs. 3. Answer: Frogs were dying around the world. Answer: Frogs were being found whose skin was like paper. Answer: Frogs are an “indicator species”. 4. Answer: The frogs have a message for us. Answer: We must be the adults for the planet. Answer: There are no boundaries, that there is no more time. ( 四 ) 、 Answer: sensitivity indicator greenhouse residence communicate wired humming message

(五)、Answer: 1. d 2. a 3. b 4. e 5. c 1. tone threatening 2. sensitivity smell 3. affected climate 4. tap resources 5. concerns environment (六)、 Answer: 1. subtle 2. were overtaken 3. species 4. decades 5. boundaries 6. audio 7. directly 8. focus 9. tone 10. cupped (七)、 Answer: 1. at that rate 2. For the sake of 3. come to 4. by hand 5. vice versa (八)、1. 年轻人有时会抱怨无法和父母沟通。(communicate with) Answer: Young people sometimes complain of being unable to communicate with their parents. 2. 能在中国云南的一个苗家村落住下来一直是玛丽长久以来的梦想,现在她终于梦想成真 了。(to take up residence) Answer: It has been Mary’s long cherished dream to take up residence in a Miao village in Yunnan, China. Now her dream has finally come true. 3. 家养的动物习惯于依赖人,因此很难能在野外活下来。(survive) Answer: Domestic animals are used to depending on humans, so it is difficult for them to survive in the wild. 4. 他突然有种恐惧感,觉得自己会因为经济不景气而被公司裁员。(overtake) Answer: He was suddenly overtaken by a fear that he would be laid off by the company because of depression. 5. 我估计公交路线上堵车了,因为我都等了 30 分钟也没见一辆车开过去。(figure) Answer: I figure that there is a traffic jam on the route of the bus, for I’ve waited for 30 minutes without seeing one passing by. (九)、Answer: In spite of trade frictions, the US cannot do without China or vice versa. Answer: If you find yourself working without efficiency, you’d better relax for a while. Answer: The speaker glanced around the audience this way and that before he started speaking. Answer: My father’s opinion on my job change sounded to me like a warning. Answer: The labor union agreed to give up a pay increase for the sake of more job opportunities. (十)、Answer: The sandstorm is a horrible phenomenon. The clouds of dust are so heavy that

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you can hardly breathe. It is so dark that it may cause trafic accidents. Answer: Droughts result from lack of water, which is essential for plants and animals. The failure of crops leads to food shortage, and sometimes even famine. Answer: The flood washes away houses, destroys ields, and causes life and property losses. People may be left homeless and suffer diseases.Causes: The increase of disasters is mainly caused by human activities. With the growth of population, we need more resources from the Earth. Deforestation, over-cultivation, together with other factors, lead to the imbalance of the ecosystem. And this in turn causes more natural disasters. Passage B Think about it: 1. What is Mission Zero? Answer: It is a goal set by Interface that the company will eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment by the year 2020. 2. What can we do to achieve sustainability? Answer: We can start doing something first, then do something else. Only when everyone in our society is involved can we expect to transform our entire system into a sustainable one. 3. Do you know you can figure out the meaning of a new word just by the context? Answer: Open. (十三)、Answer: 1. indicating the use of a lot of a particular thing e.g. The labor-intensive products such as shoes, clothes, toys, hardware and so on, come primarily from small enterprises. As agriculture has become more knowledge-intensive, farmers have greatly improved output with less land and labor. 2. without a particular thing e.g. As the punishment for drunk driving is getting more severe, the sale of alcohol-free beer is on the rise. Part of the attraction to the island is that tourists can buy imported goods there at duty-free prices. 3. having a very close and friendly relationship e.g. Our client-intimate service contributes much to the growth of the company. The GPS is designed in a user-intimate approach, and you can easily find your way just by a few touches on its screen. 4. partner or associate in an activity or job e.g. As the proud co-sponsor of the conference, we come not only to offer our support, but also share our experience. Penn, co-author of National Food And Agriculture Policy, has served for three years as a senior economist at the United States Department of Agriculture. 5. in a better, faster or further way e.g. For the first time, smartphones have out-sold PCs in terms of number of units in the first quarter of this year. Using keywords in the title of your blog posts helps out-rank others in search engines. (十五)、 1. 十年前,当公司还处在生产的鼎盛时期时,我们就决定投资新技术,将公司转型为技术 密集型 企业。由于拥有先进技术,我们在激烈动荡的市场竞争中脱颖而出。现在我们的成

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本下降了百分之三十,销售业绩却上涨了三分之二,利润翻了一番。 Answer: Ten years ago, when our company was at the height of its production, we decided to invest in new technologies, so as to turn our company into a technology-intensive one. With our advanced technologies, we out-competed all our competitors in the rough and tumble of the marketplace. Now we have reduced the cost by 30 percent, even as / while our sales have grown by two-thirds and the earnings have doubled. 2. 我们将可持续性定义为保持企业盈利, 但不以环境为代价。 从商业的角度看, 这合理吗? 事实上,在追求可持续发展目标的过程中,我们的收益已经超过了所有的投资和开支。可持 续发展的推进起到了如此重要的作用,帮助我们撑过了史上最深重的经济衰退。 Answer: We define sustainability as keeping a business profitable, but not at the expense of the environment. Does this make good business sense? Actually, what we get has more than offset all the investments and expenses incurred in pursuit of the goal of sustainable development. The boost of sustainability made such a difference that it helped us survive the deepest recession in the history. (十六)、 Answer: from bad to worse Answer: loss of hope Answer: fuels like petroleum and coal. Answer: very dry Answer: a movement away from a place (十七)、 Answer: 这一举措在竞争艰难而残酷的市场上胜过了所有对手。 Answer: 代沟明显表现在消费上:年轻人什么都会去买,而老年人则喜欢节俭。 Answer: 机器的发明使世界进入了一个新纪元——工业时代,金钱主宰了一切。 Answer: 每个人的生活都有酸甜苦辣。 Answer: 麦肯立博士竭尽全力唤起公众对严峻的环保问题的关注。 Answer: 那条消息让我毛骨悚然。 Answer: 她在演讲中用了许多术语,听众听得莫名其妙。 Answer: 这些问题盘根错节,三言两语说不清楚。

Unit 2> Nobel Prize Winners Listen and Talk Answer: 1. invitations 2. around the world 3. reach 4. institution 5. specially appointed experts 6. vote 7. diploma 8. medal 9. is followed by 10. including Passage A Think About It: 1. What do you think makes a successful scientist? Answer:1. Curiosity, patience, determination, genius, persistence ... 2. What kind of boy was Einstein in his parents’ eyes? Answer:2. They might have thought him slow because he hardly spoke until he was almost three years old.
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3. Einstein once said: “Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” How do you understand this statement? Answer:2. Einstein was right because he himself was passionately curious when he was young. His curiosity was sparked by wanting to know what controlled the compass needle and this led to his later success. (二)、 答案:Clues of the interview: 1. Pauline ’ s surprise to Einstein with his new baby sister, and Einstein’s response. 2. Einstein’s recall of the compass. 3. Maja’s recall of the card house built by her brother, and Einstein’ s interpretation of his patience and determination to keep at things longer. (三)、 答案:1. the compass Why would the compass always find its way back to pointing in the direction of north? What invisible force controlled the compass needle? (Para. 9) 答案:2. a book on Euclidean plane geometry How could people use Euclidean plane geometry to prove theorems of angles and lines that were in no way obvious? (Para. 6) Could I adopt mathematics as a tool to prove the behavior of the universe? (Para. 6) 答案:3. beauty of simplicity How could I find the beauty of simplicity in the apparently complex nature? (Para. 7) How could I make the essence of my ideas understandable to everyone? (Para. 7) 答案:4. his ultimate quest How did God create this world? (Para. 11) What were His thoughts? (Para. 11) (四)、 Answer: 1. compass 2. inspiration stimulated 6. inspired (五)、 Answer: 7. genius

3. curious

4. persistent


8. Complex

1. The spokesman was merely given a condense version of the document, so he didn’t know much about the details. (condensed) 2. Stout’s curious in science was sparked by the fascinating stories about Nobel Prize winners. (curiosity) 3. When there is too much smoke in the room, the devise would automatically turn on the alarming system. (device) 4. Anyone without patience and persistent is unlikely to make a good researcher. (persistence) 5. There is convinced evidence that stress is partly responsible for his failing health. (convincing) (六)、 Answer: 1. fundamental 2. ultimate 3. sparked 4. apparently 5. patience 6. curiosity
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7. convince 8. detail 9. responses 10. (has) stirred (七)、Answer: 1. fooled ... into 2. came upon come up with 5. up to (八)、1. 记者敦促发言人就此次军事打击作出解释。(press for)

3. join in


Answer: Reporters pressed the spokesman for an explanation of the military attack. 2. 他的竞选演讲未能使选民相信他就是参议员的合适人选。(convince) Answer: His election speech failed to convince the voters that he was the right person for the Senate seat. 3. 尽管我承认有问题存在,但我并不认为这些问题不能解决。(while) Answer: While I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved. 4. 他在电视上的第一次辩论给观众留下了深刻的印象。(impression) Answer: His first debate on TV made a deep impression on his audience. 5. 一切事物都是互相联系又互相作用的。(interact with) Answer: All things are interrelated and interact with each other. (九)、1、Answer: She might have thought that history was just boring names and dates, but Professor Yi’s lectures completely changed her view. 2、Answer: After the plane crash, all the survivors could do was wait for rescue on this desert island. 3、Answer: JThe little boy happened to read some stories about Bermuda Triangle that did stir his curiosity in the mysteries of nature. 4、Answer: The DNA test result was evidence to the police that the murderer was someone else. 5、Answer: Darwin was convinced that The Theory of Evolution is based on natural selection. Passage B Think About It 1. What would you do if you were awarded the Nobel Prize? Answer: Open. Give big parties, have a vacation, write books, celebrate, retire or continue to work hard ... 2. What did Zewail plan to do after he won the Nobel Prize? Answer: He would remain active in research and in publishing papers, and look for more breakthroughs. 3. Do you know that in many cases the part of speech which a word falls into can be recognized simply through its ending part, known as suffix, such as -sion, -ive, etc.? Answer: Open.

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(十四)、 Line Metaphors 30 31 32 32 33 47 open new windows forefront of the arena molecular dances a wealth of experiences Contextual Meanings make new discoveries leading position of the field molecular movements a large amount of experience

sailed to the top of his class reached the top of his class under his belt in his possession

(十五)、 1. 这位年轻的埃及男孩在一些化学项目中积累了丰富的经验。这些经验帮助他在埃及大学 读书时成绩名列班级前茅。在研究生学习即将结束时,他决定在化学学习方面继续深造。当 面临选择去哪所大学时, 他选择了宾夕法尼亚大学而放弃了加州理工学院, 仅仅只是因为他 当时认为“大学”比“学院”听起来更负盛名。 Answer: This young Egyptian boy had received a wealth of experience in some chemistry projects. Such experience helped him to sail to the top of his class at college in Egypt. When he was about to finish his postgraduate study, he decided to further his chemistry education. When confronted with choosing which university to go to, he chose University of Pennsylvania over California Institute of Technology (Caltech) just because he thought “university” sounded more prestigious than “institute”. 2. 瑞典皇家科学院授予他第 28 届诺贝尔医学奖, 以褒奖他为战胜癌症所做的开创性工作。 实际上,他已经做了整整 20 年的研究才取得了这一了不起的突破,他也是他所在大学第一 位获得诺贝尔奖殊荣的教师。 如今已将诺贝尔奖收入囊中的他更加坚定地声言, 将以前所未 有的更大动力去继续开拓人类攻克癌症的事业。 Answer: The Royal Swedish Academy awarded him with the 28th Nobel Prize in Medicine for his groundbreaking work in fighting against cancer. It turns out that he had spent 20 years on his research before he made this wonderful breakthrough, and he is the first faculty member of his university to receive the Nobel Prize. Now with Nobel Prize under his belt, he claimed that he had never been so much more motivated to continue to push the envelope of what human beings can possibly do about cancer.

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1 adj intellectual 7 adv quizzically 13 n contraption 19 magnetic

adj n






evidence empowerme nt powerful


adj v










revolutionize 21








adj v

tumultuous 22







n adj or ad v

professorship 17



adv v












(十六)、 Answer: 他有耐心和毅力, 使他做事时坚持的时间比其他大多数孩童都长。 (根 据上下文,增加原文中省略的词语) Answer: 就其基本内容而言,这一学说提出的论点包括:光速是宇宙中最快的速度;...... (增加修饰语,以示强调) Answer: 扎威尔将收到世界各地的来信。 短短几天时间里 2000 封电子邮件接踵而至。 (增 加量词、修饰语以及原文上下文中所省略的部分) Answer: 但是,这位 53 岁的科学家将首先与家人共享这条喜讯。(增加量词以及原文上 下文中所省略的部分) (十七)、Answer: 1. in 1933 2. in 1955 3. Since the 1950s 4. over three decades 5. in 1990

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