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模板一 、直陈观点,以例佐证
范例 1 谋篇构思 三步曲 观点:More haste, less speed. Before moving to the next step, one needs a practical consideration on what he has already achieved.. (欲速则不达) From my point of view, we should do everything step by step. One often fails without good preparation. Take English study for example. Just as Rome was not built in one day, it takes one year’s practice to have a good command of the language. If we do not learn from selling correct words and writing acceptable sentences, we are never able to write a good composition. And without practicing oral English a lot, we can never speak English fluently. If we don’t read and listen a lot and do a lot of efficient exercises, we can not pass English tests. In short, we should have a good foundation if we want to make great achievements in our studies and work or in other things as well. 语 言 结 构 点睛
开 门 见 山,直接 表 明 观 点。 以英语学 习为例来 佐证“欲 速 则 不 达” 。

范例 2 谋篇构思 观点:Parents can be examples for their children. 三步曲 (有其父必有其子) Many people hold the opinion that parents 表明观点 can be examples for their children. As far as I am concerned, I quite agree with this. Here is a story. One day a little boy watched his parents planting flowers in the garden ,and he then learnt to water and look 例证观点 after the little plants. When he saw that the flowers were growing well, he shared the happiness with his parents. Their hard work resulted in beautiful flowers in full bloom, and the boy’s father proudly picked a flower and gave it to his wife to show his love. But to their great surprise, the boy picked all the flowers and presented them to his parents. Only at this moment did the parents realize how great effect their behavior had on their children. Thus, I think parents should try to be good teachers in front of their children. 得出结论 语 言 结 构 点睛
开 门 见 山,直接 表 明 观 点。 以 “种花 与养花” 的故事来 证明父母 的言行举 止对子女 的影响。



倒装句加 强表达效 果

前呼后应 观点

得出结论 经典句式回味 From my point of view, we should do…. Take…for example. As far as I am concerned, I quite agree with this.


范例 3 谋篇构思 三步曲 观点:Nothing is too small.(防微杜渐) 语 言 结 构 点睛
直截了当 表 明 观 点。 防微杜渐 对人民和 社会的必 要性及重 要性。

范例 1 谋篇构思 观点:Honesty is the best policy. (诚实为上) 三步曲 It is true that most of us value honesty 呈现看法 highly. Personally I agree that honesty is the best policy. As we know, if one is honest, other people will deeply respect him or her, and are willing to make friends with him or her. In addition, being 分说原因 honest can make people’s life easier and more harmonious(和谐的). There are a lot of examples to support the argument. For example, consumers will not be afraid of being overcharged if dealers are honest. For another example, Singapore is a trustworthy society and has a very Low criminal rate. There is no doubt that being honest is of benefit to both the state and the individual. We should have the spirit of honesty. 得出结论 语 言 结 构点睛
以明理提 出看法




Some great disasters frequently happened not because of something big but something small. There are some examples in our daily life. We may hear that a train is turned over because a rail spike (道钉)is loose without being fastened timely, a great forest fire breaks out because of a lighted butt thrown without being put out, a great dam is destroyed as a result of a tube fountain in a dam without being found out, which have all caused a great loss to both people and society. We can learn from the above examples that nothing is small in our work and life and that any behavior of carelessness or no responsibility of a small fault will result in great damage or disaster. So we should be very strict with ourselves and learn to be responsible and careful in our life and work.

理由 1: 诚实的人 受 人 尊 重。 理由 2: 诚实使生 活轻松和 谐。

用“大小 因果关系 “(Result

in; so )得

总 结 全 文,提出 倡导。

经典句式回味 There are some examples in our daily life. In short, we should… We can learn from the above examples that…

经典句式回味 It is true that… Personally I agree that

范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 呈现看法 观点:Don’t hesitate to say “no”.(该说“不”时 就说“不” ) Helping others is our traditional virtue. It goes without saying that we should give a hand whenever it is really needed. But we should also dare to say “no” to some unreasonable requests. The reasons can be listed as follows: Firstly, if you cannot keep your promise because the request is beyond your ability, you will be considered dishonest. Secondly, if you agree to unreasonable requests, it will spoil your principles of doing things and it may also do harm to other people. Thirdly , if you give help to a criminal, you may also result in committing a crime. In conclusion, we should say “no” firmly to unreasonable requests. 语 言 结 构点睛
以常理引 出看法。 主题句

范例 3 谋篇构思 三步曲 描述现象 观点:Students or Tutors?(做学生还是做家庭 教师?) Nowadays, there are more and more private teachers in universities. People have different opinions about this. I think a student should focus on his studies instead of working as a tutor. To begin with, a college student’s main task is to learn knowledge. If he spends too much time teaching, then he will not have enough time to study. Then, a student should not think too much about money since their parents will provide the daily necessities for him. Furthermore, if he fails to help his students improve their studies, that will cause worry and anxiety to him, and it might even affect his self-confidence. He might question his won ability. All in all, I think a college student should pay attention to his studies and work hard at his studies. 语 言 结 构点睛
以现象引 出观点 主题句 理由 1: 学生主要 是学习。 理由 2: 有家长提 供日常费 用。 理由 3: 当不好的 影响。 总 结 全 文,首尾 呼应。



Secondly, Thirdly 陈 述 原 因,层次 分明。 表明观点
回应全文 归 纳 看 法。


经典句式回味 It goes without saying that… Firstly, … Secondly, …. Thirdly, …

经典句式回味 To begin with,… Then,… Furthermore,…Finally,… There is no doubt that… In conclusion, we should… All in all, I think…


范例 1 谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出主题 观点:Reduce waste on campus..(减少校园浪 费) It is certain that the problem of waste is becoming more and more serious on campus and it is time for us to reduce it. For one reason, we have already wasted a great deal of precious resources such as water and electricity. For another, our waste adds our parents and the society a burden.. However, some are still puzzled how to reduce waste on campus. Here are some suggestions. To begin with, we should turn off the light when we leave dorms or classrooms so as to save electricity as much as possible. Secondly, we should not spend too much money. Thirdly, we should stop wasting water when we bath, or clean faces, or wash clothes and dishes. Actually, there are different solutions 观点:The meaning of situations. Therefore, I according to different life.(生活的意义) firmly believe that we can reduce the waste on campus with our efforts. 语言结构点 睛
主题:必须 减少校园浪 费。 分 说 必 要 性。

范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出主题 观点:The importance of after-class activities. (课外活动的重要性) After-class activities play an important part in school life. They are good for students’ development in all aspects. The first thing that after-class activities do to help us is doing a lot of good to our health. For example , playing basketball can help us improve our speed and strength, thus improving our health. Obviously, we have a lot of pressure from our studies and we need a relaxation after heavy work, as sometimes we need to refresh ourselves and renew our energy. Furthermore, burying ourselves all day under piles of books, searching information we need in class or preparing for examination is not the only way to learn. By doing some after-class activities, we can learn to look at things on a broader scale or in a long term. In conclusion, after-class activities are useful and helpful in many aspects. We can not only enjoy and refresh ourselves, but also improve ourselves mentally, physically, intellectually and socially. 语 言 结 构点睛
直接提出 主题。 解说: 1. 说 明 有 益健康; 能减轻学 业负担。 2. 课 外 活 动也是一 种学习 结论:不 仅能愉悦 自我,而 且心理、 生理、智 力和社交 的能力均 能提高


从三方面列 举方法。

板 六、 名 分步解说 谚 开 篇, 烘 托 观 点
范 例3 范 例1

得出结论 谋篇构 思 三步曲

总结全文, 呼语 言 结 构 吁减少校


点睛 园浪费。





People hold various opinions on the purpose of life. Some think that they live for money, some for fame, some for fun. As to my opinion, living for experiences enables me to understand the true meaning of life. The first reason of my belief is that money and fame are not enough for leading a happy life. I see that many people going after money and fame have no interest or time to enjoy family life, friendship, sightseeing and things like that. Money is important in life , but the idea only for money leads to an uninteresting life. Secondly, living just for fun is also unacceptable to me. Humans are different from animals in that they have feelings and emotions. They cannot avoid sadness and anger. Now I will come back to may point, living for various experiences, whether they are failures or successes, happiness or sadness.

陈述不同 观点, 亮出 主题 解说理由: 理由 1: 有 钱和名声 还不能过 上幸福生 活。 理由 2: 生 活不仅仅 为了娱乐 消遣。 总结全文, 前后呼应

经 式 It

谋篇构 思 三步曲 表明观点

观点:The treasure of time.(珍惜时间)

语 言 结 构点睛
引 出 观 点:时间 宝贵 解 析 原 因,夹叙 夹议:时 间一去不 复,时间 有限;学 生应该珍 惜。 反证时间 宝贵



certain that the problem of waste is… People hold various opinions on…some think that… Therefore, I firmly believe that… Now I will come back to may point,… 范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 观点 Failure is the mother of success..(失败 是成功之母) 语 言 结 构点睛

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Yes, it’s indeed the case. But in my opinion, time is more valuable than money. The reason is that when money is spent, we can earn it back. However, when time is gone, it will never come back. In our life, from birth to death, time is limited for all of us. So we should make good use of it. As students, what we should do first is to study well and obtain knowledge so that we can serve our country in the future. Some people, however don’t know the value of time. They spend time doing meaningless things, such as smoking, drinking and even gambling. They don’t realize that wasting time means wasting a part of their valuable life. In a word, time is very valuable. We must treasure our time.

典句 回味 is

范例 3





People often say, “Failure is the mother of success.” There is hardly any success won without failures. A painter my throw away many unsuccessful drawings before he finally makes a satisfactory one. A doctor may try many times before he finds the effective treatment for a strange disease. A scientist may make hundreds of experiments before he obtains the data he needs. In other words, the painter, the doctor and the scientist have failed time and again before they succeed in the end. Form the above examples, we can conclude that failures are very common. We can get some helpful experiences from them and learn little by little what is the right way to our goal. It seems that failures are the steps in the mountain paths leading up the peak where success lies. You have to climb the steps in order to reach the top. We should all take a positive e attitude to failures and keep on working hare so as to meet with the final success in our studies and careers.

选 用 the

painter, the doctor, and the scientist
三例,论 证观点 对结论进 行进一步 的阐述。

谋篇构 思 三步曲 表明观点

观点:Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧)

语言结构 点睛
引用和解 说名谚。 例证 1:语 言学习。具 体用两个 if 引导的排 比 从 句


应采取正 面和积极 的态度


Practice makes perfect. It means that after plenty of practice, we will be perfect in what we do. Practice is the only way to achieve perfect. For example, when we learn grammar, words, expressions and so on, the most important thing may be how to put what we’ve learned into practice. If we only learn the grammatical rules by heart and don’t do enough exercises, it is certain that we can’t understand them perfectly. But if we practice a lot, maybe we will understand them more deeply and we can find some good methods of applying them. Memorize the English words whenever time permits, and we can easily memorize them and even can find a way to memorize them more quickly. There is another good example for it. A famous singer can sing very well . of course, his talent is very important but he also practices singing frequently, probably every day. If we want to improve our studies and work, we should remember that practice makes perfect.

祈使句,语 言严谨流 畅。

例证 2:歌 唱家的职 业生涯。 联系实际, 结尾点题。

经 典句式回味 As the saying goes… People often say,… In a word, time is very valuable. From the above examples, we can conclude that…

范例 1 A car in front of Mr. Lee had a traffic accident because of traveling too fast. He and a truck driver stopped and helped the injured and they didn’t leave until the police arrive. It reminds me of an accident which happened several days ago when I went back home. A little boy was playing with a ball when suddenly he fell into the water. While the boy was struggling with his force to keep himself from sinking, a man arrived at the edge of the bank. behind him there was a lady who said that he couldn’t swim. Regardless of this, the man was about to jump into the water but just at this moment , he stopped. It occurred to him that he should not only save that boy but also protect himself from sinking. Immediately he got a float and swam with it towards the boy. Finally, the boy was saved successfully. People who knew the news thought highly of what he did. 语言结构点 睛 范例 2 In the chemistry lab, because of the student’s carelessness, the tube cracked and the 他人事例 liquid in it caused a fire on the table. Fortunately, he put it out in time at last. In fact , it is common to have some small accidents caused by the carelessness. I used to enjoy cooking, and so I always sought a chance to cook. However, the desire led to an accident. Once I stayed at home alone, I found it a chance to cook.. I put all the food I needed into a pot. Then I had to wait for its boiling. In order to kill the waiting time, I went to watch TV. Only in a 亲身经历 few minutes was I fascinated by a wonderful programme. It was about half an hour that I remembered my food. I turn off the cooker immediately but unfortunately the food ran over from the pot. I was blamed and had to clean the kitchen. So we should pay much attention to everything we are doing to avoid accidents. 语言结构 点睛


精彩动词及 其短语等的 使用使文章 增色不少, 如 : remind

“粗心大 意引发小 祸事不足 为奇” 过 , 渡自然。


sb.of sth; be doing…when (突然) keep sb. from doing sth 等



经典句式回味 It reminds me of an accident which happened several days ago. A little boy was playing…when he fell into the water.


范例 3 Jack was greatly frightened when he went to visit his friend in Taipei because of the taxi driver’s terrible driving. He was so scared that he made up his mind not the take a taxi in Taipei again. I also experienced such a thing before. One day, it was raining cats and dogs. I waited and waited at the bus station and the bus came very slowly after more than half an hour. I got on it. The bus was so old and so dirty that I couldn’t believe it. As the bus was traveling very fast, it seemed that it would break down. I could not bear the noise the bus made. I was shaken up and down. The only thing that I could do was to hold the seat firmly. But the most terrible thing was that the rain water could drop into the bus from the ceiling. I wanted to get off, but I couldn’t, for there was no other bus passing by. I will never take such a bus. 语 言 结 构点睛

范例 4 Tom was very excited when he received such a big bumper prize. His life has changed a lot since That happened to him. Now, he is planning how to use this prize. I also experienced such a thing before. Thanks to an accidental opportunity, I bought a lottery ticket(彩票). As first, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I just wanted to try my luck.. However, what really surprised me was that I had won it. Before I bought the ticket, I always dreamt that I could have a good standard of life and now the dream has come true. With this prize, my life has changed a lot. Of course, I will use it in a reasonable way. First of all, I will give a part of this prize money to my parents and leave enough for my school education. Then, with the rest of the money I can help those who really need help. I think just in this way the prize is of greater value than itself. 语言结构 点睛



开 头 自 然。 “倾盆大 雨”

按时间顺 序,增加细 节描写,这 样一段个 人经历显 得自然贴 切。


主从复合 句运用恰 到好处。


经典句式回味 I also experienced such a thing before. In fact, it is common to … So we should pay much attention to…


范例 1 话题:Sharing housework (帮妈妈做家务) Last Saturday morning, I saw my mother was getting ready to wash some clothes when I was about to go out with my football. I thought, “How hard mum is working! She must be very tired.” So I decided to give up my plan and help mum with the washing. I began to wash the clothes when my mum was away doing some shopping. While I was washing, my friend Xiao Ming came to invite me to play football. I refused and continued washing. It was hard work for me, for I had seldom done such housework. After about two hours, I finished all the washing and hung all the clothes on a line. Later, mum came back from shopping. when she saw what I had done, she was so pleased that she praised me. I felt proud of myself, too. In fact, I think our parents are working hard For us, and we should do what we can to help them in return. 语 言 结 构点睛
时间顺序 按帮妈妈 洗衣服的 经过。情 节完整, 句 式 多 样,简单 句、并列 句、主从 复合句穿 插其中。

范例 2 话题:what should I do? (我该做什么?) One summer morning, a large bag of rubbish was left at turning of the stairs, giving off a bad smell with smelly water running all the way down the stairs. Mi. Li covered his nose with a handkerchief and walked by in a hurry, saying, “Who has left it here? Miss Wang, a well-dressed lady, hurried downstairs, screaming, “what a mess!” Following the two cam Mao-mao—a pupil, who was on his way to school. He picked the bag up and managed to put it into the dustbin, tired and sweaty though. When Mr.Li and Miss Wang looked back, their faces went red. Every time when we criticize other “ Who do this ?” or “Why not do that?” We might as well ask ourselves a question “ What should I do?” first. 语言结构 点睛





此为倒装 句,主语为




I 表明感悟

点出自己 的感想, 切 合 题 意。


经典句式回味 I think…, and we should do what we can to …in return. Every time when we…, we might as well ask ourselves a question…first.


范例 3 话题:The government should help farmers. (政府应帮助农民) 故事起因 Uncle Wang is a farmer. A few days ago, he began to plant fruit trees, which helped him get rid of poverty. But now his life is very hard and he is as poor as he was many years ago. That’s because he has fallen ill recently. When he is ill, he usually goes to the drug store nearby and gets some cheap medicine. More often, he just lies in bed for a few days without ay medical treatment. That’s all because the medicine is too expensive for him to afford. He never goes to hospital until he is seriously ill. And this time, he had to go to hospital, which has cost too much money. There are many farmers like Uncle Wang in our country. I think the government should take some measures to solve this serious problem and help the farmers like Uncle Wang to live a better life. 语言结构 点睛

范例 4 话题:A trifle that still upsets me (一件令我不 安的小事) 开头 Every time I think of a thing that happened to me a year ago, I feel I was to blame. The third evening when I arrived at Zhongshan Middle School, I went out for a walk alone after supper. It was getting dark and few people were in the street. Suddenly a cart stopped and the driver asked me how to get to the No.1 Hospital. I seemed to have been told it was in the north of the town, but I was not quite sue, I looked at the sick old man lying in the cart. Without hesitation, I told him the way. Then he turned the cart round and soon it was out of sight. When I came back to the dormitory, I told my roommates what had happened. They told me the hospital was in the southeast. Only then did I realize that I had told the driver the wrong way. I at once thought of the sick old man and felt upset. A year has passed. I am still worrying about the old man. Maybe I will never have a chance to make it up, but from then on I have never said a word that I am not sure of. 语 言 结 构点睛
第一段直 接点题: 每当我想 到一件事 就觉得应 该受到责 备。 第二段插 叙一年前 发 生 的 事。

排比使用 That’s(all) Because. 完成了本 文篇章的 承启。




“采取措 施”

第三段用 不同的表 达方式强 调自己受 到良心的 谴责。



经典句式回味 There are many famers like Uncle Wang in our country. I think the government should…


范例 5 话题:An unforgettable experience (一次难 忘的经历) 开头 One day when I was a child. I saw an ad about a missing dog in the paper. As my next door neighbor had a German shepherd like the one described in the ad, I called the owner of the missing dog to tell him that. I also gave him my neighbor’s telephone number. I had almost forgotten about the whole thing when I heard my neighbor talking in a loud voice one night. I rushed to the window immediately to see what was going on. “ I am sorry, but this dog really belongs to us . We have kept it for almost eight years until now,” my neighbor was explaining to a tall stranger. Suddenly I felt rather guilty, for my childish suspicion of my neighbor seemed totally unjustified. But I didn’t have the courage to tell him that it was I who had caused him all this trouble. I have been silent about this thing until now. 语 言 结 构点睛
第一段开 门见山直 接提出一 件难忘的 事情。

范例 6 话题:My English teacher (我的英语老师) I began to like English when I entered the senior high school. I owe it to my English teacher Zhang Hong. She showed great love to us and treated us equally. She made efforts to attract us to the world of English, to understand the beauty of the language and enjoy the cultures of the foreign countries. With her skillful help, the students in our class took great interest in English. She was kind and patient. To make what we had learned strong, she often asked us to recall the knowledge in class. This was also a method to examine the homework she had assigned. In that case, we had to work hard so as to live up to her hope. She is such an excellent teacher that we got so much from her, not only the knowledge but also kindness, diligence and appreciation for beauty. All these will be useful to all my life. 语言结构 点睛
第二段从 “对学生 的爱”和 “和蔼耐 心”两方面 写出了张 老师感人 至深的优 秀品质。文 章圆满、充 实。 第三段发 表议论,表 明作者对 张老师的 看法。




第二段叙 述事情的 经过

第三段表 达自己内 心 的 感 受。




范例 1 谋篇构思 三步曲 描述现象 现象:Students’ use of computers (学生使用 电脑) Computers are used more and more often. In 1990, the average number a student spends on the computer per week is 2. The number doubles in 1995 and it has a sharp increase in 2000, up to 20 hours per week. There are many causes for this change. For one thing, computers can do many thing that human brains need a long time to do. In addition, the prices of computers are going down.. Many families can afford to buy one. Perhaps the main reason is that with the developments of society, computers are used in almost all walks of life. If one cannot use computer, it seems that he is an illiterate in modern times. 语言结构 点睛
数据、现 象说明: 电脑越来 越被广泛 使用。 承 上 启 下,解释 原因。原 因 1: 电脑 用途广。

范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 描述现象 现象:People below poverty line (贫困线 以下的人口) A survey (调查)shows that the number of people below the poverty line decreased greatly during the year from 1998 to 2006. In 1998, about 50 million people lived under the poverty line. Then 4years later the number reduced to 35 million. And in the year 2006, about 10million people were under the poverty line, which was one-fifth that of 1998. Some factors contribute to the great decrease of the below-poverty population. First, great changes have taken place in the countryside since 1998. Second, with the development of Chinese economy, the city life has greatly improved. Finally, the high-tech introduction makes it possible for the country to increase its economy faster than ever before. 语 言 结 构点睛 经 典 句 式 回 味 经 典 句 式 回 味 The re are man y cau ses for …




贫困线以 下人口下 降原因有 三。

( 得 出 结 论)

原因 2: 价 格不贵

A survey shows that the number of … decreased greatly during …

the year from 1998to 2006


范例 3 谋篇构 思 三步曲 描述现象 现象:Cell phone in China.(手机在中国) 语 言 结 构点睛 经 式 范例 1 谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出议题
While 表 对比,意 为“而”

话题:Whether it is necessary to stat learning English from childhood?(学习英语 是否应该从儿童开始?) The students of Class 6 had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood. Opinions are divided on this issue. Some of them think that English learning should stat from childhood. As little boys and girls have a very good memory, they can learn a lot of English words by heart. This will help them lay a solid foundation for their future English learning. But others do not agree. Young children have to learn Chinese pinyin at school. If they study Chinese pinyin and English at the same time, it will be very easy for them to mix them up. This will do a lot of harm not only to their Chinese learning but also to their future English learning. In short. The students have not arrived at any agreement yet.

语 言 结 构点睛
正面:应 从儿童开 始。 原因: 儿童记忆 力好。

典句 回味



As a survey shows, cell phones are becoming more and more popular in China. In 2001, the number of cell phones was 85,260,000; in 2002, the number was 180,000,000; in 2003 ,206.600.000; in 2004, 269,000,000; while in 2005, the number went up to 315,000,000. from these numbers, we can see the increasing use of cell phones. There are many reasons for this development. Firstly, cell phones are very convenient to be carried every where. Secondly, cell phones can make us get news, play games, listen to music and chat through sending short messages. Thirdly, the drop of price, including the phone price and the communication price, had made it possible for an average person to buy one And make more use of it.


反面:不 应从儿童 开始。原 因:容易 与汉语拼 音混淆。

手机在中 国越来越 流行的原 因有三。


There are many reasons for…Firstly,… Secondly,…Thirdly,…

范例 2

范例 3

谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出议题

话题:Wealth or health, which is the more important?(金钱和健康哪一个更重要?) Some think that wealth means everything. In their eyes, they can have everything done with enough money. Some of them take risky chances to make money only with the result that they get neither wealth or health. Actually, health is more important than wealth. Health is the foundation of one’s success. If one gets sick, it is nearly impossible for him to do his work well. On the other hand, a person suffering from illness, in fact, cannot get any wealth: for one thing, in order to cure his illness, he has to spend a lot of money on the medical treatment; for another , if he is ill, he can never truly enjoy his wealth. So, if you want to become wealthy, keep good health. Health is the source of energy and It’s the starting point where everything begins. Therefore, you should exercise every day with proper diet, forming good living habits and trying to avoid any minor disease.

语 言 结 构点睛
正反陈述 观点,主 题倾向隐 含其中。

谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出议题

话题: Should we give money to beggars?.(是否该给 语言结构点 钱 睛 给乞丐?) We have had a heated debate today on whether we should give money to beggars or not and we have different opinions. Some believe that we should give money to beggars because they are the people who really need help. For example, some of them are old people, who can’t live on their own. Among them are also some students who have dropped out of school because their families are so poor. And some beggars are disabled people, who can hardly make living by themselves. On the other hand, other students think we shouldn’t give them money because most of the beggars beg not because they are poor but because they want to make money more easily. They are not real beggars. Besides , giving them money would encourage them to be lazy even if they have the ability to work. In general, we should help the inferior group, but when we give them money, we should be careful.

正面 : 乞丐 是 弱 势 群 体, 需 要帮 助。

正面讨论 健康的重 要。 从反面反 证健康的 重要。



反面 : 大多 数乞 丐 不是 因 为 穷 乞 讨, 而 是想 轻松赚钱。

用 条 件 句,呼应 全文,点 明主题, 并提出忠 告。



提出 忠 告, 总结全文。

经典句式回味 Some think that .. in their eyes,… Actually, health is more important than wealth. So, if you want to become wealthy, keep good health.




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