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2012高考英语真题 浙江卷及答案(全word版)

2012 年浙江高考英语试题
选择题部分,(共 80 分)
第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分) 从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 1. ----- Is there anything else to discuss? ------ _________, I guess. A. Not at all B. No ,that?s all C. Yes , I ?m sure D. Yes , of course 2. The development of industry has been _______ gradual process throughout ______human existence from stone tools to modern technology. A, / , the B, the , a C, a, / D, a, a 3. No matter how bright a talker you are , there are times when it ?s better ______ silent. A, remain B, be remaining C, having remained D, to remain 4. I made a promise to myself _______ this year, my first year in high school , would be different. A, whether B, what C, that D, how 5. Studying Wendy?s menu , I found that many of the items are similar to ______ of McDonald?s . A, those B, ones C, any D, all

6. _______ all the animals I ?ve ever had ,those two dogs are the most sensitive to spoken word. A. From B. Of C. For D. With 7. Your _______ as a student will be excellent if you develop a habit of reflecting on how you learn. A, opinion B, growth C, performance D, character

8. I think Tom, as the head of a big department, should either study regualrly or ______ his job. A, quits B, to quit C, quitting D, quit 9. We live in an age ________ more information is available with great ease than ever before. A, why B, when C, to whom D, on which 10. The research lacks ________ evidence ,and therefore , its conclusions are doubtful. A, solid B, fierce C, severe D, potential 11. “ It?s such a nice place,” Mother said as she sat at the table______ for customers.

A, to be reserved B, having reserved C, reserving D, reserved 12. According to scientists, our mental abilities begin to ___ from the age of 27 after reaching the highest level at 22. A, differ B, shrink C, fail D, decline

13. Peter had intended to take a job in business, but ______ that plan after the unpleasant experience in Canada in 2010. A, had abandoned B, abandoned C, abandon D, will abandon 14. Brown said he was by no means annoyed; _______ he was glad to be able make himself clearly understood. A, all in all B, for one thing C, on the contrary D, by the way 15. Armed with the information you have gathered , you can ________ preparing your business plan. A, set out B, set about C, set off D, set up

16. ----- Alvin , are you coming with us? ------ I?d love to , but something unexpected __________. A, has come up B, was coming up C, had come up D, would come up 17. Ellen was a painter of birds and nature, _______, for some reason, had withdrawn from all human society. A, which B, who C, where D, whom

18. Mike was usually so careful, ________this time he made a small mistake. A, yet B, still C, even D, thus 19. Had they known what was coming next, they ________ second thoughts. A, may have B, could have C, must have had D, might have had 20. ----- I?m going to San Francisco for a couple of days. ------ ________, I wish I could get away for a while. A. It doesn?t matter B. Forget it. C. I really envy you D. I can?t agree more 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从第 21—40 各题所给的四个选项 (A、 C 和 B、 D) 中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卷上将该项涂黑。 “Just sign here, sir,” the deliveryman said as he handed Oscar Reyna a package. The package consisted of a long , narrow box ___21____ wrapped in brown paper. __22___ the box, Oscar saw an umbrella inside—— a very old one with a beautifully carved handle. ____23___He had not seen it in more than 20 years, he recognized it ____24____.

Oscar was 16 when he first saw the ___25____ umbrella. He had gone to a concert with his grandparents. As they were leaving, he noticed an umbrella on an empty seat. Impressed by its ____26____, Oscar felt a strong desire to find its ___27____. Oscar ___28____ the manager to look in the record of advance ticket sales. Just as he thought, a name matched the seat ____29___ Oscar had found the umbrella . The name was Mrs. Katie O?brien. Oscar talked his grandparents into going by Mrs O?brien?s ___30____ on their way home. He rang the bell, the door opened, and an elderly woman appeared. “May I __31___ you ? “she asked. “I?d like to return it if its yours,” Oscar said, ____32____ the umbrella as if presenting a ___33___ that had long been wished for. “Why , yes! it?s mine, “replied Mrs. Brien with a ___34____ smile and shining eyes. “ It was given to by my father years ago. Thank you so much for returning it. May I offer you a reward for your ____35____ ? “ “ No, ma?am , “ he said “ my grandmother says a good deed is its own reward.” “ Well, that ?s ____36_____ my father used to say. What is your name , Young man ?” Years later, Oscar was staring at the finely carved handle of the umbrella as he remember Mrs. O? Brien . It was in perfect condition, considering how__37__ it was. Why had it arrived here today? As if ___38____, a note fell from the paper. It read: Mrs O?brien wanted you to ___39___ this umbrella as a present for a kind, __40___gesture long ago. 21. A. strictly 22. A. opening 23. A. After 24. A. clearly 25. A. average 26. A. beauty 27. A. designer 28. A. convinced 29. A. until 30. A. family 31. A. invite B. carefully B. seizing B. When B. fully B. unusual B. shape B. seller B. forced B. before B. theater B. help C. roughly C. observing C. Since C. immediately C. plain C. origin C. user C. encouraged C. which C. house C. bother D. casually D. searching D. Although D. suddenly D. typical D. history D. owner D. advised D. where D. neighborhood D. know

32. A. putting up C. picking up 33. A. chance 34. A. wide 35. A. patience 36. A. obviously 37. A. old 38. A. in contrast 39. A. possess

B. turning out D. holding out B. fact B. confident B. kindness B. naturally B. rare B. in return B. accept C. gift C. proud C. courage C. exactly C. precious C. in exchange C. carry D. result D. shy D. determination D. probably D. nice D. in answer D. value

40. A. attractive B. significant C. unselfish D. sympathetic 第二部分:阅读理解(第一节 20 小题,第二节 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 50 分) 第一节:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题卷上将该选项标号涂黑。 A Easter (复活节) is still a great day for worship, candy in baskets and running around the yard finding eggs, but every year it gets quite a bit worse for bunnies. And no, not because the kids like to pull their ears. The culprit is climate change, and some researchers found that rising temperatures are having harmful effects on at least five species of rabbit in the US, Take the Lower Keys Marsh rabbit, for instance. An endangered species that lives in the Lower Florida Keys, this species of cottontail is a great swimmer -- it lives on the islands! -- but it is already severely affected by development and now by rising sea levels. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, an ocean level rise of only 0.6 meters will send these ~ys jumping to higher ground and a 0.9-meter rise would wipe out their habitat (栖息地) completely. The snowshoe hare, on the other hand, has a color issue. Most of these rabbits change their fur color from white in the wintertime to brown in the summer, each designed to give them better cover from predators (~I~?) ~ As the number of days with snow decreases all across the country, however, more and more bunnies are being left in white fur during brown dirt days of both fall and spring, making them an easier mark for predators. Researchers know that the color change is controlled by the number of hours of sunlight, but whether the rabbit will be able to adapt quick enough to survive is a big question. The National Wildlife Federation has reported that hunters have noticed their numbers are already markedly down. American pikas or rock rabbits, a relative of rabbits and hares, might be the first of these species to go extinct due to climate change. About 7-8 inches long, pikas live high in the cool. damp mountains west of the Rocky Mountains. As global temperatures rise, they would naturally migrate (J~2~) to higher ground -- but they already occupy the mountaintops. They can?t go any higher. The National Wildlife Federation reports that they might not be able to stand the new temperatures as their habitat heats up. The volcano rabbit has the same problem. These rabbits live on the slopes of

volcanoes in Mexico, and recent studies have shown that the lower range of their habitat has already shifted upward about 700 meters, but there are not suitable plants for them to move higher, so they are stuck in the middle. Scientists are concerned about their populations. Native to the US, pygmy rabbits weigh less than 1 pound and live in the American West. They are believed to be the smallest rabbits in the world. Their habitats have been destroyed by development. Several populations, such as the Columbia Basin pygmy, almost went extinct and were saved by zoo breeding programs. Pygmy rabbits also rely on winter cover by digging tunnels through the snow to escape predators, but lesser snowfall is leaving them exposed. All of this gives new meaning to dressing up in a giant bunny costume this Easter. 41. The writer mentions Easter at the beginning of the passage in order to A. show the importance of Easter Day B. introduce the issue about bunnies C. remind people of Easter traditions D. discuss the relationship between Easter and bunnies 42. The word “culprit” (Paragraph 2) is closest in meaning to_________ A. criminal B. judge C. victim D. producer 43. According to the passage, some rabbits can now be easily discovered by predators because they A. are exposed to more skillful hunters B. have moved to habitats with fewer plants C. haven?t adapted themselves to climate change D. can?t change their fur color into white in the fall and the spring 44. The problem faced by volcano rabbits and rock rabbits is that A. both are affected by less snow B. both are affected by rising sea levels C. neither can find enough food D. neither can migrate to higher places 45. Which best describes the writer?s tone in the passage? A. Approving. B. Concerned. C. Enthusiastic. D. Doubtful. All of this gives new meaning to dressing up in a giant bunny costume this Easter. 41 The writer mentions Easter at the beginning of the passage in order to_______. A. show the importance of Easter Day B. introduce the issue about bunnies C. remind people of Easter traditions D. discuss the relationship between Easter and bunnies 42. The word "culprit" ( Paragraph 2) is closest in meaning to______. A. criminal B. judge C. victim D. producer 43. According to the passage, some rabbits can now be easily Uncovered by predators because they_______ A. are exposed lo more skillful hunters B. have moved to habitats with fewer plants C. haven't adapted themselves to climate change D. can't change their fur color into white in the fall and the spring 44, The problem faced by volcano rabbets and rock rabbits is that________. A. both are affected by 1ess snow B. both are affected by rising sea levels C neither can find enough food 0. neither can migrate to higher places

45 Which best describes the writer's tone in the postage? A. Approving. B. Concerned. C. Enthusiastic.

D. Doubtful.

B Below is a selection about Guinness(吉尼斯) World Records. Top 6 Unusual Guinness World Records ? Fastest 100 m running on all fours The 2008 Guinness World Records Day was, according to CWR, their biggest day of record-breaking ever, I- h more than 290.000 people taking put in record attempts in 15 different countries. Kenichi Ito's record attempt was port of this special day. He is just another example of Japanese with "super powers". His "super power" is to run with great speed on all fours. Kenichi Ito ran 100 m on all fours in 18.58 seconds. The Japanese set this record at Setagaya Kuritsu Sogo Undojyo, Tokyo, in 2008. ? Most people inside a soap bubble The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Califomia celebrated this year the 15th anniversary of the Bubble (泡泡) Festival. A bubble's math principles and science were presented and demonstrated at the three-week-long exhibition. The intriguing Bubble Show was also part of the program. Fan Yang and Deni Yang impressed the audience with their awesome skills for bubble making. The Yang family cooperated with the Discovery Science Center to set a new Guinness World Record for mow people inside a scup bubble and they succeeded. The family that has been working with soap bubbles for 27 years created a huge soap bubble and got 118 people inside it. The record was set or. April 4, 2011. ? Longest ears on a dog A bloodhound from Illinois has the longest ears ever measured a dog. The right ear is 13.75 inches long and the left one 13.5 inches. The dog named Tigger earned this title in 2004 and is owned by Christina and Bryan Flessner. Mr. Jeffries is the previous record holder of this title. Each of his ears measured approximately 11. 5 inches long. His grandfather used to hold this amazing world record, but when he died Mr.Jeffries look over. ? Most living generations Did you ever wonder what is the Guinness World Record for most living generation in one family? Seven is the answer. The ultimate authority on record-breaking mentions on the website that the youngest great-great- great-great grandparent of this family was Augusta Bung "aged 109 years 97 days, followed by her daughter aged 89, her granddaughter aged 70, her great grand-daughter aged 52, her great-great grand-daughter aged 33 and her great-great-great granddaughter aged 15 on the birth of her great-great-great-great grandson on January 21, 1989" ? Most T shirts worn at once Believe it or not, there is a record also for this category. Krunoslav Budiseli set a new world record on May 22, 2010 for wearing 245 T-shirts at the same time. The nun from Croatia was officially recognized as the new record bolder by Guinness World Records after he managed to put on 245 different T-shirts in 1ess than two hours. . The T-shirts weighted 68 KG and Budiseli said he began struggling around T-shirt No. 120.

He dethroned the Swedish Guinness record holder who wore 238 T-shirts. ? Heaviest pumpkin Guinness World Records confirmed on October 9. 2010 that a gigantic pumpkin (南瓜) grown in Wisconcin was officially the world?s heaviest. It weighed 1,810 pounds 8 ounces and was unveiled by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Festival in Minnesota. Stevens' pumpkin was 85 pounds Javier than the previous re I, another huge pumpkin grown in Ohio. The proud farmer said his secret is a precise of rain, cow mature, good soil, sea grass and fish emulsion. Some of the world's heaviest pumpkins, including the record bolder, were on public display at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in New Yost for a dozen days. 46. Why is Kenichi Ito described ? a man with a "super power"? s A. He set a good example to all Japanese. B. He made record attempts in 15 different countries. C. He set a new record for "Fastest 100 m running on all fours". D. He participated in the 2008 Guinness World Records Day activities. 47. Jeffries is the name of . A. the owner of the dog with the longest ears B. the grandfather of the dog with the longest care C. the present holder of the record for "Longest care on a dog" I), the former holder of the record for " longest care on a dog' 48. How many T-shirts had Krunoslav Budiseli put on before he felt it difficult to go on? A. 68. B. 120. C. 238. D. 245. 49. According to the given information. which Guinness World Record was most recently set? A. The record for "Most people inside a soup bubble". B. The record for "Most living generations'". C. The record for "Most T-shirts worn at once". D. The record for " Heaviest pumpkin".

C Two friends have an argument that bleaks up their friendship forever, even though neither one can remember how the whole thing got started. Such sad events happen over and over in high schools across the country. In fact, according to an official report on youth violence, "In our country today, the greatest threat to the lives of children and adolescents is not disease or starvation or abandonment, but the terrible reality of violence". Given that this is the case, why aren't students taught to manage conflict the way they are taught to solve math problems, drive cars, or stay physically fit? First of all, students need to realize that conflict is unavoidable. A report on violence among middle school and high school students indicates that most violent incidents between students begin with a relatively minor insult (侮辱). For example, a fight could start over the fact that one student eats a peanut butter sandw ich each lunchtime. Laughter over the sandwich can lead to insults, which in turn can lead to violence. The problem isn't in the sandwich, but in the way students deal with the conflict.

Once students recognize that conflict is unavoidable, they can practice the golden rule of conflict resolution (解决) stay calm. Once the student feels calmer, he or she should choose words that will calm the other person down as well. Rude words, name-calling, and accusation only add fuel to the emotional fir On the other hand, soft words spoken at a normal sound level can put out the fire before it explodes out of control. After both sides have calmed down, they can use another key strategy for conflict resolution; listening. Listening allows the two sides to understand each other. One person should describe his or her side, and the other person should listen without interrupting. Afterward, the listener can ask non-threatening questions to clarify the speaker's position. Then the two people should change roles. Finally, students need f. consider what they are hearing. This doesn't mean trying to figure out what's wrong with the other person. It means understanding what the real issue is and what both sides are trying to accomplish. For example, a shouting match over a peanut butter sandwich might happen because one person thinks the other person is unwilling to try new things. Students need to ask themselves questions such as these: How did this start? What do I really want? What am I afraid off As the issue becomes clearer, the conflict often simply becomes smaller. Even if it doesn't, careful thought helps both sides figure out a mutual solution. There will always be conflict in schools, but that doesn't mean there needs to be violence. After students in Atlanta started a conflict resolution program, according to Educators for Social Responsibility, "64 percent of the teachers reported less physical violence in the classroom; 75 percent of the teachers reported an increase in student cooperation; and 92 percent of the students felt better about themselves". Learning to resolve conflicts can help students deal with friends,. teachers. parents, bosses, and coworkers. In that way, conflict resolution is a basic life skill that should be taught in schools across the country. 50. This article is mainly about _ . A. the lives of school children B. the cause of arguments in schools C. how to analyze youth violence D. how to deal with school conflicts 51. From Paragraph 2 we can learn that________ . A. violence is more likely to occur at lunchtime B. a small conflict can lead to viole nce C. students tend to lose their temper easily D. the eating habit of a student is often the cause of a fight 52. Why do students need to ask themselves the questions stated in Paragraph 5?[来 源:Zxxk.Com] A. To find out who to blame. B. To get ready to buy new things. C. To make clear what the real issue is. D. To figure out how to stop the shouting match. 53. After the conflict resolution program was started in Atlanta, it was found that______. A. there was a decrease in classroom violence B. there was less student cooperation in the classroom C. more teachers fell better about themselves in schools

D. the teacher-student relationship greatly improved 54. The writer?s purpose for writing this article is to_______. A. complain about problems in school education B. teach students different strategies for school life C. advocate teaching conflict management in schools D. inform teachers of the latest studies on school violence D As a young boy, I sometimes traveled the country roads with my dad. He was a rural mill carrier, and on Saturdays he would ask me to go with him. Driving through the countryside was always an adventure: There were animals to see, people to visit, and chocolate cookies if you knew where to stop, and Dad did. In the spring, Dad delivered boxes full of baby chickens, and when 1 was a boy it was such a fun to stick your finger 'through one of the holes of the boxes and let the baby birds peck on your fingers. On Dad' s final day of work, it took him well into the evening to complete his rounds because at least one member from each family was waiting at their mailbox to thank him for his friendship and his years of service. "Two hundred and nineteen mailboxes on my route." he used to say, "and a story at every one. " One lady had no mailbox, so Dad took the mail in to her every day because she was nearly blind. Once inside, he read her mail and helped her pay her bills. Mailboxes were sometimes used for things other than mail. One note left in a mailbox read. "Nat, take these eggs to Marian; she's baking a cake and doesn't have any eggs. " Mailboxes might be buried in the snow, or broken, or lying on the groom:. bat the mail was always delivered On cold days Dad might find one of his customers waiting for him with a cup of hot chocolate. A young wrote letters but had no stamps, so she left a few button on the envelope in the mailbox; Dad paid for the stamps. One businessman used to leave large amounts of cash in his mailbox for Dad to take to the bank. Once, the amount came to 8 32,000. A dozen years ago, when I traveled back to my hometown on the sad occasion of Dad?s death, the mailboxes along the way reminded me of some of his stories. I thought I knew them all, but that wasn't the case. As I drove home, I noticed two lamp poles, one on each side of the street. When my dad was around, those poles supported wooden boxes about four feet off the ground. One box was painted green and the other was red, and each had a long narrow hole at the top with white lettering: SANTA CLAUS, NORTH POLE. For years children had dropped letters to Santa through those holes.[来源:学科网 ZXXK] I made a turn at the comer and drove past the post office and across the railroad tracks to our house. Mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table when I heard footsteps. There, at the door, stood Frank Townsend, Dad's postmaster and great friend for many years. So we all sat down at the table and began to tell stories. At one point Frank looked at me with tears in his eyes. " What are we going to do about the letters this Christmas?" he asked. "The letters?" 'I guess you never knew. " "Knew what?"

" Remember, when you were a kid and you used to put your letters to Santa in those green and red boxes on Main Street? It was your dad who answered all those letters every year. " I just sat there with tears in my eyes. It wasn?t hard for me to imagine Dad sitting at the old table in our basement reading those letters and answering each one. I have since spoken with several of the people who received Christmas letters during their childhood, and they told me how amazed they were that Santa had known so much about their homes and families. For me, just knowing that story about my father was the gift of a lifetime. 55. It can be inferred from the passage that the writer regarded his travels with Dad us_____. A. great chances to help other people B. happy occasions to play with baby chickens C. exciting experience* with a lot of fun D. good opportunities to enjoy chocolate cookies 56. The writer provides the detail about the businessman to show that_____. A. Dad had a strong sense of duty B. Dad was an honest and reliable man C. Dad had a strong sense of honor D. Dad was a kind and generous man 57. According to the passage, which of the following impressed the writer most? A. Dad read letters for a blind lady for years. B. Dad paid for the stamps for a young girl. C. Dad delivered some eggs to Marian. D. Dad answered children's Christmas letters every year. 58. The method the writer uses to develop Paragraph 4 is______. A. offering analyses B. providing explanations C. giving examples D. making comparisons 59. What surprised the children most when they received letters in reply from Santa Claus every year? A. Santa Claus lived alone in the cold North Pole. B. Santa Claus answered all their letters every year. C. Santa Claus had unique mailboxes for the children. D. Santa Claus had so much information about their families. 60. Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A. The Mail B. Christmas Letters C Special Mailboxes D. Memorable Travels 第二节 下面文章中有 5 处(第 61~65 题)需要添加小标题,请从以下选项中选出 符合各段意思的小标题,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑,选项中一项为多余选项. A. B. C. D. E. Slow Down Your Life Escape Now and Then Separate Your Actions Allow Yourself to Be Weak Relieve Pressure by Firmly Saying " No"

F. Stop Expecting Everything to Be Perfect How to Simplify Your Life Less is more. This is why we say: reduce things by half instead of doubling them, get rid of junk instead of piling it up, relax instead of stressing, slow down instead of speeding up. Apply these principles in your everyday life in a conscious way. You will then find yourself well along on your journey to simplification. 61.____ When you concentrate on one task, you find you have energy that you didn't even know you had. Just imagine: you arc at a fair and you have to carry two heavy pigs over 100 yards. If you keep grabbing one and then the other, it will take forever, because one of them will keep slipping out from under your arm and running off. But if you tie one pig in a place, pick up the other, gather all your strength and make a dash for the finish line, pause for a moment, run bock and get the other one, and with great determination, carry the second pig to the finish line, then you can be sure of succcss. 62. ______ The pressure at work is on the increase in all occupations. In the modem nuclear family, the expectations that formerly would have been shared among all the relatives are now concentrated on the individual partner. If you have the feeling that 24 hours per day are not enough for nil the things you need to do, then it?s not because the day has too few hours, but because you have too many activities. A simple fact that overloaded people often tend to forget. The solution is equally simple; refuse to accept so many work assignments in your private life or your working life. 63. ____ “I can handle stress” is regarded as a positive statement in the world of work. People who can handle stress are given more and more to cope with — until one day they break. Pay careful attention to the signs that tell you that you arc under more stress than you can cope with. These signals came from various areas of life. You become ill, or your work efficiency decreases. If you have any of these symptoms, change your life goals and decrease your tolerance of stress. Say quite openly, "I can't manage that. " 64. ____ "If only I were slimmer, more beautiful, richer, more clever, then I would be happier. " This is a dream that makes a lot of people ill, depressed, and unhappy. Life has its flaws, defects, comets, and edges. Only those who accept this reality can lead a really full life. Of course there are activities in which errors are dangerous; driving a car, crossing the road. But life doesn't consist entirely of these things. In among them there is a lot of room for small and large mistakes. 65. ____ Successful people ail have their own places where they can withdraw in order to work. Find out which places improve your creativity. For me it's the train. When I know that I'm going to be traveling for four hours without phone calls and people knocking on my door, I find my mind is free and I can read or write complex articles. There can be problems working on the train, of course: if the person sitting opposite

you keeps talking away, or if train trips make you tired (some people fall asleep after a few miles). (非选择题,共 40 分) 第三部分:写作(共二节,满分 40 分) 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假如英语课上老师要求同学们交换修改作文, 请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。 文中共有 10 处语言错误,要求你在错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧ ),并在其下面写上该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(﹨)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写上修改后的 词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。
Two years before, I traveled to Brazil and I rented for a car. Unfortunate, I had an accident and hit another car, and I needed to stay in a hospital for at least two week. 1 called my parents, so I did not tell them what had happened. I knew that they will be worried about myself because I

was so farther away, and that my mother would not sleep if she knew. Therefore, I told them interested stories and how I was enjoying Brazil As a result, nobody knew truth. I still think that

it was the right thing to do. 第二节:书面表达(满分 30 分) 你校正在进行”英语读书周”活动,该活动要求学生摘录名言佳句(quote)并相 互交流。以下是某同学摘录的句子:”Your future depends on many things but mostly on you”:请按下列要求用英语写一篇 100-120 个词的短文: 1. 针对摘录句中的观点谈谈你的看法; 2. 举例说明理由 注意:短文的开头已给出(不计词数) In the English Reading Week, one of my classmates recommended a quote to us, which goes like this: “Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you. “_____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 英语参考答案 第一部分 单选答案: BCDCA BCDBA DDBCB ABADC

完形答案: BADCB ADADC BDCAB CADBC 第二部分 阅读理解: 41. B 42. A 48. B 49. A 55. C 56. B

43. C 50. D 57. D

44. D 51. B 58. C

45. B 52. C 59. D

46. C 53. A 60. A

47. D 54, C 61. C

62. E 63. D 64. F 第三部分 第一节 短文改错

65. B

Two years before, I traveled to Brazil and I rented for a car. Unfortunate, I had an accident and 去掉 Unfortunately

hit another car, and I needed to stay in a hospital for at least two week. 1 called my parents, so I did weeks not tell them what had happened. but

I knew that they will be worried about myself because I would me

was so farther away, and that my mother would not sleep if she knew. Therefore, I told them far interested stories and how I was enjoying Brazil. As a result, nobody knew∧ truth. I still think that interesting the

it was the right thing to do. 第二节 One possible student version In the English Reading Week, one of m classmates recommended a quote to us which goes like this : “Your future depends on many things but mostly on you. “ I can?t agree more with this view. It?s true that our future is determined by many things, such as opportunities and help from others, but our own attitude, determination, and hard work play a more important role. In other words, we are the master of our own future. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He was born in a poor family, and only received a limited education in his childhood. Yet through his painstaking efforts, he changed not only his own fate but also the history of America. Even to this day, Lincoln is regarded as one of the most inspiring figures in the world. Therefore, I firmly believe that our future is in our own hands.



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