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M6 unit 3

M6 unit3
1.why don't you tell her about the British teacher who opened the present as soon as he received it at the end-of-term ceremony? 你何不告诉她那个在学期结束的仪式上的英国老师一收到礼物就打开的事情 呢? 2.It's rude not to open a present when someone gives you one. 当有人给你礼物而你却不当面打开是没礼貌的。 3.I once went to an acquaintance's wedding in Korea and I was very surprised. 我有一次去参加韩国一个熟人的婚礼,结果非常惊讶。 4.they had a live hen and a rooster as a part of the wedding ceremony. 他们把一只母鸡和公鸡作为婚礼的一部分。 5.Roosters are supposed to drive bad spirits away from the wedding ceremony, and hens are thought to ensure good luck for the marriage. 公鸡应该是用来把婚礼上不好的东西赶走,而母鸡被认为能确保婚姻好运。 6.In Brunei, at wedding receptions men and women have to sit in separate areas. 在文莱,婚宴上的男人和女人要坐在不同的区域。 7.Another difference is that while we serve food, soft drinks, tea and coffee, alcohol is not permitted at the wedding reception—in fact, alcohol is altogether prohibited in Brunei. 另一个不同是虽然我们提供食物,饮料,茶和咖啡,但烈酒是不允许在婚宴上提 供的,实际上,烈酒在文莱都是禁止的。 8.And you probably wouldn't get much sleep if you lived near where a wedding reception was being held. 如果你住在婚宴举办地方的附近,那么你可能就不会睡多少了。 9. Throughout the night? Yeah, people get used to it. 通宵?是的,人们已经习惯了。 10.It's quite funny watching the new foreign teachers trying to adjust to doing that. 看到新外教们努力适应用大拇指指人是很有趣的。 11.Many foreigners have trouble getting accustomed to it. 很多外国人很难适应它。 12.Even though we share the same language—with different accents, of course—our customs are not always alike. 尽管我们说同样的---当然又带有不同口音的语言,但我们的习俗并不总是相同 的。 13.I'm not familiar with it either. 我对它也不熟悉。 14. I think now I understand a lot more about different cultures and what is appropriate behaviour. 我觉得我理解了更多的文化差异和什么样的行为是合适的。 15.We offer you the chance to visit different minority cultures and experience for yourself their traditions, customs and way of life. 我们为你提供机会去参观不同少数民族的文化并亲身体验他们的传统, 习俗和生 活方式。

16.This means they need to move around to hunt for food in the Arctic Circle. 这意味着他们要为了猎捕食物在北极圈到处移动。 17.You will join them there, and stay in tents and wear clothes made from animal skin. 你将会和他们一起呆在帐篷里并穿上动物皮做成的衣服。 18.You will have the chance to join one of these large assemblies and take part in the dancing, listen to traditional accounts of bravery. 你将会有机会参加一个大型聚会,并参加跳舞,听传统的传奇故事。 19.New Zealand is home to the Maoris. 新西兰是毛利人的家园。 20.They brought with them a culture rich in song, dance and art. 他们带来了在歌曲、舞蹈和艺术方面丰富的文化。 21.There are many different tribes that belong to the Native American Indian group. 有很多不同的部落属于土著美洲印第安人部落。 22.They are known as the Plains Indians, as they live on the plains. 他们就是著名的平原印第安人,因为他们住在平原上。 23.The Plains Indians believe in the Great Spirit who has power over all things including animals, trees, stones and clouds. 平原印第安人相信伟大的精神,它能控制所有的事物,包括动物,树木。石头和 云彩。 24.There will be a bow and arrow competition designed to retell how the Plains Indians used to hunt for food. 将会有一个弓箭比赛,专门用来重现平原印第安人是如何猎取食物的。 25.Food will include meat roasted over an open fire. 食物将会包括在篝火上烤的肉


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