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一、单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 1. My son wants a toy train for long, but I have no time to get ______ for him. A. it B. one C. this D. that 2. A hard-working man ____ become a great scientist, but a great scientist _____ be a hard-working man. A. can?t; can B. may not; can C. can?t; must D. may not; must 3. ---______ beautiful furniture you bought! --- Indeed, I liked it ______ much that I decided to buy it at once as soon as I saw it. A. What; so B. How; such C. What a; so D. How a; such 4. --- Boys and girls, please ______ his hands high to make yourselves _______ by me.--- OK, we will. A. rise, see B. raise, seen C. raise, see D. rise, seen 5. The population of China is much ____ than that of ________ country in Africa. A. more, any B. bigger, any other C. more, any other D. bigger, any 6. --- What?s your plan for this weekend ? --- I?m going to ______ it with my friends . A. cost B. spend C. take D. pay 7. Community safety is _______ introduced in this book. A. regularly B. naturally C. usually D. specially 8. He told me he had finished the work ________. A. two days ago B. the day before yesterday C. the next day D. the day before 9. ---The Malaysian government confirmed that Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft ______ into the southern Indian Ocean.---- We?re so sorry to hear that! A. crashes B. was crashing C. has crashed D. had crashed 10. --- I have a letter____________ but I?m too busy. --- Why not have your son___________ it for you? A. to post; post B. posted; post C. to post; to post D. posted; to post 11. --- Why does Jack have so much free time every day? --- His wife does all the housework. ______, Jack needs to do nothing at home. A. At first B. As a result C. At last D. As usual 12. --- What do you think of the air pollution around us? --- It?s too bad. We must do what we can _____ it ____ the Earth . A. stop, save B. to stop, from saving C. stop, to save D. to stop, in order to save 13.______with the answer at the back of the book, I think, Tom?s answer is ______. A. Compared, more satisfied B. Comparing; more satisfied C. Compared, more satisfying D. Comparing; more satisfying 14. Kate, have you found out _______________? A. What was happened to him B. how you call these plants C. who broke the window D. where they would go on a picnic 15. --- You won the first prize in the Physics competition. --- ______________. I made several terrible mistakes.

A. I think so B. You must be joking C. You are welcome D. It doesn?t matter 二、完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分) Children all around the world are familiar with fairy tales such as “The Little Mermaid”(美人鱼), “The Princess and the Pea” and “The Emperor?s new clothes”. The colorful characters from the stories made us laugh and 16 throughout our childhood. The stories are the 17 of Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson. He was born into a 18 family in Odense, Denmark, on April 2, 1805. His early life was not easy. His father was a shoemaker and his mother a washerwoman. He 19 very little education. As a child he was very emotional and was 20 at for being feminine(女性化) and tall. In 1816 his father died and Anderson was 21 to go out to work, first in a tailor ?s shop and 22 at a tobacco factory. At the age of 14 Anderson moved to Copenhagen to start a 23 as a singer and actor. He struggled for three years 24 he had to leave the theater when his voice broke in 1822. 25 , Anderson went to a grammar school. Having done well, he was admitted (承认) to Copenhagen University in 1828. He began to publish his fairy tales in1835. They 26 in small volumes (量)until his death. Although Anderson lived a 27 life, he tried to make people laugh in all his stories. He wrote because he didn?t want children to have a 28 childhood as he did. The works 29 Anderson world fame, but he remained a lonely man. He never married and his friends were the people who paid for his work. Anderson 30 on August 4, 1875 at the age of 70. His home in Odense is now a museum and thousands of people visit it every year. 16. A. tell B. speak C. smile D. cry 17. A. discoveries B. inventions C. creations D. feelings 18. A. poor B. musical C. big D. happy 19. A. bought B. found C. received D. lost 20. A. spoken B. talked C. smiled D. laughed 21. A. allowed B. forced C. willing D. used 22. A. then B. lately C. second D. finally 23. A. career B. hobby C. performance D. trip 24. A. since B. after C. until D. still 25. A. Even so B. Afterwards C. Since then D. Otherwise 26. A. came up B. came out C. came in D. came on 27. A. hard B. interesting C. happy D. successful 28. A. sad B. happy C. busy D. strange 29. A. bought B. brought C. sold D. cost 30. A. ran away B. passed away C. took away D. gave away 三、阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,计 30 分) A Welcome to Reading Explorer! In this book, you?ll travel the world, explore different cultures and discover interesting topics. You?ll also become a better reader! Reading will be easier—and you?ll understand more—if you ask yourself these

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questions: What do I already know? ﹡Before you read, look at the photos, instructions, charts and maps. Ask yourself: What do I already know about this topic? ﹡Think about the language you know—or may need to know—to understand the topic. What do I want to learn? ﹡Look at the title and headings. Ask yourself:What is this passage about? What will I learn? ﹡As you read, check your prediction. What have I learned? ﹡As you read, take notes. Use them to help you answer questions about the passage. ﹡Write down words you learn in a vocabulary notebook. How can I learn more? ﹡Practice your reading skills and vocabulary in the Review Units. ﹡Explore the topics by watching the videos in class, or at home using the CD-ROM. Now you’re ready to explore your world! 31. Where can you probably find the passage? A. At the end of a magazine. B. At the top of a map C. At the beginning of a book. D. At the bottom of a guidebook. 32. The underlined word “prediction” probably means ____________. A. the place you are going to visit B. the vocabulary you find in a notebook C. the time you have spent in reading D. the thing you think is going to happen. 33. In the Review Units you can _________. A. watch the videos at home B. discover many interesting topics C. practice reading skills and vocabulary D. enjoy the photos, charts and maps B Even though she?s quite young, Drew Barrymore can be a Hollywood legend (传 奇). She was born on February 22, 1975, in California. Being from a family that produced great actors, she quickly found her way into the spotlight (聚光灯). When she was 11 months old, she made her first advertisement on TV. She made her first movie at the age of 2. Five years later, she acted Gertie in Steven Spielberg?s famous film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(1982). However, it wasn?t all roses and sunshine when Barrymore was growing up. She was drinking wine by the time she was 9, smoking marijuana (大麻) at 10. Most kid stars in Hollywood fail to become stars as adults. And most of the time, once they?re out of the spotlight, they stay out. But Drew Barrymore doesn?t. As she was growing older, Barrymore started to realize that life is more meaningful than dangerous actions in the films. She started to build a career in 1997. She has made

a series of successful films since then, including Charlie?s Angels (2000) and 50 First Dates (2004). “In my life, there is darkness and drama, and I have yet to explore some of that in my work life. I just want to challenge (挑战) myself and prove that I can do more.” Actually, anyone who?s not familiar with her disordered childhood might find it hard to believe she?s such a sweet person now. Like many of the characters she plays in her comedy, Drew is easy-going and laughs a lot. In 2007, she was on the cover of People magazine?s 100 Most Beautiful People issue. “Life is very interesting … in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths,” Drew said. 34. Drew Barrymore made her first movie in________ . A. 1975 B. 1977 C. 1979 D. 1982 35. Drew Barrymore can be a Hollywood legend mainly because___________ . A. she was born form a family that produced great actors B. she used to be a famous kid star in Hollywood C. she always has roses and sunshine in her life D. she didn?t give up even when she met difficulties 36. Which is the correct order of Drew Barrymore?s life? ① She made the film Charlie?s Angels. ② She was on the cover of People magazine?s 100 Most Beautiful People issue. ③ She started to drink wine and smoke marijuana. ④ She acted Gertie in Steven Spielberg?s famous film E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial. A.①④②③ B.④②①③ C.④③①② D.①③②④ 37. Which of the following chart can best describe Drew Barrymore?s career (till 2007)?

C About 21,000 young people in 17 American states do not attend classes in school buildings. I nstead, they receive their elementary and high school education by working at home on computers. The Center for Education Reform says the United States has 67 public “cyberschools(网络学校)” and that is about twice as many as two years ago. The money for students to go to a cyberschool comes from the governments of the states where they live. Some educators say cyberschools receive money that should support traditional public schools. They also say it is difficult to know if students are learning well. Other educators praise this new form of education for letting students work at

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their own speed. These people say cyberschools help students who were unhappy or unsuccessful in traditional schools. They say learning at home by computer ends long bus rides for children who live far from school. Whatever the judgment of cyberschools, they are getting more and more popular. For example, a new cyberschools called Commonwealth Connections Academy will take in students this fall. It will serve children in the state of Pennsylvania from ages five through thirteen. Children get free equipment for their online education. This includes a computer, a printer, books and technical(技术的) services. Parents and students talk with teachers by telephone or by sending emails through their computers when necessary. Students at cyberschools usually do not know one another. But 56 such students who had finished studies at Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School recently met for the first time. They were guests of honor at their graduation. 38. What do we know from the text about students of a cyberschools? A. They have to take long bus rides to school. B. They study at home rather than in classrooms. C. They receive money from traditional public schools. D. They do well in traditional school programs. 39. According to the text, what is a problem with cyberschools? A. Their equipment costs a lot of money. B. They get little support from the state government. C. It is hard to know students' progress in learning. D. The students find it hard to make friends. 40. Cyberschools are getting popular because _____. A. they are less expensive for students B. they serve students in a wider age range(范围) C. their graduates are more successful in society D. their students can work at their own speed 41. According to the text, which of the following statements is true? A. About 67% of the students in the USA go to cyberschools nowadays. B. cyberschools must take the place of traditional schools in the future. C. cyberschools are the most popular form of education now in the USA. D. Not everybody likes cyberschools. D After my husband died, my world crashed around me. My six children were 10, nine, eight, six, three and 18 months, and I was overwhelmed( 压垮 ) with the responsibilities of earning a living, caring for the children and simply keeping my head above water. I was fortunate to find a wonderful housekeeper to care for the children during the week, but from Friday nights to Monday mornings, the children and I were alone, and

frankly(坦诚地) I was uneasy. Every unusual noise or any late-night phone call filled me with fear. I felt really lonely. One Friday evening I came home from work to find a big beautiful German shepherd(牧羊犬) on our doorstep. It was obvious he wanted to make the house his home. The children took an instant liking to "German" and begged me to let him in. I agreed to let him sleep in the basement(地下室) until the next day. That night I slept peacefully for the first time in many weeks. The following morning we made phone calls and checked lost-and-found ads for German?s owner, but with no results. Saturday night he was still with us. On Sunday I had planned to take the children on a picnic. Since I thought it best to leave German behind in case his owner came by, we drove off without him. When we stopped to get gas at a local station, we were amazed to see German racing to the gas station after us. He stayed again Sunday night. Monday morning I let him out for a run while the children got ready for school. He didn?t come back. We thought we?d never see him again. On Friday evening, German was back again. We took him in, and again he stayed until Monday morning, when our housekeeper arrived. It went like this for almost 10 months. We looked forward to his coming each Monday morning he left home. Each week, between German's visits, I grew a little braver, but every weekend I enjoyed his company. Then one Monday morning we patted his head and let him out for what turned out to be the last time. He never came back. 42. What does the underlined part in the first paragraph mean? A. trying to keep calm in public B. trying to get attention from other men C. showing her high spirit in the face of trouble D. managing to continue to live 43. When the author?s husband died, ______. A. she couldn?t raise the six children on her own B. she couldn?t relax on the weekends C. The housekeeper only came on weekends D. she was too busy to feel lonely 44. Which of the following is Wrong according to the article? A. German was fond of living with the family. B. The writer felt safe and protected with German around. C. The dog stayed until the writer was strong enough to go on alone. D. The writer was too busy that weekend to go find the dog?s owner. 45. Which is the best title for the passage? A. A homeless dog B. A friend?s strength C. How to keep a dog D. Keep up when in trouble 四、词汇应用(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,计 10 分)

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46. We will support what you say and what you do _________ (无论在哪里)you are. 47. ________ of the books here are suitable for children of all ages. (十二分之七) 48. The students_____(hopeful) looked at the endless homework and didn?t know how to deal with it. 49. He _______(模仿) the top student?s example and made up his mind to study hard. 50. Your shirt is so unsmooth that it needs __________ (熨烫) . 51. Those _______ wish is the same as ours,they expect Japanese can face up to history. (Korea) 52. Nowadays more and more people find the low-carbon life ________ (fashion) 53.The study shows that low-income earners have to choose to eat ________ (health) and exercise little. 54. Whenever the beauty sees me, she always greets me, ________(nod) her head politely. 55. The new president will have a visit to the _____ (east) countries in Europe. 五、任务型阅读(共 10 空;每空 1 分,计 10 分) 六、短文填空 (共 10 空;每空 1 分,计 10 分) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺。 (每空1词) Nowadays, more and more young people are becoming too proud and over-confident. They think they can do e 66 . So they simply ignore(忽视) their old parents, and believe that their parents? experienced thoughts are out of date. Actually I used to be one of them, but after h 67 a story told by my father, I changed my mind completely. Now I would like to s 68 it with all of you. Once, there was a young man w 69 looked down on the old. He always thought that the old were just nuisances (麻烦事) in your busy life, a useless life that was going to be over. He also did this to his father. One day, the father and the son happened to meet each other in the garden. The son s 70 that they should take a walk together. As they walked, a beautiful garden came into their sight. The son pointed to one of the prettiest flower and said, “We young people are like this sweet flower, so healthy, so energetic, and full of spirit. What about you oldsters? Just l 71 the falling leaves from a dying tree.” Hearing this, the father smiled but said nothing. They continued the walking in s 72 . When they passed a shop, the father stopped and went in, he bought a walnut (核 桃)and showed it to his son, slow and kind, he said, “We old are like this walnut. We?ve experienced many hard events in life. So we built up s 73 a strong shell, and at the same time we also built up a pure inner world. Every fruit is so full-grown.” “But every fruit is born by flower.” refuted(反驳) the son. “Yes, but not every flower can bear fruit….” From then on, I always keep this story in my m 74 . It has taught me a lot. We should try to be a flower that can bear fruit. We also have to know that our parents aren?t nuisances, b 75 experienced walnuts, works of nature. A black boy helped his father look after the barrels (桶).Every morning he cleaned

up every barrel on the farm, and then put them in order. To his anger, the wind blew the barrels here and t 1 during the night. The boy wrote a letter to the wind,??Please don't blow down my barrels. ” After seeing that, his father asked the boy, “Can the wind r 2 your letter?” The little boy said,“I don't know, but I have no other choices. ” The next morning, when the little boy ran to see the barrels, he found that the annoying(恼人的)wind still blew the barrels down again. The little boy couldn't help crying. His father said gently, “Boy,don't be s 3 . We may have no way of how to s 4 the wind from doing that, but we can c 5 up with our own ways to the barrels.” Then the little boy stopped crying to think over and over. After thinking half a day, he finally f 6 out a way. He collected some w 7 from the river and poured it into those empty barrels. O 8 the third morning,the little boy went out, and saw the barrels were in good order. The little boy told his father calmly, “If we don't want the barrels blown down by the wind, we have no way to the wind, b 9 we have ways to the barrels. It's a very simple w 10 , that is, to add weight to the barrels. ”??You are a young adult now,” said his father happily. 七、书面表达 现在,中国中学生出国留学的人数快速增长。请根据下列提示, 就中学生出国留学热的优缺点, 写一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。 短文开头已写好, 不计入总词数。 要求:1、表达清楚、语法正确、上下文连贯; 2、要点必须包括所有相关信息,并给出自己的观点; 3、词数:100 词左右。 1. 对学生未来的发展有益 优点 2. 帮助学生了解外面的世界 3. 培养他们独自生活能力 1. 把大部分精力投放到英语学习上,…… 缺点 2. 对学生来说难以习惯国外的生活 3. 由于高额的费用家长倍感压力 1. 很多人通过努力在国内也可以获得成功 你的观点 2. …… More and more Chinese middle school students go abroad for further study now. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________

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