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Topic: What should we do in English lesson?
3:啊呀!你们说我们英语课上表演什么啊? Oh! What shall we perform in English lesson? 1:对啊。我们干什么啊?让我们集思广益吧! En, that’s a question! What shall we do? Let us draw on our collective wisdom! 4:我随便, ,只要能演就行。 。不难背就好。 It’s up to you. I have no idea right now. Please do not be too hard to recite. 2:要找4个人演的,大概要什么类型的呢? Ok, let me think. Four persons... What’s type? 3:要能引起轰动的,不能演完了大家一点反映都没有。 It must be able to cause a sensation, and not be played out to make no sense to others. 1 2 4:是的是的。 Yes, I agree with you. 。 2:要不我们演童话吧,大家都听过,不长,也不会太难。 How about fairy tale? Everyone has heard this and it’s not difficult at all. 3:白雪公主,灰姑娘。 How about Snow White…Cinderella…? Both are about sweet love which can cause young girls to resonate. And these can evoke all childhood memories. 4:人不够的 But we do not have enough persons! We are only four. Many roles can not be played. 1:人不够吗,让我看看4演白雪,3演毒皇后,2演王子。。我演魔镜,刚好啊! 。 Not enough! 4 is Snow White…. 3 isVicious Queen…. 2 is Prince…I am mirror, just right! 2:那七个小矮人,屠夫呢?What about the Seven Dwarfs and butcher?

4:是猎人,不是屠夫。 It is a hunter! Not a butcher! 2:西游记吧?正好四个人。。 。 Ok, I see. Perhaps I think we can choose the Journey to the West. Just four persons! It’s suitable~ 4:老毛,猪八戒背媳妇,哟,只要八戒和媳妇两个人了。。 。 Let me choice a story. How about “The pig carries his wife”? It is an interesting and wonderful story. Yo , pig and pig’s wife, two persons are enough! 1:是啊,三打白骨精吧?这个经典故事情节精彩而又误会重重,我要演孙悟空只要打 白骨精就可以了。。 。 How about Monkey Hit Lady White Bone Thrice? This classical story is wonderful and full of misunderstandings. I want to play monkey king, just hit! 3:三个白骨精长得不一样呢, But the Skeleton Demon turns out to be three different people, belongs to one family, a beautiful girl, grandmother, and grandfather. And we are only four people. Not to mention that we have to play a mentoring four. 4:找人客串呗!Maybe we can find someone to help us. 2:陆絮呗!Let me think! An,Lucy! But there is no time! 1,3:反正就是人不够 Not enough,anyway! 2:要不我们演梁山伯和祝英台吧。罗密欧和朱丽叶也行呀 How about Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yintai? Romeo and Juliet is also good. 4:你是想演罗密欧,大月演朱丽叶吧 What you want is to make Jun as Juliet and you are performing Romeo.

3:还是你想演梁山伯,大月演祝英台啊? Or maybe you want to play liang Shanbo,and zhu yingtai played by Dayue? 2:嘿嘿, ,被你们看穿了。 。反正不管怎么样,我都要把大月捧上女一号的宝座, Hey… Ok, you are right! In any case, I want Jun to be the female lead. 1:哼, ,我不要,我的白马王子要帅气幽默! Hum, I don’t want! My Mr.Right must be charming handsome and humor! 3:你说不要就不要啊! Uh.. Why not think again? Let’s go further into this topic. 4:化蝶? Ok, let me think for a while. In fact, I prefer The Butterfly! You know, two butterflies are flying in the rainbow. It is a good ending. And it is so beautiful. 1:化蝶的确很唯美浪漫,但是只要两个人内。。 。 The Butterfly is indeed beautiful and romantic .But it only needs two persons!! 2:连人都不用的,只要两只蝴蝶一飞就够了。。 。 No. Just two butterflies are enough… 3:那如果我们演泰坦尼克号的话是不是 jack 说完:you jump, i jump 后,两个人 jump 下去就结束了啊? By the way, I would also like to suggest Titanic. But, as you say, it ended up after jack finished: you jump i jump, and the two people jump down. It’s ridiculous! 1,2,4:额。。 Oh, my God. 。。 4:JUN,要不你就来段哈姆雷特吧 Jun, how about Hamlet? 1 “啊!To be or not to be. that is a question!”我才不要呢!从外表上看,我就不能演

啊“A! To be or not to be. that is a question!” no way! For his appearance, I am not able to be 2:你要是愿意演哈姆雷特,那我就演奥菲利亚 I would act as Ophelia if you can be Hamlet. 3:她才不要你演呢 She does not want you !hhe, Do you know how to show him the essence of it? 4:就是,谁要你演啊 I think so… 1:有了有了我们演红楼梦吧,它揭示了封建大家庭各种复杂关系每个情节都引人深思 Come on, let’s perform Dream of Red Mansions! It reveals the complex contradictions of the feudal family. Each plot is thought-provoking! 3:不行,这个翻译成英文太难了 No no no ~it’s too hard to translate. Especially, it is a classic. So, to act out its charm is too difficult for us. 2:我们可以改编下嘛!反正只要大月演主角就行 It is not a problem! We can reorganize it! Making Jun as the leader is ok~ 3:演谁?贾宝玉啊? Hehe, she plays Jia Baoyu? 2,4:是林黛玉! Come on, Lin Daiyu , ok?

3:黛玉葬花? Ok, Daiyu took a hoe to bury the flowers with a depressed mood? What an oppressive atmosphere it is! 1.但是我看起来不多愁善感,弱不禁风啊 However, seemingly, I am not sentimentality and as weak as water 4:就这样定了!你演林黛玉手中的那把锄头。你演黛玉葬的花

Just it is! You are that hoe. And you are those flowers. 2:那你呢?你演花篮子啊? How about you? Blanket?

1:如果这样,那我不是很可怜。 。 Oh, If it is, I am so pitiful… 4:你演了唯一一个是人的角色,还有什么可怜的 You are the only normal role! You are a lucky star. It’s not pitiful at all! 1:你知道啊,我是林黛玉 我要扛着你们三个人呢 Do you know I am Lindaiyu? I am going to carry you three! 2:那你还是林黛玉么 In that way, you are not Daiyu anymore. 4:她演的是吃了士力架的林黛玉 She is the one after eating snickers! She has enough force to carry us. 3:啊呀啦,同志们都现实点,别瞎想了,还是快想办法吧。 Gys, be realistic! Give some useful ideas! 1:我们要想点有内涵的: (朗诵)世界上最遥远的距离。。。 。。 We need something meaningful, like poetry---The farthest distance in the world… 3:别人用过了,淘汰。。 。 Uh, it sounds not bad, but it has been used many times! We need to pass it. 2:那演话剧不也被人家用过了嘛。。 。 So does the drama, ok? 1 : What should we do? 3 : God and Godness bless us.

4 :Maybe we should spend some time discussing it again. En … we can create a new story by ourselves. 1 :En, our discussion now could be a good choice. 2, 3 :It is great. 2对1: I love you 3:But you are female 2:I would be a boy 4:Stop. Let do it right now. 1,2,3,4:唉。。 。。Ai




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