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51. He advised Jane __ anyone about the shortages of food. A. not telling B. not tell C. tell not D. not to tell 52. He operates the new machine as if he __ special training in it. A. has received B. had received C. would receive D. received 53. It is very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you __ it. A. mustn't have done B. shouldn't have done C. oughtn't to have done D. didn't have to do 54. __., he does get annoyed with her sometimes. A. Although much he likes her B. Much although he likes her C. As he likes her much D. Much as he likes her 55. The newly broadened stadium is __ of the previous one. A. the size of three times B. three times the size C. as much as the three times size D. three times more than the size 56. I hope that the little __ I've been able to do has been of some use. A. which B. what C. that D. when 57. 57. I like __ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. A. this B. that C. it D. one 58. I like to play the piano but I can't play it well. ___ Sophie. A. As is the same with B It is the same with C. So it is the same as D. So is it with 59. In vain __ to get in touch with the Embassy. A. they tried B. tried they C. did they try D. they have tried 60. He had hardly finished the article __ the light went out. A. as B. until C. than D. when 61. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he __ better. A. might have done B. must have done C. needn't have done D. couldn't have done 62. "He's no more able to read Japanese than I am." The sentence means that A. neither he nor I am able to read Japanese. B. I can read Japanese but he can't. C. my Japanese is better than him. D. both he and I are able to read Japanese. 63. Which of the following can be used to complete "You'd better do it by yourself, __ you?" A. hadn't B. wouldn't C. didn't D. don't

64. In "What do you think he likes?" what is __ of the sentence. A. the subject B. the adverbial C. the object D. the complement 65, "He is the last person to be fit for the job." has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT A. He is the one that isn't fit for the job. B. He is the one that is not suitable for the job. C. He is the fittest person for the job. D. He might be the person that is least wanted. 66. You shouldn't __ your father's instructions. Anyway he is an experienced teacher. A. deduce B. deliberate C. defy D. denounce 67. The new underground railway will ___the journey to all parts of the city. A. consume B. eliminate C. formulate D. facilitate 68. The new" secretary has written a remarkably __ report only in a few pages but with all the details. A. concise B. clear C. precise D. elaborate 69. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from __ on earth rather than bacteria on Mars. A. configuration B. constitution C. condemnation D. contamination 70. The city will __ these buildings to make room for the new highway. A. tear off B. tear out C. tear away D. tear down 71. If anyone wants to be __ by others, wealth, clothing or physical attractiveness are not requirements. A. respectful B. respective C. respectable D. respected 72. The little girl was so frightened that she just wouldn't __ her grip on my arm. A. loosen B. remove C. relieve D. dismiss 73. Bob isn't __, but he did badly in the final exams last semester. A. gloomy B. dull C. awkward D. tedious 74. My tutor, frequently reminds me to ___ myself of every chance to improve my English. A. assure B. inform C. avail D. notify 75. Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth, comfort and __ A. stability B. capability C. durability D. availability 76. Optimism is a ___ shown to be associated with good physical health, less depression and longer life. A. trail B. trait C. trace D. track

77. The newly-elected president is determined to __ the established policy of developing agriculture. A. go for B. go on C. go by D. go up 78. I am so busy that I only go home to visit my folks once in a blue moon. The italicized phrase means __ A. rarely B. barely C. now and then D. one a year 79. A man's worth lies not___ in. what he has as in what he is. A. so much B. much so C. too much D. much too 80. It is well known that knowledge is the __ condition for expansion of mind. A. incompatible B. incredible C. indefinite D. indispensable

单选训练二 单选训练二
1. There is no ___ in the world for her children. A. love greater than a mother B. love greater than that of a mother C. love greater as a mother D. great love as that of a mother 2. I didn't see her in the meeting-room this afternoon. She ___ at the meeting. A. mustn't have spoken B. shouldn't have spoken C. needn't have spoken D. couldn't have spoken 3. Pop music is such an important part of society ___ it has even influenced our language. A. as B. that C. which D. where 4. Just as the builder is skilled in the handling of his bricks, ___ the experienced writer is skilled in the handling of his words. A. as B. so C. thus D. like 5. __ it may be, there is no place like home. A. As humble B. Though humble C. Humble as D. If humble 6. New ideas sometimes have to wait for years __ they are fully accepted. A. when B. before C. after D. where 7. Which of the following is INCORRECT? A. Many a boy and many a girl have seen the film before. B. He said he would go to Shanghai on business the next day. C. I forgot to bring your umbrella with me. D. His father has left his homeland for fifty years. 8. He must have lived a happy life a few years ago, ___ he? A. didn't B. hasn't C. mustn't D. can't 9. What does "You cannot give him too much money" mean? A. You shouldn't give him too much money. B. The more money you give him, the better.

C. You can't give him a lot of money. D. You ought to give him less money. 10. He never hesitates to make __ criticisms __ are considered helpful to others. A. so... that B. so... as C. such.., that D. such.., as 11. The followings are all correct responses to "Do you mind my smoking here?" EXCEPT A. No, do it please. B. No, of course not. C. I'm sorry. D. Yes, go ahead. 12. The reason why he has been such a success is ___ he never gives up. A. what B. that C. because D. how 13. One is not guilty until he __ A. has proved B. has been proved C. is proved D. will be proved 14. Paper produced every year is four times __ the weight of the world's production of vehicles. A. / B. that of C. which D. of 15. If you are a member of a club, you must __ to the rules of that club. A. conform B. appeal C. refer D. access 16. I tried to relax because I knew I would use up my oxygen sooner, __ A. the more excited I got B. I got excited more C. and more I got excited D. and I got more excited 17. The toy maker produces a __ copy of the space station, exact in every detail. A. minimal B. minimum C. miniature D. minor 18. I should like to rent a house, modem, comfortable and __ in a quiet neighborhood. A. all in all B. above all C. after all D. over all 19. Some parents are only concerned __ their children's grades in studies. A. of B. at C. about D. for 20. This disease __ itself in yellowness of the skin and eyes. A. manifests B. modifies C. magnifies D. exposes 21. Dr. Wang has made much contribution to the theories of modem physics at the __ of his health. A. cost B. disposal C. mercy D. expenditure 22. If I take this medicine three times a day, it should __ my cold. A. heal B. cure C. treat D. recover 23. Crisis would be the right term to describe the __ in many animal species. A. abolition B. restriction C. descent D. decline 24. Up until that time, his interest had focused almost__ on fully mastering the skills and techniques of his craft.

A. restrictively B. radically C. inclusively D. exclusively 25. In the___ of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action. A. ring B. terrace C. arena D. ground 26. On January 1st many people make a New Year A. intention B. determination C. dedication D. resolution 27. Bill assured his boss that he would __ all his energies in doing this new job. A. call forth B. call at C. call on D. call off 28. We had a __ lesson in ideological education yesterday and were deeply impressed. A. profound B. deep C. extreme D. shallow 29. Despite technical progress, some food production is still completely __ on weather. A. reliable B. dependable C. dependent D. inseparable 30. His speech rambled for half an hour, but the___ of what he had said was that too many people has too little money. A. aim B. purpose C. essence D. content

1. It is not who rules us __ is important, but how he rules us. A. what B. that C. / D. which 2. More than one student___ ever been to the Great Wall. A. have B. has C. had D. was 3. As you worked late last night, you __ have come this morning. A. needn't B. shouldn't C. can't D. mustn't 4. If only the committee __ the regulations and put them into effect as possible. A. approve B. will approve C. can approve D. would approve 5. We were to__ the school bus to get to the museum, but it was broken, so we had to take the subway. A. take B. have taken C. to be taking D. to have been taking 6. The policeman declared that the blow on the victim's head __ from behind. A. should have been made B. must have been made C. would have been made D. ought to have been made 7. It is not his illness___ much as idleness that ruined him so much.

A. that B. as C. so D. very 8. The teacher told us nothing __ difficult if we put our hearts into it. A. is B. was C. will be D. were 9. Whether or not the next plan will yield any positive results __ to be seen. A. remain B. remains C. is remained D. have remained 10. She could not have believed it, but that she___ it. A. had seen B. see C. saw D. would see 11. A dark suit is preferable __ a light one for evening wear. A. to B. than C. for D. against 12. He knows little of physics, and __ of math. A. even more B. still less C. no less D. still more 13. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete "it is___ too difficult"? A. rather B. much C. far D. quite 14. Which of the following is INCORRECT? A. We know what each other thinks. B. They know one another's weak points. C. None of the books is interesting: D. He didn't stay there so long as she. 15. "I was going to see the film, but he reminded me of seeing it before." The sentence means that A. he reminded me to see the film, and I would go to see it. B. I was about to see the film, but he reminded me that I had seen it before. C. I wouldn't remember to see the film if he didn't remind me. D. I forget that I have seen the film before if he didn't remind me. 16. Get to the point, don't __ about the bush. A. beat B. hit C. blow D. strike 17. He holds that education should place more __ on logic thinking, and education of emotion is of little use. A. importance B. significance C. stress D. emphasis 18. Tom wasn't paid because he was the __ secretary of the association. A. honorable B. honor C. honored D. honorary 19. Her letter was in such a casual scrawl, and in such pale ink, that it was __ A. unintelligible B. vague C. ambiguous D. illegible 20. Because of the___ of its ideas, the book was in wide circulation both at home and abroad. A. originality B. subjectivity C. generality D. ambiguity 21. The juvenile delinquent was released in ___ of his good behavior. A. case B. way C. view D. event

22. People who live in small towns often seem more friendly than those living in __ populated areas. A. densely B. intensely C. abundantly D. extremely 23. If you find this item too difficult to ____, it is advisable to leave as it is and move on to the next one. A. work out B. work on C. work for D. work at 24. We are doing this work in the ___ of reforms in the economic, social and cultural spheres. A. context B. contest C. pretext D. texture 25. In our team, no person ___ Tom could finish this tough task in such a short time. A. better than B. rather than C. other than D. more than 26. The city is an important railroad __ and industrial and convention center. A. conjunction B. network C. junction D. link 27. A qualified teacher should have good manners and __ knowledge. A. extensive B. expansive C. intensive D. expensive 28. It is reported that many people were hurt when the two buses A. bumped B. crashed C. collided D. struck 29. Californians and New Englanders speak the same language and __ by the same federal laws. A. stand B. conform C. abide D. sustain 30. The meeting was ___ over by the mayor to discuss the tax raise in the city. A. presumed B. propelled C. presided D. pricked

51. __ I love you, I should never consider marrying you. A. Whether B. Also C. However D. Much as 52. I wish I hadn't been so busy this morning, otherwise I __ you with the cleaning. A. will have helped B. should help C. could have helped D. could help 53. I'd rather you __ make any comments on the issue for the time being. A. don't B. wouldn't C. didn't D. shouldn't 54. Just as there are occupations that require college or even higher degrees, so too are there occupations __ technical training is necessary. A. for which B. in which C. to which D. at which 55. She sat on the bench in the park, her chin __ in her hand. A. was cupped B. cupped C. cupping D. to be cupped 56. I __ advise you not to do that again in the future. A. dare B. would C. should D. need

57. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as __ its soil and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans. A. are B. is C. do D. has 58. If negotiations for the new trade agreements take __, critical food shortages will develop in several countries. A. too much longer B. much long too C. too many longer D. much too long 59. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true__ comes to classroom tests. A. when B. since C. before D. after 60. I recommend that the planning __ until all the materials have been supplied. A. is not started B. will not be started C. not be started D. is not to be started 61. Greatly agitated, I rushed to the apartment and tried the door, __ to find it locked. A. just B. only C. hence D. thus 62. When he arrived, he found ___ the aged and the sick at home. A. none but B. none other than C. nothing but D. no other than 63. As 4 to 8, ____ 8 is to 16. A. as B. so C. that D. which 64. According to some educators, the goal of teaching is to help students learn what __ to know to live a well-adjusted and successful life. A. do they need B. they need C. they are needed D. as they may need 65. If ever again ____ happens an accident like this, we will have only ourselves to blame. A. it B. so C. there D. that 66. An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of __ A. crisis B. emergency C. urgency D. emergence 67. She was complaining that the doctor was __ too much for the treatment he was giving her. A. expending B. offering C. costing D. charging 68. The patient's health failed to such an extent that he was put into __ care. A. tense B. rigid C. intensive D. tight 69. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical __ A. obligations B. regulations C. observations D. considerations 70. Too much __ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body. A. disclosure B. exhibition C. contact D. exposure

71. In his last years, Henry suffered from a disease that slowly __ him of much of his sight. A. relieved B. jeopardized C. deprived D. eliminated 72. Plastics today contribute to a wide __ of industries. A. field B. area C. scope D. range 73. Watching me pulling the calf awkwardly to the barn, the Irish milkmaid fought hard to __ her laughter. A. hold back B. hold on C. hold out D. hold up 74. If you get into a bath full of water, some of the water will __ onto the floor. A. overlap B. overflow C. flourish D. flutter 75. He did write a wonderful book, but it was just a __ in the pan. A. flare B. gleam C. flash D. glisten 76. The Beatles, the most famous British band of the 1960s, traveled worldwide for many years, __ cultural barriers. A. transporting B. transplanting C. transferring D. transcending 77. The meeting was so prolonged and exhausting that __ the speakers stopped for refreshments. A. at ease B. at random C. at intervals D. at large 78. The relationship between employers and employees has been studied __ A. originally B. extremely C. violently D. intensively 79. Johnson's news report covering the conference was so __ that nothing had been omitted. A. understanding B. comprehensible C. comprehensive D. understandable 80. The new edition of the encyclopedia __ many improvements, which is the result of the persistent effort of all the compilers. A. embedded B. embodied C. enchanted D. enclosed

练习一答案解析 练习一答案解析
51. [D]【译文】他建议简不要把食物匮乏的情况告诉任何人, 【解析】 考查动词搭配和动词不定式的否定形式。 advise sb. do to /not to do sth.表示“建议某人做/不做某事”。D 为正确答案。 52.[B]【译文】他操作起那部新机器就好像他受过这方面特殊的训练一样。 【解析】考查状语从句巾的虚拟语气。as if/ though 引导的虚拟语 气,如果从句中谓语动词先于主句谓语动词的动作或状态发生,从句应用过去完 成时.故选 B。 53.[D]【译文】你真好!把这些碗碟都洗了,但你不必这样做的。 【解析】考查情态动词的用法。mustn’t have done 没有这种形 式,对过去的否定推测要用 couldn’t have done 来表示。shouldn’t have done 表示“本不应该做而做了”;oughtn’t to have done 表示“本不应该做而做 了”,含有责备的意思.不符合题意。本句不需要用到虚拟语气,D 正确。

54.[D]【译文】尽管他很喜欢她,但有时又觉得她烦人。 【解析】考查让步状语从句。当 as 引导让步状语从句时,从句要倒 装(即将从句的表语或状语放在 as 之前). although 引导时, . 从句用正常语序。 55. [B]【译文】新扩建的运动场有原来的 3 倍大。 【解析】 考查倍数。 is three(four, A etc. times the size(height, ) length, width, etc. )of B 意为“A 的大小(高度、 长度、 宽度等)是 B 的三倍(或 四倍等)”,故选 B。 56.[C]【译文】我希望我能够做到的那一点点是有些用处的。 【解析】考查定语从句中关系代词的用法。当先行词是不定代词(如: all,little,much 等)或被它们修饰时,要用 that,不用 which。what 不可以 引导定语从句,when 表示时间,在句中作状语。此处 the little 作为先行词, 故选 C。 57.[C]【译文】我喜欢秋天晴朗明亮的天气。 【解析】考查“动词+it+when/if 从句”结构。该结构中,it 用作 形式宾语,它的真正的宾语则是由 when/if 引导的 从句。此结构也可适用于 appreciate,enjoy,dislike,love,hate,prefer 等少数动词。 58.[B]【译文】我喜欢弹钢琴,但弹得不好,苏菲也一样。 【解析】 考查“so+be 动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”结构的用法, 该结构表示“……也一样”。但当前面的句子是两个分句,或者当前面的句子既 含有肯 定句又含有否定句时,用“It is/was the same with sb.”或“So it is/was with sb.”来表达前述的多种情况也适用于后者,故选 B。 59.[C]【译文】他们试图与大使馆取得联系,但却是白费力气。 【解析】考查倒装旬的用法。in vain 表示否定的意思,类似地,n0, little,hardly,seldom 等置于句首时句子要部分倒装,即把助动词或情态动 词放在主语之前。在此句中,主语为第三人称复数,时态为过去时,助动词应为 did,故选 C。 60.[D]【译文】他刚写完文章,灯就熄了。 【解析】考查时间状语从句的用法。表示“一(刚)……就……”的 固定结构有 no sooner…than…,hardly…when…以及 as soon as…。根据句中 的 hardly,可知应选 D。 61. [A]【译文】真遗憾!就他的能力和经验而论,他本可能做得更好的。 【解析】考查“情态动词+完成体”的用法。might+have done 表示 “本可能做却没有”;must+have done 只用于肯定句中,表示对过去情况的肯 定推测,意为“想必,一定”;needn’t have done 一般用于否定旬表示“本 不必做的事情却做了”;couldn’t have done 表示“不可能做了” 62. [A] 【解析】考查句子的意思。no more…than 表示对两者的否定,意 为“与……一样不”,故选 A。 63.[A]【译文】下面哪一个词可以填入“You’d better do it by yourself,——you?”,以构成完整的句子? 【解析】考查反义疑问句,疑问部分的形式。当陈述部分有 had better,反意疑问部分用 hadn’t,故选 A。

64.[C]【译文】在“What do you think he likes?”一句中,what 在句子中 充当什么成分? 【解析】考查句子成分间的关系。在该句中,do you think 为插入语, 在 what he likes 中,主语是 he,谓语是 likes,what 即为 likes 的宾语,表 示他喜欢的“内容”,故选 C。 65.[C]【译文】“他是最不适合做这项工作的人”在下列选项中,哪个选项与 本句意思不同? 【解析】考查句子意思。me last person 意为“最不……”。如: He is the last person to tell a lie.(他最不可能说谎。),故 C 理解错误。 66.[C]【译文】你不该不听你爸爸的话。不管怎样,他是个经验丰富的教师。 【解析】形近动词词义辨析题。A.deduce“推论,演绎”; 8.deliberate“仔细考虑,商议”;C.defy“对抗,藐视”;D.denounce“指 责,告发”。根据以上词义,故选 C。 67.[D]【译文】新地铁将为去城市各处提供方便。 【解析】 动词词义辨析题。 consume“消耗, 消费”; eliminate“排 除, 淘汰”; formulate“规划, 使公式化, 明确阐述”; facilitate“使便利. 促 进”。只有 D 符合。 68.[A]【译文】这个新来的秘书写了份非常简洁的报告,报告只有几页却包括 了所有的细节。 【解析】形容词词义辨析题。根据 only…but 可首先排除 elaborate“详尽的”。 concise“简明的, 简要的”; clear“明朗的, 清澈的”; precise“精确的,明确的”。该句主要强调的是报告的简明扼要,故选 A。 69.[B]【译文】最近《科学》杂志上刊登的一篇文章指出,该岩石中的有机化 学成分大部分是来自地球的污染,而不是来自于火星上的细菌。 【解析】形近名词词义辨析题。A.configuration,“轮廓,结构”; B.constitution“宪法,体质,构造”;C.condemnation“谴责,定罪”: D.contamination“污染”。 70.[D]【译文】市政当局要拆毁这些建筑以让出地方修筑新公路。 【解析】动词短语含义辨析题。tear off“撕掉”;tear out“撕 下”;tear away“疾驰,勉强离开”;tear down“拆毁,拆除”。为新公路腾 地,那么建筑物肯定要拆毁了,故选 D。 71.[D]【译文】任何人想要得到他人的尊重,财富、服装或外表的魅力并不是 必要条件。 【解析】形近词词义辨析题。respective“分别的,各自的”,后 面常常加名词的复数形式; respectful 表示主动含义. 意思是“对……恭 敬的, 尊敬的”;respectable 意思是“可敬的”;respected 表示被动,它与 respectable 的区别在于后者表示受人尊敬的可能 性,但未必被 respected。 72.[A]【译文】那个小女孩很害怕,紧抓住我的手不松开。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。loosen“解开,放松”;remove“移除”; relieve“缓解,消除”;dismiss“解雇,开除”。由于小女孩害怕,所以应该 是紧抓“我”的手不放松之义,故选 A。 73.[B]【译文】鲍伯并不笨,但他在上学期的期末考试中成绩并不理想。 【解析】形容词词义辨析题。由 but 可知 Bob 虽然考得不好,但并 不表示他“迟钝的,笨的”,故选 8。gloomy “黑暗的。令人沮丧的”和

tedious“乏味的,单调的”可首先排除。awkward 更偏指做事“不灵活的,不 灵巧的”;dull 则指“(反应,理解方 面)迟钝的,呆笨的”,故 8 更符合。 74.[C]【译文】我的指导老师时常提醒我要利用一切机会来提高英语水平。 【解析】动词词义辨析及固定搭配。assure sb.sm.“使某人确信 某事”;inform“通知”;avail of“利用”;notify“通知,报告”。由句意 可知,应该是利用每个机会,故选 C。 75.[C]【译文】服装设计师很少关注诸如保暖性、舒适度和耐用性这些至关重 要的因素。 【解析】 名词词义辨析题。 stability“稳定性”; capability“性 能,能力”;durability“耐用性”;availability“有效性,可用性”。由词 义可知,只有 C“耐用性”与“保暖性,舒适度”是同一语域。 76.[B]【译文】乐观被证明是与身体健康、压力更少、寿命更长相关联的一种 特性。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。trail“足迹,踪迹”;trait“特性, 特质”;trace“痕迹,踪迹”;track“轨迹”。主语“乐观”应与“特性.特 质”搭配,故选 B。 77.[C]【译文】新上任的总统决定依照已有的政策发展农业。 【解析】动词短语含义辨析题。go for“争取;抨击”;go on“继 续做”;go by“依照,遵循”;go up“上升,增加”。newly.elected 与 established policy 形成对照,故选 C。 78.[A]【译文】我很忙,难得回家看看父母。0nce in a blue moon 这个短语 和下面哪个单词同义? 【解析】固定用法和副词词义。blue moon 是一种罕见的天文现象, 后来人们常用 once in a blue moon 来形容罕见的,不常发生的事情。 A.rarely“难得,很少”与此含义一致。B.barely“仅仅,勉强”;C.now and then“时不时”:D.once a year“一年一次”。 79.[A]【译文】一个人的价值不在于他拥有什么,而在于他是个什么样的人。 【解析】固定短语含义辨析题。not SO much…as“与其说……倒 不如说”;too much“太多”后接不可数名词;much t00“非常.太”后接形容 词或副词。
80.[D]【译文】众所周知,知识是开放性思维必不可少的条件。 【解析】 近义形容词辨析题。 含有否定意义。 in. incompatible“不兼容的, 不相容的”; incredible“难以置信的,不可思议的”:indefinite“不确定的,含糊的”;indispensable“必须的, 不可或缺的”。

1.[B]【译文】世界上没有比母爱更伟大的爱了。 【解析】考查 that of 的用法。that 在这里指代前面提到的 love,that 指代不可数名词和单数可数名词(如果是复数,用 those)。than 表示母爱与其他 爱的比较关系。故选 B。 2.[D]【译文】今天早上我没有看见她在会议室,她不可能在会上发言了。 【解析】考查“情态动词+完成体”的用法。didn’t 表明事情发生 在过去,对过去情况的否定推断,要用 couldn’t have done,故选 D。must have

done 一般用于肯定句,表示对过去肯定的推测;shouldn’t have done 表示“本 不应做某事而做了”;needn’t have done“本不必做某事而做了”。 3.[B]【译文】流行音乐是社会很重要的一部分,甚至影响到了我们语言。 【解析】考查结果状语从句。空格后的句子表结果,与前面的 such 连 用引导结果状语从句,故选 B。such…as 表示“像……样的”,as 用作关系代 词 时,引导定语从句,如:He is not such a fool as he looks.(他并不像 他看起来那么傻。) 4.[B]【译文】就像建筑工人善于垒砖一样,有经验的作家也善于使用词汇。 【解析】 考查方式状语从句。 just as…so 表示“就像……一样, …… 也”,just as 引出表对比的从句,主句要用 so 与之呼应。故选 B。 5.[C]【译文】尽管极其简陋,却没有任何地方比得上家。 【解析】考查让步状语从句。as 引导让步从句时,要用倒装结构, 通常把从句的表语或状语置于句首,故选 c。Though 引导时,用正常语序。If 引导条件状语从句。 6.[B]【译文】有时候新思想必须等待多年后才能被人们完全接受。 【解析】考查时间状语从句。before 引导时间状语从句时表示主旬 的动作发生在从句动作之前,一般译为“……才……”,句中主句的动作 wait 发生在 accept 之前,故选 B。when 引导的时间状语从句,表示“当……时候”: after 引导时则与 before 相反,表示主句的动作发生在从句动作之后。 7.[D]【译文】下面哪句话是错误的? 【解析】 瞬间动词表示短暂 性, 不可持续的动作行为, 不可与“for+ 一段时间”连用,故 D 错误。many a 后谓语动词用单数,但 A 中有 and 连接两 个并列主语,故谓语动词用复数;B 中 said 是过去时,但是“去上海”这个动 作发生在 the next day,所以用 would;forget to do 表示“忘记要做某事”, forget doing 表示“忘记了做过某事”。 8.[A]【译文】他在几年前一定生活得快乐幸福,不是吗? 【解析】考查反义疑问句的用法。陈述部分用 must(may, might)+have+V-ed 表示推测时,若句中有明显的过去时间状语,问句部分动词 用过去时形式,故选 A。 9.[B]【译文】I“You cannot give him too much money”(你给他再多的钱也 不算多),这句话是什么意思? 【解析】考查 cannot…t00 的用法。cannot…t00 表示“再……也不 为过”,B 与此含义相符。 10.[D]【译文】凡是对别人有益的批评,他会毫不犹豫地提出。 【解析】 考查 such…as 的用法。 such…as 表示“像……这样的”, as 引导一个定语从句,在该句中作主语。so…that 表示“如此……以致”,So 后要带形容词或副词。 11.[D]【译文】“你介意我在这抽烟吗?”下列回答哪个是错误的? 【解析】考查对 Do you mind 的回答。D 项自相矛盾,意为“是的, 我介意,请抽吧”,故错误。A、B 皆表示不介意.C 委婉表示介意。 12.[B]【译文】他能如此成功的原因是因为他永不放弃。 【解析】考查名词性从句的连接词。The reason why…is that… 这是个固定句型表示“……的原因是因为……”。

13.[C]【译文】在没有证明有罪之前,人都是无罪的。 【解析】考查时态。until,as soon as,while 等引导的时间状 语从句可用一般现在时表示经常发生的动作或存在的状态。故选 C。从前面的 is 也可判断应用一般现在时。 14.[A]【译文】每年生产的纸张数量是世界车辆生产重量的 4 倍。 【解析】考查倍数的表达。“A is 倍数+the weight of B”(A 是 B 的几倍重),这是固定用法,中间不需要加任何词,故选 A。 15.[A]【译文】如果你是俱乐部的一员,你就必须遵守俱乐部的规则。 【解析】 动词词义辨析题。 conform to“遵守, 适应”; appeal to“吸 引”;refer to“涉及,提到”;access to“进入,接近”。俱乐部的规则, 会员们当然应该“遵守”,故选 A。 16.[A]【译文】我知道,我要设法放松下来,因为我越兴奋,氧气就会越快耗 光。 【解析】考查 the more…me more…的用法。the more…the more… 表示“越……越……”。后半句还原成正常语序应为 the more I got excited, the more l would use up my oxygen。 17.[C]【译文】玩具制造商生产了一种小型的太空站,每一个细节都很精确。 【解析】 形近词词义辨析题。 mini. 表示“微型的, 小的”。 minimal“最 小的, 极少的”; minimum“最小量的, 最低的”: miniature“微型的, 小型的”; minor“较小的,较少的”。玩具制造商生产出的太空站应是“微型的”,故选 C。 18.[B]【译文】我想租一间舒适的,现代化的房,但尤其重要的是周围要比较 安静。 【解析】短语含义辨析题。all in all“总而言之”;above all“首 先,尤其重要的是”;after all“毕竟”;over all“总的,遍及”。代入各 项,可知只有 B 符合句意。 ’ 19.[C]【译文】一些父母只关心他们孩子的学习成绩。 【解析】考查固定搭配。concern 常与 with,about 连用表示“关心, 关照”,故选 C。 20.[A]【译文】这种病的明显症状是皮肤和眼睛发黄。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。manifest“显示,表露”;modify“更 改,修改”;magnify“放大,扩大”;expose“暴露,使曝光”。皮肤和眼睛 发黄是疾病显现出来的症状,故选 A。 21.[A]【译文】王博士牺牲自己的健康为现代物理学理论的形成做出了许多贡 献。 【解析】考查固定搭配。at the cost of“以……为代价”;at me disposal of“由……处置”;at me mercy of“任……摆布”;expenditure 不与 at 搭配,expenditure of 表示“......的消费,支出”。根据词义可知, 应选 A。 22.[B]【译文】这个药如果我每天服用三次,我的感冒就会好。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。heal 一般指伤口的愈合;cure 指生病 后的治愈;treat 指治疗,没有康复之义;recover 表示恢复健康时要与 from 搭配,故选 B。

23.[D]【译文】用危机来描述许多物种减少的情况很恰当。 【解析】 名词词义辨析题。 abolition“废除”; restriction“限制, 约束”;descent“下降,降落;堕落”;decline“下降,减少”。根据以上分 析,应选 D。 24.[D]【译文】直到那个时候,他的兴趣几乎只限于充分地掌握职业的技术和 技巧。 【解析】副词词义辨析题。restrictively“限制性地”; radically“根本地,彻底地”;inclusively“包含地,在内 地”; exclusively“专门地,排他地”。根据句中的提示词,almost,fully 可知他 只关注掌握职业的技术和技巧,故选 D。 25.[C]【译文】在人类生命的竞技场,荣誉和奖赏只眷顾那些善于行动的人。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。rin9“圆圈,环状物”;terrace“阳 台,露台”;arena“竞技场,舞台”;ground“场地,地面”。这里把人生比 喻成一个竞技场,故选 C。 26.[D]【译文】在 1 月 1 日许多人都会制作一份新年计划。 【解析】名词词义辨析及固定搭配题。intention“计划,目的”; determination“坚定,决断力”;dedication“奉献,献辞”:New Year resolution“新年的计划,决心”。 27.[A]【译文】比尔向老板保证,他将全力以赴做这项新工作。 【解析】 考查动词短语的意义。 call forth“振作起, 唤起”; call at“访问”;call on“拜访;请求,号召”;call off“取消”,根据分析, 可知选 A。 28.[A]【译文】昨天我们上了一堂深刻的思想教育课,它深深印入我们的脑海。 【解析】 形容词词义辨析题。 profound“深切的, 深远的”; deep“深 的,深奥的”;extreme“末端的,极端的”;shallow“浅 的,浮浅的”。由 句中的 deeply impressed 可排除 C、D。deep 是普通用词,指由上而下或由表及 里的深度.可指具体或抽象事物;profound 多指抽象事物,较为庄重,故 A 更 符合题意。 29.[C]【译文】尽管技术进步了,但是有些食物的生产仍完全依靠天气。 【解析】 形容词词义辨析与搭配题。 dependent“依赖的, 依靠的” 通常与 0n 搭配;reliable 与 dependable 都表示“可靠的。可信赖的”,一般 用来修饰人或物。inseparable“分不开的”,一般后接 from,故选 C。 30.[C]【译文】他的演讲东拉西扯持续了一个半小时,但其实质就是说太多的 人缺钱。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。aim,purpose 都表示“目的”; essence“本质,实质”;content“内容,含量”,but 转折总结演讲的最主要 内容,故空格处应填表示“实质,主旨”等意思的词,故选 C。

1.[B]【译文】谁来管理我们并不重要,重要的是他如何管理我们。 【解析】考查强调句型。英语中常用 It is/was…who/that 结构来 强调句子的某一成分(一般是主语、宾语或状语)。在这个句型中,it 没有词汇 意义,只是引出被强调的成分。在这里被强调的是“谁来管理我们”,在主句中 作主语,B 符合。

2.[B]【译文】不止一个学生曾经去过长城。 【解析】考查主谓一致。more than one 从意义上看,表示复数,但 用作主语时,谓语用单数。故选 B。 3.[A]【译文】昨晚忙到那么晚,今天早上你本不必来的了。 【解析】 情态动词接完成体的用法。 “needn’t+have done”表示“本 不必做的事情却做了”。A 符合旬意。shouldn’t have done 表示“本不应该做 的事却做了”;can’t have done 则表对过去事情的否定推测,译成“不可能 做过某事”;没有 mustn’t have done 的形式。 4.[B]【译文】要是委员会能批准那些规章制度并使之生效就好了。 【解析】if only 与 I wish 一样,用于表示与事实相反的愿望。as possible 提示这些规章应该是还没有得到批准认可的.故选 D。 5.[B]【译文】我们本打算乘校园车去博物馆的,但它坏了,所以我们不得不坐 地铁。 【解析】was/were to have done 表示“本打算”、“本计划”做 某事却没有做成。我们原本是打算坐校车的,但它却坏了.最后只能坐地铁,因 此选 B。 6.[B]【译文】警察称,受害者头部的一击肯定来自身后。 【解析】考查情态动词的用法。对过去发生事情的肯定推测,用 must+have done,选 B。 7.[C]【译文】使他如此堕落的,与其说是疾病不如说是懒惰。 【解析】考查 not SO much…as 的用法。该短语意为“与其说……不 如说……”,故选 C。 8.[A]【译文】老师告诉我们世上无难事,只怕有心人。 【解析】考查宾语从句中的时态。当宾语从旬表达的是客观真理、规 律时,其时态用一般现在时,故选 A。 9.[B]【译文】下一个计划能否产生积极的效果还有待验证。 [ 解析】whether 引导名词性从句作主语,谓语动词应为单数。另 外,remain 一般不用被动式,所以 B 为正确选项。 10.[C]【译文】她本不相信它的,但她(毕竟)亲眼看见了。 【解析】考查时态。她看见是真,而且已经发生,所以用过去时。 11.[A]【译文】晚装,深色西装比浅色好。 【解析】考查 preferable 的搭配。Preferable“更可取的”,本 身就含有比较的意思,常与 to 连用,表比较。类似用法的单词还 有:prefer, superior,inferior,senior,junior,prior,major,minor,etc.。 12.[B]【译文】他对物理学知之甚少,更不用说数学了。 【解析】考查比较级的否定形式。still less 表示“更不用说, 更何况”,and 并列结构提示他对数学的了解应该是更不及物理学。故选 B。 13.[D]【译文】下面哪一个词不可以填入“it is——too difficult”,以构 成完整的句子? 【解析】 考查副词的用法。 当形容词前有 t00 时, 只有 rather, much, far 可以与其连用,而 quite 则不可,故选 D。 14.[A]【译文】下面哪句话是错误的? 【解析】each other,one another 都不能用作主语,故 A 错。none of 后接可数名词时,谓语动词可用单数或复数:not SO long as 为 as long as

的否定形式。 15.[B]【译文】“我正要去看电影,他提醒我说我已经看过了”这句话与下列 哪个选项含义相当? 【解析】考查句子的意思。remind sb.of doing sth."提醒某人 已经做过某事”,B 与此含义相当。remind sb.To do sm.表示“提醒某人要 做某事”。 16.[A]【译文】不要兜圈子了,说重点吧。 【解析】考查习惯用语。beat about the bush“旁敲侧击,兜圈 子”。 17.[D]【译文】他坚持认为教育应更注重于逻辑思维,情感教育的作用不是很 大。 【解析】考查固定搭配。Emphasis“强调,重点”,place/put emphasis on“注重于……,强调”,选 D。importance“重要性”; significance“意义,价值”;stress“压力,强调”。 18.[D]【译文】因为汤姆是协会的名誉干事,所以没有工资。 【解析】考查 honor 一词变换形式后的意义。honorable“荣誉的, 正直的,可尊敬的”;honor“荣幸,荣誉,尊敬”;honored“荣幸的”; honorary“荣誉的,名誉的”。honorary secretary 意为“名誉秘书”。 19.[D]【译文】她的信如此潦草,墨迹模糊,难以辨认。 【解析】形容词词义辨析题。unintelligible“难理解的,晦涩难 懂的”; vague“含糊的, 不明确的”; ambiguous“含糊不清的, 引起歧义的”; illegible“字迹模糊的,难辨认的”。根据以上词义可知,应选 D。 20.[A]【译文】由于其观点的独创性,这本书在国内外的销量都很大。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。0riginality“独创性,创造力”; subjectivity“主观性, 主观”; generality“普遍性, 概论”; ambiguity“含 糊性,模棱两可的话”。销量很大,一定有该书的独到之处,故选 A。 21.[C]【译文】鉴于少年罪犯的良好表现,他被释放了。 【解析】 短语搭配题。 view of“鉴于, in 考虑到”; case of“万 in 一,如果”;没有 in event of,in the event of “如果……发生”。在该题 中,空格处要表达的意思不是假设,可以排除 A、D。代入 B、C 可知 C 符合句意。 22.[A]【译文】与那些居住在人口稠密区的人相比,住在小城镇的人似乎更友 好。 【解析】副词词义辨析题。Densely“稠密地,密集地”; intensely“强烈地, 热切地”; abundantly“大量地”; extremely“极端地”。 人口稠密,一般都用 densely。 23.[A]【译文】如果你发现这个项目方案太难制订,那么我建议你先放一边看 看下一个。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。work out“制订,解决”;work on“继 续工作,致力于”;work for“为……效力”;work at“从事于……”。由此 可知,应选 A。 24.[A]【译文】我们是在经济、社会和文化领域改革的背景下从事这项工作的。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。in the context of“在……情况下”; contest“比赛,竞争”;pretext“借口,托辞”;texture “手感,质地”。 25.[C]【译文】在我们组,除了汤姆没有人能在如此短的时间内完成这个艰巨

的任务。 【解析】固定短语的含义。better than“比……好”;rather than“而不是”;0ther than“除了”;more than“多于……,不只……”。 空格前的 no person 表明是要将 Tom 除外,故选 C。 26.[C]【译文】这座城市是一个重要的铁路枢纽,同时也是一个工业和会议中 心。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。conjunction“连词;结合,连接”; network“网络”;junction“连接处,交叉点”;link“连接,连接物”。 railroad junction“铁路枢纽”为固定搭配。 27.[A]【译文】一个合格的老师应该有得体的举止和渊博的知识。 【解析】形容词词义辨析题。extensive“广泛的,多方面的”; expansive“辽阔的; 健谈的”; intensive“加强的, 密集的”: expensive“昂 贵的,奢华的”。知识的渊博、广博,一般都用 extensive 来修饰,故选 A。 28.[B]【译文】据报道,两辆公交车相撞许多人受伤了。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。四个选项都有“撞”的含义。bump 一 般表示小磕小碰,例如头碰到墙等,后面跟 against,on/into;crash 一 般指 飞机、汽车的失事,作不及物动词时,其后跟 into/through;collide 用于表 达猛撞或互撞,多表示运动物体之间的碰撞,相关联的词语有 plane,ship 等; strike 是及物动词,直接跟宾语,多用来指敲钟、划火柴。 29.[C]【译文】加利福尼亚人和新英格兰人讲同一种语言,并遵守同样的联邦 法律。 【解析】动词词义辨析和固定搭配题。stand by“袖手旁观;支持; 遵守(诺言,协定等)”;conform 后一般接 to 表示“遵照”;abide by“遵守, 信守”;sustain“承受,维持”是及物动词直接接宾语。 30.[C]【译文】会议由市长主持,讨论该市税收增加的问题。 【解析】动词词义辨析和固定搭配题。presume 常与 that 连用, 表示假设; propel“推进, 激励”; preside over“主持”; prick“刺, 刺痛”。 根据词义可知选 C。

练习四答案解析 练习四答案解析
51.[D]【译文】虽然我很爱你,我并不打算跟你结婚。 【解析】考查 as 引导的让步状语从句。as 引导让步状语从句,必 须将从句的表语、状语置于 as 之前,故选 D。 52.[C]【译文】今天早上要是我没有那么忙的话我就可以帮你搞卫生了。 【解析】考查虚拟语气。本句中,1 wish 后面的谓语动词用过去 完成时表示过去的愿望,因此本题选 C,could have done 表示“本可以做到却 没有做”。 53.[C]【译文】在那个问题上,我宁愿你暂时不要做任何评论。 【解析】考查 wouid rather 的用法。I'd rather 后接从句时要用 虚拟语气,即用一般过去时表示过去、现在或将来要做的事情,故选 C。 54.[A]【译文】正如某些职业要求大学或大学以上学历一样,有些职位的技术 培训也是必须的。 【解析】考查带介词的定语从句。be necessary for 表示“对…… 来说是必要的”。介词 for 提前,先行词为 occupations。故选 A。

55.[B]【译文】她坐在公园的长凳上,一只手托着下巴。 【解析】考查分词的独立结构。cup 意为“捧”,为及物动词,通 常用 cup sth.in one’s hand,her chin 是动作 cup 的逻辑宾语,故选 B。D 项用不定式表示将来,不对。 56.[C]【译文】我奉劝你以后再也不要那样做了。 【解析】考查情态动词的用法。should 在此表示“劝告”,would 表“意愿",need 表“需要”,dare 表示“敢于……”。 57.[A]【译文】正如大气是地球的一部分一样,土壤、湖泊、河流和海洋的水 也是如此。 【解析】 考查主谓一致。 句子后半句是倒装句, 主语是复数 its soil and the water of its lakes,rivers and oceans。因为较长,所以后置,故 选 A。 58.[D]【译文】如果新贸易协定的洽谈持续太久的话,好几个国家的食物就会 严重匮乏了。 【解析】考查 much too 的用法。much too 后接形容词或副词,表 示程度,故选 D。too much/many 表示“太多的……”,后接名词。 59.[A]【译文】做家庭作业当然是提高考试成绩的方法,特别是对于课堂测试 来说就更是如此。 【解析】 考查固定句型。 when it comes to“当谈及, 就……而论”, 故选 A。 60.[C]【译文】我建议当所有的材料都准备好以后再开始实施那个计划。 【解析】考查 recommend 的用法。I recommend that 后面的从句 谓语动词要用“should+动词原形”,should 可以省略,故选 C。 61.[B]【译文】极度焦虑之下,我匆忙赶到公寓,试着开门却发现上锁了。 【解析】0nly to find 该动词不定式表示结果,通常不是人们所 期望的结果,往往是不好的结果。 62.[A]【译文】当他赶到时,他发现只有老人和病人在家。 【解析】 考查短语含义。 此处 none but 相当于 no one but“只有”; nothing but“只有”接表示物的词;none other than 和 no other than 都是 “(不是别的)……正是……”的意思,与本题句意不符。 63.[B]【译文】4 与 8 的关系就如同 8 与 l6 的关系一样。 【解析】考查固定句型。S0 前后两句话有着相类似的内在联系, 即“A 对 B”就如 Al 对 Bl,S0 的意思是 in the same way,表示在程度和结构 关系上的一致。 64.[B]【译文】根据某些教育学家的说法,教学的目的在于帮助学生了解他们 想要知道的东西,以使他们完全适应环境.过上成功的生活。 【解析】 考查宾语从句。 learn 是及物动词要接宾语, what they need to know 是 learn 的宾语从句。“他们需要”是逻辑上的主谓关系,故 C 中的被 动语态是错误的。这里的 what 相当于 sth.that。由此可知 B 正确。 65.[C]【译文】如果类似这样的事故再次发生,那么唯一能责怪的人就是我们 自己了。 【解析】考查 there be 句型。这是 there be 句型的异化形式,即 there be 句型还可以用 be 以外的不及物动词,如 live,stand,exist,come, remain 等。

66.[B]【译文】救护车应该拥有优先权,因为它通常处理的是非常紧急的事情。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。crisis“危机”;emergency“紧急情 况”,常指突然发生需要马上处理的严重情况或事件;urgency“紧急,紧急的 事”,指敦促要做的事情;emergence“浮现,露出”。 67.[B]【译文】她抱怨那个医生医疗收费太贵。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。expend“花费”;offer“提供;开价”; cost“花费”;charge“收费,索价”。该题中首先可排除 A、B。 主语是 the doctor 亦可排除 C,选 D,charge 的搭配为 charge sb.money for sth.。 68.[C]【译文】这位病人的健康状况严重恶化,因此需要精心护理。 【解析】形容词词义辨析及搭配题。tense“紧张的,使紧张”; rigid“严格的”; intensive“加强的, 集中的, 特别护理的”: tight“紧的. 密 封的”。intensive care“重病特护区”。 69.[B]【译文】尽管建筑具有艺术性,但也必须满足一些重要的实用方面的需 要。 【解析】考查名词词义辨析。obligation“义务,职责,责任”; regulation“规则, 规章”; 0bservation“注意, 观察力”; consideration“需 要考虑的事”。 70.[D]【译文】过多的 x 射线辐射会引起皮肤烧伤、癌症或其他对身体的伤害。 【解析】名词词义辨析题。disclosure“揭发,泄漏”; exhibition“展览,展览品”;contact“接触,联系”;exposure“暴露。暴 晒”。由此分析可知,应选 D。 71.[C]【译文】在过去的几年里,亨利遭受了使他视力渐趋丧失的疾病之苦。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。refieve“免除,解除;减轻”; jeopardize“使处于危险之中,危及”;deprive sb.of“剥夺某人的……”; eliminate“除去,淘汰”。由词义可知选 C。 72.[B]【译文】今天塑料对很多工业都起着重要作用。 【解析】名词词义辨析及搭配题。field 一般指视野宽的领域,如足 球场、田野等;area 指空地较多的区域,如停车场 parking area;scope 指活 动的范围、领域等,一般是比较抽象的,可以指人的见识、学识的广度、研究的 领域等: range 强调变化的具体范围。 wide range of 表示“各种各样的……”。 a 根据以上分析,可知选 D。 73.[A]【译文】看着我笨拙地拉着小牛走向牛棚,那个爱尔兰挤奶女工忍不住 大笑起来。 【解析】动词短语含义辨析题。hold back“抑制”;hold on“继 续,坚持”;hold out“坚持,维持”;hold up“阻碍;拦截”。难以“抑制” 笑声。故选 A。 74.[B]【译文】如果你走进一个装满水的浴缸,水就会溢到地板上。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。overflow“溢出,泛滥”;ovedap 表 示部分重叠;flourish 意为“兴旺,茂盛”;flutter 意为“(鸟儿)振翅,(旗 帜)飘扬”。根据词义分析可知应选 B。 75.[C]【译文】他确实写了一部佳作,却只是昙花一现。 【解析】考查习惯用语。flare“闪光;突然发怒”;gleam“亮光, 闪光”;flash“闪光,一闪”;glisten“闪耀,闪光”。flash in the pan 是固定搭配,意为“昙花一现”。

76.[B]【译文】20 世纪 60 年代最著名的英国乐队——甲壳虫乐队——超越了 文化障碍,多年来巡演全世界。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。transport“运输,运送”; transplant“移种,移植”;transfer“搬迁;转车;转学”;transcend“超 越”。乐队全国巡演,故可知应该是超越了“文化障碍”,故选 D。 77.[C]【译文】会议拖延了很久,令人疲惫,以至于发言人都时不时停下来稍 作休息。 【解析】 短语含义辨析题。 ease“自在, at 不拘束”; random“随 at 便地,任意地”;at intervals“不时,每隔一段时间”;at large“在逃;详 尽的”。说话者应该是“不时停下”,故选 C。 78.[D]【译文】人们对老板与员工的关系进行了深入细致的研究。 【解析】副词词义辨析题。originally“本来,独创地”; extremely“极端地, 非常地”; violently“猛烈地”; intensively “集中地, 深入细致地”。由此可知选 D。 79.[C]【译文】约翰逊对会议所做的新闻报道全面详尽,没有遗漏任何细节。 【解析】 形容词词义辨析题。 comprehensive“完全的, 无所不包的”; comprehensible“能懂的,可以理解 的”;understandable“可以理解的”, 主要用来指人的行为;understandin9 用来指人时,表示“善于理解别人的,体 谅的”。 80.[B]【译文】新版本的百科全书在多方面做了改进,这是所有编撰者不懈努 力的结果。 【解析】动词词义辨析题。embed“使嵌入,使插入”;embody“体 现;包含”;enchant“使欣喜,使陶醉”;enclose“把……封人,围住”。根 据词义分析可知选 B。



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